Former President Nasheed meets Indian PM Manmohan Singh

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to appeal for Indian backing of early elections, following what Nasheed describes was a resignation “under duress” on February 7.

Nasheed resigned amid dramatic scenes on the streets of Male’, after police joined opposition-aligned demonstrators, attacking military headquarters and storming the state broadcaster.

Singh had requested the meeting, Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) noted in a statement.

“The Prime Minister said he believed political resolution lay in acting on the agreement made between political parties and mediated by Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai on February 16. All political parties agreed to hold early elections in this road-map,” the party said.

“Nasheed also asked the Indian government to help protect US$873 million worth of investment made by Indians in the Maldives in the past three years.”

Singh addressed the Maldives’ parliament last year in November, the first foreign head-of-state to do so.

“India will be at your side in your transition to a fully functioning democracy,” Singh declared at the special sitting of the People’s Majlis. “We will assist the Majlis by way of training, formulation of rules and regulations and any other assistance that you may desire.”

In his address, Singh praised the “impressive strides in nation-building” the Maldives has made since independence in 1965, with the highest socio-economic indicators and progress on Millennium Development Goals in the South Asia region.

“You have chosen the path of democracy, freedom and respect for human rights. You have shown how even a small nation can stand up and be counted in the affairs of the world,” he said.

“I am confident that the people of Maldives will continue to consolidate their achievements. As an abiding friend, India will always stand by you in these efforts. Our relations are time-tested and I wish to reaffirm that they shall remain so in the future.”

In a statement today, India’s External Affairs Ministry re-endorsed the Indian-sponsored roadmap document drawn up on February 16.

“India hopes that engagement with all the stakeholders in Maldives will facilitate a constructive dialogue among all the political parties and help in bringing stability to the country in line with the Roadmap drawn up by the President of the Maldives,” the statement read.

Earlier this week Nasheed met with journalists, think tanks and political and industry leaders during a visit to India to build support for early presidential polls in the Maldives. Media reports focused on the former President’s concerns that his ousting had left the country vulnerable to growing Islamic radicalism.

New Foreign Minister Dr Abdul Samad Abdullah meanwhile met with India’s external affairs minister S.M. Krishna earlier this month. India is also presently engaging in joint defence exercises with the Maldives coastguard. Newly-appointed Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim has also visited India.


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  1. The deference being shown to our regional inferiors is disgraceful!

    I repeat, we do not their aid. Not economic aid; not security aid; not political aid.

    Indeed, we would crush the effeminate Indians swiftly. This has been true since time immemorial. We would have been conquered centuries ago were this not the case.

    Furthermore, our GDP per capita is higher at $6900 compared to their $3500; and our economy has grown at a rate of 12% compared to their measly 8%.

    We have done all this without their assistance.

    In truth, the Indians are far poorer and far less politically mature than us. The streets of New Delhi are filled with mendicants whose boots are worth less than the rotten bananas they sold to some fools to purchase them.

    Their armies are on the precipice of being vanquished by our Mujahideen brethren in Pakistan. Whereas we have nothing to fear from anyone save our own harlots (Maldeviants, I shall henceforth call them).

    Thus, it is evident whom God favours, in both intellect and fortune.

    The Indians were a great civilization under the Mughals, who saved them from the stagnation that followed their worship of the false, Oogah Boogah Gods.

    They should embrace Islam, and they shall become great again. Perhaps then, they could be of some use to us. Until then, they should refrain from interfering in our sovereign affairs.


  2. ... and manmohan tells nasheed to home.

  3. The Indians are smart.
    They told Nasheed that they will assist to hold elections as per what the people want.
    The people do not want elections any earlier than on the date specified by the constitution.
    So the Indians will assist to conduct our next Presidential elections in 2013.

  4. @ The Mad Mullah Dhivehi Hangyourself
    So your ex president is again before our PM begging for assistance.....oh much for your arrogance!!
    Like all Maldivians you are still carping on about your wonderful GDP. The truth is that you have the population and economy of a suburb of Delhi.....with no decent hospitals (except for the India gifted IGMH), no universities and no drinking water.....and judging from your verbosity and archaic 'Babu English' you must have been educated in some third rate college in a fourth rate country like Pakistan.
    As far as India being a great civilization under the still is retard.....65 years after independance as a free secular democracy. Like all muslim fanatics you dismiss your pre islamic history.....the same story is repeated in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Only the dumbest people destroy their own cultural heritage as you have done.....welcome then to the most exclusive club of the dumbest people on the planet......all 300,000 of you.
    As for embracing islam.....I was blessed to be born a hindu.....being born a woman in a backward intolerant islamic state like Maldives is the biggest misfortune that can befall a woman.

  5. THe whole world can see it was a coup. If India did not, they would not have agreed to see Nasheed!! If you ignor world opinion, we will be treated like North Korea and Iran.

  6. India knows who are behind the secret operations of ousting DEMOCRACY from the Maldives. Be ware!!! India will never support Police States like PAKISTAN

  7. India knows who are behind the secret operations of ousting DEMOCRACY from the Maldives. Be ware!!! India will never support Police States like PAKISTAN....Sheikh Imran & Sheikh Didi have only seen and experienced what's happening in Pakistan...they have no information, knowledge or experience in the field of DEMOCRACY....Again, they both only learned how to read & write Islamic teachings but failed to UNDERSTAND what they read and wrote very UNFORTUNATELY. So, We all pray Allah SWT to save our two brothers from the dirty HYPOCRITICAL minds or behaviors..Ameen

  8. Dear Indira NewDelhi. I apologize for what that lunatic Dhivehi Hanguraama. Just for your information; this guy is not a mullah to start with. People who visit here regularly knows that he or she is someone trying very hard to destroy the good name of Islam and Maldives. He has been doing this since last year. If you read a couple of his comments you will come to know this man does not speak like a mullah or a religious person. He is out here to spread hatred against Islam and Muslims. I think all regulars to this websites knows this. And they do not reply to him at all. So please ignore him.

  9. @ Indira New Delhi.
    You have hit 'The Nail' on the head. I am ashamed that a few fanatics like 'Dhivehi Hanging Himself' frothing religious blah blahs indoctrinated from Karachi madrasa are bringing disrepute to Maldives. India is Superpower of Asia...!

  10. @ Defunct Dhaoni

    Don't be fooled.
    Dhivehi Haguraama is no fanatic, no scholar, no scientist, no academic. He is a troll who is addicted to Minivan News and enjoys stirring the pot.
    He takes pleasure in riling people like you, Indira NewDelhi, and a few others.
    I have a feeling that he was also known as John sometime ago.

  11. @ Minivan News Staff:

    I request Minivan News to Ban Dhivehi Hanguraama person for the regular disbursement of hatred on this site, without even reading the article he comments on and i suspect he does it to provke a reaction from readers. I suspect he does not believe a word he says and is most probably running an anti campaign against Islam by pretending to be a fundamentalist. Even here, It seems as an Indian Woman seems to have taken it seriously (though i dont particularly support her response).

  12. "the first foreign head-of-state to do so". Singh is not a head of state. He is the head of a government.

  13. India and United Strraits of America has Double Standards. Use them;ie., India and U.S.; But "Dont Trust Them" , President Nasheed! They were involved in the Coup to get you out of power; AND; They were the ones/the first two nations to recognise Waheedo, the hooligan/imposter. Iran, infact; MOCKED the imposter Waheed; saying Congratulations for winning? the election!!!!!!!!!

  14. @Dhivehi

    Calling the Indians your 'regional inferiors' is incredibly racist.

    I was planning on going to the Maldives with my family this August but I have been following political events and some of the comments expressed by commentators on this website. In light of them, I think I may have to consider making alternative arrangements.

    My best wishes (or should I say condolences?) to those decent Maldivians who distance themselves from fanatic individuals such as yourself.


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