Government asks India to hand over Nasheed, as MDP slam arrest warrant from “kangaroo court”

The Maldivian Foreign Ministry has asked the Indian High Commission to hand former President Mohamed Nasheed to police ahead of his trial on Wednesday.

Police requested the Foreign Ministry to approach the High Commission on Tuesday, after the Hulhumale Magistrate Court ordered them to produce Nasheed for his court hearing at 4:00pm on February 20.

President’s Office Spokesperson Masood Imad said “I wouldn’t call it an arrest warrant. It’s a court order for police to summon him to court.”

Asked whether this order would involve police using force to produce Nasheed, Masood stated that “I’m not a policeman but presumably they will ask him to come with them, and if he does not they will put him in a police vehicle. The actual strategy is a police function. I hope they don’t do anything excessive.”

“As far as the police are concerned, we will make sure they do not break the diplomatic rights of the embassy. Having said that, police may not have to use force to take him out,” he said.

“Police have asked the foreign ministry to advise the high commission that they have a warrant to present Nasheed in court. If [Indian High Commissioner] Mr Mulay does not budge, they will report back and it ends there,” Masood said.

Nasheed would be free again after Wednesday 4:00pm when the current warrant would expire, “until another warrant is issued”, he added.

The High Court also on Tuesday ordered the Foreign Ministry deliver a court order to Nasheed, concerning an appeal hearing of the first – now expired – arrest warrant for the February 13 hearing. The High Court appeal is scheduled for 1:00pm on Wednesday, three hours before his second hearing.

Nasheed sought refuge in the High Commission – which is protected diplomatic territory under the Vienna Convention – after the court earlier issued a warrant for his arrest and presentation in court on February 13. The scheduled hearing was canceled in his absence and the warrant expired.

Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) issued a statement slamming the arrest warrant issued by the “kangaroo court”.

“The MDP believes that the Hulhumale Magistrate Court is, de facto, controlled by Dr Waheed and his allies, and that the sole purpose of the court case against President Nasheed is to prevent his candidature in the upcoming presidential elections,” the party said.

“Waheed, in collusion with allies in the judiciary, has established a kangaroo court to convict President Nasheed. The Judicial Services Commission that set up the court comprises Waheed’s appointees as well as Nasheed’s political rivals, including those running for president. Waheed hides behind so-called judicial independence but his fingerprints are all over this trial,” said MDP Spokesperson MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor.

“India, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United Nations, and the Commonwealth have all called for free and fair elections in which all candidates are freely permitted to stand. Waheed is defying the world by continuing his political persecution of President Nasheed,” he said.

The President’s Office Human Rights Ambassador Ahmed Ibrahim “Sandhaanu” Didi told a press conference yesterday that the MDP “shouldn’t be allowed to exist” as it was an “unlawful organisation which commits terrorist activities”, and called on the Elections Commission to dissolve it.

Indian position

The Indian High Commission has so far made no indication that it intends to hand over Nasheed to the Maldivian police ahead of his scheduled trial.

Indian Minister of External Affairs Shri Salman Khurshid said on Monday that the former President “is a guest in the mission. He came and we extended courtesies and that’s it. This was explained to the [Maldives] foreign minister. We are not taking sides with anyone. We are not engaged or involved in the internal politics,” he said.

“As friends of the Maldives, our only expectation, and this is the expectation of the democratic world, is that elections which have been announced will hopefully be free and fair. As friends we obviously have advised anything that detracts from the perception of free fair elections is obviously not good for Maldives,” Khurshid said.

“The people of the Maldives have India’s support. Whoever the people of the Maldives elect will have India’s support. The Maldives can’t change its history. The Maldives cannot deny the history of somebody who was President of Maldives. And we cannot deny the Maldives’ present by saying that whatever there is at present is not to our liking. It’s the people of Maldives who decide and whoever they decide as their elected leadership, we will respect,” he added.

Meanwhile, the website of the Indian High Commission in the Maldives was hacked and a message displayed stating “Give us Nasheed or we kick the embassy!”

High Commission officials confirmed the website had been targeted twice in the past week, but was quickly repaired.

Ten arrested as protests continue

Demonstrations continued last night in the captial Male’, with a crowd of almost 1000 people beginning a march around the city from near the tsunami monument.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef said ten people were arrested, including one minor, for throwing objects such as glass bottles at police.

No police were injured, and no force or pepper-spray was used to control the crowds of 250-500 people at the barricades, Haneef said.

Police have meanwhile released a video of demonstrators throwing objects at police lines during the recent protests, and requested public assistance in identifying the five people highlighted.

“Police request public assistance in identifying the five individuals marked in the video who have committed various felonies which have caused varying degrees of property damage and injured officers and media personnel,” police said in a statement.

“Anyone with any information about the identity or the whereabouts of these five individuals, please contact the Maldives Police Service Hotline at 3322111 or the Criminal Investigation Department at 9631696,” the statement added.


34 thoughts on “Government asks India to hand over Nasheed, as MDP slam arrest warrant from “kangaroo court””

  1. “I wouldn’t call it an arrest warrant. It’s a court order for police to summon him to court.”

    Call it what ever you please Mr. Masood!


    “Police have asked the foreign ministry to advise the high commission that they have a warrant to present Nasheed in court. If [Indian High Commissioner] Mr Mulay does not budge, they will report back and it ends there,”

    What a spokesperson, and what diplomacy and what language!

    A fishmongers would know to speak better about a diplomat than this! Shameful!

    Now the Indians can address Waheed as Baghee Waheed and cut all diplomatic formalities that are accompanied in addressing a President of a State despite how success was attained!

  2. MDP said "The Judicial Services Commission that set up the court comprises Waheed’s appointees as well as Nasheed’s political rivals, including those running for president."

    thats a clear lie. This Hulhumale' Magistrate Court was established while Nasheed was in power. At that time there were Nasheed appointed members in JSC. The truth is Hulhumale' Court was there even when Nasheed was in power. Nobody cared about it then. It was never an issue. Cases were heard in that court at that time as well. So blaming it on the present government in plain wrong. Why didnt Nasheed raise his concern about this court when he was in power?

  3. If the IHC hands over PNasheed to the police they in effect demolishing whatever democratic headway we have made in the Maldives.

  4. Indian high commission and its high commissioner Mr. Mulay is a pain in ass to our country. kick him out.

  5. To the right Honourable Prime Minister of India

    Please, do not ever allow these scavengers of Coup Leader Waheed to enter the Indian High Commission in Male' and take out our beloved President Nasheed who is the only hope we have in bringing about democracy to the Maldives.

    We reiterate the assurances of our highest consideration to the peoples of India.

  6. If JSC want to serve justice why would they choose magistrates from hardcore PPM based islands. Even a child would know this setup was just to eliminate Nasheed's candidacy. There are so many unattended cases lying in these courts and yet they rush this particular case in a high speed train.

  7. Indian's really do not know their place in this world.... they are uncooth, uncvilised and think they are gods gift.. unfortuately around the world they are the most dispiced race of all....
    firstly Nasheed though being an activist was no real president. yes the manner in which he was ousted is questionable... but what would he have done to the country.. relelased more drug addicts and criminals from prison ( that young deliquent lot are his voter base).. he had no economic plan.. other than having underwater parlimentary meetings !!!!
    Maldives in my view is doomed wither way.. with your sense of entitlement sans hard work and a natural tendancy to cheat, rob or deceive I guess you can resing your self to bike riding vagrants of the highest order....
    you reap what you sow

  8. look at the video above.the police duties is to keep peace & order.but this protesters in street are making it worst that's why the police have the rights to ARREST & use FORCE to make it in order.

  9. @ Ganesh 300k Maldivians is equal to 1 Billion Indians when it comes to the Sovereignty of the Country. Both are independent sovereign states.

  10. Why is minivan and Nasheed's bunch of goats just baying about unjust / politically motivated, excessive force etc etc...
    Come-out and spell out what if he did was legitimate or not. If not he needs to face charges.. like a leader / man.... not like a pup hidining behind a womans saree.

  11. @Ho-Bag.. "uncooth, uncvilised and think they are gods gift" THIS sums up narcissist like you who i think should be treated in Mental clinics.

    Whats with the racial attacks?

  12. @dram
    narcissist ..not really.. real fact if you have lived in the West or even in some of the developed Aisan countires .. Y-indians are despiced for their ways and actions...
    I guess Maldivians are sub servient to the indians so I guess you will even lick the ground they walk on..
    But hey just a point of view.... so no dice.. I for one really do not care about indians or Maldivans ..just here to scrape you fellows dry and move on... Cest la vi

  13. Anni : you are doing Good. Keep it up.

    After all why not?

    1) The useless judges (if they see fit for the day) will allocate half the inheritance to women, even when they KNOW the men do not help out their sisters in time of need.

    2) The judges can literally be bought for a few thousands of $, for any case they are working on. This is absolutely true.

    3) The Maldivians are forced to believe in a hypocritical model of Islam, in which most rants heaven and angels, but boozes, fornicates, uses drugs... do almost everything prohibited.

    4) Maldives is a 100% muslim country, which for all intents and purposes SHOULD be a model country of peace, wealth, gods' blessings etc. But peace? dont make me laugh; wealth : less than a handful; God's blessing : He must have forgotten we existed when he unleased the Tsunami!!!

    5) Islam teaches you to respect, be kind, treat elderly good. On my, this is good laugh...LOL LOL LOL....

    So, tell my why? why? why? should Anni obey these idiots???

  14. @ Ganesh and Ann: not 300 000 maldivians, but more like 30 000. So, it is basically a minority in the country who is holding the rest hostage. Now Ann, in a democracy, we should only talk about sovereignty of the state if the people in power are elected. You doubt about my 30 000 figure? Fair enough, let's have a free and fair count in the near future...

  15. @Ho-Bag Most countries in Asia, Africa and Middle East despise the West as well. And yet they would make a bee-line standing on their head if they get even a 1% chance to visit them. You have seen Indian hated in advanced countries? I have seen Indians occupying very important position in their corporates, universities, research institutes and financial institutions. You are racist - it shows from your comments. I am sure no body despises Maldivians - since 99% don't even know there is a country with such name.

  16. why should our Govt meddle in their affairs..give back Nasheed,close our embassy....kick out the mali embassy in Delhi,stop all commercial,political contacts with this tiny speck.....ask all indians to return back,stop giving visa to mali people..... but our Indian govt dont have any sense of pride and they shall continue to engage with this backstabbing nation.....

  17. Ho-Bag is a typical average maldivian ..arrogant and foolish; He is up on the list an another of his fellow country man who asked "Whether India is as big (in area) as Maldives?"

  18. Ho-Bag, you should visit the UK. Indians are pretty well respected here. They had it hard when they first arrived in the 60's but they've proven a positive addition to this country. And an added bonus, their cooking is excellent.

  19. Dont maldivians's resemble south indians in every aspect...facially and otherwise...infact aren't they from the same racial stock...somewhere up in the ancestry...I bet everywhere a maldivian goes the first question people pose is...are you indian? why make a big issue of no issue..yes many on this forum are ignorant...and foolish

  20. wow! Things are hotting up. Need my popkorn and coffee. I believe the Indian Navy is docked in close vicinity. I wish the police good luck!!

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    This type of selected PM of India and south block bald heads have made diplomacy as a joke by this event in Maldives.

    Indians should know David and Goliath story instead of Ramayama ..

  24. This Indian government is still waiting instruction from the ex-Italian baby sitter how to solve this problem...Yes madam ..poodle Indian PM cant open his mouth witout her signal.

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  26. MissIndia..You could have avoided the needless diatribe against Muslims. Some of our Great leaders are Muslims..Dr. Abdul Kalam ..for one.

    Any way to come back to Maldivians...Other Countries such as USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, Oman etc appreciate the Indians/other expatriates (mainly from Asia) and make use of their Skills and reward them and are mostly thankful to them for their Contribution. About the Maldivian Attitude to the Expatriates ...less said the better

  27. After reading Kurvi's comments, I wish to advice people not to respond...No Point in talking to dumb ass people.

  28. maldive army and police much stronger than india. We should attack india and we will win war in three days.

  29. Immedieatly after coup in Indonesia during 70s people enterd British High Commission in Jakarta and manhandled the High Commissioner..who was also behind this coup....recently US Consulate was burnt down in Libya

    Diplomates are not Gods..and missions are not a place of worship ..cant do anything against people s anger and power.

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