Nasheed reneging on commitment to respect CNI: Dunya

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Dunya Maumoon has accused former President Mohamed Nasheed and his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) of “threats and intimidation tactics” over the outcome of the CNI report, due at the end of August.

“The Government of Maldives is committed to the resolution of political differences through peaceful dialogue and the democratic boulevard [sic] and institutions available in the country,” Dunya said in the statement.

However Nasheed “is going back on his own words and commitment to the international community that he would respect the outcome of the CoNI.”

Former President was speaking during an event commemorating ‘Black Friday’, the brutal crackdown on pro-democracy activists by the former regime in 2004.

Dunya expressed concern at Nasheed’s apparent determination to bring members of the police and military to justice for their illegal roles in the transfer of power, no matter the final verdict of the inquiry commission.

“President Nasheed had threatened violence on the streets of Male’ in order to ensure justice,” said Dunya during the press conference, the details of which have been distributed by the Foreign Ministry as a media release.

A translation for Minivan News of the pertinent section of Nasheed’s Monday speech is as follows:

“I am certain beyond doubt that the commission’s report would note that many officers of the security forces committed a number of unlawful acts. Our demand, our protest, our request will be for these [officers] to be brought to justice. Our work will be to bring them to face justice. We should only go back home after CoNI’s report after bringing them to justice and establishing justice in this country. For a certainty, I definitely will not go back home otherwise.”

Nasheed’s intentions were clarified the following day in a proposal submitted to the government by the MDP . The document mapped out the steps the party expected to see taken following the CNI’s conclusion.

This proposal stated the MDP’s willingness to cease its calls for early presidential elections and wait for the constitutionally mandated polls in 2013 should the final report show no evidence of any unlawful activity in the transfer of power.

However, should the report find that the transfer included illegal acts on the part of any individual, the MDP proposed that those implicated be brought to trial and that all parties agree to early elections.

In the event that the CNI rules the departure of Nasheed from the President’s Office to have been unconstitutional, the MDP proposed that his government be fully reinstated.

The party had hoped for a response from the government before the end of Ramadan this weekend and appeared to receive it today when President’s Office spokesman Abbas Adil Riza told local media today that the government would not discuss the report’s outcome before its release.

“CNI’s report will not act as a final verdict. The purpose of the report is to assist the relevant institutions. So, there’s no need to make the report a ‘political carnival’,” Riza reportedly told Sun Online.

At its meeting on Tuesday, the MDP’s executive council had agreed to call a meeting of its National Council in order to determine the party’s next course of action.


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  1. Dunya, very predictable from u to come out with another accusation of Nasheed, after all he's daddy's enemy, whatever he say!!!!

  2. This country is destroyed by Gayoom and his family and Co and also Nasheed and his corrupt friends! End of story!

  3. Prz Nasheed did not threaten violence and did not say he will take the law into his own hands. It is really concerning, but not surprising, that the official statement from the government is so starkly different than what Nasheed said in the rally.

  4. very true baalu - This country is destroyed by Gayoom and Co and Nasheed and his corrupt friends! End of story!

  5. Its ok though for Daddy to say that he wouldn't accept the findings if they go against his wishes. After all Daddy knows best.

  6. You know people like Dunya and Gayooms crooks were fed and brought up with feeding Maldivian peoples blood money, murder and rape of maldives for 30 years.

  7. it is a sad fact of life that people in important jobs often use their position to give a good education for their children. What is devastaing is that this woman who owes her western education to the people of the country has only used it to be part of a regime that is corrupt and cruel to the core. Dunya- do you have moments when you question your father or do you hate MDP to the extent that you can't think rationally? A little bit of independent thought may take you out of the 'empty princess' range and make you a real thinking woman!

  8. Mizamaanuga Male' meehunnaai dhivehi rayyithun 5 kulhan'dhu madhu kamah dhekenee Bangaalhu meehunnaai, Bangaalhu meehunnaai in'dhegen ulhey meehun.

    Raajje therey rayyithunnah mihaaru huri haa echcheh visney. I am sorry, "World"!!

    From the time Golhaa named you, "World", I understood he is off his head.

    Who will name his daughter, "World"?? And you are proving yourself off your head too!!

  9. Why dont you Dunya and big daddy just go to sleep..... we Need some peace..... dont want even to hear Gayyo.. name even.....We need peace, harmony and justice in the Maldives... Enough... please..please. In Sha Allah soon we will see the days where we can speak freely and justice being served. No COPS above the law, No Gayyoom above the law...We will live happily and be proud of being a Maldivian once again....Amen

  10. Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has said that he will not accept that the toppling of former President Nasheed’s government on February 7 was a coup d’état, even if the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI)’s report came to such a conclusion.


  11. We all wish that Daddy's little girl would shut up for once. Corruption, croynism and bigotry is passed down to the next generation as we all can see here...

  12. President Spoke person Abbas Adil Riza is a crazy silly & gangster boy like the President Nasheed spoke person who was a drug addict! I wish Both Gayoom and Nasheed would leave this country and let us live in peace!! Nasheed and Gayoom are responsible for the crimes!

  13. How is it that nearly every front page story carry's the name Gayoom somewhere..Does he and his family still run the Maldives as their own private business?

  14. Dhunya should try and keep away from Maldivian politics. We have had enough of Gayyoom and his clan. When will your little kurafi brain understand that Maldivians hate you?

  15. Nasheed had a disease where he can not remember he says after few minutes and that is why he is playing these dramas.

    Nasheed thinks that he above the law and the law is for others not for him and his associates.

    With almighty Allah, Nasheed will never be able to win any election in this country ever.

  16. Majority of this contry n the whole world knows that your father was a brutal Dictator. I feel so sorry for u dhunya. He may be v loving father but never was a loving president. So, please get ur self out of politics n try to live a decent life n u must be missing ur kids at home.


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