Dhivehi Qaumee Party MP Adhil signs with MDP

Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) MP Hassan Adhil has signed with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

”I did not sign with MDP because I was influenced by anyone, I took this step because of the pulse of the people,” said Adhil.

”I believe that the government is conducting many development projects at a high speed, and I signed with MDP for the development of my area at the request of [my constituents].”

Leader of the DQP Hassan Saeed declined to comment on Adhil’s decision.

After signing Adhil, MDP’s parliamentary group now numbers 32 MPs. The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), despite having 27 MPs, retains a parliamentary majority through its coalition agreement with the seven MPs of Abdulla Yameen’s People’s Alliance (PA), and the support of both the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) and Jumhoree Party (JP) with one MP each.

Numbers game

According to the latest statistics from the Elections Commission (EC), MDP now has a membership of 40,919 people while the DRP has 38,494 people registered.

The PA has a membership of 2932 people, while the JP, led by MP Gasim Ibrahim, has 5529 members registered. The DQP, led by former Attorney General, Dr Hassan Saeed, hsd a membership of 2929 while the Adhaalath Party, led by Sheikh Hussein Rasheed, has a membership of 6020 people but no seats in parliament.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that MP Adhil had left the Gaumee (GIP) party rather than the Qaumee (DQP) party. Minivan News apologises for the error.


12 thoughts on “Dhivehi Qaumee Party MP Adhil signs with MDP”

  1. Don't think facts are correct.adil belonged to Hassan Saeed's party. Expect much more from minivannews.

  2. this guy is a just spectator in the majlis..he attends the sessions just to earn the money and power.. nothing more.. we should throw him out from our constituency...

  3. "I signed with MDP for the development of my area at the request of [my constituents]"
    This statement is embarrassing. Non-MP Constituencies will be in calamity. Truly democracy is dawning.

  4. It seems inevitable in the current climate that the MDP will get its much-desired majority in parliament. Although a reversal might take place at any given time given the financial standing of most MPs.

    How such a majority will be used is the question for the public. While the current administration's legislative agenda as stated in its manifesto implementation plan is quite ambitious and focuses on democratic consolidation, it is important that the DRP strengthens itself to act as a counterpoint to the consolidation of powers in the hands of the MDP.

    The feeling that a government spending on development projects is a patron and benefactor who must not be spurned at elections is an overwhelming sensation. Also, cynics among the voting public have always noted that it is better to side with the clan/party/personality who has a firm grip on state pursestrings.

    One can only speculate about the repercussions of the exodus of MPs towards the ruling MDP. It remains to be seen if the backroom deals and favors extended to defecting legislators hampers the process of development in a democratic environment or goes unnoticed due to the toothlessness of instruments to fight corruption. MDG realization in an environment of open corruption may still be possible.

  5. if every MP thinks the only way to improve this country is to join MDP, then what was the reason of having a multi party election? This MP from Maradhoo is an empty bottle in the majlis. he never participate in the debates.we should now think of these bastards for the next local council!!

  6. I would urge Mr. Adil the Rf 6 million gained from the transfer be spent on the development of our constituency. Hope we will see this happening soon.

  7. Guys

    Do not blame him. He has been chosen by you.

    He may be a hopeless, retarded idiot, but you have chosen him, over the others who competed. When you think about it, what does it say about the rest who competed? and You who voted for a totally useless guy?

  8. Going for 1 laari!
    Do I hear 2 Laari?
    Wait there is 2 laari!
    Do I hear 3 laari?
    3 laari!

    Going once!
    Going twice!

    What a bunch of cheapskates!

  9. If MPs and politicians are bottles;

    I am sure they all will sound different depending on direction and intensity wind is blown in!

    In fact the "mavota", have been making lots of noise in the past!

    But hamza is very correct!

    If this is the case, not only the gist of it is lost. It in fact is a shame; not only on the MPs, but the constituencies and country as well!

    However as it is the common belief; where party rule is in effect, party politics will have a lot to say though it can be said as misinterpreted. Also the fact when Politicians rule, theirs and party politics will work though not to the effect as George W Bush and the Dick Cheney time in command of the the great America)!

  10. congratulations, MP Hassan Adhil. Good thing that you join the democratic development of the country.


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