Two Pakistani nationals arrested for carrying forged passports

Customs authorities in the Maldives have arrested two Pakistan nationals for carrying two forged passports.

The two men arrived on an Emirates flight to the Maldives and were arrested based on information provided by the Immigration Department, local media reported.

Upon a security check, three more passports including two Pakistan passports and one Belgian passport were found in their luggage.


One thought on “Two Pakistani nationals arrested for carrying forged passports”

  1. Pakistanis......your sunni brothers...... with forged passports? Surprise Surprise!!
    What else did they find in their luggage I wonder?......bombs? hand grenades? plastic explosives? purest Afghani brown sugar? low budget mujra DVDs from Lahore? poorly shot jihadi videos warning infidels and non believers of the coming islamic caliphate?
    You guys have so much in common its uncanny.
    You are like twins separated at birth.


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