Gayoom commends Yameen’s efforts to improve strained Indo-Maldives relations

Leader of the the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has commended President Abdulla Yameen’s efforts to improve strained bilateral relations with India.

Speaking to local news agency Haveeru, Gayoom said the president’s official visit to India from 23-25 December will be a successful one and that he hopes India will make some “good arrangements” regarding issues of concern for Maldivians. He noted that he himself has talked on such issues with Indian officials he met, and that Maldivians need to lend a “friendly hand” to India.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s invitation for the visit came in reply to a letter reassuring the strengthening of relations with India under the new administration.

Meanwhile, Minister of Defense and National Security Colonel (ret.) Mohamed Nazim along with a senior military delegation is on an official visit to India, responding to an invitation from his Indian counterpart Mr A.K. Anthony.

According to the Ministry, Nazim will discuss Indian assistance in developing the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), the Senahiya Military Hospital, and for “boosting up” investments started with India’s help.

Defense cooperation between both countries was highlighted during the meeing. Four Indian military ships have visited and conducted joint military exercises in the Maldives within the past three months, whilst Indian newspaper “The Hindu” reports that India will gift a second Advanced Lightweight Helicopter (ALH) during Nazim’s current visit.

The two defense ministers discussed increasing cooperation between the armed forces of both countries and  advancing medical facilities and expertise in the MNDF through training medical specialists and assigning Indian Armed Forces medical specialists. Indian defense minister announced that all MNDF personnel will now be eligible for treatment in Armed Forces medical institutions in India for major surgeries and for treatment of major and serious illnesses.

Under Dr Mohamed Waheed’s administration – in which President Yameen’s PPM was a coalition member – bilateral relations with India were heavily damaged, particularly following the premature cancellation of Indian Infrastructure company GMR’s $511 million airport project in 2012.

A number of issues that might have affected the relations were highlighted by India, among them exploitation of Indian workers, discrimination, reopening of cases relating to sentenced Indian prisoners, visa fees charged from Indians, and the issue of dependent visa for old parents of Indian employees.

India later imposed restrictions in issuing medical visas for Maldivians, an issue Gayoom hopes will be resolved with the President’s first official trip overseas.


7 thoughts on “Gayoom commends Yameen’s efforts to improve strained Indo-Maldives relations”

  1. Its Gayoom who ruins the relationship between India and Maldives joining Dr.Bagee Waheed I cant understand why he ask for it now.

    Probably Gayoom and PPM might have realize how impotent India is to Maldive to be on back yard of India.

  2. OBSERVATION: bashing India yesterday when it served them politically. Commending india today for the same purpose. gayoom was bashing Commonwealth yesterday, and tomorrow he might change his song and suddenly commonwealth will be oh so important for maldives.

    QUESTION: then why do they say nasheed is the hypocrite?

    CONCLUSION: gayoom is a liar and a fake.

  3. Really? He thinks India doesn't see through what he has done? He put Baaghee Waheed to do all the dirty work on his behalf. Claiming to be all friendly to India now won't fool the Indians. They know how this place works.

  4. When will you short and fat people realise India needs Maldives like it needs a dose of an infectious disease.
    The new government of Maldives should try and improve bi lateral relations with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan with whom you have so much in common.....religious intolerance being a common denominator. Like you they also believe they practice the only true faith, are God's chosen people and the epicentre of the whole friggin universe. You should be tapping them for aid, soft loans and armaments not us kuffars.
    We 'cow worshippers' have NOTHING in common with you and as an Indian taxpayer I resent my taxes being given in any sort of aid to you.
    Alternatively I suggest your president take a slow boat to China.

  5. Interesting that India agrees to provide medical treatment to soldiers, military helicopters but UNABLE to ease simple visa restrictions to ordinary citizens. India cannot do the easy things but is promising more difficult things. Clearly there is a method to this

  6. The Indian government still remembers the GMR fiasco and they know that the old man Gayoom is trying to play politics.

    It's interesting how the Maldivian government is so concerned with developing the "Armed forces" of an island that has largely used its police and military forces to suppress democratic activities and intimidate elected and other government officials.

    Given the state of the Maldivian political climate and its growing extremist tendencies any arming up of the Maldivian Armed forces would be suspicious to New Delhi. It's a shame that despite so much political progress and so many years Maldives is back to square one with that old man still in charge!

  7. Maldives IS important to India. The location actually. Not a specific government.

    India would establish good relations with any stable government in the country. Even if it was a military dictatorship or theocracy.

    Foreign relations is very much based on realpolitik rather than idealistic or principled decisions. I suggest that our writers read more on the Snowden affair, Western/US intervention in the Middle East and Africa, ongoing relations with China etc. etc.


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