Final election results due tonight after “trouble-free” council re-vote, says EC

The final results of yesterday’s second round of voting for five Island council positions that obtained an equal number of votes in last month’s local elections are expected this evening, officially bringing an end to polling that commenced back in February, the Elections Commission (EC) has said.

Elections Commissioner Fuad Thaufeeq told Minivan News that despite ongoing legal action concerning the alleged conduct of last month’s local elections in certain constituencies , the second round of voting for the fifth and final seat in five island councils had gone almost entirely without disruption or incident yesterday.

The five seats requiring additional voting to appoint a fifth and final councilor were in Baa atoll Kihaadhoo, Raa atoll Dhuvaafaru, Gaaf Alif atoll Kolamaafushi, Haa Dhaal atoll Kumundhoo, and Meemu atoll Veyvah.

Along with polling stations on each of these islands, Thaufeeq said that voters registered in Male’ were also able to use ballot boxes specially set up in the capital. The commissioner claimed that the polling was conducted without any major disruptions or violence.

“There was one incident at 4:00pm for the Kolamaafushi ballot box for voters in Male’ when it was time to close the polls,” he said. “After two late voters came to the ballot, there was a problem when they were told they were unable to vote. However, EC officials managed to speak with them and resolve the problem stressing that it was no longer possible to register a vote [after a ballot box is closed].”

A spokesperson for the Maldives Police Service also confirmed yesterday afternoon that the elections were thought to have gone “smoothly” with no reports received by authorities of any violence or disputes relating to polling that had been seen in isolated incidents during the first round of voting on 5 February.

At present, Thaufeeq said that he hoped for the final counts to be completed and all results to be given by about 8:45pm this evening, meaning that from the EC’s standpoint, voting for the local council elections would then be complete.

“All the [local council] elections have been conducted according to our rules and requirements” he said. “When the results are announced, the elections is over by our understanding.”

Thaufeeq conceded though that 14 cases related to election results remained in court at present, resulting in a number of Atoll Councils still waiting to take the required oath of office to begin their work.

The commissioner added that fresh voting for Kela island council in Haa Alif Atoll was also being called for by some after police were required to evacuate election officials and the ballot box to Hanimaadhoo on 5 February.  The police action was taken as irate crowds were said to have formed over concerns about the conduct of some voters and campaigners.

“We didn’t find any problems in our voting system,” said Thaufeeq, addressing the overall elections.

After announcing that a second round of council voting was required last month, EC Vice President Ahmed Hassan Fayaz told Minivan News that there would not be any additional voting for February’s elections without a court ruling.


According to the EC, every island taking part in the local council elections were required to pick five candidates to sit on their respective councils. However, the commission said that recounts were required in five of these constituencies solely between the fifth and sixth placed candidates who received an equal number of votes.

“Effectively they were tied within these constituencies, so according to the law, the fifth and sixth placed candidates will have to be voted on again,” said Fayaz at the time.


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  1. If results show that MDP has lost again, anni will again say that the voting was not fair, no matter what the EC says now.


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