Former President Nasheed submits candidacy for 2013 Presidential Elections

Former President Nasheed has filed his candidacy papers with the Elections Commission to contest September’s Presidential election.

“As mandated by the Election Commission, President Nasheed sought and received clearance from the country’s judicial courts and other state institutions prior to submitting his candidature as the Maldivian Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate,” said the MDP in a statement.

A large group of MDP supporters and party leaders accompanied the former President to the commission to submit the papers.

Nasheed and the MDP maintain the former president was compelled to resign during a police and military mutiny on February 7, 2012. His successor and former vice-president, Dr Mohamed Waheed, maintain the succession was legitimate.

“Today we submitted the election forms and begin the task of restoring democracy to our country. It has been a slippery slope but we have come a long way. Despite all the barriers and hurdles that were put in our way, we never gave up. Undoubtedly because of the resilience of the people of the Maldives, we are confident of winning this election in the first round with a handsome majority,” Nasheed declared.

Following February 7’s controversial transfer of power, the former President was charged over his detention of Chief Criminal Court Judge Abdulla Mohamed, after parliament and the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) failed to taken action over its extensive list of allegation against the judge.

Nasheed and the MDP dismissed the charges as a politically-motivated attempt to convict and obstruct Nasheed from contesting the presidential elections, pointing to the presence of political opponents on the JSC, including a rival presidential candidate, which had created both the court hearing the charges and appointed the panel of judges hearing the case.

The international community reacted with calls for the presidential election to be “free, fair and inclusive”, and concerns over the state of the judiciary were echoed in a special report by UN Special Rapporteur Gabriela Knaul.

The Nasheed trial subsequently stalled at the high court level, after Chief Judge of the High Court Ahmed Shareef issued an injunction. A day later the JSC suspended Shareef for what it claimed was an unrelated matter. He is currently contesting his suspension in court.

In his statement today, Nasheed stated that he had “received clearance from the courts and other state institutions” prior to submitting his candidature to the Elections Commission.

The Elections Commission has said it will formally announce accepted candidates 48 hours after receiving submissions.

At a press conference in Male, Nasheed thanked his supporters for ensuring he would be allowed to contest the election, and expressed gratitude to both his legal team and international actors. He also thanked reporters for their coverage of the MDP’s activities since the transfer of power in February 2012.

During the press conference Nasheed noted the current rapid political realignments taking place, such as the defection of the Adhaalath Party from President Waheed’s coalition to Gasim Ibrahim’s Jumhoree Party and Waheed’s decision to run as an independent candidate.

Following Nasheed’s press conference Waheed’s remaining coalition partner, the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), followed suit.

Also observing that several senior members of the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) had left the party, Nasheed invited the defectors to join the MDP.

Asked by reporters as to whether he was concerned about election rigging, Nasheed did not discount the possibility but said he believed that “the election will be free and fair after the voter list is properly finalised and observers, monitors and agents are able to participate.”

“When the tide has turned it becomes very difficult for anyone to swim against it,” Nasheed said.


10 thoughts on “Former President Nasheed submits candidacy for 2013 Presidential Elections”

  1. So, here's my prediction of the outcome from the 1st round:

    (1) PPM - 40%
    (2) MDP - 35%
    (3) JP and its bandwagon of little people - 20%
    (4) All of the rest - 5 %

  2. MDP. MDP. MDP.

    The country desperately needs a strong leader, who can challenge the mullahs fearlessly!

  3. Anni is the change, and Maldives needs a change in order to step out from oblivion. Anni has the leadership quality required for unruly backward people especially when they transit from absolute poverty, dictatorship, ignorance, to freedom, democracy, rule of law and enlightenment. You need a leader who is compassionate, compromising, patient also strong to face all odds to remove the veil that keeps Maldivian society in the darkness, with illusion that created by dictators that the world out there is false and the real life is what Maldivian have in those isolated tiny islands away from civilization, idle untouched, immobile and live only to die with hopes of infinite happiness promised by the creator. Anni has shown all this quality, such fineness seems very alien to the other Maldivians.

  4. @fishy head
    Get what you are saying but.. absolute poverty? really?
    People werent that well off, but we were never poverty bad. An average salary is about 2500+ and that well above the international poverty line, and if its pure poverty there isnt actually that much, difficult conditions yes, but absolute povery? really? where did you get that.

    Hate it when people exaggerate things, even when its to promote something good, that just removes all credibility from perfectly valid points.

  5. before gayoom came we shat in holes in the ground. just saying.

  6. waheed has got two options one to allow nasheed to be allowed stand the elections or if not he may be tried in Hague.

  7. @absolute poverty on Fri, 19th Jul 2013 1:09 PM

    "before gayoom came we shat in holes in the ground. just saying."

    Some still do and for others it's even worse. We never used to swim in it, or wade knee deep in it, but we do now.

  8. MDP will lose in the first round.

    Nasheed is the change yes agree. But he changed the country's image as a tourists harbor, economically drag the country to 20 years back.

    we do not want this kind of change and we want to change things for better and not for worse.

    Nasheed is not a leader and he is a cult

  9. If we choose Nasheed it will be a disaster for the poor in this country. He is self entered man who care about his family and friends even if they are criminal and thugs.

  10. The former president Nasheed is the best to be elected as the president of the maldives bse is tested and a visionary leader who can propell the country to greater heigths . so lam urging the people of Madivia that 4 posterity , development ,rule of law and votecontitutionalism and restoring democracy vote Nasheed as the president


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