“Everybody running the state as they please”: President Waheed

President Mohamed Waheed Hassan told a rally on the island Kinolhas in Raa Atoll over the weekend that the Maldives “does not have a leader now.”

“As some people [say], the Maldives does not have a leader now. Lots of leaders are here, and all are of the same level. And so then everybody runs the state as they please,” Waheed told the rally.

“And the senior leader should not say anything. If he does, then it’s time to take away his post quickly,” Waheed said.

Waheed’s remarks came amid rising tension between parliament and the executive following the arrest of two opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs and an MP from the ruling coalition, Abdulla Jabir, on charges of a consumption of alcohol.

The Civil Court on Sunday also ordered the arrest of two MPs in the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) – another ruling coalition member – in connection with unpaid loans of several million dollars with the Bank of Maldives, through companies with ties to DRP Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali.

DRP MP Azim alleged that President Waheed and other senior members of the executive had approached him, offering to cancel the court summons if he agreed during Monday’s vote on secret balloting to vote in the way they preferred.

The court hearing was scheduled at 1:00pm – the same time as the vote. The court order was subsequently cancelled.

“It is difficult to believe that the court order for the arrest of the two MPs, Azim and Nashiz, at the time the vote is scheduled is a coincidence. It proves the allegations made by a huge section of society that the courts are politicised,” said the MDP in a statement.

The wife of Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Jabir, Gender and Human Rights Minister Dhiyana Saeed, said following her husband’s arrest that President Waheed had sent her a text message denying any knowledge of the arrests.

“The leader of the country is saying that he himself is questioning the motivation behind this and who it was that did this. Police made the arrests, right? So this is an allegation against police by the President. And he said in the SMS that there is a possibility that some people might have done this to antagonise people against [the President] with regard to the vote on Monday,” Saeed told an emergency meeting of parliament’s privileges committee.

According to Saeed, President Waheed had alleged that the arrests were “directly connected to Monday’s vote.”

That vote concerned whether to allow a ‘secret vote’ in an as-yet unscheduled no-confidence motion against President Waheed. The MDP-initiated proposition was ultimately defeated during Monday’s parliamentary vote by a narrow margin of 34 to 39 votes.

Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz meanwhile declared that President Waheed had no prior knowledge of the arrests of the MPs.

“Such operations are not carried out by police after informing the President or the Home Minister. This institution does not have any political influence. We have the room to function with professionalism,” Riyaz told local media.


25 thoughts on ““Everybody running the state as they please”: President Waheed”

  1. Why hasnt Minivan news reported todays press conference where they showed the vidoes of Zaki intoxicated and reeling (probably from drinking too much), and mumbling, and Hamidh Abdul Qafoor with shame and emberassment in his eyes as the Police investigates his room and finds bottles of alchohol.

    These are the role models which MDP expects us to follow. Yet, these are the actions these MDP role models are comitting in private, drinking vodka and alcohol in remote islands.

    Even though these evidences have been submitted, NOT A SINGLE MDP member will believe that a single alcohol bottle was found in that island, in Hamidh and Zaki's room. Why ? to accept that would be to accept that their party leaders are consuming alcohol, and that would lead to political shame.


  2. The way Qasim is bringing all loose canons into his party shows just how corrupt he is.

    Qasim funded Jabir (recent alleged criminal) and that makes Buruma Qasim 1000 times more corrupt than any other person in Maldives.

    I urge students to boycott villa collage, villa handouts. It is a money laundering front.

  3. 90% politicians and the rich peopls in this country consume alcohol. President, his deputy n the police chief does too. everyone knows it. But this is clear politics. The worst of hypocrites.!!

  4. Mr. Gunda Raj of rowdy peoples of corals Republic has no clue about politics and the psychology of his people. This guy first divided people with two camps us and them. We saw him shouting and hailing the victory over part of the society as if he won a war against some invading force. And now what this guy can expect in highly politicized uncontrollable backward ignorant society who has been freed from extreme oppression they have suffered under the dictator.

    Isn't the time to accept your incompetence? Don’t blame people for your impotency. If you believe you are a leader show your leadership instead of playing blame game. Otherwise leave voluntarily and let people chose their leader. It is so simple Mr. Gunda Raj of rowdy people.

  5. Maldive Biggest Puppet is talking after a coup giving command above the highest command by the constitution.

    Its not nice for him to open his mouth say there ant any leaders.it proves that the current regime is been fail and Dr.Waheed is also trap with the fiances for the coup fuck his leadership in Maldives

  6. Thats what happens when you plot with failed dictators and come to power via a coup backstabbing your boss along the way. If you want to be a real leader Waheed stand for elections, and let the citizens vote you in.

  7. Waheed was never a leader and never will be. It's the religious monkeys and a few potty-mouthed businessmen who gave him the post to do their own dirty work. Waheed will never have a voice. Puppets never do.

  8. For the record. It was not Qasim who made Jabir rich. It was Yaameen when he was chairman of sto who supplied materials to build his resorts. Basically jabir was getting interest free loans which he paid slowly after his resort started earning some money. Anybody can be a resort owner if he had an influential friend somewhere up like Jabir had. You don't need to be a genious to be a resort owner. Just find a corrupt b---d to finance your resort till it starts earning. most resorts make profit after 3 to 7 years of running.

  9. You call yourself a leader? To he'll with your leadership, you traitor!
    What you are harvesting is from what you planted on the 7th. February 2012.
    Waheed, you have done so much damage to this noble nation and it's time for you to "bugger off" from here..

  10. Maldivian people reap what you sow, you stab in the back the one man who fought against oppression of a dicator and gave you a free choice you turn on him when he tries to remove a judge who hasn't a clue on what justice means. The truth is you hide behind a constitution that was written for a dictator to retain power behind the scenes by installing corrupt officals on his payroll. Until you learn that a constitution is a developing document that must be updated as your democracy progresses you will forever be confined to the will of the dicator, no matter who is elected president.

  11. @Democratic Friend I agree with you 100%...It might be too late too little for the Maldivians now.....Wasnt' it this clown of a man who publicly trumpeted that he is going to be a better leader? hehehehe...Him and his fake gov have become an international embarrassment to us Maldivians! As people have said in above comments, "You reap what you sow". Every traitor shall have their comeuppance! Not even ONE year and this loser is crying that he cannot control neither his coup government nor his cronie side-kicks! I salute Anni for tolerating and suffering all these fools for THREE years and for working hard, resolving not to give up on his people and to bring good to the people of Maldives despite all the opposition from back-stabbing Waheed and his ilk! Due to Waheed's incapacity to govern nor understand politics, Maldives has fallen into a HUGE diplomatic row with a world super-power! Lucky that India is still silent of this stupid, fake so called "President" ...might not be long before they lose their temper and then the real thing will hit the fan! Maldivians, OPEN your eyes! You deposed the only government who wanted to help you get a good future! Your impatience, ignorance and greed led you to support Golhaa and his clan and cowards like Baghee Waheed! You still have time to make things right! I for one will definitely vote Anni again in the next round of elections, for my kids future if not for Maldives!

  12. Anni is the Man who is creating all these trouble in this country.

    Dr. Waheed is a wise man and he has show the leadership since he had been holding the coalition for nearly 10 month where as the Dictator anni broke the coalition less than 2 months.

    Dictator Anni had a written agreement to form the coalition and run the country among the coalition members and did the campaign based on the common agendas which was sold to win the votes. No sooner the dictator got hold of the power, knowing that legally there is nothing that can be done by slapping on the faces of the coalition, the bugger got rid of Gasim, Hassan Saeed and even laster Adaalth.

    But Waheed does not have any contract with any coalition, but he is respecting the coalition and managing the country without having funds.

    Anni had robbed this country in the last three years and he resigned himself knowing that if he stays in power he will never be able to win any election in future.

    Anni created 7th Feb. and use the situation thinking that he can win the hears and minds of people. But majority of people know what a devil he is.

  13. Waheed! Really! You are not just incompetent, you are stupid as well! Did you think the regime, the spoilt rich and the deranged fundamentalists supported you because of your ability to lead and hold the country together? No. They chose you because you are weak, and incompetent.
    You helped to destroy an elected government, the first chance the people of this counry had to feel part of their political landscape and unleashed the type of police brutality even Gayoom would not have managed in his first years of power.
    Do we feel sorry for you when you say everyone is running the state as they please? No. You will escape and the people of the counry will be left with a worse legecy- a police state. The armed forces will use and abuse the power as they see fit.
    These are not things that will appear in your CV- but let me tell you something. Real leadership needs more than self interest. You are simply getting what you deserve as justice has many faces.

  14. Gundaa Waheed is worse, lowest of low after the coup. The 75,000 worth mattress is no comfort either, what a waste.

  15. If he feels that way why is he still holding on to the post? Take responsibility and leadership, and if can't please resign and step down!

  16. The president himself is confessing that he is the headless president of Maldives!! Pathetic situation...like a dhaoni without rudder...lost in the Indian Ocean.

  17. Anni also won the election by cheating his coalition and so does waheed.

    No difference hey !


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