Maldives denies diplomatic snub by India, as High Commission issues list of consular grievances

The Indian government has rejected an official request from Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdul Samad Abdulla to visit the country, Indian media has reported.

According to the Indian Express newspaper, Samad sought to set up an official visit for Maldivian President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik through formal channels but was rebuffed.  He then reportedly visited Delhi in a personal capacity to try and arrange meetings.

“With elections expected in the next three to six months, [the Prime Minister’s Office] was wary about Waheed or his foreign minister wrongly projecting a meeting for domestic political gains in the name of rapprochement with India,” the Indian Express reported.

The Maldives’ relationship with India has been strained since the Waheed government evicted Indian infrastructure giant GMR from the country with seven days notice, declaring its US$511 concession agreement ‘void from the start’.

“Waheed has lost all credibility with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as he had specifically assured Singh during his visit to India last May that Malé will not rescind on the GMR contract despite political pressure,” the Express added.

However Foreign Minister Samad told local media that the Maldives had not been snubbed by India, and had last met the Indian Foreign Minister in November.

“I did not request a meeting in an official capacity. They facilitated our request for a meeting in a personal capacity,’ Samad told Haveeru. “So why would they snub a request for an official meeting? They facilitated it.”

The foreign relations between the two countries were “quite strong”, Samad insisted: “The Foreign Minister told me that he was reachable 24 hours.”

“Issues will arise diplomatically. But the ties between India and Maldives are strong. The relations won’t be affected as it remains cordial,” Samad added.

Whatever impact the government’s sudden eviction of the Indian investor had on foreign relations, it did not appear on a full list of 11 grievances handed to all senior Maldivian reporters by the Indian High Commission earlier this week:

Consular issues affecting the India-Maldives relationship

1. Discrimination against Indian expatriates

In recent past, several cases have come to the notice of the High Commission of India regarding the arrest of Indian nationals on various charges. In most of these cases, the Indian High Commission was not even officially informed.

In a recent case, an Indian national was arrested and kept in detention for several weeks, but we did not receive any official intimation despite a letter sent by the High Commissioner to the Home Minister.

2. Keeping passports of Indian nationals by employers

It is unfortunate that despite many references and high level meetings with Indian delegations, no progress has been made to eliminate this illegal practice which effectively results in the restriction of movement of Indian nationals. In several cases Indian nationals are not able to reach India in times of extreme emergency such as critical illness of family members and relatives, due to these practices.

It is unfortunate that even government authorities such as the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health keep the passports of Indian teachers and medical personnel in their custody.

It is also reported that deposits and original certificates are kept illegally by the Ministry of Education before returning the passports of Indian teachers needing to visit India in emergency situations.

3. Exploitation of Indian workers

In the past 12 months there have been more than 500 cases regarding the suffering of Indian workers due to various acts of their employers. These include non-payment of visa fees, non-payment of salaries, keeping workers in inhumane conditions, and not allowing workers to go to India even for medical emergencies or after the death of their relatives.

While so many Indians suffered – including one who died waiting for his return to India – there is no information of any action taken against employers/agents. Furthermore, the salaries of many workers who have left India still needs to be recovered from employer/agents.

In another recent case, several nurses working out in the islands had to finally cancel their scheduled weddings because their permit and visa were not renewed by the Ministry of Health even after three weeks of waiting in Male.

4. Repatriation of mortal remains

While the departments of the Maldivian government such as the Ministry of Education do repatriate the mortal remains of Indian teachers at their cost, some private employers refuse to do so resulting in serious difficulty repatriating the bodies of Indian expatriates who die while in the Maldives.

5. Issue of dependent visa for old parents of Indian employees

While India readily provides dependent visas for the parents of children, the Maldivian government requires a request letter from the Indian High Commission to entertain such a visa request from an Indian expatriate.

6. Visa fee

While all visas for Maldivian nationals to travel to India are free, there are steep fees for visas for Indians in the Maldives, including newly born babies. There are very high penalties of MVR 15,000 (US$1000) even for a one day delay in the return or renewal of a visa.

7. Repatriation of salary

Indian professionals are complaining that they are not allowed to repatriate salaries of more than US$1000 a month, putting them at great disadvantage and difficulty.

8. Threat calls to diplomats

Threat calls have been received by the First Secretary. Authorities have given no feedback despite the lapse of one month.

9. Reopening of cases relating to sentenced Indian prisoners

Three Indians who have been convicted on murder charges have represented against their conviction based on forced confessions and requested reopening of their cases or presidential pardon.

10. Payment of deduction of salary

Fifteen percent of salaries and allowances were deducted [for some workers] during the economic recess. We have received representation for payment of the amount.

11. Pension contribution

Pension/contribution entitlement for Indians who have died, retired or returned to India should be paid to them.

President’s Office Spokesperson Masood Imad was not responding at time of press.


49 thoughts on “Maldives denies diplomatic snub by India, as High Commission issues list of consular grievances”

  1. What goes up must come down. Is it any wonder that the GOI is giving the cold-shoulder treatment? course not! The Rules of the Game are the same. And this time India will play HARDBALL.

  2. he he he ..first this yes madam Singh is not an elected PM but selecetd by ex-Italina baby sitter to dance for her tune,Moreover this yes madam..mouth closed Singh enterd parliment by using Arunachal Pradesh fake ID though he is from Punjab...this is possible only in Indian DEMOCK-CRAZY.

    When these Indians go to Arab countries to clean toilet(no caste problem) why they surrender their passport to their Arab masters ? Is this accepted by Sooper India?

    Indians should know to respect Maldivein law when they are here..if you cant accept conditions of work pack and fly back to your poverty land.

    Indian teachers will soon destroy Maldivian younger generation by their Inglish...

  3. India should further tighten the screws on this small insignificant little dump aka The Maldives.
    If the stupid rules regarding the employment of expatriate workers are not amended forthwith, India should recall all its workers, beginning with teachers and doctors.
    The travel restrictions imposed by the GOI on medical visas is a big hint that Maldivians are not welcome in India.
    Why are you retards not taking the hint?

  4. @Kurvi we cant agree with certain things the indian government does such as them letting corrupt scum forcing down the GMR deal down our throats, but
    Indian nationals are human beings as well, and they should be treated as human beings, and this is no way for another human being to be treated, passports being held, stopping finances from being transferred back to families that desperately need money to support their families, be considerate, atleast as a human being.
    Arab countries are racist as ****, they consider arabs to be superior to everyone else, and No one is superior to anyone, we bleed, crap and feed the same

  5. If India has uphold democratic principles on post coup and denounced the legality of Waheed’s presidency the situation would have not come to go this far for Waheed to throw out GMR and commit other undemocratic act. The history has always taught that when you appease undemocratic people they always cross the all boundaries to show their color.

    Maldives has just one charismatic leader who knows what democracy means and believes in democracy and that is Anni and India has simply ignored this fact and accepted the coup government. We believe if you do an evil thing for a greater goodness that evil act is a bliss. Anni might have done something that may have been seen as undemocratic but that was done for a greater cause.

    Maldives will never flourish without someone like Anni who is not fanatic. What we see in Maldivian political gang are all fanatics, ignorant, maniacs and deluded schizophrenics

  6. Coup government is always in denial! Ashamed to be a Maldivian! Never has in the history of Maldives has diplomatic relations gone this bad! BMW & Co are becoming the rejects of the whole world! Sheesh!

  7. @kurvi on Sun, 20th Jan 2013 6:15 PM

    "Indian teachers will soon destroy Maldivian younger generation by their Inglish…"

    Hmm, looks like they've already done their job on you! Thanks for letting us know.

    The Maldivian regime is increasing looking isolated and desperately in denial. As we've always said, what goes around comes around.

    The Indians ignored ex-President Nasheed who was their friend and ally in this increasing turbulent and ideologically extreme tuna republic. India should have known better.

  8. @Kurvi
    If Majority of Maldivian People feel Indians should leave then ask your government to come out with a policy statement that Indian are not welcome.
    But behaving as master or slave is not civilised behaviour.An employee provides a service and is paid for it.He is not a slave.Is this your mentality or that of the majority of Maldivians.If majority of people think like you then I am sorry to say that definitely Maldivian education is seriously flawed.
    Maldives will go under the sea soon and I am sure the arabs will welcome you with open arms.They did come to recuse you when your country was being run over my private militia!!!!
    I guess count the costs before you hit India any more.I agree indian are accomodating and very pliant but dont test the patience of MORE THAN A BILLION PEOPLE.

  9. this idiot called kurvi doesnt know that if india s***,a maldives will be born…look at ur size,assets and stand in world.nobody even knows u exist on globe.

    ambanis have been worlds richest for few years.

    and look at who is calling india poverty land-those who beg and eat???

    at least indians are nor beggars like maldivians..

    first learn spelling of MALDIVEIN before commenting on others english.

    indians come to teach u bheels=tribals otherwise u wud be dancing naked with leaves.

    u are not even s*** of mighty india-in no way…if all indian doctors and teachers leave-ur whole so called country will collapse in a day.but indias rich heritage has always aided beggars like maldives.

    what bloody law in this s*** hole.anyways,who on earth made this a country…it is smaller than a village in india and mind it india has 6,38,000 villages.

    anyways,nobody stays here more than 2-3 years.that also for some peace since the populations of u beggars isn’t very high.
    and ur doctors and teachers-educated on donation from useless places.they dont know anything professionally.they have never seen competitions in india,u can be a professional if u are as brainless as maldivian inbreeding race.if they go out of maldives,nobody will employ them for free also.

    ur generation is already destroyed since they are children of beggars born in a poor country which survives on drugs in their veins.

    cheers to ur destruction in a few years.

  10. kurvi,you are certainly a pakistani coming in the forum to creat bad blood between india and our country for your crooked needs. the world know what is pakistan, a beggar nation,begging around the world for money and kissing the feet of america and israel for food and kill your minorities like shias,ahmediyas every day and you dont have a industry or are the global epicenter of terrorism and most countries hate pakistan and its idiotic people which think with their dick...

  11. @JJ Robinson, lol so much for freedom of expression, Im sure youd delay the comment or not post it at all because its against your "agenda", How does the soles of your master's shoe taste like?

  12. @kurvi Likely you have some personal enmity with India and/or Indians. An Indian can get elected to parliament from any part of country, even the place where he wasn't born in. Actually Indian PM was born in what is now Pakistan. Yes, that happens only in Indian democracy. Its different from Maldivian democracy where you just put a gun on your president and force him out. I prefer our way.
    And please don't compare yourself with Arab sheikhs - you got no oil, you can't afford slaves.

  13. it is high time expat issues be solved. all illegal expats be sent asap and any inhuman issues be dealt with immediately.

  14. I'm Maldivian but I'm glad that India is playing hardball here.

    It's about time this issue was addressed. Sadly, I don't think we'll see proper action taken until Anni comes into power again.

  15. Kurvi, you seem to have talked much more bigger than what your knowledge and STATE OF BEING permits, we call it AUKAAT in India.
    My advice don't try to shi. more than you eat, look at your tiny nation before calling India a land of poverty, you survive on savings mace by you due to free trips to India, your govt. docks shops free on Indian ports, had the Indians not shown this generosity to you then probably you would be another Somalia malnourished and fanatic.
    As we all read your country is not getting cosier with Sri Lanka, Chnia and Pakistan lets see who gives you so many freebies like India gave.
    If you don't like Indian teachers then remain uneducated or else go hire some Pakistanis as teachers and you will soon be turning into terrorists and churning out terrorists from you
    Country which is smaller on the globe tha a tiny rats as.

  16. Kurvi, you seem to have talked much more bigger than what your knowledge and STATE OF BEING permits, we call it AUKAAT in India.
    My advice don't try to shi. more than you eat, look at your tiny nation before calling India a land of poverty, you survive on savings mace by you due to free trips to India, your govt. docks shops free on Indian ports, had the Indians not shown this generosity to you then probably you would be another Somalia malnourished and fanatic.
    As we all read your country is not getting cosier with Sri Lanka, Chnia and Pakistan lets see who gives you so many freebies like India gave.
    If you don't like Indian teachers then remain uneducated or else go hire some Pakistanis as teachers and you will soon be turning into terrorists and churning out terrorists from you
    Country which is smaller on the globe tha a tiny rats as.

  17. what i see is a couple of stupid, illiterate, misunderstood, minor and narrow minded pple commenting on actions of even much more, stupid and sick pple. will all indians take blame for the murdering of mahatma gandhi? even if he was the father of the nation, i recall few were held responsible for the assassination.

    1- Indian govt should not have accepted BMW administration but i think india was the first nation to say it was legitimate.

    2- Medical services are a great service which india has been doing for the Maldivian citizens.. hey i did not, nor my father, nor yours took off the GMR contract disgracefully. It was the govt. so y is the indian govt and embassy harassing the local citizens who need medical services? I hope you are not wondering why we go to india for meds.."BECAUSE WE DONT HAVE THOSE FACILITIES".. Thank you.

    3- maldivians have been ripped off, harassed and cheated in india as well.this is a social understanding gone wrong.. Your Indians and Our Maldivians r not from the 'developed' set of nations.thereby, we have barbaric cultures, beliefs and so on n on.

    4- the indian embassy "now" is saying there are consular issues. why were these not public before? why did they issue the visas in PRO up until GMR dispute? why doesnt the indian govt renew the contract signed in 80's? when things escalate out of hand, then you go shouting 'my goat' 'my cow'.. that is not the way. for all these, the indian embassy is responsible. they neglected their duties. I mean these issues did not come up yesterday..its been going on for years n years.

    5- talking about teachers, 90% of the teachers who taught me were indian. the english you learn weather its Hinglish or minglish is upto you and your brain. I did OLEVELS only...but i am proud many of the readers can read my english better than most of the comments above.. Dont play with teachers,, they are our second parents whether Indians, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshi's or Arabs. teachers are teachers same as doctors working for the society.

    I am sure these are grown up people sitting behind big tables in high seats. i wonder why they cannot resolve the issues by negotiating.Maldives leaders today seem to have forgotten its place on the map. No place is insignificant so long as life is concerned. but the leaders of the nation are the pple who make it significant or insignificant. Simply say..INDIA WILL NOT COOPERATE WITH THE CURRENT GOVT. LET THE WORD OUT. SAY IT. so that pple around the world know your decision. your social services towards the citizens are for the citizens. lets keep it that way please.


    So please rethink your comments! Not all are jews.. and not all are muslims either

  19. he he he even a least develop country won`t allow a foreigner in their corridor of power..but this Soooper One billion + Indians have allowed an ex-Italian baby sitter ( according to European magazine from a cobbler family) to run their day to day affair without shame aand talking about others.

    Maldives...Pakistan..Nepal...Bangladesh..Sri Lanka all ruled by their own sons and daughters.

    There were Sri Lankan teachers...technicians..doctors in Maldives offered their services when this country used sail poverty Indians are here for dollars..not to give any service.

    First demand Arabs to treat Indian properly and not to take their passport then advice Maldives.When former Dubai Ruler Sheik Al-Mouktum was in Power 200 Indians went on strike at a harbour and Al-Mouktum orderd police to close the door of the site and deported all toilet cleaning Indians immedieatly to their Sooper India protest from this DEMOCK-CRAZY

    The dream of Sooper India to rule Maldives has turned into a day dream.this is why Indians are South Block bald heads are scratching their heads and going to toilet every 10 minutes after Chinese opened embassy here.

    Go to an Indian village and see the life there in 2013 you will vomit and run

  20. I hope the Indian government further tightens its visa regulations to Maldivians...this is a great opportunity for Maldivians to further develop our own resources , we should stop looking at India to help out with everything and move beyond india...If Maldivians are smart people we should be able to play one world power against the other in a way which would guarantee our own survival.Maldivians are lazy people if we would only just work harder with more dedication that we could be very prosperous indeed...We need india because we are stupid if we are smart we can live without anyone's help.

  21. Maldives cannot afford to lose out India's trust. India has always been there whenever Maldives was in need of help! So stop the stupid comments

  22. 1. Maldivians could be sympathetic and not nasty to India. Afterall, we are the ONLY friend India has in SAARC.

    2. No other country, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri lanka, not to mention Pakistan, likes India.

    3. Infact tension with India is GOOD for Maldives. We will be at least spared from bad teachers and doctors

    4. India cannot even win in a fight with Maldives because India is too big like a dinosaur. Because of the bloated bureaucracy and corrupted democracy, its would be like a dinosaur trying to catch the rat Maldives.

  23. i think this guy is truly a paki or brainless.
    people should have some level to be got into a discussion also.this one seems to be brainless.
    were u cleaning toilets in indian villages??? u seem to be very touchy about toilet cleaning.
    sonia is an indian by marriage and thus has some rights as well,she hasnt sold india to italy unlike ur own govt now selling maldives to chinese.better that way,isnt it?

  24. next time anybody in ur family falls sick,stay true to urself and ur patriotism and get treated only from a maldivian illiterate doctor,which all of them are.
    they hardly know a word of medicine and are graduates from places like russia/china who aren't even allowed to practice in india.
    why wud india think of ruling useless maldives.there is nothing to take,only aids n funds to donate.what is there that anybody wud spent time n energy to rule here.

  25. actually india's mistake.they shud have screwed this fly eye in time.then this bunch of illiterate beggars wouldnt have opened their mouths.
    it will take india 30 mins of travelling and 3 minutes of militia power and u wouldnt ever know that somethimg existed here.saving nuclear power.

  26. how much ignorance,illiteracy and ages of beggary does it take to behave the way maldivians do.

  27. “if Maldivians r smart people we should be able to play one world power against the other in a way which would guarantee our own survival.”
    -now imagine rat is planning lions fight…u know what happens at the end.lions unite and the rat gets pounced n killed.
    planning suicide maldivians?

  28. people who think indian teachers n doctors aren't good enuf,why havent u been able to find a replacement in ur whole bloody ages of existence.
    the only national facility in the country is a donation from india.i think india shud close it down.
    with ur size,education level,brain(inbreeding retards) n i.q.-this country will never be able to self sufficient in medicine and education.accept the truth or perish.

  29. he ..he ..he these Sooooper (Inglish for super) thinks without them Maldives will vanish..a good joke...

    True India has got few billionaires but millions of beggers..from Ambanie`s top floor match box building you can see slum kids without clothes s*** on streets...this is the development..about your darkders(Inglish for doctor) 65% Indian doctors failed in British Medical Council exam last year alone ...becaues your degree is for sale at your medical schools.

    So so if an Arab or African marry in this fake Gandhi family he or she can become de- factor ruler of India eh?Why not if an ex-baby sitter from Italy can?

    4(four Trillon Dollors looted money of Soooper Indians are stashed in foreign banks while 80% of Indians go to bed empty stomach..majority of this foreign bank maoney belong to fake Gandhi family members..this is why your government is not ready to investigate this even they have the full bank account details given by German & French governments..but Greece is going to take action on 2000 greek nationals who have foreign bank accounts..this is the difference between DEMOCRACY and Indian DEMOK-CRAZY.

    Finally toilet cleaning is a low cast job as well as cobblers (there are 1000 brands of castes) but when Indians clean toilets in Middle Esat and Europe why they don`t worry about caste? These guys are preaperd to do anything for dollars this is the truth.Moreover high class Indians call white toilet cleaners and cobblers in the west as uncle and aunty even go to their house an eat .....Disgrace..

    Will you call a cobbler woman in India as "jee" which is used for this ex-baby sitter to day ? Indians are worshiping Corruption and Europeans and drowning in poverty and illiteracy....but comment about others ..

    How many Indians coming to Maldives to work have used toilets in your own country?

  30. -most of the weird rules and actions come from nations who have no sensible nationals.
    -maldives-many dont even know exists on the globe.
    -indeed a beggar nation that cant fend for any of its needs on its own.
    -people who wandered from south india/somalia came here,impregnated the few tribals and thats how the so called nation emerged.
    -confused in terms of religion.Born buddhists,converted muslims and now not accepted muslims by bangladeshis even.
    -most are school dropouts.adults at class 2 and most present generation at 10th.
    -the word called humility simply is unknown to them
    -from breakfast through dinner,clothes,housing,roads-everything is donated by other countries.
    -0% export and 100% import.0% agriculture,0% textile industry.
    -no sense of dressing/eating/talking/education.terrible english.
    -no culture,history,tradition.
    -lazy bugs with no expertise.begging all life for each n every activity of their life.
    -entire dependence on india/sri lanka for even minor level hospitals smaller than clinics of other nations.
    -not even 10 brainy individuals in the entire country,they also probably migrated.
    -dress like tribals,music is all copied,talk like social mannerisms.
    -women wear burqas but are no less that moral values at all.
    -housing-smelly,dirty,unaesthetic,overcrowded,poorly lit,poorly ventilated.even education begged from other medical/engg/IT college.
    -live and die in 2 km span.amazing.
    -maldivian courses not recognized in any country.

  31. 65% Indian doctors failed in British Medical Council exam last year alone …becaues your degree is for sale at your medical schools.
    update ur knowledge.indians dont appear for the exam.why do they hv to idiot? degrees are for sale-why dont u buy it.cuz u havent seen mrf 10 million in hand,

  32. comes to this then.

    I refer this paragraph to the indians commenting on this page. Go up and read yourself know you dont make sense.. u of all the pple who killed their nation's father, sold the economy, highest ranked corruption..but we dont go on ur websites and write s***...

    while you comment so nasty, remember that there still are a lot of indians in maldives. your conception of us might turn to our conception on you. read my comments above and this comment. No matter how much you shout, india will never fight maldives. not for the land anyway. look at the resources you have all primary industry and tertiary industry set up..then ask yourself why your nation is not profiting? why the hunger and poverty has not declined over past centuries.. Now look at Maldives.. we have no resources. but every boy, every girl, every house hold has computers, mobile phones, literacy rate here is higher than india. the reason we have indian DJ doctors on board is because our government cant bargain a decent price for maldive doctors. and we rely on cheap, certificate bought indian doctors who are saved by the hospitals in Maldives even after certain death cases.. shall i post example name of the indian doctors whom many families are seeking due to death cases??

    it brings great shame to see such narrow minded pple like tiuf,shyam,mangalam,ss,virendhra,tarun,missindianewdelhi etc..but i guess narrow minded is a trait indians have..

    look at the indian comments and then look at the maldivians commenting... thats y u will never be a greater power. you will alwas be a nation in which the rich become richer and the poor, well... we know the rest.

  33. @ tiuf

    where on earth you are living? a village in India without toilet and electricity?

    Any foreign doctors wish to work in UK have to sit for British Medical Council Exam this is a rule there and 65% of your DARKDERS(inglish for Doctor) miserably failed in this exam last year...because of the Kuwalidy(Inglish quality) of your education.

    he he he Indian Medical seats are available for cash...any fool can join and get an MBBS ....this is the truth in all your educational institutions.

    Very recently a member of Indian Medcal Council was arrested (probably he is free now under corrupt system) for accepting bribe to offer Post Graduate studies at a dental you all Indian breathe judges are under investigation in Soooper India ( they will never go to jail) for accepting bribery..he he he what a beautiful DEMOK-CRAZY in this poverty land where according to Minister Romesh 60% of the population shit in open air..

  34. kobakoba-this is the problem with ur country,people have computer,mobile,a bottle of perfume and a bike but thats all they house or standard of living,poor,unclean and congested houses,no education,no culture or etiquettes.
    wake up,if thats progress,u need a lot of renaissance?

  35. kurvi-do u know how much an indian medical seat is for-nearly 30 lakh mvr.if anybody has that kind of money,he sure can buy...but even that has criteria.certain grades and then waiting.and only 5 such seats in a medical college.u can be a filthy rich fool and yes can get a bleak chance to buy a is competition.but u illiterates wont understand.

    if we make the maldivians sit for any exam in india-ur doctors cant clear in probably next three lives.

  36. he he he look who is preaching about guy from poverty india...number one illiterate..poverty...lawless..corrupted land in the world where hindu fools marry own sister`s daughter and bury baby girls alive...

    an.. empty stomach fakir with loin cloth call himself i am superman..this is indiya..he he he...

    Even a poor family in Maldives can buy and drink coco cola...which is a luxury for 90% of poverty Indians

  37. india is not a country ,but,,,a patch work of tribes struggling to live fine day will follow Soviet Union..and Yugoslavia...

    This India never existed before the arrival of British ..and still follow british working system arpieces(inglish for office ) start at 10a.m and karlages(inglish for college) start at 9 a.m....these fools waste 99% of working hours watching cricket..

  38. The Indian High Commissioner was clearly on the payroll of GMR. Now, with the blessings of the Indian government - which is seeped in corruption as well - he wants to make things difficult for the Maldives. He thinks that if he helps make things bad enough for the Maldivian people that we will bring back Anni. We won't. Anni is the biggest liar in the history of the Maldives. This Mulay guy will be gone as soon as the next election is over.

  39. India should nuke this bloody terrorist Maldives. Maldives is a bloody cancer to this world.

  40. @ PedMoSi

    Volatile India-Pakistan Standoff Enters 11,680th Day

    The threat of nuclear war hangs over the region with no end in sight, just as it has for the past three decades.,14248/

  41. @kurvi r u ready to change ur money to floating rate with dollar. now ur money is fixed with 15.42 for dollar. at the moment we can see how many expatriates stay in here. u know your peoples r drinking coco cola but u don't have a proper drinking water. in islands the peoples r collecting water from roof top when the rain comes. the water is mesh with birds shit.... you know that water also collecting in tanks which are provide from India at the time of Tsunami. u r right many beggars are in india. but in Maldives only 1 beggar he is PRESIDENT. he beg in other nations and give the money to peoples. in rest of world all r thinking in Maldives full of fish. but the real thing with in few years u will import even fish also. what about your production in Maldives. i feel only the production is babies.......... now a days even simply killing also last year reported many cases. You why they r killing they are not ready to work and earn money and care the kid..........if u ready to float your money with dollar and argue dont think u also Arab. you know in tat country money is floating with dollar so they have there own power also.........

    so dear kurvi think well.................

  42. SSOOOOOOO INDIAN..hehehe..u cant imagine the smile on my face... hahaha... hahahahah.... stupid pple.. hehehe.... if india is ur mother then maldives is our father... hehehe.. ny stone u throw our way only lands on ur india.. hehehe.. we are corrupted but u are above and below it.. we have mobile phones, comps, and cola... vot u brother? atleast we have... only those of us who have can mis use it.. u cant even if u wish..n mind u..if we had bigger space, our houses will be much better..we wudnt like in buckets...laughing pot loud..

  43. Let's see if hard ball is the civilised way to go about neighbourhood relations. We have heldback chinese requests to operate the Hanimaadhoo airport only for Indian relations. If india (Mathai and Mullay) have hard balls, let's see that
    with Mullay on the way out and Agarwal following suite, We have to see the options of Senior Diplomat who pissed in his pants when in Maldives at the All party talks.
    For us be it China or be it India, it's all the same. Be good and we will be good.

  44. Indian Politics is not Mullaitics. Mullaitics have failed and will have consequences on India Maldives Relations.
    Yaamin will not budge for India, Nasheed was running for a few Rupees more.

  45. @Mathias. Appears, you are part of the Maldives Govt to know things about all-party talks.

    Seems you do not understand the difference between being courteous and 'pissing in the pants.' All your bravado apart, Maldives was going into sovereign default, if India did not give those $50 million and also rolled over $100 million SBI credit on 27th February, even though the whole world by that time knew that we Maldivians were having a coup government.

    Ungratefulness sometime does pay ! We can be ungrateful to a neighbour and still can manage to get away. But it cant continue forever.

    Our biggest problem is that today we link link everything to GMR issue. Yes, we have taken a suicidal decision on GMR. The problem is not the termination, but the way we tried to bully and offend India. BUT the present visa issue is much more complex. You must have seen Indian High Commission's statement saying that more than 500 cases of harassement was reported to our Foreign Ministry in last one year. (both during last government and this coup govt.). We have simply ignored these issues. Their anger may have been triggered due to the vicious atmosphere we have created recently, by our former spokesman abusing a High Commissioner in public, adhaalath speeches against India and GMR and all that. But definitely GMR itself is not the reason for the present visa row.

    Let's be mature and acknowledge where we have gone wrong. Or else, we can show bravado like Pakistan in 1960s saying that they will eat grass for 1000 years but stillwill fight with India. And we all know the present state of affairs in the country ! Thanks.

  46. India should Change its foreign policy to avoid these stupid comments from the nasty Pakistani(kurvi)


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