CCHDC Dr Jamsheed resigns “due to lack of work”

Dr Ahmed Jamsheed, Director General for the Centre for Community Health and Diseases Control, has today announced his resignation from the post.

Dr Jamsheed confirmed to Minivan News that he had chosen to step down from the position over concerns about a perceived lack of work.

”I had to resign because I do not believe I am able to fulfill the responsibilities I was assigned and I do not have any work to do now,” Dr Jamsheed told Minivan News. ”I do not find any reason to remain in the position if I can’t fulfill those responsibilities.”

Dr Jamsheed did not wish to disclose further details of his resignation, adding that he simply did not believe his position was required if there was no work to do.

Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair praised Dr Jamsheed for his work when contacted about the decision.

”The government’s high priority for the time is to decentralise public health, which means the work of [Dr Jamsheed’s] centre will be divided in to seven province offices,” said Zuhair. ”Maybe the changes the government are making are not in line with Dr Jamsheed.”


3 thoughts on “CCHDC Dr Jamsheed resigns “due to lack of work””

  1. This is one proof that DRP is not making the government accountable. They voted in the health minister Aminath Jameel despite everything that's going on the health sector. Why? Ali Hashim was performing so well but they rejected him.
    Maldivian people need to know that the real agenda of DRP is to obstruct development.

  2. Lack of work means the job is being done quite well by others and that is a good sign. Dr. Jam could now now open a clinic..

  3. This is how the MDP government treats professional people..its worth reminding ourselves that even the mighty America has only only one CDC ( center for disease control and prevention )...while the maldives islands lack everything except the most basic health care, makes people wonder what would be the function of 7 CDC's..not withstanding the lack of cooperation and transfer of data between the centers...makes on wonder whether press secretary Zuhair has any idea about what a CDC is and it functions...


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