Further protests as MDP calls for international community to be “mindful” of Maldives judiciary

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has called for the international community to be “mindful” of the status of the Maldives judiciary, claiming it to be systematically flawed and biased.

The party’s sentiments were echoed in last night’s (February 16) protest as thousands of supporters of Nasheed once again took to the streets of Male’.

The former President has been inside the Indian High Commission since Wednesday afternoon after he sought refuge from a court warrant ordering police to present him before the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court.

Nasheed and his party have maintained that the charges – of illegally detaining Chief Criminal Court Judge Abdulla Mohamed prior to his controversial resignation on February 7, 2012 – are a politically-motivated attempt to prevent him from contesting presidential elections scheduled for later this year.

In contrast to Friday night’s protest, where 55 people were arrested following clashes with police, demonstrators last night took part in a “seated protest” in the intersection between Majeedhee Magu and Chaandhanee Magu.

Maldives Police Service (MPS) Spokesperson Sub Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News today that while there had been no arrests made, a vehicle belonging to the Police Family and Child Protection Department was set on fire.

Police also allege that protesters set fire to a police barricade in the early hours of the morning.

However, MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor claimed the circumstances surrounding the barricade fire were suspicious.

“There had been reports that a police barricade was set on fire by protesters. However police tweeted about the fire two minutes before it actually happened,” Hamid claimed.

Minivan News observed around 4,000 demonstrators at last night’s gathering and witnessed multiple charges at the crowds by riot police.

MDP concern over Nasheed’s trial

statement released by the MDP yesterday expressed concern regarding the trial of former President Mohamed Nasheed, adding that the status of the judiciary and rule of law in the country was not conducive to ensuring a fair trial for the former president.

The statement accuses judges within the Maldives judiciary as being “under qualified, of dubious moral character, corrupt with political bias, and unduly influenced by members of the former regime”.

“When international actors refer to rule of law and due process, it is only a presumption that rule of law exists in the Maldives,” Ghafoor stated.

“When calling for rule of law in the Maldives our international partners must bare in mind the current state of the judiciary, and its ability to conduct a fair trial.”

Speaking to Minivan News on Thursday, trial observer Stephen Cragg, who compiled a report on Nasheed’s trial, said it was clear the former president was concerned he would not receive a fair trial with the current judges on the case.

Cragg visited the Maldives last year on behalf of the Bar Human Rights Committee (BHRC) to observe the hearings of former President Nasheed’s trial.

“I think it is clear that Mr Nasheed is concerned that he will not get a fair trial if the case goes ahead with the current judges due to hear the case, and his action is likely to highlight those concerns internationally,” Cragg said.

The report compiled by Cragg notes: “BHRC is concerned that a primary motivation behind the present trial is a desire by those in power to exclude Mr Nasheed from standing in the 2013 elections, and notes international opinion that this would not be a positive outcome for the Maldives.”

In the statement, the MDP welcomed calls from India, United Kingdom, United States, the Commonwealth, United Nations and the European Union for a free, fair and inclusive presidential election in the Maldives.

On Friday, EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said she was following the latest developments “with concern” and “called on all parties to refrain from actions or statements which are liable to inflame the political climate in the country”.

“I underline the urgent need to resume dialogue between the parties, so as to ensure that the presidential elections set for September 2013 are credible, transparent, inclusive and fully representative of the wishes of all Maldivians, and so that the reforms identified by the Commission of National Inquiry in August 2012 can be rapidly implemented,” she said in a statement.

President of the Maldives, Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik released his own statement yesterday condemning Nasheed’s actions on Wednesday.

“I am dismayed that the former President Nasheed sought refuge in the Indian High Commission in Male’ when he was summoned to the court. The court order which required the Police to arrest Nasheed and have him appear before the court was due to his refusal to attend court hearing. It had expired at 1600 hours on the 13 February 2013, and there is no reason for him to remain in the High Commission and to instigate street violence.

“The court order has nothing to do with my government. Upholding the rule of law means nobody is above the law. I would like to assure the people of Maldives that the law and order will be maintained,” the President’s statement reads.


28 thoughts on “Further protests as MDP calls for international community to be “mindful” of Maldives judiciary”

  1. It was very clear that Nasheed ordered to arrest the chief judge Abduall outside the law and Nasheed need justify the reason why he ordered to arrest the judge.

    Nasheed had not anything to improve the judiciary when he was in power. Nasheed is the man who appointed the judges to supreme court which is the highest judiciary authority in Maldives.

    Basic problem with Nasheed is that Nasheed does not want accept anything against him and everything need to be in favor of him and his party.

    Nasheed do not want to see any political party in Maldives apart from his party and Nasheed is a dictator.

    We have heard in the past Nasheed calling to have a multiparty system in the country when Gayyoom was saying that it will pave ways to split our bond among the people. But we all agree that without multipart system, the democracy can not exist.

    But it is not OK to allow multi leaders to contest in MDP primary to elect thier presidential candidate due to the fear that that would lead to split the party .

    This show that anything which are not in favor of Nasheed, it will not be right .

    Nasheed is the man who is destroying this country in the name of democracy for his own benefit .

  2. Affordable Housing
    Nationwide transportation network
    Prevention of Narcotics Abuse and Trafficking
    Affordable Living Cost
    Affordable and Quality Health Care for All

    All MDP achievements!! 3 Yrs!!

  3. I thank all Maldivians who are supporting me during this dark time facing my country. I will continue to live in the High commission till the election time has come. Even when I get elected, if the arrest warrant is still ordered I would continue to be Maldives president from the Indian High Commission.

    I believe that Democracy is my religion. I believe that all are equal. But of course in democracy some are more equal than others. So continue this fight against Maldivian security and continue to mock and defame Islam. The world is with us. With me.
    "Adhives Anni for Ane' dhivehi raaje"

  4. A journalist from MV times was also arrested during the friday night protest. maldives police is trying to cover the story by saying 'no journalist' arrested. And is such a same that even Maldivian media is holding their tongue regarding the case.

  5. Zaid bun laden, you may enjoy having the freedom to rape minors under your ablho's protection.

    That's why ablho was arrested. Now why did you blow up a market in Pakistan?

  6. dear, respect the people first and do no harm to them, see the achievements by Mr.Nasheed govt
    -Affordable Housing
    -Nationwide transportation network
    -Prevention of Narcotics Abuse and -Trafficking
    -Affordable Living Cost
    -Affordable and Quality Health Care for all
    -Educational reformation
    every thing occured in just 3 years.

    for this real development people are standing behind the Ex.President.

  7. see in a democratic country, if you arrest and threat the "media people" means, it shows your inability and you want to hide the fact. If you do so, then remember "what you sow that you reap".

  8. Zaid bun laden

    Before you ask what had Nasheed done to improve the judiciary, why don't you ask the so called independent institutions mandated with the task such as JSC what they had done to improve the judiciary? Even JSC was controlled by the corrupt Ablo Ghazee and so were all other courts! And what about HRCM? Didn't they have anything to say against the way the corrupt judge was protecting the criminals at the expense of the innocent people and kids? Easy for you to blame everything on Nasheed but there are three different powers for a reason and if you want Nasheed to do everything, then you should give him full power to do so! Why don't you ask how much dictator maumoon has taken from us in return for what he gave us? Sure he spent the first 10 years making a real difference to the development of this country but thereafter he decided to make sure that he will rule for life and only sickos like you can support maumoon and his bunch of cronies.

  9. Why do you believe democracy is the solution when itis imminent from US itself that democracy is failing the Americans day by day. It is not the system which creates harmony, but the proponents who willfully embrace the system. If democracy is the answer for inequality and injustice why we see the disoriented thieves, murderers, rapists in American society? How do you justify halting normal lives of people every night in Male'?

  10. Affordable housing - The price of apartment has gone higher and the monthly installment was higher for the last three times during Anni regime . How does it become affordable by in increasing price.

    Nation wide transport - This is just by the name and it does not really happened except the transport within Ari Atoll and Male' atoll . All other atolls were in a big mess. This system was introduced to give away some islands to Nasheed close buddies like Dhonble Ahmed.

    Preventions of Narcotic Drugs - This is just a myth. 80% of the drug victims were released to the society to create a ha voc in the society and non of the so called" 6 drug traders were arrested.

    Affordable living cost : Country inflation rate was rocket high during Nasheed period and country debt had tripled during his three years.

    Affordbale health care : True to some extent. But Nasheed mis managed IGMH which had made to collapse the entire health system. Introduction of universal health scheme is a good move. But Nasheed failed to have it implemented in a sustainable manner. But he rather use the scheme to make some of his party members get richer using the loop hole there.

    Educational reform: what reform he brought . ? He tried to eradicate the islamic studies from the educational system and if this is considered to be reform, yes it was done.

    The country debt was over USD 990 million and he was able to increase the debt from 365 million to USD 990 million in just 3 years. This is remarkable achievement by him .

    Few more things he had achieved.
    1. Electricity Bill - Nasheed promised that he will never increase cost of electricity but it had gone 3 times higher in just few months from his ruling time.
    2. Water Bill - He revised the tariff in just few months form taking over the office.
    3. Dollar Value : He just increased the dollar value in order to meet the deficit . Since 65% of government earnings were in USD , change in exchange rates would have earned millions of rufiyaa to mange the monthly expenses.

    Here anyone who make a comments against Nasheed, there will be hundred of people who have been paid to counter attack the comments .

    Today Maldivian are aware of the bullshits Nasheed is talking about and they are not idiots to believe all what Nasheed says.

  11. to be mindful of judiciary? Why? The last time I checked highest body in the judiciary is the Supreme Coury bench was nominated by President Nasheed!

  12. Who is this Bloody Abdulla Gazee, forget of him, he was planted for the 7 the feb 2012. He is a traitor,idiot.

  13. 500 Years old dictatorial power Nasheed was trying to make corrected. Why dont you all talk about Gayooms spending, abused power, used government funds, killng Mafushi Prisoners?

  14. Don't worry too much about my son. He says all this rubbish about Nasheed because Yaameen pay him good dollar to write here. Don't worry. We need food. Everything very expensive. Waheed makes everything expensive.

    My son needs to feed everyone. So Yameen gave good dollars to write rubbish with Nasheed. I know Nasheed good man but we need money. understand.

  15. @kuribee on Sun, 17th Feb 2013 7:05 PM

    I am in no way an economist nor am i political analyst but I disagree with some of the points you've made,

    The price of apartment has gone higher... the insanely high rent prices in Male' is mainly thanks MAG's 30 years of centralized policies. I think Nasheed's policy to increase the supply and decentralisation policies were on the right track to bringing the housing prices down.

    Nation wide transport... the transport sector is an important component of the economy impacting on development and the welfare of populations. And once more Nasheed was doing something about it, instead of going from island to island every five years and giving the same speech about developing a port at the same run down jetty. Albiet things were moving slow. 🙂

    Country inflation rate was rocket high... I don't know where you were but here on planet earth there was something called the Global Financial Crisis going on.

    This is just a myth. 80% of the drug victims...Nasheed was the first person in Maldives to publicly argue that drug addiction is not a crime, but a disease which needs to be cured instead of incarceration and during his time we saw many policies the reflect this ideology. This is a debatable stance, but from what we can observe from Portugals drug policies and USA's war on drugs, Portugal's policies seem to be working better. So once more Nasheed got it right.

    Nasheed mis managed IGMH which had made to collapse the entire health system... yes there were blunders made, but I'm glad you agree the policy was the right one. However, I strongly oppose privatisation of the health sector.

    He tried to eradicate the islamic studies from the educational system and if this is considered to be reform, yes it was done...thats BS and you know it. The former education minister just put forward the argument, it was debated and decided against. That was that. Thats democracy.

    And yes the countries balance of payment deficit had grown significantly and it may not be at its most ideal position but for a country such as Maldives that is the price of development.

    Furthermore, 1. Electricity bill - refer to the price to oil. As we generate electricity by burning fossil fuel.
    Maybe I should mention Nasheed's work to make Maldives less dependent on fossil fuels?
    2. I don't know much about that, so... from what I recall major or a controlling interest in MWSC to some high-tech company. I fail to see how this could be a bad thing, but then again I may be missing the point that you were trying to make.
    3. Here is a read worthy article about the Exchange rate change and general effects thereof. http://jeeehan.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/exchange-rate-change-in-maldives.html

    How much money do you think we have wasted because of the coup? Money that could have been spent of health, education, infrastructure instead of perpetuating this farce of a democracy.

    I think if anyone really thought about whats going on in the Maldives, if they really cared to look beyond the colors of the party flags they would see that Nasheed is really trying to make the every day life of the ordinary Maldivians better. Unfortunately most people believe what they are taught and told to believe not what they should.

    All those people saying Nasheed didn't do anything in 3 years, he did do a lot. But as the saying goes the Pyramids weren't built in 3 years...Some say it took about 30 years.

  16. Maumoon thilaa KL ga ovefaa Male eree Nasheed Jalah laan vegen tho, MDP meehun milaa ge mass kaalee ma thi hurihaa balaa veru kameh Rahjje in filee.
    Ki haa bodu balaa veri kameh.uli gaumu halaaku kohfi.

  17. Saheem i suggest you read up on what happened at that time the bench was nominated, and how a deal was struck

  18. The real achievements of Nasheed in detail.


  19. @ ann
    Hassan Saeed is the heart of the evil unelected coup regime.... What do you expect, duh!!!!

  20. Nasheed is our best bet still in the struggle for democracy and the dismantling of our feudal system with its increasingly self interested top tier.. without change we are a militarised mafia state i.e. even worse than the 30 year old banana republic, yes that's possible with our new Chinese supplied toys. The majority of Maldivians are what they are - the majority, and the elite need to acknowledge that and work with them, otherwise sooner or later they will be toppled. The elite have a responsibility which they have totally abused and this is the result. Nasheed could have stuck with the elite, but he was brave enough to stick his neck out and he is still doing it. It takes guts to stand up to the old order and whatever anyone else says he has led by example. We should be ashamed and humbled - and hopefully, eventually inspired to align ourselves with our conscience.

  21. @Dheyo

    When we talk about decentralization, do you really think that politicians, many of whom are from Male', would do anything about it? Why would they want to lose the 100,000 rufiyaa they earn per month from each building they own by literally doing nothing?

    I always saw Addu as a great place to develop, but any thought of decentralization would always be swept under the rug by these corrupt politicians. If people from islands who rent apartments in Male' think the rent is ever going down, then they are mistaken, and they can blame the people they themselves elected for it.

    Also, please stop with the 'Nasheed tried to control drugs' talk. Drugs are as abundant as water on the streets of Male' now and Nasheed's policies didn't really do anything about it. Again, why would the politicians who are connected to major drug lords do anything, when they would lose the millions they earn? When you see uneducated gangsters driving the latest sports cars at 20 kmph in Male', you would know that the drug problem hasn't stopped or even decreased a bit.

    I'm no fan of Maumoon or his allies, but like I have said before, Anni is the lesser of two evils, and I would rather have him than the taliban and far right nationalists running the country.

  22. If Waheed is telling to the people and international community that he has nothing to do with the serious political situation, the people have rights to stop him paying and remove him by force

  23. Jameels Interview India News paper.Haha, Shame to Maldives.
    He cant answer the Q of the Reporter.

    Still you are trying to be a leader of Maldives.

  24. Yes in this country, Nasheed is only the man who can speak english and who know how to run the country and who knows everything.

    If you look at the fuel prices changes between 2009 and 2011, and beyond 2009 and after 2012, you will see the fluctuation was much less between 2009 and 2011. So the argument of increasing the electricity price is irrelevant.

    I don't believe that Nasheed introduced the transport system in good faith and he did it to give away some islands to his buddies and nothing more.

    See if he really want that to happened, he would have given those Islands in a much transparent bidding process where the bidder were able to understand the real scope and had solid business plan and then the bidder had means to develop the resorts.

    Then the rents and Taxes that are collected from these resorts to be given to province where these Islands were located. From this money the local authorities should run the transport net work. This is only the way to run and manage this transport network and not otherwise.

    But what Nasheed had done is he fix the deal on the side and gave these islands for his party members and those people have no money to run the transport and neither have money to develop the resort too. Government is unable to get any tax from them neither they are able to manage the transport system too.

    Basic point here is that these things are nice on the paper and even Nasheed had drawn a nice colorful map like an underground metro map of Londo. When you look at the drawing, it is wonderful but a sensible person will know that it was practical to have the transport system running in Maldives as shown on the map.

    But people who are obsessed with Nasheed will not be able to digest any criticism on any things that Nasheed say and same goes here too.


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