Elections Commission asks Adhaalath Party VP to explain “irreligious” allegations against Nasheed

Adhaalath Party Vice President Dr Mauroof Hassan has said the Elections Commission Complaints Bureau has sent him a second request asking him explain his justifications for calling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) presidential candidate and former President Mohamed Nasheed ‘ladhini’ (irreligious).

Mauroof said that although the EC had asked him to provide a response before 12:00pm Sunday (September 22), he had not yet sent a reply.

“I am currently working on drafting a response and will send it in when I am able to complete it,” he told Minivan News, adding he could not say how long this might take.

Mauroof said the letter had been sent regarding a complaint received by the EC Complaint Bureau concerning remarks he had made against Nasheed at a Jumhooree Coalition rally on September 10.

The AP Vice President has told local media that regardless of how much he and his words were investigated, he will not stop referring to Nasheed as an “irreligious man”.

He further alleged that Nasheed was to be called ‘ladhini’ alleging he was harassing the religion of Islam, disregarding of religious matters and attempting to the role of Islam by separating state and religion.

Mauroof alleged that the independence of the EC could now be questioned as a result of its decision to look into the matter of Nasheed being called ‘ladhini’.

He further alleged that the MDP had on February 8, 2012, set ablaze many state institutions in various parts of the country and committed a multitude of other illegal acts, adding that he is “astounded by the EC’s complete silence” regarding these actions.

He expressed deep concerns, alleging that based on the EC’s actions, he currently sees it as a commission filled with members who are actually activists associated with MDP.

“Adhaalath does not understand democracy”: MDP MP Hamid

Speaking about the matter, MDP MP and Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor described the AP Vice President’s words as “nothing but meaningless rhetoric”.

“The Adhaalath Party has never managed to get elected to the parliament or councils or such post. Their political failures are a result of their lack of understanding of how democracy works. They simply are unable to comprehend it,” he stated.

“Their description of EC as an MDP campaign office further displays their ignorance on how independent commissions work. The EC will look into any acts which are unconstitutional and against the election related laws and regulations. This is why they are looking into this specific case too.”

Elections Commission President Fuwad Thaufeeq and Vice President Ahmed Fayaz were not responding to calls at the time of press.


3 thoughts on “Elections Commission asks Adhaalath Party VP to explain “irreligious” allegations against Nasheed”

  1. It's very simple. Anni does not worship Maumoon as the God. And Anni also refuses to accept the adhaalath party's claim to prophecy and 100% share ownership of Islam, all values, preachers and such.

    That's why he's laadheenee.

    Well, better laadheenee than be a lying, child-abusing bedouin-wannabe.

  2. its very simple,this pakistan educated ent doctor feels like a GOD among his disciples.This guy think it is his divine right to rewrite the history of Maldives.Look at his friends and there is nothing to talk about.Ofcourse Naifaru people or laamu and shaviyani fonadhoo people will be impressed.To their little hypothalami this guy looks larger than life.These guys want to establish their version of Dhaarul Ihsaan and to echieve thatthey have to establish Dhaarul Harbu before

  3. what kind of a case is that? Can somebody initiate legal action if somebody said that another somebody "does not have good appetite"?

    Will a court allow such a case?


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