PPM Yameen meets Indian High Commissioner DM Mulay

Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Parliamentary Group Leader Abdulla Yameen met with Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives DM Mulay yesterday (February 16), local media reported.

The High Commissioner told local media that the meeting was to encourage dialogue in order to resolve the current situation in the Maldives.

According to local media, Mulay said he is in contact with officials in the government of Maldives, political parties and other intellectuals to encourage conversation towards a peaceful resolution to the current political instability.

Yameen said he met with Mulay in the PPM office and that the high commissioner visited to assure him the relationship between India and the Maldives would remain unchanged, local media reported.

The meeting follows former President Nasheed’s decision to seek refuge within the Indian High Commission in Male’ after he failed to attend a court hearing last week.


2 thoughts on “PPM Yameen meets Indian High Commissioner DM Mulay”

  1. we need be mindful of Nasheed hidden agenda and why he had taken a refuge inside the Indian Embassy.

    I suspect that Nasheed will have very evil plans in his mind as usual.

    International community need to be very careful of the event that is going to unfold in Maldives and need to be very careful with the evils plan that Nasheed might have in his hand.

  2. How does it feel, when your filthy coalition is shattered at the very foundations?

    Go back to your masters, and tell them that the heroin caliphate's grave is these islands. Their imperialist expansionism will be halted here.


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