Foreign Minister Dunya slams Canada, Commonwealth statements on Nasheed prosecution

Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon has slammed statements issued by the Commonwealth and Canada expressing concern over the denial of legal representation to former President Mohamed Nasheed at the first hearing of his terrorism trial yesterday.

At a press conference today, Dunya dismissed Canadian Foreign Minister Rob Nicholson’s statement as “blatantly untrue.”

Nicholson had called Nasheed’s detention and denial of constitutional rights “abhorrent.”

“[Nicholson] had described Nasheed’s arrest as unlawful or illegal. Nasheed was arrested in relation to the kidnapping or unlawful detention of the Chief Judge of Criminal Court in 2012. That act was illegal by all international laws and principles” said Dunya.

Nasheed appeared in court yesterday with his arm in a makeshift sling after police officers manhandled the former president outside the court building when he attempted to speak with journalists.

The Commonwealth meanwhile stated that Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma was “concerned to note reports that former President Nasheed was denied the right to legal representation”.

Responding to the statements, Dunya said: “To criticise us in public statements with lies or biased with having only heard the oppositions point of view is not acceptable. The government will not accept these statements and will not pay any attention to them.”

She added that the Maldives has long been an independent and sovereign country, “and we do not want to be under any foreign influences or under a colonial power. No foreign power can tell Maldives what to do under President [Abdulla] Yameen.”


Dunya said the Maldives does not have a significant relationship with Canada.

“I don’t think they know what actually is happening in here,” she suggested.

“Canada is a very influential country in the Commonwealth. Big countries do influence [the Commonwealth] and especially if they are funding and assisting the Commonwealth, then the organisation will do what they want.”

Dunya also said the Maldives would not accept the Commonwealth’s offer of expert legal assistance.

“[The Commonwealth] wants to provide us with their expertise but we simply do not want it. We have other ways, countries ready to help and even our own way of consolidating democracy here,” she said.

Questioning the value of the Maldives remaining a member state of the Commonwealth, Dunya said the organisation had “wronged” the Maldives by placing the country on a watch-list in the wake of the controversial transfer of power in February 2012.

While the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) had suspended the Maldives and placed the country on its formal agenda, Dunya noted that a Commonwealth-backed Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI) later concluded that the transfer of power was constitutional.

“So we want to say to the Commonwealth, you have wronged us in the past and you are still mistreating us,” she said.

“We don’t get much aid or development from being a Commonwealth country. In 2012, Maldivians questioned the importance of us remaining in the Commonwealth. I am sure the question will arise again.”

She added that President Yameen would make a decision on whether to remain in the Commonwealth.

“Strategic misrepresentation of basic facts”

Dunya went on to say that she did not believe Maldivians could be adversely affected as a result of the government’s stand.

“Looking at the history, even if we are to face any problems [from the international community] we have to adhere to our principles, our methods and especially our independence and sovereignty,” she said.

Dunya also issued a statement today casting doubt on the Commonwealth’s assertion that it was “closely monitoring” the situation in the Maldives, noting that the Commonwealth Secretariat had not contacted the ministry over the past few days.

“On the contrary, I initiated a phone call to the Secretary General last night in which we exchanged views about issues of mutual concern in the Commonwealth and in the Maldives. I therefore regret the strategic misrepresentation of basic facts in the Secretary General’s statement,” reads Dunya’s statement.

It added that Nasheed was arrested with a court warrant and presented before a judge within 24 hours in accordance with “normal procedure,” after which the judge granted the former president the opportunity to appoint a lawyer.

However, Nasheed was brought to court more than 24 hours after the arrest for the first hearing of a trial on terrorism charges, rather than a remand hearing.

The former president appeared at the hearing without legal representation.

Citing new regulations, the Criminal Court informed Nasheed’s legal team on Monday morning (February 23) that the lawyers had to register at the court two days in advance despite being unaware of the trial until the former president’s arrest less than 24 hours ago.

Dunya, however, insisted that that police “followed the standard procedure and due process.”

“I wish to recall that the Commonwealth Secretariat had misread the situation in the Maldives once before, in 2012 and presented it to the CMAG, which took punitive measures against the country,” Dunya noted in her statement

“The Maldives, however, emerged from the situation vindicated by the CoNI Report. The government is hopeful that the Commonwealth will not repeat the same mistakes again.”

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17 thoughts on “Foreign Minister Dunya slams Canada, Commonwealth statements on Nasheed prosecution”

  1. Is no one from the Foreign Ministry - who actually knows foreign policy management going to stand up against the crazy Minister-daughter and niece of dictators? You know better. Don't stand by her unless you agree with her.

  2. I don't think that Mr. Danial Bosely will ever publish this comment because it may not serve the purpose of biased reporting. Any way, I have expressed myself here as an independent and a patriot of my beloved nation. It’s all drama fit for Bollywood and wanted by MissIndiaAgarwaltheThug, Commonwealth, Canada, Australia and of course, and as always the Brit who taught their form of “democracy” to the Actor. Has former PM of the UK (Mr. Blair the liar)ever confessed that there was never Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq after having invaded Iraq??? The form of democratic state ruled “by the people, for the people and of the people” is today is a misnomer.

  3. To the foreign audience: Our foreign minister was speaking in Dhivehi language. Minivan news has done a deliberate crude translation of her statements using broken english just to distort her message and belittle what she said.

  4. @ainth are these in dhivehi too?

  5. It would be tricky to belittle a statement as banana republic sounding as our dear Foreign Minister's I'd say... a great illustration of deluded arrogance. Same old hackneyed tactics: ticking off and threatening to leave the Commonwealth...again?International Relations training.. hello? Wonder which countries are "helping us consolidate our own way of democracy here"? Don't think said "helpers" (we all know who they are don't we, and if we don't its because we don't want to ) know what democracy is, let alone spell it - and God forbid - pronounce it. And they are more fickle than loyal I'd watch out you panicking puppets. Now, who is selling out to who ..and calling it sovereignty? Shame shame.

  6. "We have other ways, countries ready to help and even our own way of consolidating democracy here,”

    But of course! Her father single handedly invented "democracy" which is undergoing "consolidation" thanks to the younger Gayyooms.

    Are you wondering about those "countries" ready to help? That's just one country: a country that's the world's role model for democracy, religions, civil and human rights, namely China!

    Are we surprised by any to this rhetoric from the regime?

  7. Thanks Madam DMAG.

    At last we have a Foreign Minister who is not subservient to the silly Brits.

  8. One cannot single out a particular country to criticise. Maldives is the laughing stock of much of the developed world! The European Union is not just "Brits" either!

    The Maldives may be bending over backwards towards China, but in our globalised world, China is totally dependent on the European Union, United States, Canada and other developed countries.

    This rant by the regime's "foreign lady" sounds like a straight copy of Mugabe's tantrums.

  9. Yes , They are Relation, Mugabe, Gayoom, look same face cut.Same blood, Gayooms grand father was thrown to sea near Viliggili.GA

  10. Who would go to see a movie or a wrestling match and think its real... a Maldivian.

  11. Career diplomats like Ali Naseer and Inaya should be ashamed to sit beside an FM who says such stupid things

  12. @dumb and dumber

    If Liusha was sitting on Shaheed in Tel Aviv, it would be sound career move

  13. if international community stop all aids and assistance, Minister Danunya will not have enough water to wash herself and drink.

  14. I am a Canadian. Canada is NOT a perfect country by any means but we are 'civilized'.Also, I am, personally, not a fan of Nasheed.

    But, this reeks of a 'witch hunt' (at the very least it is not right). Althouh president Nasheed spared the ex-president Maumoon of the typical maldivian mob of lynching ex-presidents, it seems that it has not stopped the present government of using similar tactics.

    By the way are most Maldivians' names end with 'Maumoon'?


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