President Yameen announces rise in teachers’ salaries

President Abdulla Yameen has announced a rise in teachers salaries from the start of the academic year this Sunday (January 11).

Speaking at a ceremony held last night at Dharubaaruge to inaugurate the salary scheme for senior players of national sporting teams, President Yameen stated that the increment will amount to over a third of the salary teachers are receiving at the moment.

Teachers strikes regarding pay and working conditions were narrowly avoided last year after the government entered into negotiations with the Teachers Association of Maldives (TAM).

Meanwhile, local media outlets have reported that the Ministry of Education will terminate the post of ‘leading teacher’.

The ministry’s Permanent Secretary Dr Abdul Muhsin stated that the school staff structure is being revised, resulting in changes to the scope of responsibility and tasks assigned to different posts.

While noting the revised staff structure has not been finalised, Muhsin assured that “all drafts of the structure have so far included the post of leading teachers”.

Last month, the ministry announced that the position of deputy principal was to be abolished, with the 188 individuals currently holding the positions transferred to different posts, and administrative staff taking their place.

Muhsin stated that he was unable to give any further details on the revised staff structure and salary hikes as neither had been finalised.

Around 90 percent of the country’s teachers protested in September last year – wearing black clothing to raise awareness over issues such as poor pay, inadequate protection of teachers, and the failure to grant the TAM official recognition.

The government avoided a full work stoppage just as strikes seemed set to go ahead, sitting down with TAM and creating a timeline in which to meet the demands of teachers.

TAM Athif Abdul Hakeem was not responding to calls at the time of publication.

In November, the Maldivian Democratic Party’s budget review committee suggested that the government had not budgeted the required MVR532 million (US$34.5 million) needed to raise the salaries of teachers despite promises made by both President Yameen and Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel.

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  1. teacher shoud pay appropriate salary both bangladesh and maldives. as a college teacher i। m also a district leader of bangladesh college teacher association. i agree with the demands ofthe maldives teacher as our brotherhood


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