Government attempting to implement agenda “of Zionist Jews”, alleges PA

The opposition’s coalition partner, the People’s Alliance (PA), has publicly accused the Maldivian government of trying to implement the agenda of “Zionist Jews”.

In a statement published in Dhivehi on the party’s website, the PA, led by the half brother of the former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Abdulla Yameen, claimed that “the UK, France and the US are selecting individuals from Islamic countries, whom they want to be the ruler, and are training them to implement Jewish policy.”

The PA claimed that “many influential figures in the current government are irreligious people and have shown ideas and actions that prove they were trained in the UK.

“This government commenced the work to pave way for other religions to disrupt religious unity,” alleged the PA. “When the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) came in to administration, they brought in foreign persons previously deported for conducting Christian missionary work, and gave them high positions in government.”

The PA also accused the government of attacking judges, disregarding the judiciary, trying to permit the sale of pork and alcohol on inhabited islands, introduce co-education, teach other religions, and attempting to build a church in the Maldives.

President Mohamed Nasheed’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair condemned the party’s misuse of Islam for political purposes.

“Their remarks suggest that the PA interprets the government’s refrain from Jew-bashing as an agenda of hatred,” he said. “If they see the moderate Islamic policies of this government as anti-Islamic, then I have no further comment.”

He noted that the PA had boycotted the President’s address on the opening of Parliament, “but was then concerned enough about it to issue a statement in response.”


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  1. Yameen you are so shallow. This is the man who thinks he can lead a nation. He thinks he can represent us in the international as our president. I for one do not want to isolate myself or disregards anyone cos of their culture or religion or race or whatever... He is an obvious troublemaker, deliberately out to confuse people, and greedy. Yameen, I heard you showered in mineral water around late 1080s. Now we know how you managed to buy so much mineral water. You owned STO - didn't you. Atleast you thought so. Well you are the crook who with the illegal fuel trade...

  2. PAs website says puppets like anni was trained in UK. And usually puppets are taken to US, UK or France to train them. Now if that means to anyone that they mean US.UK and France is training them it their own perspective. What I know is that how hard you try to attack Yameen he will survive and win the 2013 election. US, UK or even France cant stop that,cause this is Maldives. So do what you want with your puppet before 2013 an the hell outta here. What the government of Maldives can't do, minivan and their missionary so called journalists also cant do. Again this is Maldives.

  3. MDP may have been trained in the UK for christian missionary activities. but you, YAMEEN, you are the trainer of MURDERS, DRUG LORDS, DRUG ADDICTS, RAPIST, LOOTERS, BRIBERS and so on.....

    i'd rather have an honest christian or jew as my president than the CORRUPT "MUSLIM" (in name only) that you are.

  4. Yameen is absolutely right.

    What a good Muslim he is, indeed we all are! We must do something about this or else these "Zionists", "alcohol drinkers and pork eaters" will take over our COUNTRY!!

    It has been a fighting battle indeed to stick to our guns, but every good Muslim knows that alcohol and pork can be served only resorts away from the God and Jinn fearing good Muslim citizens; and only to the infidels so that we can relieve them of their money. This money is of course halal because we use it after a certain amount of Jew/Kafir/Christian/Infidel bashing.

    Everyone knows that our faith is so strong that if we allow these idolators and Jews to practice their religion in Maldives, the good Muslims in this country would promptly convert. Should they be allowed to disrobe on the beach all Maldivian women would promptly undress in public.

    Our strong faith and tolerance in our own sexuality is also prominent where we have not let even one Homo get away with doin it, but the Zionists with Satan's assistance have found other ways to get into our minds by tempting many among us with children and loose amoral women, we must show our tolerance by not worrying too much about this. However, our tolerance has its limits with paedophilia, the Zionists if allowed will indeed convert all men among us to homosexuality if we allowed them to. Indeed if we ever allowed homos among us all Maldivian men would say "Get thee behind me Satan! and put it in gently."

    We must also teach our children tolerance by watching the infidels worship idols in Indian soaps, this way our kids will recognize an "idol god" when they see one and smash it to pieces.

    Along the way we may have messed up certain commandments, but if Ms. Azima Shukur has proven anything, it is that she can get us out of any conundrum on the Day of Judgement.

  5. Yameen is trying to use religion to play his dirty politics. I think we must give a chance to MDP to prove that they are also worth of ruling this country. After all Yameen and his brother had a lot 30 years of this country. And why can't we be friends with jews too? We are friends of christians and hindus. May be the muslim world can resolve the palestinian issue by makign friends with Israel. The only issue the israelis have is that they fear for their security, specially after the holocaust. If the muslim world can honest be there friend, they won't have this fear and hence the palestinians would have their own state too. Its time we all of us to think with a broad mind. Prophet Muhammad had a jewish servant boy. He never thought of harming or killing that boy. So why should we have so much hatred for jews and think of wiping them off from this world.

  6. This isn't news.

    Just another example of a politician beating the worn out, but still effective drum of religious paranoia to keep the Maldivian people in mental cages.

    The sad part is that the other politicians will respond in the same manner.

    Is there any other "democracy" in the world where religion is abused in this manner by all and sundry?

  7. Yameen has always been very racist. Remember the speech he gave in one island calling Sinhalese people "valu singalhain". This man is a gangster. Nothing is too evil for him. With millions of his ill gotten money in foreign banks he is so cock sure that no one can pin anything on him. His partner Nazim is equally evil.

  8. Yameen any thing that's comes out of your mouth now reeks of your criminal illicit dealings, why don't you get asylum with the Junta.

  9. Haha, so PA is saying that MDP leaders were trained in the UK. Can the esteemed leaders of PA answer this one:

    Where was Jangiyaa Nazim trained?

    C'mon, your 10 seconds are up!

  10. Yameen need to seriously confront his brother on the issue of UK trained people. All of his brothers childrenn were trained in the UK! So they must be on to a Zionist agenda too! Gayyoom, get rid of your children, now, since they may be plotting a Zionist agenda...

  11. Yameen is the last person to be trusted or believed. He should first answer to the accusation siphoning of oil money and having ties with Burmese narcotics dealers.

  12. Islam does not allow muslims to steal even one cent but Yaameen has stolen hundreds of millions from our nation. He should be on trial in this world and the next and has no right to talk about Islam. I would rather listen to Ariel Sharon than Yaameen.

  13. This Yamin guy is now mobilizing money to pay off people who have been implicated in the Burma oil deal; the two innocent victims Sanaa Mansoor and Aashaan from STO to say what he wants to the inquiry or to the Police. He is using his catchers to talk and pay to people like Muneez, former MD of STO Mr Maniku and other high ranking officers in STO.

  14. Yameen nailed it. The cat is out of the bag now Maldivian Government!

    The youth returning from abroad are recruited on to uninhabited islands around the country, where they run around naked drinking alcohol and stuff pork down their throats, while influential figures in the current Government smile down at them in approval from the Church balconies (Churches built by Bangladeshi and South Indian workers), where other religions are taught to both boys and girls in the same space.

    Also, did you know that if you fold a 50 Rufiyaa note 6 times, you can see the Star of David?

  15. Why are we even discussing Yaameen? Umar Naseer, Yaameen, and who's that other guy? oh Munnavaru they are no entities in the present day Maldivian politics.

  16. Guys, I have heard with my own ears Yameen denigrating Islam, UTTERLY when he thinks he is talking to secularists only, and I have heard him preach literalism, Islamic fundamentalism when he thinks he is preaching to strong believers... I mean that, the guy has no convictions, Islamic or secular, he has one belief, the will to power... Please, this means he would smash any human soul to acquire power

  17. First it was "hama rangalhu Lankaa meeheh" now its "Zionist"

    Is there anyone you like other than your buddies like Oil Zameeru and Jagiyaa Nazim, point your finger at them they are the true filth in western attire.


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