Gayoom “sincerity” attacked after criticising DRP appointments

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Spokesperson Ibrahim ‘Mavota’  Shareef has questioned the “sincerity” of his party’s honorary leader, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, claiming the former president is behind “all the problems” currently facing the divided opposition group.

The comments were made after former President Gayoom yesterday addressed members of the media upon returning from a visit to Bangladesh to criticise the appointments of two new DRP deputy leaders without holding elections at a national congress.

Speaking to Minivan News, Shareef said that claims by Gayoom, who became the party’s honorary head after retiring from active politics in 2010, were intended to “deceive” DRP members and supporters.

Shareef alleged that Gayoom was personally responsible for the addition of a clause within the party’s constitution that allows for the replacement of vacant senior DRP positions outside of an official national conference vote.

Appointments have become one of the main points of contention for the DRP of late after the dismissal of its former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer. This dismissal was linked to the eventual formation of a spin-off movement within the party known as the Z-DRP.

The formation of this spin-off group has led to an increasingly acrimonious relationship between serving party head Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and Gayoom himself.

However, Shareef claimed that Gayoom had personally approved amendments to the party’s constitution during the previous national congress that allowed for the DRP’s council to approve deputy leadership roles to replace departing members.

“I don’t think Gayoom has sincerity [in his actions].  He knows [the party’s] constitution and that it allows to temporarily fill positions legitimately until the next congress meeting,” he said.  “Back in the 2010 congress, there were many positions in the party we were unable to fill due to resignations.  Gayoom approved [this appointment process] under the party’s constitution.”

In addressing how Gayoom’s latest criticisms could affect attempts by some councilors to try and reconcile divisions within the DRP, Shareef again questioned the sincerity of Gayoom in trying to find a resolution for the party.

However, upon returning from Bangladesh, Gayoom told members of the press that the solution to the internal rifts within the party was to respect its charter and retract the DRP council’s actions in appointing and dismissing deputy leaders; actions that he contends were in violation of the organisation’s charter.

“There are a number of things that were done against the charter,” he claimed. “I informed the leader of that in a letter.”

Gayoom argued that the recent appointment of MP Mohamed Ramiz and council member Ahmed ‘Anday’ Mohamed as DRP deputy leaders was not legitimate, as article 87 of the charter states that if a deputy leader resigns, a replacement should be elected at a national congress.

However, the DRP insists that article 122 of its charter authorises the council to temporarily replace vacancies in elected posts until the next congress.

Of the four deputy leaders elected during the DRP’s third national congress in 2010, Umar Naseer was contentiously dismissed by the party’s disciplinary committee, while MP Ali Waheed later defected to the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Umar Naseer meanwhile contested his dismissal at the Civil Court, which is due to rule on the legality of the decision.

Gayoom also denied that remarks made at a Z-DRP rally last month about regretting “handing the [leadership position] on a platter” was a personal attack on serving DRP Leader Thasmeen.


17 thoughts on “Gayoom “sincerity” attacked after criticising DRP appointments”

  1. Gayoom should stay away from politics. He is not up to it anymore. He has lost his public suppport which he enjoyed even after he lost the 2008 elections.
    Its time to pass it on to the next generations, whether he personally like it or not.

  2. Gayyoom should retire from politics completely. He has ruined the concept of democracy in Maldives. He is now behaving like a child who has lost his toy. He should leave politics and leave the development of Maldives to the rest of Maldivians. His children should help their father and mother be together in their old age instead of trying to cling on to a “Zaeem” post and be in politics. Mahathir was in power for a long period but he bowed away for good. Gayyoom should do the same. All the Ladies who flock to Gayyoom meetings should wake up to the 21st century

  3. Gay yoom is notorious sucker and better leave alone and let god punish him. Merciful god, please forgive us and save us from Gay yoom and his gang.

  4. He should leave this country.No maldivian will support him.He should find a place from somewhere esle.We "Maldivian" will not welcome to Mr Moyamoon.if he is involved in any politics he will ruin and mess everything.He is the past....past thet no Maldivian will welcome ever again...

    If DRP is without him in 2013 we will change the current government with no doughts.Take the old fellow out to have future and success for DRP.

  5. Our 3rd president's reputation and dignity is spoiling by his own 4 children.

  6. Grammar and spelling mistakes garnish increasingly vacuous and rhetorical comments on Minivan as new recruits flock to the MDP, lured by the promise of power, position and profit.

    The nature of the Maldives Democratic Party has predictably changed. What was unforeseen is the backlash from a certain part of its core which still clings to the party.

    A large number of the Maldivian population is always loyal to the government and the power held by those who control the state machinery. Those who follow this "ideology", if you will, tend to hail from the fringes of Male' society (albeit a densely populated fringe) and the islands except Male'.

    Incidentally, this community is not fluent in the English language and has little to no interest in the high concepts of governance. How a certain number among this element is politically ambitious and sometimes of use to a party which requires suicide squads who do not understand and care less about the repercussions of the actions which the ruling party coerces them to carry out.

    While these opportunists have flocked in large numbers to the MDP now, there are others who were pretty much the same in nature and who have over the course of the administration, transformed into leeches as well. Good luck Nasheed, your party disintegrates from within while you try to pay everyone off. The sad truth is, the economic situation cannot sustain the hand outs that your newly strengthened numbers demand of you.

  7. This Zaeem would do and say anything to regain control of the party he formed and split, the nation he robbed and plundered!

    This Zaeem apparently has all the qualities and characteristics that Hadhi Hassan Rasgefaanu is said to have!

    I hope the Zaeem do not end up like the HHR (in a gaa sandhoah left in the middle of a road for everyone to see)!

    And maybe yet another day, we see Mavota crying "hail Zaeem the good, the the truthful and the merciful"!

    Trust these guys! They never lie and deceive!

  8. Gay Yoom is a superman of yester-Maldivians who believed sorceries and talisman.
    Dirty lying old goat Gay Yoom we don’t need you. You have deceived our fathers; be assured you can never do that sort of things to us now. No sound mind will listen to your religious craps. Moreover, even by remote chance if your party comes to power (definitely not you) there shall not be a chance for you whack or swindle up public funds.
    So degenerated Gay Yoom stop meddling with Maldives.

  9. Sincerity, a rare thing indeed.

    Maumoon is not sincere? Not a surprise. Who is sincere? How can sincerity even exist?

    Islam is used for gain, so if you are sincere about that you'll have your belief exploited to the point it is shattered.

    Democracy, in fact, all ideology and belief is exploited so that those who had been sincere about that have had that faith shattered.

    People and hearts are exploited so much that few can put their trust in that.

    The destruction of the ability to be sincere has left a great existential vacuume in the modern world which is being filled up by addiction and/or religious extremism.

    People have a need to have meaning, to be sincere about something, and sadly, that has been crushed by selfishness and power hunger, and can only be restored through somebody caring sincerely even if it hurts them to do so.

  10. I should add, it is natural, in such an environment, to be sincere about one thing only, your own pursuit of pleasure and power. To be sincere about anything-else will only break you. Yet, such a life ultimately leads to loneliness, frustration, which drives one further towards an even more aggressive narcissism, or towards despair and depression.

    My way of seeing it, if some Maldivians don't make the painful sacrifice of being sincere, knowing that they are going to hurt immensely for doing so, in their brave attempt to restore the much needed sense of sincerity in Maldives, the society is going to get worse, way worse.

    This problem is world wide, but for Mavota to point out that someone is not sincere as though other's don't know it makes me think he is totally stupid for not realizing everyone else already knows that noone is sincere.

  11. Oh, and how the hell could I forget the MOST important point of my thoughts on sincerity! The route cause of insincerity is FEAR, fear of the consequences of being sincere. At a subconscious level, Maldivian society makes it seem necessary to many to live a life which is not only insincere, but is a total damned well LIE! A society which imposes a religion by force as the only way to be accepted in that society, has lead to a culture where deep down, most believe lying is essential for survival. Maldivian society has, through it's repressive religious law, has created masters of deception. Maldivians have mastered the art of deception to such a degree, this may bring the ability to become powerful, but, it is ultimately, a tragic thing. Why the hell do you think so many Maldivians are thought of as lazy! Many have been rendered incapable of being truly committed to anything outside of their own pursuit of pleasure. Many dare not HOPE for a positive outcome when things get tough, as to hope is to break the SOUL! Why, because everything is fake, and unreliable, because the law has created the need to be fake seems no-one can be a Muslim all the time without, at some stage, doubting Islam! Doubt is natural! EVERY Maldivian has had it in their most painful moments, yet until the last, say, ten years, no-one dared express doubt. You had to pretend! You had to be fake. It became socially acceptable in people's minds to be fake!

    Everything you made, did, from then on, was fake, and therefore, nothing is reliable, and look what! No committment. Everything is shallow!

    If you really give a hoot about Maumoon being insincere Mavota, then fight to change the underlying reason insincerity is so strong a part of your society by fighting to change the aspect of your society which forces ppl to be fake, which is... Undoubting adherence to Islam.

    The word sincerity coming out of a Maldivian politicians mouth is just a bunch of nonsense... Make it socially possible to be sincere or shut the HELL UP about Maumoon, yourself, or anyone being insincere or sincere!

  12. I hope the time will come to DRP where they can tell Gayoom we had enough of this old man. Only his family, who are not worried about the people, but only concerned about their dwindling corrupt funds in foreign banks. We lost 30 years, lost a successful shipping line, introduced and destroyed 2 generations to drugs. Leave this guy alone until we serve justice to him.

  13. Unfortunately for us, we replaced Gayyoom with 77 like him. Who are they? They are all sitting rather comfortably in Parliament. Their actions are the same, if not worse than Gayyoom. All are plundering state funds and doing sod-all for the country. They are engaged in open bribery by giving handouts to their constituents. The list goes on...

    Yet, no one blinks an eye, and keep pointing fingers at Gayyoom! A reality check is required, me reckons...

  14. President Gayyoom should be allowed to lead a dignified, peaceful life away from politics! Mondhoodh, Mahuloof and all others should encourage him to do so and stop him constantly embarrassing himself!

  15. Who is treating this lunatic old man with unjust?
    His greed and hunger for power is the problems with him.
    At present rate the locals and the foreigners will see this man in Male’ street corners behaving just like Ali Mahir!


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