“This is not a democracy”: Vice President Deen

Vice President Mohamed Waheed Deen has demanded that the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) take responsibility for the murder of Lance Corporal Adam Haleem, following the stabbing murder of the police officer last night.

Speaking to local media following the murder, Deen claimed the country’s situation had gone “beyond tolerable levels”, and said the Maldives was “no longer a democracy”.

Referring to attacks on police during MDP’s ‘direct action’ protests, Deen claimed that the party was “preventing the democratic process” of the country.

“Now the [situation] in this country has gone beyond tolerable level. This is not democracy, this isn’t democracy at all,” he said.

“I believe those who are encouraging people to carry out attacks on the police are now trying to prevent and obstruct the democratic process of this country. Therefore I do not believe in the activities that [the MDP] are carrying out,” he added.

Deen said that he condemned the “cowardly and ruthless” attack on lance corporal Haleem on strictest terms.

Dean also told the local media that following the incident, a meeting of Crime Reduction Taskforce would be held today to decide against whom action would be taken.

He said that the government would not step back following such actions and reiterated that the government would not be deterred from bringing those that were behind the crime to justice.

“I want to encourage the police officers, don’t you back down! There are some wrong perceptions of the Maldivian police and the military in the international community. But we will face that as well and we will take necessary measures. This is the country of the Maldivian people. This government will not allow any international party to unduly influence this country,” Deen assured.


26 year-old Lance Corporal Adam Haleem was stabbed to death on Kaashidhoo island in Kaafu Atoll on Sunday night.

According to a police statement, the incident took place around 12:00am while Haleem was on his way to report for duty.

The person suspected of killing the police officer is now under arrest, the statement reads. However, police have not identified the suspect or revealed any further details surrounding the murder.

Local media meanwhile has identified the suspect as Samah, a person with prior criminal record, and has reported that he was released to house detention on Sunday following a two day arrest over an assault case.

Health officials from Kaashidhoo Health Center have told local media that Lance Corporal Haleem suffered serious nine-inch deep stab wound to the chest in the attack.

They also confirmed that he was alive but in critical condition when brought to the hospital, and that he died soon afterwards while undergoing treatment.

The process is underway to move the police officer’s body to capital Male’.  Haleem, from Kethi house on the island Kaashidhoo, was a husband and father of a one year-old baby.

Haleem’s body has been brought to capital Male’ this morning for further analysis and the police has said that an official funeral will be held in Male’ to bury the deceased.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik condemned the attack on Twitter.

“Strongly condemn the killing of a policeman while on duty. Enough of hate mongering against officers of the Law.” He tweeted.

Dr Waheed added in another tweet that there should be “no excuses to kill anyone let alone policemen on duty. Shame on cowards hiding behind anonymity and inciting violence.”

He has also ordered the national flag to be flown at half staff for three days in honor of the slain police officer.


Following the death of lance corporal Haleem, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) and Police Integrity Commission (PIC) issued statements condemning the attack and called on the authorities to take action to ensure the killer is brought to justice.

HRCM condemned the attack on “strictest terms”.

“It is understandable that this attack will impact the security services of this country. This commission extends condolences to Maldivian Police Services and also encourages the police to stay determined in their legal duty.  We also call on the authorities to investigate the attack and ensure those responsible are brought to justice as soon as possible,” read the statement.

HRCM also highlighted the importance of all the authorities jointly working towards preventing such attacks in the country and called on people not to encourage such attacks against police.

The PIC in a short statement condemned the attack and conveyed condolences to the family of the victim.

The opposition MDP has also condemned the attack in a statement released today.

The party also described the politicising of the attack by some political figures as “cowardly”, and called on them to stop using it for political gain.

“This party sees the attempts by some political figures to politicise the attack on lance corporal Haleem for political gain as a cowardly act. We call on the authorities to investigate the matter properly and ensure that those behind this attacks be brought to justice and given the strictest punishment,” read the MDP statement.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed also joined President Waheed in condemning the attack.

“[I] Condemn the tragic murder of the policeman in K.Kaashidhoo in the strongest possible terms,” he tweeted.

The incident has also lead to many individuals condemning the attack on social media and conveyed condolences to the family of the murdered.

Funeral prayers for Lance Corporal Haleem are to be held today after the Asr prayers in the Islamic Centre. He will be buried in Galolhu cemetery after an official funeral ceremony.


41 thoughts on ““This is not a democracy”: Vice President Deen”

  1. REALLY REALLY SAD, such a small society, yet per capita, so much pain!

    Yet is is not the actions of the MDP which are preventing the progress of democracy, the anger demonstrated is a manifestation, a sysmptom, not a cause!

    A peaceful, liberal democratic society is the product of universal, self sacrificial love, and humility, attitudes which are as lost here in the West as much they are in the Maldives. Yes, we have democracy here in the West, but it is a democracy hijacked by greed and exploitative hedonism, crime, gangsterism, the product of the concept of freedom divorced from a philosophy of love.

    The anger that we have seen, from both those who rallied against Anni's Government, and by those who are rallying FOR elections ASAP, is ultimately, the product of an attitude.

    As I said earlier, One can see the influence of Hitler like thinking (hyper-nationalistic and miltant, obsession with sovereignty and racial pride -) in the nationalism of Maumoon, and it leads me to believe he has been inspired by Arabic socialist thinking. I have encountered this thinking in old NSS documents MOST particularly, which refelct a different ideology to the ideology Maumoon is supposed to represent in Royston Ellis’s book.

    Royston Ellis never stops harping on about the Immesnity of Maumoon’s benevolence and compassion, forgiving and giving a top job to a coup leader, and to his brother in law who stole from Maldives and what not. The reader is supposed to be convinced that these were decisions of Magnificent compassion, not decisions of political expediency.

    Yet, other Material, translated from Dhivehi into English, harps on about the imminent threat that the rest of the world (The portuguese, the indians, the Christians) are supposed to be, and how, only by standing strong in Islam can the Maldivian remain strong. Such thinking promotes FEAR of the other, fear of the other promotes hatred of the other!

    Maldivians tell me, quite assertively, that they are Aryans. What the hell is that really meant to imply? I am not stating that they are not Aryans, but I would not love them or respect them any less if they were not. What really is an Aryan, the Persians claim they are the Aryan’s (Iran derived from aryan), Hitler claims the blue eyed are Aryans, what the hell is an Aryan? More importantly, whaere the hell did Maldivians learn this word from, from Hitler?

    Why is that so great, to be an Aryan, when the Aryan’s have done more evil and destruction to others cultures than any other people in the world?

    What is the relationship between Maldivians being proud of being Aryan with the racism that fairer Maldivians have towards darker ones? Not so much now, but ask anybody older than 60, and they will tell you I am telling the truth!

    MY point is, is that, the product of this thinking is racism and hatred, and hatred, in the long run, is self destructive.

    Fifty years ago, darker skinned Maldivians were looked down on by slightly fairer Maldivians for being darker, and that is an absolute tragedy!

    Let me tell you something.

    Here in Australia, where I grew up, most white kids from lower socio-economic backgrounds had been ASHAMED to be white! We wished we were black! I was one of them!

    The reasons for this are routed in post modern deconstructionist thinking about meaning, culture, power, and its impact on our society, I will go into THAT another time.

    The point is, racism is superficial, shallow, evil, one minute you are the in crowd because you are white, and then you are the in crowd because you are black! JUST be thankful to Allah that Allah made you who you are, and Loves you as you are, and come to realize that every human being is sacred, just as YOU ARE! If one human being is robbed by injustice, or racial pride, or hatred, or fear, of what makes them special or unique, of what makes YOU beautiful, humanity as a whole is robbed of its collective riches!

    DO not rob yourself of your creative potential by buying into hatred of the Jews or of Christians, or anyone else with such racist thinking! Hatred destroys a persons capacity to create, to be free, to love, it is turned into oppression, tyranny, fear, social and cultural death, physical sickness and national weakness, ALL in the name of Sovereignty and nationalism!

    Although most people combat fear through hatred, it does not route out the fear from anywhere, it creates fear in others, and hatred in others! The opposite of fear is not hate, it is Universal love!

  2. ލާންސް ކޯޕްރަލް އާދަމް ހަލީމަށް ހަމަލަދީ މަރާލި ވަގުތުން ފެށިގެން އެކަން ސިޔާސީކޮށް އެމްޑީޕީގެ ބޮލުގައި އެޅުވުމަށް ބާޣީ ސަރުކާރުގެ ސިޔާސީ ވެރިން ރޭގަނޑު ހޭލާ ތިއްބަވައިގެން ކުޅުނު ކުޅިގަނޑު އަތަށްގޮވީ ހަލީމްގެ ގާތިލުކަމަށް ތުހުމަތު ކުރެވޭ މުހަންމަދު ސަމާހު ޕީޕީއެމްގެ ދަފްތަރުގައި އޮތްކަން ފަޅާއެރުމުންނެވެ.

    އިލެކްޝަން ކޮމިޝަނުގެ ރަސްމީ ވެބްސައިޓް މެދުވެރިކޮށް ބަލާއިރު، ހަލީމަށް ހަމަލަދީ މަރާލި ކަމަށް ތުހުމަތުކުރެވޭ މުހަންމަދު ސަމާހު (22) ސުވާސާގެ ރަޖިސްޓްރީ ކޮށްފައިވަނީ ޕީޕީއެމްގައެވެ.

  3. Really SAD. No human values in this country.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  4. For once Waheed Deen is talking sense. This is not a democracy although Waheed tweeted that this is a 'damn good democracy". Maldives is a failed state. This country cannot rise from the hell hole it is in, until we have a free and fair election and people are given a real choice to vote for. I call upon the govt to hold immediate elections and I call upon those who have Presidential ambitions and who are not tainted by current party politics to run. Perhaps we need such a person to lead and unite the country and get us out of this mess.

    It is also sick to see how this murder is politicised by everyone. It wasn't MDP or PPM who murdered him. So stop politicising it. I fear the govt would use this as an excuse to outlaw MDP and perhaps shut down Raajje TV. That would be the fastest route to condemn all of us to a worse hell than we are already in.

  5. article written by an MDP activist who writes nothing but MDP propagenda in his twitter, facebook and blog.
    and it is a 'cowardly' attempt to hide the fact that it was MDP which instigate these attacks against police. just few days back maizan ali manik was on raajeh tv giving advice as to how to attack police. and it was nasheed who told "we know the police officers, their wives, their children, their parents, their address.. there are many things we can do against them"

  6. For shame, Waheed Deen.

    The coup regime is attemptly to capitalize on this heinous crime by trying to portray the public's legitimate outrage against police brutality and the loss of democracy as being responsible for this tragedy.

    Everyone from the illegitimate ruler Waheed to his band of thieves have disingenuously taken to twitter and social media and online propaganda stations to associate the legitimate anger of the people with this brutal act, even before investigations began.

    This is cheap slander. The accused is, via informal media, proclaimed to be a registered member of the ruling Gayoom party and has a previous crime record.

    This crime should have been above base politicking, but the coup regime has greedily dived into the opportunity and shown much disrespect to the dead man's grieving family.

    Waheed and Deen must both apologize for such contemptuous behaviour.

  7. can't take an mdp supporter as genuine when they say they have a problem with slander or politicizing deaths.something you do all the time.
    yaamyn weren't you the one blaming the friends and family of the guy when there was a suicide at the airport control tower? wasn't very respectful

  8. This murder is the culmination of months of vitriol and calls for violence against police officers by both the MDP elite and common rabble. There is no point denying it, young Yaamyn.

    It shames me that a party I once placed such high hopes in has disintegrated into a violent cult gravitating around the ego of a single man hell-bent on blazing a trail of destruction and death so long as it benefits his political designs.

    If this country were not on the fast track to becoming a banana republic and were a sensible one the dissolution of the MDP and the incarceration of Nasheed would be imminent.

  9. As the death announced started pouring comments. the very first i saw a tweet by Pres Waheed, tehn Thasneem, and Anni, Almost every party and figures has commented. better to read these comments, you can understand the democracy. What I believe is the case is under investigation. no one still know the reason he killed police man. .. stop hate mongering MR PRS Waheed and Deen

  10. Very true Mr. Waheedhudhdheen (as truly is named)!
    This is not a democracy any more!

    An elected government of the people, on 7th February 2012 had been brought down using the barbaric act of a coup using the forces as a tool!

    Very true! Since then this country is not a democratic country!

    There is no way Mr. Deen can justify the coup! There is no way anyone can justify the coup brought about on the said day!

    If anyone, be it Mr. Deen or his Waheed, talk democracy, hypocrisy, or what ever, in its true sense; people can believe it!

    This truly is a sad thing. And there is no way anyone can justify this murder!

    A POLICE on duty cannot be murdered for whatever reason!

    And neither can the POLICE topple a government!

    This is the one, and the only reason why an immediate election has to be held! Let the people decide!

  11. In all the days that have passed ever since the governmet changed, not a day passed in which MDP did not incite hatered againt the Police and the MNDF.
    This is the result.
    Now face it, cowards of MDP!.

  12. @ yaamyn

    "Waheed and Deen must both apologize for such contemptuous behaviour."

    MDP has been hatemongering all the time starting from the next day after Anni's resignation till date.
    Why are you blind to this?

  13. MDP supporters should take full responsibility for this murder. They should stop terror and fear mongering.

  14. SoDeen, on 7th Feb what you saw and what happened and the build-up is what democracy is about?

  15. This is the continuous result of MDP's hate mongering and incitations to commit violence against Maldives police service. Day in and day out, thy are continuously calling on their supporters to rise against Maldives Police service, not to obey Maldives police service policemen.

    Even yesterday RaajjeTV was doing a fabulous job trying to defame and discredit the Maldives Police service by spreading lies that policemen had stolen petrol from a Motorcycle. The truth was that the policemen were investigating a crime, and actually taking back petrol stolen. The evidence was lodged in Maldives police service records. Yet without obtaining police service's view on the matter RaajjeTV decided to spread lies and try to defame the Maldives police service and tried to rally public anger against police. The end result is this, common civilians (albeit a criminals) lose respect and fear against law enforcement officials and proceed to attack them without hesitation.

    RaajjeTV must bear the full blame of this policemans death. His death is due to RaajjeTV's continued cries for citizens to disrespect Maldives Police servicemen, and due to RaajjeTV's called to incite violence against Policemen. The blood of this Maldivian is on their hands.

    Maldivians. How long will we let these politicians and lies spreading news outlets control our lives and cause death and mayhem ? Why isnt anyone concerned doing something against RaajjeTV ? How many more people have to die before they stop picking on Maldives police servicemen ?

  16. Everyone is calling to stop politicising this. Yet blame the 'other' party for the state of the nation.

    Truth is, whether politically motivated or not, people are able to get away with murder in this country. No one, neither Maumoon's government at that time, nor the three years of Anni's administration, nor the six month of Dr Waheed's (or whoever is running the government) has been able to put a stop a stop to it.

    The level of gang/organised criminal control of the state of affairs and the desire for politicians to control such gangs/sports clubs was seen in the last FAM elections. We saw Sarangey/Ilham & Eva/Azim duel over control of the FAM board.

    A sad state of affairs. I have little hope for this country of ours.

  17. Yes when you bring down a elected government by coup, there can't be a democracy.

  18. Mr. Ben Plewright seems to know a lot about the situation in Maldives.

    "Yet is is not the actions of the MDP which are preventing the progress of democracy, the anger demonstrated is a manifestation, a sysmptom, not a cause!"

    Mr. Plewright thinks its a "sysmptom" - of course minus the second "s".

    Dear Mr. Plewight, tell you MDP frinds to please stop this bloody "symptom". We dont want a "symptom" that creates this much of hatred, violence and killings

  19. Mr. Plewright writes "Here in Australia, where I grew up, most white kids from lower socio-economic backgrounds had been ASHAMED to be white"

    Ha ha what a big bloody joke, Mr.Plewright! The world needs to re-learn all that it knows about the plight of the aborigines.

  20. @ Plewright
    Mr. Plewright writes “Here in Australia, where I grew up, most white kids from lower socio-economic backgrounds had been ASHAMED to be white”


    I have lived in Australia for more than 20 years now. I have not met an Australian who is ASHAMED to be white.

  21. Extremely disgusted at the immaturity and animosity that has gripped the Maldives. All forms of government have been a means to an end. So called Democracy, in which Maldivians have so much faith, was envisaged to provide better lives for the people. It seems that certain entities have lost sight of the end goal. In order to achieve this utopian state of 'Democracy' these forces are willing to bring an entire nation to its knees. I am curious to know what MDP will do if and when they assume power. Will they start attacking the remnants of the 'coup' government in a vicious cycle? Perhaps the condemnation of the police officer's murder would have been better received had they initially condemned the widespread circulation of 'hit lists' which included the names of police officers, their spouses and families. It is understandable that political activists do not understand the plight of neutral bystanders whose lives are disrupted by the havoc they create in our society. They are never available to see the anguish they cause their own spouses and children, let alone the disruption they cause in others' lives as they are too busy 'saving' the nation from political upheaval. Perhaps at this point some may want to prioritize such things as freedom of speech, and allowing little children to sleep at night, in the right order.

  22. If a police get killed by a criminal it is quite normal, the police or law enforcing agent are sworn to take risk and serve the public, but if police brutalize people than it is quite abnormal. Why so much drama in the banana republic for this incident. This killing is nothing compare to what Deen and his fellow team is doing by violating the rights of many people, there are thousand people on the street calling for election to replace illegitimate government, these people want to see a government elected by people and at the same time they want that government to serve them for the elected period without being toppled by a minority opposition with the help of this junta police. They are on the street for a just cause calling election and their call has very democratic aspiration. So don’t twist the reality on the ground to mislead the ignorant people in this fishermen’s village. Deen, Qayoom, and all those who are out dated has no clue how a democratic society be managed. It is very complicated and beyond their wildest dream. So it is better they don’t get involved in the new Maldives which is emerging from 30 years of dictatorship and trying to adopt to new freedom so let people elect their representatives whether it is good or bad, they can elect A mullah or a Jew or Hindu and you have to digest that reality.

  23. What did MDP do?? Samah always gets protection from Lolly after commiting crime...This time too Lolly will protect him.... MDP is fighting for a good cause n some people are trying to discourage them from demonstrating by killing policeman... There is no stopping till democracy is restored in Maldives.. We know who are behind the murder.. May Haleem's soul rest in peace.

  24. Your are right Mr Deen!!! This is no democracy and you are part of non democratic society of Maldives. You can not face reality so you have ban Rajje TV at Bandos. You bring nothing but sham to the Maldives and not a single drop of your tear can wipe it....

  25. See the illegal coup regime cronies comment here. Only in this country could an illegal regime claim an opposition perty murdered a policeman.

  26. There were MDP supporters jeering while the coffin of Adam passed by where they were standing.
    How low can we Maldivians get?

  27. When power crazy selfish unislamic individuals grab power by a coup it is a matter of time before the country goes to dogs. When Baagi Waheed says shame on cowards hiding behind anonimity he speaks for himself. No body in the history of Maldives had ever incited so much violence against peaceful demonstrators than this inhuman Baagi traitor Waheed. As for Deen you must be ashamed to talk this way implying that another party behind this. It is the Government which you represent is responsible for my country's dire strait. Go rot in hell

  28. To Ainth: President Nasheed did say we know who they are, where they live, there are things we can do too. The fact that we dont, bein gthe biggest party of nearly 50000 people, whos who we are. Nice try by dhitv, vtv and some MP clowns frothing at the mouth all night over a very tragic murder to pin it on MDP. But as it turned out, he was a criminal registered at PPM who had close ties with Jabir. The whole of Kaashidhoo knows it, and it cannot be hidden anymore. Truth prevails.

    To Dhivehi Raiyythiheh: Before I go any further, please do kindly refrain from referring to other 'dhivehi rayyithun' as yourself as 'rabble'. Having said that, this can not be blamed on MDP. How many murders have happened this year? If MDP wanted to attack and kill police I think many more would have died given the sheer number of MDP members, and will likely not be in Kaashidhoo but in Male where the protests are happening. There could be so many different motives and yet a seemingly educated person wants to follow the illogical argument that MDP has to bear responsbility for the loss of this young life. You might term us 'rabble' but we are not out for blood. We are not against police, we are against police brutality, and against police toppling an elected government. Please reflect on the difference.

    to Disgusted: Since youa re wondering if MDP will go hunting down those involved in the coup, I can ask you to look back to 2008. When the MDP came to power, they defeated a party whose ruling elite were often accused by MDP of torture and all sorts of grave acts violating the rights of many MDP members. Yet there was no witch hunt. There was no mob lynching. Not a single MDP member touched a hair of Maumoon or his top officials and aides. No one called for blood, they roamed about as they pleased and everyone went on with their lives. Is that what you see now?
    We can let little children sleep now. And then let them grow up and be a generation that sleeps through the whole degeneration of society, yes. But we choose not to because we dont want to be content with sleeping while the rest of the world passes us by. We dont want to be muzzled and muffled like before. Blaming this on MDP or Rajje TV is sheer selfishness and scoring political points out of a terrible incident, and that is just awfully low.

    Let me reiterate again that lives must not be lost like this. But this is a murder just as any other, how many have died this year? Was MDP behind all those? So there could be a trillion motives and reasons for this. Mind you, the suspect is a PPM member, and yet I will not condemn PPM as a party or accuse of all its members of being murderers or having to take the blame! Be mature and be reasonable even if you are not supporters of MDP.

  29. Indeed there is no democracy in the Maldives.The coup of 7 February and the government that followed the coup led by you and Waheed made sure of that. If you have any sense of reality, and a sense of future, you will resign from yo9ur post, Waheedheen. You have done a lot for the people of this country. You don't owe Gayoom anything.

    To be a leader one must first have integrity. there is no integrity in your position.

    Do whats right, Deen, we must have elections now.

  30. We want answers to why this man was allowed to go free after an assault case with the criminal record he has.

    If Deen really wants to hold someone accountable he should be calling for an investigation of Judge Abdulla's decisions and his track record in protecting the criminals of this country.

    And yes, you are right. there is no democracy in the maldives, you and Doc waheed took acre of that by taking on the office of President and Vice President and refusing to hold elections.

    A legitimate government was overthrown by a coup. Democracy ended on 7 February.

    the more you guys speak the more stupid you look. Walk your talk, Deen, stop blabbering. Like Ayya said, leadership comes with integrity. Can you call yourself a man of integrity?

    Your credibility ended the day you took the oath as VP.

    Resign now Deen before it is too late for you.

  31. Don't be silly, Waheed Deen. You yourself endorsed this sham of a government since Feb 7th as a democracy.

    Don't go back on your word now.

  32. major question why was this criminal change to house arrest. Did MDP play any role there. My guess is to cover the loop holes in the government system blame it on MDP

  33. All the money and riches do what. They bring death nearer each passing day for all of us. For some the malign continues long after death, for some praise. Once the light of truth illuminates the reality, that cannot be altered by concoction and manufacture regardless of the level of sugarcoating and extent of indoctrination.

    When the big guys come to senses, they would realize that Hitler and Stalin also used to have the same mentality and outlook. Make amends and clean up the mess both in you and in this government.

  34. This is the same man who said what the country is going through was typical of new democracies.

  35. No smoke without fire. Hardly an MDP victim but a victim of himself and the company he kept and we all know it.

  36. @Ramzee, Aussie: I DID NOT want to comment again but this has to be dealt with!

    Have you spoken to poor white kids grew up in an Indigenous community ? Who speak Aboriginal as well as they speak English? What would you know, lived in Australia my ring, in an Australian City, or majority white town I imagine what would you know about Aboriginal communities!

    So, its allright for Maldivians to threaten me, to tear my life up, threaten my family, my children, and I am talking about years before I ever commented on here, and I am supposed to sit back and shut up because I am not a Maldivian, so I don't have the right to fend for my own family! Is that it, is that Maldivian JUSTICE! Is it ok for Maumoon's brother Yameen, to make me sick with anxiety, to threaten me, abuse me, put my life in jeapoardy by making me too afraid to allow my Wife to go home, its allright for Maldivians to tear my life up, don't think I don't know what you said about me Yameen ppl you mouth your violent threats off in front of talk to me you poodle haired mangy coward, (sorry guys) yeah I know, I heard all about what you said years ago, so it is allright for Yameen to threaten me, but, I have to remain silent, and allow my family to be destroyed, take it, because i am not a Maldivian I don't have the right to speak!

    Did any Maldivian ever stand up for me and my family when I was tormented by Yameen? Huh? I spoke to Maumoon's Sons In laws (whom I love so dearly for what they did for my Wife even though they hate me because I hate Maumoon) about what Yameen did to me, they knew, Maumoon's Son KNEW, he even knew, but they willingly patronized EVIL because it is their family! I used to like Maumoon, but when he accepted Yameen back into the cabinet in 2008, I LEARNT that he was not the SAINT I was lead to believe he was! Did Maumoon ever offer to help me, he KNEW! He knows Yameen is a gangster, but did he ever offer to help me, or others, terrified of his brother? NO! Maumoon offered his brother a cabinet position as a reward!

    That is why I hate Maumoon, NOT because of Maumoon himself _ I never MET HIM, but because of the fact that he knew about Yameen's evil nature, and was happy to make him a leader in his Government!

    If Yameen, and the Sheiks give me a guarentee that my Wife and children will be safe in the Maldives, I will never EVER comment on matters Maldivian, or go Maldives ever again!

  37. Another case of the pot calling the kettle black! Of course, years of a privileged life lived on the proceeds of selling pork and alcohol can cloud the mind as has clearly happened in the case of Deen.

  38. MDP is calling out for justice and these coup mongering baboons naming mdp for the attack. Who attacked civillians on the 8th feb live on tv who went on and destroyed the mdp camp site on 7th night . Who to act vigilant against police before the 7th feb . Adhaalath yaamin and maumoon ure responsible for all the hate, jameel and hassan saaeds hate pamphlet got translted and spread to international community . We all know what rebel forces will do to maintain their self claimed positions in power, we r all awake . Dhitv vtv an maldivian broadcastin commission together assisted the coup, where was mbc when imran the sucide terrorist called mdp and everyone else against islam live on TV. Where was mbc head eho referred to nasheed as mugaabe while being fed public money to be independent, we have records of ure telephone conversations mr . Badhuru nazeer. We know how much ure involved in this how thazmeen has been keeping tabs on ure expenses, how u infiltrated into being mbc raees. When we get our judiciary away from the claws of these rich maniacs we will prosecute for all the pain u have brought to this country just because u didnt like nasheed personally.
    Every word and every msg its all locked up for D Day.


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