Foreign Ministry stalls return of 8000 “ownerless” passports

The Foreign Ministry has stalled attempts to hand over almost 8000 foreign passports to their respective High Commissions, claiming details regarding the owners whereabouts still needed to obtained by immigration authorities, local media has reported.

State Foreign Minister Hassan Saeed said the Foreign Ministry will only deliver the passports to the respective consular authorities once immigration clarifies the location of the owners, a task described as “huge” and “difficult” by Immigration Controller Dr Mohamed Ali.

Saeed claimed the number of foreigners who had not left the Maldives while on temporary travel documents was close to the number of ownerless passports held at immigration, local media reported.

“We have a number of foreigners who have left the Maldives on temporary travel documents. But if that number does not match with the passports and if we try to hand over the passports there will be complaints, and questions asked over the quantity of the passports and the whereabouts of the holders,” Saeed was quoted as telling local newspaper Haveeru.

Dr Ali told Minivan News on Tuesday that it would be a “huge task” to obtain the details needed before the passports could be handed over to the respective High Commissions.

Asked if it was realistic to expect immigration to find the whereabouts and details of the owners of all 8000 passports, Ali said such feat would be a “difficult task”.

According to local media the exact number of expatriates in the Maldives is unknown. However immigration statistics show there are 120,000 registered expatriates who regularly pay their visa fees and a further 40,000 illegal immigrants.

Ali told local media that the majority of the passports are from Bangladesh, however there were passports from India and Sri Lanka as well.

An official from the Indian High Commission said the passports should be returned to the respective governments, as they posed a security risk.

The official condemned the practice of Maldivian employers – including some government departments – withholding the passports of their employees: “Keeping someone’s passport is a threat on a private level.

“Passports should belong to the person and no one else. It is a security risk for individuals to not have their passport in their possession,” the official said.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inaugurated an initiative targeted at raising awareness of the issue of human trafficking in the Maldives.

The Maldives has come under strong criticism internationally in recent years over its lack of effort to prevent people trafficking, with the country appearing on the US State Department’s Tier Two Watch List for Human Trafficking three years in a row.

Speaking at the recent inauguration of the Blue Ribbon Campaign Against Human Trafficking, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla stated the initiative formed part of a larger plan to try and addressing human trafficking in the Maldives.

“We have been conducting a lot of work to deal with the issue, though it may be generally a little known fact,” Samad claimed. “Our intention now is to work together with local media outlets and create more awareness about the issue. I would like to request media cooperate in this initiative.”

The Foreign Ministry also announced it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with multiple local media outlets in the country to conduct the Blue Ribbon Campaign.

Minivan News was awaiting a response from the Foreign Ministry at time of press.


15 thoughts on “Foreign Ministry stalls return of 8000 “ownerless” passports”

  1. There are some senior immigration officials involved in this human trafficking business in Maldives. How on earth can they hold passports of foreign nationals who are unaccounted for? Did the govt of maldives kill those 7000 Bangladeshis?

  2. Holy seems nobody is in charge in your useless Foreign Ministry......what a bloody farcical state of affairs.
    If your government departments did not condone the illegal practice of confiscating the passports of expatriate workers, this confusion would not have happened in the first place.
    The fact that there are thousands of 'ownerless' passports in a politically unstable islamist state like Maldives is a security threat to the entire world and not just to India.
    India should take firm action against the inept Foreign Ministry and the issuance of travel visas for India should be suspended immediately till this mess is cleared up. Indian Embassy personnel, please post a sign outside the embassy saying NO MORE TRAVEL VISAS WILL BE ISSUED TILL FURTHER NOTICE. DO NOT HANG AROUND OUTSIDE THE GATE, GO HOME.
    You need to get some IT guys from India with the right software to sort the mess out for you......clearly you are incapable of sorting out the mess yourselves.

  3. MissIndia NewDelhi, the problem is exacerbated because of corrupt politicians in India cooperating with regime strongmen to continue human trafficking operations to the Middle East. They were the ones who 'recognized' the criminal regime.

    Both our peoples need to work to end human trafficking, now.

  4. The US Govt and UN has been watching Maldives very closely for the last few years and placed Maldives high up in the watchlist, as a country blatantly involved in human trafficking..Maldives needs to immediately stop the malpractice or else it will face the music.

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