Eight men charged with VTV vandalism sentenced for seven years

The Criminal Court has sentenced eight men charged with the vandalism of private TV station Villa TV (VTV) to seven years imprisonment.

The court ruled that the witnesses produced by the state told the court they saw the eight men throw stones at VTV security personnel and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officials outside the building and that the testimony was enough to find the accused guilty of the crime.

The judge also said the court was produced with video footage and pictures of the events that day.

The Prosecutor General (PG) had pressed charges against Ismail Hammaadh of Maduvvari in Raa Atoll, Ahmed Hameeed and Hussein Hameed of Alifushi in Raa Atoll, Ahmed Naeem of Henveiru Ladhumaageaage, Hussein Shifau Jameel of Maafannu Nooruzeyru, Aanim Hassan of Ferishoo in North Ali Atoll, Ahmed Muheen of Galolhu Haalam and Mohamed Hameed for vandalising VTV.

The attack on the television station occurred during protests against the re-opening of the People’s Majlis on March 19. The building, as well as the soldiers guarding its entrance on Sosun Magu, came under attack as police tear gas forced the protesters south, past the building from the police barricades nearer to the Majlis building.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik delivered his opening address to parliament amid widespread anti-government demonstrations, after the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) took to the street to prevent him from giving the speech. Violent clashes between police and protesters sparked major unrest in the capital Male’.

Villa TV is owned by resort tycoon, Jumhoree Party (JP) leader and MP Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim, who is in a coalition with Dr Waheed’s government. Gasim is also a member of the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), the body charged with oversight of the judiciary.


12 thoughts on “Eight men charged with VTV vandalism sentenced for seven years”

  1. "Vandalism"?????

    You call that "vandalism". Thugs bearing sticks and stones trying to charge the building with its journalists and staff inside? Glass and metal structures shattered under the weight of paving stones hurled like rain is 'vandalism'???

    All fair observers have tried their best not to link this incident with the MDP regardless of the fact that MDP activists, some of them women, carrying MDP flags were seen egging on the attackers.

    However Minivan's reporting has chased away all doubts about it.

    By redefining the very concept of 'vandalism' Minivan has tried with their wordplay to downplay an incident that should have been condemned by any press freedom advocacy group in the world.

  2. I am fully confident that if everyone involved in creating violence can be brought to justice, we will have peace of mind in our society.

  3. Once again we see swift punishments being handed down to anyone who does anything against any of the current government leaders, the Police and Defence force. And we have yet to hear anything about any action taken against any of the police who so brutally attacked the MDP protesters and civilians. This is not justice. It is exactly because there is no law and order that people are forced to resort to tactics such as this. When the property of the government and big biz tycoons are damaged then people are locked up for years, but no action against those who attacked and violated humans. This once again proves that this government and judiciary is not capable of protecting the rights of the common people of this Country. They are there only for the protection of the elite. Well done, sentences handed down true to character of our judiciary.

  4. Hey Minivan News. Anni's mouth piece it is not Vandalism it is call in English language Terrorism. Don't you understand English language ?

  5. tsk tsk is pretty upset today, lying outright (rare sight), now that they had to jail their own thugs.

    Of course, without the aid of the thugs, their tin-pot regime would crash and burn. The moment of judgment for these foul aggressors approaches.

    Don't worry, tsk tsk! Your ablho will soon have them out!

  6. So its ok if VTV gets smashed to pieces just because they are funded by an individual who the MDP is currently opposed to?

    What have we become as a society?

    The place was attacked in broad daylight. There were human beings inside. Doesn't that mean anything to us anymore.

    I will not comment on this thread anymore because I am disgusted by the response to my comment.

    Shall we call a spade a spade? That was not vandalism. Attacking a place is not vandalism. Threatening the people inside is not vandalism.

  7. Seven years for throwing stones? Medieval punishment. At least they will not be publicly beheaded, and for that they should be thankful I suppose.

  8. “What have we become as a society?”, says you, mr. tsk tsk.

    You have no one but to blame but yourselves. Your people’s unjust aggression against the Maldivian people is what has made this day come forth.

    Yes, we know that your leaders and paymasters call Maldivians ‘dogs’. Why don’t you whine about that?

    Why are you not whining when innocent civilians are arrested on trumped up charges, and their lives ruined by state-sponsored media?

    You hypocrite.

    … wait, you’re not paid to do that.

    So run if you must. Run and hide – but the vengeance of a people so brutally wronged will find you, no matter where you hide.

  9. Zayyid, I think you have answered your own question. Surely you don't need me to answer when your conclusions have so firmly been made.

    @Derek Ponstance:
    Seven years is a fair sentence for causing severe damage to private property, Maldivian citizens and officers of the law in broad daylight.

  10. agree with tsk. vtv is not known for balanced news, nor is minivan or rajje tv. but attack like that shall not happen. they were really terrorizing the people inside. its not just throwing stones. its worse than that.

  11. Trying to silence the regime's propaganda arm was wrong, granted, yet those who cut the cables recently at rajiige TV will escape punishment by the Baghee Waheed regime as it was the regime's thugs that cut the cables!


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