JSC votes not to suspend Supreme Court Judge in sex video, due to “lack of evidence”

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has decided not to suspend Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed, who is currently under both police and JSC investigation following the circulation of a sex video apparently depicting the judge fornicating with an unidentified foreign woman.

Four members of the JSC voted in support of a motion on Wednesday to not suspend the Supreme Court Justice, over due to “lack of evidence”.

The decision disregarded the recommendation of the JSC’s own five member committee investigating the judge’s conduct in multiple leaked videos.

The four members who supported the motion to not suspend the judge included parliament representative, resort tycoon and presidential candidate MP Gasim Ibrahim, Attorney General Aishath Azima Shukoor, President Waheed’s representative Latheefa Gasim, and Chair of the Civil Service Commission, Mohamed Fahmy Hassan, who was recently dismissed by parliament in no-confidence motion over allegations of sexual harassment, but later reinstated by the Supreme Court.

JSC members Shuaib Abdul Rahmaan, Ahmed Rasheed and Abdulla Hameed did not support the motion.

Following the decision, JSC Deputy Chairman Abdulla Mohamed Didi and Latheefa Gasim resigned from the five-member committee investigating the matter.

The video of the Supreme Court Justice allegedly indulging in adultery came into media limelight following the arrest of Ahmed Faiz – a senior Council Member of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s Gaumee Ihthihaad Party (GIP) and former Project Advisor at the Housing Ministry.

Snapshots taken from the video began circulating on social media networks Twitter and Facebook, prompting a police investigation. The police formally notified all relevant authorities including the JSC, the Prosecutor General and President Waheed regarding their investigation into the case.

The JSC is also investigating a further two videos involving the Supreme Court Judge, including spy cam videos of Hameed discussing political corruption of the judiciary with a local businessman, and a meeting with former Immigration Controller Ilyas Hussain Ibrahim.

A question of “details”

Gasim Ibrahim had previously defended Justice Hameed during a campaign rally, claiming that the alleged sex-tape was a “fake”. He was criticised by former Attorney General Husnu Suood for breaching the JSC’s code of conduct.

Attorney General Shukoor defended the commission’s decision claiming that the five member sub-committee needed more details on the case in order to suspend the judge, claiming the decision not to suspend Hameed was to give the committee time to come up with these details.

“The motion was passed when called for a vote. Therefore it must be noted that there was no motion calling to take action against the Supreme Court Justice during the meeting,” read the statement by Shukoor, defending the decision.

Discrimination between judges

JSC member Shuaib Abdul Rahmaan told Minivan News the commission’s enforcement of disciplinary action towards higher and lower court judges lacked consistency, despite all judges sharing the same code of conduct.

“Criminal Court Judge Abdul Baari Yoosuf was previously suspended and asked not to report for work [during a JSC investigation into his alleged sexual assault of a female lawyer].

“However, in the case of Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed, despite there being much stronger evidence, the commission members are reluctant to take action. Last time, even Azima Shukoor and Gasim Ibrahim voted in favour of suspending Baari,” Shuaib said.

He dismissed Shukoor’s statement stating that a motion to suspend the judge would be re-tabled.

“No, there was no decision reached at the meeting to re-agenda the matter,” he said.

Asked about the specific details the commission was seeking from the sub-committee, Shuaib said that these carried no weight and would not change the course of the investigation.

According to local media reports, the decision led to a falling out between members of the JSC including its Vice Chair Abdulla Didi – who chaired the meeting due to the absence of the commission’s chair Supreme Court Justice Adam Mohamed.


15 thoughts on “JSC votes not to suspend Supreme Court Judge in sex video, due to “lack of evidence””

  1. I don't want to say, "I told you so", but this is exactly what I said. "Not enough evidence"!

    But the guy who was apparently trying to flog the video was apprehended and kept in custody. Well, there isn't much time left for these sort of games. Elections are around the corner. Surely, the new leadership of this banana republic will take it as a priority to clean up the stinking mess known as the "judiciary".

  2. So, in this case the show has to be live and witnessed by four grown men before the perpetrator can be charged?

    Gasim, you are out. Waheed you are out. I want to elect someone who has guts to clean this shitpit.

  3. The month of Ramazan was when pornography and extra-marital sexual intercourse was legalised for the elite as a lesson to Dhivehistan and a criterion to differentiate between the masters and the slaves.

    So whosoever is rich and powerful, shall fornicate and sodomize, and whosoever is poor and wretched shall pay for it with a 100 lashes. The judiciary wishes for you hardship and does not wish for you ease.

  4. @Andrew Andreas on Thu, 18th Jul 2013 6:18 PM

    "So, in this case the show has to be live and witnessed by four grown men before the perpetrator can be charged?"

    Indeed; as per Islamic Law old chap. Future videographers should take notes and not cut the show at half-mast, so to speak.

    I bet that chap (forget his name), who apparently got tossed out by parliament for stroking a lady's midsection, and who sits on the JSC, will feel a bit hard done by all this. After all, feeling a girl's midsection is hardly even worth a mention compared to a Muslim man found locked up inside a room with another woman in a comprising scene.

    But, we shouldn't get carried away. As the JSC has shown to the Ummah of Muslims, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little bit fornication as long as you do it behind closed doors. All I can say is, "you lucky lucky bastards, all you fornicators".

  5. lack of evidence, the video was already leaked and everything out. What a supreme court, so blind

  6. We have all seen it. Lack of evidence , what complete rubbish and corruption. They judges are criminals. Gasim should be ashamed of himself too. Get rid of these dinosaurs once and for all.

  7. Anni tried to do the right thing by prosecuting these judges.

  8. Gasim is proving himself beyond doubt that he is in deep shit, and digging his grave deeper than expected.

    Facts to nail himself of all what he is doing as a party leader, member of parliament and the JSC is coming through his own action and foolishness!
    Gasim thought he was clever and cunning to fool the masses.

    Allah SWA's words can never be wrong!
    If and when needed, Allah SWA can be cunning than the cunningest!

    Thanks Gasim!

  9. A sign of a good strong democracy is almost always the media. In a proper democracy, a guy like this Pandiyaaru will be out of the door before he can say "fornication". The media, i.e., the voice of the people would have sealed his fate more than any JSC or Gasim.

    Alas, our banana republic is no where near there and the end result is as ugly as the Pandiyaaru himself.

  10. Maybe they all want to see the detail of the sex video. Everybody big and small can view the video now what more evidence do they need. I sad that Madam Azima was sitting in the Commission and voted not to suspend him. So now we know only ordinary people get punished for such behavior. I am shocked.

    perhaps they want a full confession by #ALIHAMEED3BURUN, to convict him,
    what rubbish can smell this nasty?
    I thought going after a judge was not so cool, but this judge need to be hanged for 3 days from his penis so that all judge can remember him, including ABLO GAZI.




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