EU warns of “appropriate measures” should November 16 election be subverted

The European Union has said it is prepared to consider “appropriate measures” should Saturday’s run-off election be subverted, and the country fall into authoritarianism.

“The EU underlines that neither continuing uncertainty nor a drift towards autocratic rule would be acceptable to the EU and that it is therefore ready to consider appropriate measures should the poll on 16 November not bring the electoral process to a successful conclusion,” declared EU High Representative Catherine Ashton.

“The EU notes that, on 9 November, Maldivians voted in high numbers in the repeated first round of Presidential elections, reflecting their desire to exercise their democratic rights and their trust in the Elections Commission. As in September, the first round was conducted in a professional and impartial way,” Ashton stated.

“The EU notes that a second round is now scheduled for Saturday 16 November, but in circumstances not foreseen in the Constitution. The EU considers that any attempt to further delay or otherwise influence the outcome of the elections could only be intended to prevent the people of the Maldives from exercising their democratic right to choose their next president,” she declared.

The statement did not outline what such “appropriate measures” might entail.

The EU last week was reported to have declined to extend the duty-free status of imported fish from the Maldives, following the country’s failure to comply with international conventions concerning freedom of religion and treatment on women. However Minivan News understands that the timing was coincidental.

“It is true that the Maldives applied to be granted the status of beneficiary of the EU preferential trade arrangements for sustainable development and good governance (GSP+). However, the application is still under review by the EU with a decision to be expected by the end of 2013. It is premature to anticipate on whether the Maldives will receive the GSP+ status or not,” EU trade spokesman John Clancy told Minivan News.

The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has meanwhile recommended the international community impose travel and other restrictions against President Mohamed Waheed, Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz and Supreme Court Justices Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Abdulla Saeed, Adam Mohamed Abdulla and Ali Hameed Mohamed.

“The time has come to ensure that all those who subvert democracy and the rule of law are held accountable by denying visas as well as any association including employment opportunities by the United Nations and other inter‐governmental organisations,” stated the regional NGO, which has special consultative status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG), the international body’s human rights and democracy arm, has meanwhile placed the Maldives on its agenda.

President Mohamed Waheed, who departs tonight on an official trip after drawing MVR 525,000 (US$34,000) from the state treasury two days before the election, said he was “unconcerned”.

“Let CMAG decide whatever they will,” Waheed said.

The EU has long been the Maldives’ most lucrative tourism market in terms of bed nights and expenditure. Arrivals from China have eclipsed those of any one European country, however countries such as the UK, France, Germany and Italy remain core markets due to longer average stays and higher expenditure than many Chinese guests.


14 thoughts on “EU warns of “appropriate measures” should November 16 election be subverted”

  1. EU has already taken measures to tighten Maldives exports. If further actions are taken it would be a double jeopardy.

    Its would be more effective if EU offer an incentive to Maldives in return for a smooth election. Perhaps trade benefits..

  2. About time words were followed by action. The dictators of Maldives former, current and wannabee have been getting bolder by the day due to lack of action by the international community.

    There are a number of punitive measures which the EU can take and will directly affect the regime and its proxies, handlers and puppets alike without affecting the people of the Maldives. We welcome this decision by the EU.

  3. We will be able to have an elected president on 16th / But only my worry is that if Nasheed does not get elected , then the guy will not be able to digest it and he will start the fire .

    EU must be vigilant and must be ready to accept these facts.

  4. The only way Nasheed will not get elected on the 16th is by rigging the elections. Who can trust the election results when the police in charge of its security?

    Gasim and Gayyoom are now talking about protecting the military, police and judiciary. These institution have people inside who masterminded and organised the coup on Feb 7th 2012. The judiciary consists of some uneducated immoral and blackmailed characters who have consistently failed to do not only justice, but put the whole judiciary into disrepute.

    November 16th is the day Maldiivans decide between the evil (PPM) and the good (MDP). Make no mistake . If PPM comes to power it will be as a result of manipulation, rigging, bribery and threats to people's lives. There's no other way they can come to power.

  5. If we want to know why Gasim decided to join PPM, we have to remember the "Villa Boats" that were used to transport the military and police during the coup of February 7th 2012. The Villa Navy was used to overthrow the elected government. Gasim is fully implicated in that crime and he wants to protect and hide those who committed that heinous crime.

    They are scared shitless that the hidden CONI report may come out into the public.

  6. The greater worry is if that things don't go their way, PPM will spoil the party (again and again and again). They are definitely bad losers as we can see.. just not ready for democracy, at all.

  7. Er.. Yeah right!

    Which in plain language means they will be off the EU's christmas card list.

  8. There has to be consequences for the coup regime and democracy destroyers. Well done EU.

  9. Are there not enough honourable people in the Maldives to replace the existing police and Military leaders, with those, who will uphold the law and honour heir vows to uphold justice regardless of the party DEMOCRATICALLY elected by the people?

    I keep reading how the Maldives is an Islamic state of those that practice Allahs teachings.

    Then surely isn't it about time a few hundred men of honour can be found to lead the military and police and put aside their own views, to honour the pledge to protect the interests of the majority!

    If hundreds of thousands vote for Nasheed, then those people must also insist on the swearing in of officials that are truly HONOURABLE not use religion as their pretence of fairness.

    As you should all know by now religion is the most biased force of all!!!!

    You do not need Islam fanatics running the security services but simply people who recognise wrong from right and you do not need religion for that. You just need to treat others with the same fairness, you expect yourself.

  10. I am amazed, how often gullible Muslims, allow their religion to be used, as a call to arms, whenever someone is morally wrong.

    The latest example being Guyoom, who despite having been lucky enough to have got away thirty years of dictatorship, still cannot stop lusting after power, despite being in his seventies.

    As he has no attractive manifesto promises to put to the electorate, the easy thing to do is frighten people through their religion and try and turn what should be a contest over economic improvement and judicial fairness into the deception that he is supported by God.

    That is what any religious person, should find truly shameful!

  11. @Tony on Fri, 15th Nov 2013 11:33 AM

    "That is what any religious person, should find truly shameful!"

    A truly religious person (of any faith) will not even listen to Gayyoom never mind voting for his party.

  12. Hello EU, Canada, UK specially conservative party), America. Maldivians have decided. Forget about your puppet Nasheed, he lost the elections.

  13. Fathun on Sat, 16th Nov 2013 6:47 PM

    No Fathun, the people of the Maldives have lost their freedom again. You choose a continuation of the dictatorship.


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