Gayoom’s half-brother acquitted of three-year old corruption charges

The Criminal Court on Thursday morning acquitted Abdulla Algeen Abdul Gayoom, half-brother of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, of corruption charges more than three years after the trial began.

Algeen, younger brother of MP Abdulla Yameen, was accused of embezzling US$177,460 of Japanese funding from the Department of Meteorology (DOM), where he was the Director.

Algeen allegedly sent three separate invoices to the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) between May 2006 and April 2007 on behalf of DOM.

All three invoices demanded payment to Algeen’s personal Bank of Maldives account.

In the verdict (Dhivehi) acquitting Algeen today, Judge Abdulla Didi ruled that the state could not prove that the money in question was owed by JAMSTEC to the government.


The first hearing of the corruption case was held on June 9, 2009 with Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed presiding. The second hearing took place over a year later on July 1, 2010.

Newspaper Haveeru reported on March 4 this year that the case was further delayed after the presiding judge was changed for a third time.

After the case changed hands from Judge Abdulla Mohamed to Judge Zubair Mohamed, it ended up with Judge Abdulla Didi, who held his first hearing of the case on March 4.

The local daily reported the judge as saying that although the trial had been completed and witnesses heard, he wished to hear the case again as there were certain points to clear up.

Prior to Judge Didi restarting the case, the last hearing was held on October 19, 2011 where the trial was concluded with closing statements.

Concluding the new hearings on April 11, 2012, Judge Didi had said he would issue a verdict in two weeks.

The case against Algeen

In August 2007, Minivan News reported leaked documents showing JAMSTEC was funding a two year DOM research project into the oceanography and meteorology of the Indian Ocean.

In a Memorandum of Understanding signed in early May 2006, JAMSTEC agreed to meet “all expenses incurred in connection” with the project.

Later that month an agreement was signed requiring JAMSTEC to transfer $92,000 dollars to the DOM. In April 2007, the agreement was renewed for a year, with a payment of $70,000 required.

Both the 2006 and 2007 agreements require JAMSTEC to transfer money to a “bank account… designated by DOM.”

Algeen was the sole signatory on behalf of DOM for both agreements.

He issued the $92,000 dollar invoice on May 22, three days after signing the 2006 agreement, and the $70,000 dollar invoice on April 8, 2007, the same day he signed the 2007 agreement. A third invoice for a balance amount of $13,248.34 was issued on 22 December, 2006.

All three invoices were issued on DOM letterheads and the two most recent had Government of Maldives stamps. The bank account quoted was Algeen’s personal one.

“Wiping the slate clean”

Following the controversial transfer of power on February 7, the Criminal Court dismissed corruption charges against Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ahmed Nazim and Eydhafushi MP Ahmed ‘Redwave’ Saleem.

On February 20, the Criminal Court ruled that Nazim could not be prosecuted on charges of defrauding the now-defunct Ministry of Atolls Development, in the purchase of 220 harbour lights worth MVR1.95 million (US$126,000) in 2004.

Nazim, leader of the People Alliance (PA), along with MP Ahmed ‘Redwave’ Saleem (then-finance director at the ministry) and Abdullah Hameed, former Atolls Minister and half brother of Gayoom were charged in late 2009 on multiple counts of conspiracy to defraud the Atolls Ministry.

Eight days after Nazim’s case was dismissed, the Criminal Court acquitted MP Saleem – now a member of former President Gayoom’s Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) – of involvement in the scam.

Following the verdict, the formerly ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) accused President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik of being controlled by supporters of former President Gayoom, who were “intent on purging the People’s Majlis of MDP MPs and MDP-leaning MPs in order to secure a controlling majority.”

“Recent days have seen cases against three MDP-supporting MPs fast-tracked in order to disqualify them from parliament while serious corruption charges have been dropped for opposition leaning MPs,” the party said in a statement, noting that MP Saleem’s case had been “unreasonably delayed in the court process since 2009.”

On February 20, the Supreme Court in a 4-3 ruling disqualified MDP MP for Thimarafushi constituency, Mohamed Musthafa over a decreed debt and stripped him of his seat.

“While in government, MDP consistently maintained that key parts of the judiciary are in the hands of the supporters of former President Gayoom. Now we are seeing the truth of that claim. Dr Waheed regime is using the courts to settle old scores, to reduce MDP’s parliamentary majority and to wipe the slate clean for government supporters,” MDP spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor said at the time.


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  1. No problem! NOT PROBLEM! This govement very ISLAMIC and I also in favour to the ousting of Nasheed and spoke on live TV channels on 07 Feb to float the idea of obtaining 'the resignation'letter. So like I suggested the Heros of that day (Nazim and Abdulla Riyaz) demanded for the letter and took it to Speaker of Majils. This is something I had to do for the ISLAMIC leaders who steered the power transfer to install an ISLAMIC STATE. So now I believe that all the verdicts in all the courts are VERY ISLAMIC and VERY PROFESSIONAL. Gayoom's family is the MOST ISLAMIC family and no one in that family will EVER COMMIT a SIN or CRIME let apart do mistakes. They're far better than even Prophets and Messengers of God whom God has REVEALED in His books that they too make mistakes.

    My high-heels are higher than AG Azima Shukoor and she's the SECOND in the line. Others in the line, MP Kutti Nasheed, Sahin Hameed & Maumoon Hameed (the infamous [not as a lawyer but in somethings else] AbloHameedbey's son), Gayoom's anti-reform agent Bahaboa Jaleem (Bondibaiy), Hassan Saeedha, Not-for-Money Dhiyaanaa, Gayoom family member PG Bandu Muizz, lower courts, high court and Supreme Court judges are all say that this verdict is FAIR and JUSTICE is SERVED. We are all Gayoom's students, or educated abroad on his KIND funding and also close fiends or sons of close friends of Gayoom. We all believe that Gayoom is INNOCENT for whatever he maybe challenged in a court of law.

    Long live Gayoom and his legacy. We're the Generation II of Gayoom and we will do EVERYTHING to CONTINUE his rule, which is the FAIREST in the whole world. We WILL CRUSH all the ENEMIES of the country who acts under pretext of Democracy. We shall rein for another 30 years and give birth to Gen II Gayoom and have the same mind-sets of us (to be rich by any means - in lawful manners such as being foxy lawyers) so that we can PRESERVE ISLAM from Democracy and Israelis and Christians. At the same time we will embrace the Hindu Indians. People want to have a government of Gayoom for an eternity.

  2. @Hunu Suood (High-heeled Lawyer)said..."They’re far better than even Prophets and Messengers of God..." and "My high-heels are higher than AG Azima Shukoor...

    LOLOLO laughing so hard my gut aches!!!!!!!!!!

  3. whats mdp barking about? mdp is no better in corruption. just see the audit reports.

  4. More then the actual verdict, this case would lead to a public verdict on judiciary itself.

    If the verdict is wrong, it will inspire criminals to commit crime.

  5. minivan news. remove that above comment mocking islam. otherwise we will charge you for breaking the laws of maldives.

  6. @ public-verdict

    "...will inspire criminals to commit crime"

    Yes, that's exactly what IS happening and we're the organised crime GANG leaders leuitinents. Our followers are those on 23 December 2011 ISLAMIC ITHIHAAD and all of them are direct beneficiaries and/or ppl who loot state funds through the very leaders of 30 years of Gayoom rule. And we are DEFENDERS of these HONOURABLE ppl. 🙂 So F you all. Long live the coup (even if it crushes the country we don't care - we get rich and we support a system of state looting.)

  7. IFM all of the corruption and use of Islam as a Fitnah (division) is a MUCH bigger mockery of Islam than what ANYBODY could say here

  8. Use of Islam as a political weapon by those who are Haraam gangsters is the Gravest Blasphemy and mockery of Islam there is, IMF... Are you going to charge me for striving to protect the Esteem and beauty of the Mercy of our Religion? Apparently you are... Or someone is... But it is not really about my religious views is it, it is because of my attitude towards Yameen, is that Adhalaath! Is that Tiqhwa?

  9. EVERYONE! read the hukum in dhivehi version! it is absolute and utterly biased.

    my god o my god! the court says they can't see the bloody link between money deposited in algeens personal account via TT by JAMSET while he is director of DOM during a period when Algeen as director of DOM is buying equipment from JAMSET!




  10. @md,@IFM, you're sick!!
    A CORRUPTION DEEP WITHIN THE JUDICIARY, n all you could see is mockery!!

    pathetic dear,

    this is how tunnle vision,hippocratic,bias & unfair you can be???

    high heeled hunu, luvd it,hahaha, keep hammering these trators of this country!!!

  11. I never saw IMF jump on here and say anything beautiful about Islam that makes ppl want to be religious. They just jump on and make threats. What about Allah is the MOST MERCIFUL, that's the meaning of the the Bismillahi... Prayer we say all of the time! Prophet (SAW) Mercy to the Worlds, the Most Merciful - his followers the same... I am only an averagely Merciful guy and even I understand that such comments are coming from pain and confusion, come on guys please, don't be so completely heartless and uncaring towards ppl's deep pain and hurt over religion, try and express Islamic empathy (When one hurts, all hurts, prophet so Forgiving towards even the Bani Quereysh from Mecca whose blood was dripping off the swords of the Ansar... Win them over through that Mercy, NOT through threats which paint our Glorious Din as only interested in silencing ppl through threats and creating an atmosphere of fear! Do you think whoever wrote that blaspemy is going to rush to do his Salat tonight, or Fajr tomorrow, moved by the beauty of the Hidayat you gave him or her?

  12. Thank you minivan news for removing the anti-islam comment. Please do not publish such comments in the future. Respect the rules and regulations governing free speech in Maldives.

    @ Ben Pleright, I wasn't talking about you.

  13. It is quite obvious to me that these 'high court judges' do as they are told..Two front page stories--one rape,,one corruption,and two very 'iffy' judgements...

  14. "IFM on Thu, 16th Aug 2012 5:17 PM

    minivan news. remove that above comment mocking islam. otherwise we will charge you for breaking the laws of maldives."

    Dear IFM,

    You mock Islam more than him. The principles of Islam stands for peace and opposes injustice. If your priority is to stop jokers rather than theives, you make a mockery of justice and Islam;i.e. by invoking Islam on petty trivial comments rather than blatant injustice and corruption.

    The irony is that he, by his joke raises more awareness and questions the injustice in our society - defending the the true lofty principles of Islam rather than the superficial "respect" which you demand.

  15. Hahaha the status of courts in Golhaabo culture.

    Ablo Gazeee take your cut, you can easily demand USD10,000 for this deal.

  16. Please remove Hunu Saeeds post as he mocks Islam by calling Qayoom as better than the prophet (pbuh) and this kind of blasphemy cannot be tolerated. We will charge you if you do not respect Maldivian law.

  17. We all should respect Islam, I do not see that happening much around Maldives. Yes we call ourselves Muslims, Yes we are seen in the Mosques 5 times a day, Yes we fast in the month of Ramazan and we also give Zakath..but is that enough to be a true Muslim? I do not think so..Why not we count the amount of anti Islamic actions we see our people do 24/7?

  18. The person commenting in the name of IFM on 17 august is not me. Please introduce a system in which only one user can comment with a particular name.

    @ peasent
    Mocking islam is explicitly against the laws here in maldives. We will raise our voice if this website continues to break the laws.
    Also, i want to state that we condemn corruption in all forms whether commited by gayoom family or by nasheeds friends.

  19. There are some boundaries for freedom of expression in other countries also.
    For example, in Thiland you can not express any sentiment against their king. In Spain also you are not allowed to criticize their royal family. In Germany and many other European countries you can not express any idea which doesnt go in line with the offical story of holocaust. In America you can not criticize the powerful zionist loby without being labelled something terrible. In Turkey you can not write anything in favour of the Armenian massacre.
    Similarly, in Maldives the freedom of expression is withing a boundry. You are not allowed to mock islam.
    Now this website, being registered under the information department is expected to respect these local rules and regulations. The foreign journalists working in this website are doing so with visas issued from the government and they are expected to follow the rules. Now some of them may have a deep hatred against our faith but please dont spread it atleast while you are here. That is the restriction of working in maldives, similar to other restrictions in other countries.

  20. @IFM on Fri, 17th Aug 2012 11:49 AM

    "The person commenting in the name of IFM on 17 august is not me. "

    So, you are not who you claim to be. Well, who cares?

    "Mocking islam is explicitly against the laws here in maldives. We will raise our voice if this website continues to break the laws."

    I have to say that Muslims open themselves up to mockery despite their self proclaimed adherence to this lofty religion.

    First of all, as a Muslim, learn the meaning of peace and tolerance. The truth of the matter is, whatever religion one practices, the overriding common principle is that of tolerance and respect towards fellow humans.

    Now, go back to your hut and calm down; punch a bag or two if you must.

  21. Furthermore please remove the comment on August 16th, 8:53 pm, for the blasphemer blasphemes by appropriating one of Allah (swt)'s 99 names as his moniker and by mocking the 'Surah like it challenge' and this makes me very angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. You have been warned.

  22. @ibn batuta

    "First of all, as a Muslim, learn the meaning of peace and tolerance."

    are you dumb or something. why do you generalize everyone.

  23. President Spoke person Abbas Adil Riza is a crazy silly & gangster boy like the President Nasheed spoke person who was a drug addict!

  24. Again the comment at 3:15 is not from me.

    @ ibn batuta
    The truth of the matter is whatever the religion one practices the overriding common principle is to follow the rules and regulations of a particular place. And in this place it is forbidden by law to mock islam. Now i was only asking the people running this website to respect these rules and regulations. Why are you so jumped up about that? Anyways peace and tolerance can only prevail if the laws are followed.

  25. The Japanese funds went into his personal Account. It was only much later .... that 50% was transfered to Ablho Qz.

  26. No matter what decision judges take, Algeen or who ever, cannot escape the wrath of Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgement, Algeen, the judge and everyone involved in this almost intolerable scam will see what is judgement!

    This is highly ridiculous!

    MDP doing this, DRP doing that, Maumoon did this, Nasheed did that is immaterial. If they have done this and that let it be questioned and dealt with!

    But people; let us not do injustice to ourselves at least!

    Do not let us be fooled!


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