Gayoom: “I had no role in the change of government”, says no to early elections

Former President and Leader of Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has claimed “I had no role in the change of government”, while dismissing the accusations of his involvement in the ousting of his successor Mohamed Nasheed on February 7 as “baseless rumors”.

Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) alleges that Gayoom was at the centre organising what the party insists was a bloodless coup d’état in which elements of police and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) were bribed to align with then-opposition demonstrators led by Gayoom’s PPM party forcing Nasheed to resign on February 7.

However, after returning to Maldives on Monday night from an unofficial trip to Malaysia, Gayoom defended himself claiming that “I had never attempted to over throw Nasheed’s government illegally or outside legal bounds”.

“I had no role in the change of government and such rumours are baseless,” Gayoom further claimed.

However, he noted that his party had protested within the legal bounds to resist unlawful acts of the government.

Meanwhile, Gayoom – whose 30-year-old rule came to an end after he lost the country’s first multiparty elections to Nasheed in 2008 – objected to MDP’s calls for early elections citing that the constitution gives “no room” for it.

He quoted the constitution’s stipulations which state elections must be held once in every five years or it shall be called if both the President and the Vice-President resign simultaneously or their offices become vacant at the same time.

Furthermore, noting that if the President resigns for any reason the constitution allows the Vice President to assume office and continue the remainder of his predecessor’s term – Gayoom said, “Waheed has been sworn in constitutionally”.

“Therefore, there is no room for an [early] election according to the constitution and in my opinion neither does politically.” Gayoom concluded, pledging full support to Waheed’s administration which is now run by a cabinet stacked with majority Gayoom loyalists.

Thousand of supporters of Gayoom gathered at the Republican Square and on the streets to welcome Gayoom, while  Minivan News observed that security was elevated in the area and Gayoom was taken to his residence in a defence force car.


26 thoughts on “Gayoom: “I had no role in the change of government”, says no to early elections”

  1. Maumoon had nothing to do with anything in this country for the last 40 years except he is what is wrong with Maldives. His brother introduced drugs and started the black business in Male. His family enjoyed all the wealth of Maldives. His regime continued unchallenged for continuous 30 years, after destroying elements opposing him, and even killing people who oppose him. He had most to hide and his party blocked every good move by MDP government and forced Nasheed to resign and he comes back to Maldives and says "I have nothing to do with it"!! Such a liar. Get the hell out from our lives Gayoom! you've ruined the lives of most Maldivians.

  2. constituion also doesn't give room for a vice-president to change the cabinet. classic maumoon: pick and choose what laws to follow.

  3. Let us see how long Gollum oops Gayoom can resist taking on the reins of power for all to see.My precious.. my precious...
    Hiding behind the constitution seems to be a favourite pasttime at the moment. Why fudge early elections? We all the know the answer. Was this a coup? Yep we all know the answer to that too. Was Gayoom behind it? No brainer.If they think all Maldivians are such idiots, they are seriously deluded. But then, we always knew they were. May the best brains win (again, no brainer). Brawn vs brain, brute cunning vs wisdom.Resist change and you are done for. Look at evolution.

  4. You might have been forgiven for thinking that Gayyoom is the President in waiting, having seen his latest entry after yet another "visit" abroad.

    Gayyoom, IS the Presient, in all but name. His party, which trails both MDP and DRP in terms of public support, have the highest quota of cabinet posts and other political positions since the coup d'etat. Care to explain, Mr Waheed?

    Gayyoom, is never ever involved in anything. He just happened to have inherited the country for 30 years, and he's just been handed it again. Can't blame him for that, can we? He never harmed a fly in his life...


  6. Anni lost the power due his arrogance and stuborn attitude. Anni is worst dictators of last few decade.

    Anni got lot of opportunities to bring those protest to stop should he had chosen to do so. But he rather try to show his mussels thinking that no one will ever be able to say anything against what he does. That was wrong .

  7. In 30 years Gayoom has done good for this country. Todays youth may have not seen the status of this country when Ibr Nasir resigned. We have progressed well over the years. We had a system working unlike last 4 years.

    No doubt Gayoom made mistakes during his 3 years and ignored peoples call for change. But not to forget it was Gayoom who brought the full democracy to this country and Thats the Fehi Qanoon.

    Gayoom was defeated in 2008 election. He accepted the defeated. He congratulated Nasheed on his win. He did not come out on street though his party members did.

    Gayoom has the quality of a Leader unlike our mad guy Nasheed.

    Last night Nasheed has said he doesnt remember he had a cabinet meeting just before his resignation. He has a memory problem. Nasheed has Antisocial personality disorder

    Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal.

    A person with antisocial personality disorder may:

    Be able to act witty and charming

    Be good at flattery and manipulating other people’s emotions

    Break the law repeatedly

    Disregard the safety of self and others

    Have problems with substance abuse

    Lie, steal, and fight often

    Not show guilt or remorse

    Often be angry or arrogant

  8. @mode
    I don't think Anni has ever shown his mussels in public, what are you talking about! But I guess this is what Maumoon's education system has done... Collectively, we look like a bunch of illiterate idiots making laughable mistakes one after the other and unable to send a simple letter inspiring any type of confidence in our abilities.

  9. papa gayoom, is it not enough 30 years for u to be dicatator?? u were everything till ppl surround you enjoy doing corruption..

  10. Commonsense
    It is clear that the opposition agrees that President Nasheed lost his Presidency. The big shots are openly saying that President Nasheed lost his presidency or that his government has been overthrown or toppled.
    This is plain from what we have witnessed in the media. Why do they say he has lost his Presidency? What are the ways for an incumbent to lose his Presidency. How could a serving president avoid resignation when the armed forces and armed police mutiny and demand resignation of the President. Only mindless poodles would deny that duress and compulsion are not involved in such a resignation. It is peoples’ ballot that bring leaders to power in democracies. Not intervention of armed forces. Why are they so fearful of elections. Because in October 2008 Maldives had the only free and fair election in the history of the Maldives that toppled the brutal regime. Still they fear a free and fair election. Why? Because they are addicted to their ways and they do not tolerate humiliation and exposure and election victories are alien to undeserving dictators under a free and fair election. Just could not wait till the next elections. Thus it is crystal clear that this fledgling democracy is yet to be liberated from the clutches of the old dictator. This is no surprise as it takes years even for political rebuilding after decades of centralized power structure that emerged through patronage and consolidation of power as the sole objective with nothing to deliver as an election manifesto.
    Anni symbolizes true peoples’ power . This is sacred to the young Maldivians and all for Islam and nationhood to the coming generations. He is to be given a full term as people’s vote mandated. If not the whole purpose of the constitution and democracy is defeated.
    Appearances are deceptive
    How would you rate killing of a lawful owner or obtaining a will forcibly in such a way that appears as if it is a legal will. Once the owner reaches safety and security and openly declares that he wrote the will only to save his life. The situation is such that by writing the will he did not stand to gain anything but the apparent heir did gain. What is the motive to write such a will when the owner clearly loses what he most dearly valued. This is about who benefits most by creating the false circumstance. Do you doubt? Some silent lawyers in the Maldives need to go back to lawful school and free themselves of ulterior motives. The greed will never leave integrity intact and there is no end to such a thirst. Where lawyers and learned fail, commonsense prevails. The scheming lot will miserably fail, they are doomed to fail.

  11. How can Golhaboa will have a hand in Coup. He is the Unique Organizer.

  12. The old regime is back by using the gun and this is a giant leap backwards for our country.

    Anni wanted to break the cycle of revenge by letting the old regime go.. Good intentions but these bastards are too selfish to understand.

  13. "Although dictatorship despises the people, it takes pains to win their recognition. In spite of being lawless -or rather, because it is lawless,- it strives for the appearance of legality. The world of dictatorship is full of appearances." R Kapuscinski. Now examine Gayoom's pronouncements. Enough said.

  14. DIctator Nasheed's down fall was due to Mariya and Rekko Moosa! Both of these individuals are drunks and outcast in the society! Nasheed was forced and black magic was casted on him to give corrupt deals and to keep Nasheed drunk!! Save MDP!!

  15. The whole world and YOUTUBE now know it was a coup. They also know that the old cartel is back in business helping themselves to the economy and making a mockery of the law.

  16. And so the old Dictator hides behind his veil of lies and manipulation.
    It is indeed a sad thing when a few power hungry selfish elite, decides to corrupt the judiciary, buy-out the army and proceed to govern with military strictness all for their gain. I just hope Maldivians can see the truth that is staring at them in the face.

  17. Oh good, he's back. Now I don't have to worry about causing an international incident in Malaysia.

  18. You are righ Qayyoom. I agree with you totally. This country has a constitution and the people of this country has to follow it. MDP things everyone has to dance according to their beats. Well thats not going to happen in a democratic country where there is a constituiton thats needs to be followed. And you have explained well shortly and sweatly our contituiton regarding the election and the legality of President Dr Waheed. The MDP and its thugs can go to hell.

  19. I await the "happy" news of your other two children being appointed as State Ministers! You're the puppeteer of puppet "president" Mohamed Waheed!

  20. What democracy did 'Kaafa Maumoon' bring to Maldives??? I seen only 3 years of democracy in this beloved nation and that too gone down the drains because of this dictator!! Now he is back to make things even worse... Honestly I hope the Angel of Death takes him where he belongs... No peace to Maldivians unless This old man dies!!!

  21. Time to stop switch the label from MDP as thugs and the rest as civilised. Actions speak louder than words - and we can see who is ready for democracy and who is not. Same people who are ready for elections and who aren't. Capito?


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