EC to investigate claims 2500 MDP members transferred to JP without their knowledge

The Elections Commission (EC) will investigate claims by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) that more than 2500 MDP members were found to have been unknowingly deregistered from the party and registered with government-allied parties – mostly the Jumhoree Party (JP) – without their knowledge.

Elections Commissioner President Fuad Thaufeeq confirmed that an MDP official yesterday met with the EC and made the complaint. The commission has asked the MDP to send all the names and ID card details of the persons unregistered.

‘’After we get the names and ID card details we can check how many forms have been forwarded to the commission under their names, whose fingerprints were on the forms, and from which political party we received the forms,’’ Fuad explained.

He said the MDP has not yet sent the information requested, and that the commission will commence the investigation as soon as the information was received.

‘’If it requires police assistance for the investigation we will ask the police,’’ he added.

MDP Elections Committee Chair Ibrahim Waheed has claimed that more than MDP 2500 have unknowingly been transferred from party to the party of local business tycoon, MP Gasim Ibrahim.

Waheed said the issue was noticed when MDP members who turned out to vote in the MDP internal elections over the weekend complained that their names were not on the list of eligible voters.

According to Waheed, more than 2500 complaints were received over the same issue from the islands as well as from Male’.

When the Elections Committee looked into the matter, it discovered that most of the names were registered with different political parties, most of them with Gasim’s Jumhoree Party, he said.

Waheed said the MDP Membership and Complaints Committee will hold a meeting soon to discuss the issue.

The MDP’s President Dr Ibrahim Didi and Vice President MP Alhan Fahmy were recently voted out of their positions in a near-unanimous no-confidence motion by the party’s National Council. Soon afterwards, the pair joined the JP were immediately promoted to the party’s leadership in parallel positions.

Local media reported that during a press conference last week, Dr Didi accused the MDP of “undemocratic acts” and accused his former party of subverting political freedom.

Internal elections

Two-thirds of the MDP’s 48,181-strong membership base turned out to vote in the party’s single-candidate internal elections, held over the weekend to determine its presidential candidate.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed ran unopposed in the party’s election of its presidential candidate, however the party’s regulations require any candidate to receive at least 10 percent of the party’s vote to secure the nomination.

Following the final count of the 258 ballot boxes, Nasheed recorded 31,798 votes in favour to 269 against his being the party’s presidential candidate.

Chairperson candidate Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik had 29,044 votes in favour to 2160 against, while Deputy Chairperson candidate Ali Shiyam had 563 in favour to 7 against.

The MDP has maintained calls for early elections following its ousting from power on February 7, with Nasheed resigning during a police and military mutiny under what he subsequently claimed was duress. The party has held regular demonstrations since that time calling for early elections.


15 thoughts on “EC to investigate claims 2500 MDP members transferred to JP without their knowledge”

  1. this is same game that Anni is playing like Gayyoom.

    If you guys think on your own , Anni is showing leadership role as the following dictators.

    1. Maumoon
    2. Husnee Mubarik
    3. Mugabe.
    4. Gazzafi.

    All these people have so called election and no one will be bothered to contest with them and then people who are to vote need to vote for the one and only the candidate .

    Guys those ignorant time is passed and people know what is happening around us and around the world.

  2. @mode , I am surprised Nasheed stood for an election at all. The guy was elected by both MDP n this country's citizens for a 5 year term. He was deposed in a coup by power hungry politicians n some fake sheikhs, he deserves to full fill a presidential term n did not even need to stand for this vote.Before sprouting nonsense think with your brain, better yet read up about the leaders you have mentioned.

  3. usual biased report by ahmed nazeer. there is no word from the accused- the jumhoori party.

  4. This is very very serious and needs to be fully investigated. JP should be banned if proven to be true.
    It is FRAUD!

  5. @mode
    He is at it again. You are a mad man clearly sponsored to leave critical and false insults on these pages. You are good for nothing.

  6. Nasheed lacks support - true.

    So what is his true game-plan?

    An alliance with Thasmeen seems out of the question as MDPs remaining grassroots support is dead set against the idea.

    Nasheed and Qasim are the only persons who have announced their candidacy. Both lack the support to get the 50 percent required for an absolute majority.

    What kind of coalitions will we see in the future?

  7. Really? the guy was elected only because of the damn coalition in the first place
    or else wed still have maumoon..

    Anni turned out to be as horrible as maumoon
    Us as citizens should really stop having this much hope in politicians, all of them are wrong in some way or other,

  8. The Maldivian never gave a warrantee for Anni to rule the country on his own terms and he was elected to be a president of this country for maximum of fiver year term provided that he respect our constitution.

    When dictator, Anni, breach and fail to respect the constitution, then by default he no longer hold the presidency.

    He had sworn to respect and obey the constitution and not to breach and abolish and challenge the constitution .

    It is not me who need to use the own brain rather it is yellow color fever guys who are moving around the cult Anni need to think deeply.

  9. During Gayoom's hay days he used to get 90% or above in all elections.

    Now Anni has broken all records held by Gayoom with his single candidate thingy. He got way above 90%.

    Anni is so much like the man he hates so much. He infact became his nemesis.

  10. I love it when the paid thugs of the enemy regime come here to try and spread false information.

    "Nasheed lacks support – true."? What a joke.

    And no, all this 'police state' crap started after Nasheed was forcefully removed from the presidency. Nasheed may have made mistakes, but he is better than Maumoon ever will.

    Mistake, you say? Yeah, he failed to exterminate the NSS and the golhaa gang completely in 2008, instead settling for a peace deal when he should have directed the masses to liquidate the enemy's assets and wipe the entire maumoon regime's flunkies out. That, is true revolution.

    Thanks to the recent coup, though, the foolish lies of pacifists and cowards mean nothing - we now know that only through war, can liberty be earned.

  11. Ebunee thedheh 32000 vote nerunee kon thaakun tha...Bala Minivan mikan thahqeeg kollabala

  12. Shaid. your ignorance and arrogant attitude is inherited from the cult Anni and nothing more can be said


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