Adhaalath Party joins political condemnation of Velezinee attack

The Adhaalath Party has today joined a growing number of political voices in condemning the attack on Presidential Member of Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Aishath Velezinee.

Velezinee was attacked yesterday morning in Chandhanee Magu, while she was walking down the street, leading to strong criticism from President Mohamed Nasheed and his cabinet.

Haveeru had reported that attackers travelling on two motorbikes came at Velezinee while she was walking down the street, stabbing her at three separate points in the back.

Police have said that no suspects have yet been charged in connection with the attacks, which they claim serve to highlight growing concerns over gang violence in the capital.

The religious Adhaalath party released a statement strongly critical of the perpetrators of the crime.

”The attack on Aishath Velezinee is a very degraded and an uncivilized action,” said the Adhaalath Party. ” The Adhaalath Party condemns this action in strongest possible terms.”

Adhaalath Party called on Maldivians to stop committing what it called inhumane activities.

”We also call on the concerned authorities to identify the attacker and to present them before justice.”

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that so far no persons had been arrested in connection with the attack and there were no updates on the case yet.

The police issued a statement today expressing concern over the rise in gang violence and called on everyone to co-operate with the police to curb the rise in gang violence in Male’.

”It is very concerning that the gang violence in Male’ is progressing and becoming more serious during a time  police is working to curb the violence under a three year strategic plan,” said police. ”These sort of crimes could be prevented with the co-operation of all institutes, independent commissions, politicians and citizens.”

The Maldives Police Service said that it would take any actions necessary against those committing such serious crimes and would not hesitate to bring them to justice.


50 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party joins political condemnation of Velezinee attack”

  1. first time Adalath concerned on violence and inhumane activity. can't help but wonder why? why this case?

  2. We need to stop confusing gang violence and organized crime. What happened to Vel is not gang violence. It is organized crime.

  3. Agree with Divert.

    The attack on Velezinee is organized crime...

    She has been very vocal in the past 6 months on the Judicial Services Commission and especially 3 people in or related to it...

    A young street boy has no motive to attack her if he has not been recruited and paid booty by someone...

  4. @ Divert

    "We need to stop confusing gang violence and organized crime. What happened to Vel is not gang violence. It is organized crime."

    This government has a soft corner for gang members. That's why Anni met 'baibala' groups at his Palace gates while spraying pepper spray in the faces of handcuffed Arbaiyya parents at his Whitehouse gates?

    Clearly shows that this government's priorities are accepting gang members in the highest posts of the country and that's what is happening.

    Besides, are you trying to categorize various forms of violence in the order of most dangerous to most trivial?

    So that the Police could ignore the trivial violence and investigate in the fifth gear what happened to Velezinee as organized crime, while being helpless to stop gang violence?

    Did you know that today the average citizen is more likely to lose his life by gang violence than organized crime?

    So what is your point?

  5. @ earthling

    "first time Adalath concerned on violence and inhumane activity. can’t help but wonder why? why this case?"

    How can inhumane activities be stopped when our President in his stereo voice keep on saying "Aaalhugandu dhekey gothogai, it is not appropriate to chop off the hand for theft"

    How can inhuman activities be stopped when our ambassadors try to label our Islamic law as 'barbaric' and try to belittle Islamic sharia law every where they go?

    If you are so keen to stop inhuman activities, are you ready for Sharia Law?

    If not, SHUT UP!

  6. @heck
    i'm not blaming adalath for not stopping inhumane activities, why would i? i know they can't. eye for an eye does not (aka Sharia) does not address why the motivation to do the inhumane act in the first place. sharia or any other law is to deal with problem when you do not know how to solve them. but thats for another conversation. so shut it.

    Now i know they can raise their voices. but why never before to any of the knifing. just this case?

  7. @ Ahmed

    "Worried that fingers are pointing at the beards?"

    Nope. I hope this time it's a big mustache. Sarangey? Is that you?

  8. @ earthling

    "but thats for another conversation. so shut it."

    Then stopping inhumane activities should also be another conversation. Not this.

    Can you tell me why in Saudi Arabia, there is no gang violence?

  9. @heck
    that is what i said.

    you have to define gang violence now! saudi may not have thousands of youth living in a 2km island without any entertainment or proper education, hence may not see the typical gang violence that you may see in the street of Male'.
    there are many cities in the world that does not have gang violence like we have here.

    does gang violence fit to the inhumane tortures done my Ameers and royal family hairy saudis to innocent?

  10. @ heck

    "Can you tell me why in Saudi Arabia, there is no gang violence?"

    can you tell me why in saudi arabia, women can't legally drive?

  11. Because they chop off their hands! Allah-hu akbar!

    I mean, how could you possibly steal something if you don't have a hand?

    Decadent crime infested atheist western countries like Sweden would do well to learn from their example.

  12. Looks like 80% of above comments r coming from bearded pple on this.

    I wud say the attack on vel was organized crime, backed by political ambitions or revenge. 90% of whats going on in our country is full of political ambitions. We will not forgive anni for not being able to stop or pinpoint this and will hate any one who has a part in it..most probably DRP or Adaalath who talks only about cutting hands off thieves. I wonder if they will approve if one of their sibling was brought to this point.

    I wonder why police cannot identify this...are they hiding the facts to avoid turmoil? if so, that IS a mistake. we deserve to know what you know. You serve us. the citizens. I wonder if you will ever be able to keep upto the promise of "the white truth and nothing but the truth" you vowed to maldives in your passing out. So far I doubt you policeman know the meaning behind your uniforms.

    The pple who stabbed vel require immediate action by justice.I wonder if there was any manhood in the pple who committed this crime...stab a lady?? wud you stab ur mom @ss 40135...? if it was a bike, nobody notices number plate? or the pple on it? has the citizens gone blind? speak up god dammit.

    I pray to god that even if police never catch them, they die of a disease yet to be discovered by mankind. Our country needs to be cleaned of these kinds of crimes and motivating political figures.

  13. It's just a "sing along"... remember Madagascar and the penguins.. Just Smile and wave..

  14. whats this war about Mustache and Beard. Why would the most merciful and Beneficent of All care about someones body hair after all its a natural thing. A persons faith lies in his heart and its a distinct relation ship between him or her and ALLAH.
    Stop bothering about facial hair and dress codes.What ever is acceptable in a society is what should a society embrace.Its not what others think as right or wrong.

  15. @Please,
    you ask heck what his problem is..I can sum it up in three words:- Islamic fundamentalist fanatic.

  16. @heck "Can you tell me why in Saudi Arabia, there is no gang violence?"

    What is your definition of gang violence? Having referred to the latest US State Dept analysis of crime there, it is far from the crime free earthly paradise you believe it to be. The activities of the mutawwa in enforcing what they regard as "normal" behaviour make particularly interesting reading..I would class them as criminals!

  17. @ martian

    "can you tell me why in saudi arabia, women can’t legally drive?"

    I think because it's a men's job in Saudi Arabia?

    It's my turn now. Can you tell me why VIP dignitaries don't drive their own cars? Why do they always use a driver. Why doesn't Anni drive his own car from Muleeage to his Whitehouse?

    Now I will remind you the original question; Can you tell me why in Saudi Arabia, there is no gang violence?

  18. Taking a soft approach to organised crime and /or gang violence has in recent years failed pretty much everywhere in the

    In countries where a concerted effort to end gang violence by taking a much harder line and confiscating their weapons, removing them from the streets in general and harassing these groups into behaving themselves, crime has subsided.

    The big question is what do we, the general population of Maldives want? Held to ransom by these thugs because they have learned to take full advantage of their 'human rights' as criminals. Or to go with the human rights of the majority of law abiding citizens who are mightily peed off at seeing cowardly attacks on decent people with a seemingly castrated police force and judiciary.

    Personally I would like to see everybody upholding the law, whoever they are and punished to the full letter of the law by due process when they don't.

    I guess some hard decisions have to be made, but we should have the stomach to make it and get our streets safe again, give the police the tools and the legislation to do this and hold them accountable for the way they do it. Come on guys this is what civilised countries do.

  19. @ Please

    "Whats you problem?"

    That's the shortest comment so far. You feeling alright?

  20. @ Z-nut

    "Velezinee is a daring lady. I hope she gets well soon"

    Don't worry! Nothing happened to her. She was okay the moment she went into hospital. She was just rehearsing her forthcoming drama "Villain and Victim"

    Even before the release, it's already a flop because of overacting and bad cast!

  21. @please

    You asked what's hecks problem.

    I can guess. He probably has too much time. He has no job, at least none worth talking about. He has a deep rooted anger at everyone. Probably because his childhood atmosphere was devoid of any caring and wants to seek ultimate leisure in the other world.

    In other words, a total loser who wants to bring down anybody who is more successful, which practically is everybody else.

  22. @Markaz.."Decadent crime infested atheist western countries?" I seem to recall you claimed to live in Europe, or should I say to have inflicted yourself on Europe..I wonder which of these hated countries you are hiding in? And if life there is so terrible, why stay? I hear it is nice in Jeddah at this time of year.

  23. @ Derek Postance

    "I can sum it up in three words:- Islamic fundamentalist fanatic."

    There is nothing called 'Islamic fundamentalist fanatic'. It's a term invented by jealous Christians and Jews. Islam is Quran and Sunnah.

    Now let me sum you up in equal words:- "Dhalu beyrunjehey faranjee"

    How's that?

  24. @ Ali, etc

    Couldn't keep up with heck could you? attacking the messenger instead of the message is a sign of weakness ... a sign that you have lost the argument and are unable to debate. Total losers, yeah that describes you more than anyone else.

  25. @abdullah...No, I and others attack both the messenger and the message. Actually they are interchangeable as heck, Markaz and yourself simply parrot the blinkered teachings of the Wahhabi version of Islam as adopted by al Qaeda with no original thinking of their own,(as it is forbidden by that religion)and never answer direct points raised, whilst trying to portray the non-Muslim West where I (and Markaz)live as evil incarnate.

  26. @ Abdulla

    You may be right. or wrong. I dont care what you think.

    All I know is I dont hate everyone else, especially on the beliefs. But you can see heck, is lashing out at every one else.

    I think that is a bit too much. Too much hatred bottled inside. Its not good for one's health.

    And I know you could not care less what I think. So be it. Unlike heck, who seek everything in the next world, I would like to live happy in this world and the next as well.

  27. Derek Postance; from your suggestion that I leave Europe I infer that you have a problem with Muslims living in Europe; and the presence of Islam within its borders. Absoloutely disugusting! What to expect from someone who rants against halal menus in Europe, and the Buruqa. Well your constitutions allow for it - so too bad. Spare us your intolerant rants. Kee kurey veynee dhonkaloo?

    Racist? Islamophobic? Bigoted? - I think all three!

    See how they oppress us heck!

    Ey ee Kaafarun ge vattharu!

    Now do you understand why we do not want Christianity in the Maldives? They are all hypocrites! That oppress us. And are Islamophobic.

    Very Islamophobic!

  28. @ Derek Postance

    "simply parrot the blinkered teachings of the Wahhabi version of Islam"

    Ridiculous! What do you know about Imaam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab?

    At the time of Abdul Wahhab, "Muslims" were so lost that they were slowly distancing themselves from accepting the UNITY of God almighty, worshiped trees, rocks and anyone who claimed to be a "saint".

    If not for him, Islam would have probably fallen prey to almost the same fate as Christianity where they ignored Jesus' simple message 'Obey my Lord and your Lord' and made a Son of God out of Jesus who later became a Roman piece of artwork with gleaming white skin, blue eyes and chiseled body!

    Ibn Abdul Wahhab taught nothing but the simple message of Islam; There is only one God and Muhammad is His Messenger.

    In other words Tawhid or UNITY of God only.

    He did not preach 'anything' new!

    When you talk about parroting the blinkered teaching of someone, it's a shame that it is exactly what applies to you, parroting the teachings of Islam-haters without proper knowledge of what on earth you are jabbering!

    Derek! Where are you from and what is your purpose?

  29. @heck (the nut)

    "why no crime in Saudi"

    First, most of the work in Arab countries are being done by expatriate workers who are underpaid,unfed though the labour agreement tells different story.

    If any Arab (especially Saudi) swears on Quran that he is innocent despite being found guilty by investigation agency, he is pardoned or financial penalty is imposed on him. Thats it. But in case of expatriate workers, an exemplary punishment is given like amputation, beheading etc.

    Now let me also tell U something more. Many Saudi women fall for Pak & Indian workers (drivers - in most cases). When caught, these women swear on Holy Quran that they were threatened and "raped". U can well imagine the plight of that "accused" after that. This is typical "Ärab" law.

    There are different laws for Arabs, Westners (especially for Whites) and for Asian workers.

  30. @heck.."What do you know about Imaam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab?" More than you imagine.

    You are desperate to know where I live. Why? Do you want to join me there and enjoy normal human rights and freedom to worship whichever imaginary deity you wish, and not the one the state imposes upon you? I give you a clue, there are only 10,000 muslims in the whole country, and they all live peacefully, no suicide bombings here! It is sad that Muslims cannot agree amongst themselves which version of Islam is correct, and happily kill each other in the process whenever possible. Religion of peace indeed! Religion of death and mutilation more like. I am atheist, but note that there are no Christian suicide bombers.

    @Markaz, many people have problems with Muslims living in Europe, as unlike Hindus for example, they refuse to integrate, speak the language, insist upon their right to practise openly whatever version of Islam, force women to wear the burka and keep them in ignorant subjugation, murder their own daughters in "honour killings" etc in a deliberate provocation to the indigenous populations, hoping there will be a reaction. Anyway, I have no further time for this dialogue, so enjoy your repressive religion in peace.

  31. @ Derek Postance

    You said you know about Ibn Abdul Wahhab more than I can imagine?

    Why would I imagine an Atheist to know anything about him?

    Why should Muslims be confused which version of Islam to follow?

    According to our Prophet(SAW) Islam would be divided into 73 sects, of which only one will be on the right path. Only those who follow the Sunnah of the Prophet.

    Ibn Abdul Wahhab did immense work to keep Muslims on the right track of the Prophet.

    What I fail to understand is why would an Atheist where only 10000 Muslims reside, worry about a 100 percent Muslims country in the Indian Ocean?

    Either you are a paid mercenary from a larger organization to create havoc in Maldives or you are an outcast in your own society!

  32. @ Z-nut

    “why no crime in Saudi”

    Don't try to change the subject. There will be crime everywhere.

    The question was why no gang violence in Saudi Arabia?

  33. @ Z-nut

    "If any Arab (especially Saudi) swears on Quran that he is innocent despite being found guilty by investigation agency, he is pardoned or financial penalty is imposed on him. Thats it. But in case of expatriate workers, an exemplary punishment is given like amputation, beheading etc."

    What? You expect all expatriate criminals in Saudi Arabia to 'swear' on the Quran and escape punishment, like their own citizens?

    Are you claiming that a Saudi citizen was never beheaded in Saudi Arabia?

    What I am trying to spoon-feed you is that Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country where Sharia Law is implemented and for that reason there is much less crime there?

    It is becoming impossible for our lawmakers to control gang violence, robbery and theft in Maldives while there is a simple solution for an Islamic country like Maldives.

    Implement Sharia Law or keep on giving them lifelong full board accommodation at the expense of the State? Why should the State spend on them with our money, to keep them alive medicated and fed round the clock when they steal a person's right to live?

    Where did you find the information that in Saudi Arabia even after someone is found guilty he is pardoned after swearing on the Quran?!

    If they are found guilty and still the Saudi authorities make them swear on the Quran on the opposite, then that is a funny thing I have yet to find out!

    Are you sure you are not lying on this?

  34. "Either you are a paid mercenary from a larger organization to create havoc in Maldives or you are an outcast in your own society!"

    Drat! Agent Postance has been compromised. Back to headquarters Derek; slight alterations to operation "create havoc in Maldives" are required.

    By the graces of Yahweh, Zeus, Jesus and Buddha - we will yet convert 7000 Maldivian citizens to Christianity, as stage one of our ongoing plan for World domination and Muslim subjugation.

  35. does baibalaa mean violence... or baibalaa youth are gang stars???? huh... i was there with them, but i hav never known i m a "Gangstar"

    n think, we youth r da most powerful part of da Nation, we will do wat ever we want at wherever we need, none can stop it except God... u narrow minded people, pls dont say bla bla, wen u dont hav to say. ok

  36. @ heck totally agree with you. You are 100% right and all others are 100% wrong.

  37. @heck the Z-nut is gone case. I think its roasted NUT. She needs lil ice to cool down then she'll be alright. LOL

  38. @C.I.A ZIONIST, These boys are too clever for me!

    @heck. Reading MN news, I do not see "gang violence" which you are obsessed with as a major crime problem. No gang violence in Saudi Arabia you claim? So what? Is that relevant to this apparently politically or religiously motivated attack on a member of the Judiciary?

    "Why would I imagine an Atheist to know anything about him?"
    Oddly enough, Atheists are often quite intelligent and knowledgeable people.

    "Why should Muslims be confused which version of Islam to follow?" Why indeed? But looking at the various armed conflicts between the various factions of Islam around the world, clearly they are and are prepared to kill each other to prove it!!

    @musician, "@ heck totally agree with you. You are 100% right and all others are 100% wrong."
    Okay. That is like us being proudly informed Maldives is 100% Muslim. Er..Maldivians have ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE DO THEY?

    I know it can never happen, but I wonder if the population were given the chance of a secret vote on the subject, how many would actually vote to remain Muslim. I am from a mostly Christian country. I say "mostly" as we are not forced by law to be Christian, we have the freedom to be whatever religion we wish, or to follow none. My fundamentalist friends, that is called freedom!

  39. @Derek "fundamentalist friends, that is called freedom!" Freedom to go Hell. LOL
    No thank you.

    "Maldivians have ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE DO THEY? " Yes of course. bcaz the fact that you are christian you dont write on your forehead that "I am a christian" while you walk on the streets of Maldives. What matters is what you believe from inside.

    How do you define freedom. Freedom to attack other countries whenever you want, freedom to freeze other countries assets, freedom to arrest Julian Assange with no reason, freedom to freeze others bank accounts, Freedom to develop nuclear weapons while others cant, freedom to arrest people with no reason and deny their legal rights (Guantanamo Bay) shall I go on...I think now its enough.

  40. @musician, "I think now its enough.". You think that, so do I. As others have mentioned, you appear to be full of anger. You don't want freedom? Okay fine..stay as you are.
    Assange? I would possibly respect him if he also published leaks from Moscow, Pyongyang or Beijing for example, and not solely from Western Governments. "What matters is what you believe from inside"..what are you saying to us? That you can live and pray as a good Muslim in Maldives but be Christian? I don't think so.
    You don't pay attention do you? how many times must I say I am Atheist?

  41. @Derek "That you can live and pray as a good Muslim in Maldives but be Christian? I don’t think so"
    Do you see everybody pray in Maldives, I dont see that and by the way have you seen anybody monitoring whether we pray or not.

    "You don’t want freedom? Okay fine..stay as you are". Hmmm when did I said to you that I am trapped here. I am as free as you are. You cant imagine the freedom I enjoyed. Whatever I want to do I can do it here. I have the full freedom.

    Regarding Assange, what west did him isn't enough for you. Don't you know his website is taken off and also number of companies have denied their service to him, likes of PayPal, MasterCard and list goes on. Do you know who is behind this. Dude I am talking about private companies not the government and what freedom that you are talking about and to deviate the issue you are finger pointing Russia and China that you have already labeled as threat to democracy and freedom. What matters is what those freedom loving countries are doing not others.

    I am not full of anger or anything else the problem is you cant digest the truth.

    "You don’t pay attention do you? how many times must I say I am Atheist?"
    Even then you don't have to write that on your forehead when you walk on the streets of Maldives. and Nobody will ask you about your religion.

  42. @Derek "but note that there are no Christian suicide bombers". What actually Derek wants to say is there are Christian war mongers. Right Derek. This time I got you.LOL

  43. @ Derek Postance

    There is definitely something wrong with you. You are from a Christian country and you want to put things right in Maldives?



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