Government expresses concern over protest’s call for “slaughter and murder”

A coalition of religious NGOs and opposition parties organising a religious protest on December 23 have launched a social media campaign and website, which this morning contained a list objectives including to “fight against all un-Islamic ideas” and to “slaughter anyone against Islam”.

The website,, was launched by the President of the Adhaalath Party Imran Abdullah and includes news updates on the protest and religious articles aimed at promoting the event.

The list of slogans published on the site initially included statements such as: “Today’s law is to slaughter anyone against Islam”, and a call to “take the life” of anyone who challenged Islam “regardless of their party affiliation”.

The calls for violence were subsequently removed from the website, but not before the government expressed “deep concern” that “some people are using religion as a tool to call for murder and violence.”

“They are calling for slaughter and murder,” said President Mohamed Nasheesd’s Press Secretary, Mohamed Zuhair, urging “relevant authorities” to take action.

The organisers of the protest have accused the government of conducting many activities “with the motive of erasing Islam from the country”, claiming that they were “left with no other choice but to protest to protect Islam.”

The coalition claims that 100,000 people will join the December 23 protest “to protect Islam”, and called on “all Maldivians to take part”.

The website includes a list of grievances concerning the government’s religious credentials.

Zuhair meanwhile rejected the accusations and said that the government had no intention of erasing Islam or introducing other religions to the Maldives.

He noted that it was Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) that had introduced the concept of freedom of assembly to the Maldives, and that the government will always “welcome the people to gather and raise their voices on matters that concern them”.

“But I am being informed this particular demonstration has been called for political purposes with a hidden agenda to topple the government,” Zuhair said.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam told Minivan News that police had received a complaint about the slogan on the website calling for murder. However, he did not comfirm whether police were investigating it.

He did not reveal whether police intended to take any special security measures during the protest.

Protest organisers said today that the slogans were uploaded “by mistake”, and insisted that the protest itself would be non-violent.

“It was a mistake on the technical teams’ side. We will take every [measure] to ensure the security during the protest and I assure that there will be no violence propagated by our side. It will be a peaceful protest,” Minivan News was informed.

Speaking to Minivan News, Former State Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said that the slogan calling for murder was “not good”, adding that “Islam is a religion of peace, not of violence”.

He acknowledged that “There are things I do not agree with when it comes to the government’s religious policies,”  however said that he believed the President Nasheed would correct matters if the public called for change.

He noted that he was not playing a lead role in organising the protest, but said he always supported peaceful assembly to voice the concerns of the people. He added that people must only speak of religion based on the Quran and Prophet’s Sunnah.

The Maldives has recently come under increasing international scrutiny following an apparent rise in religious intolerance.

Police investigating a violent attack on a ‘silent protest’ calling for religious tolerance, held at the Artificial Beach to mark Human Rights Day on December 10.

Several monuments gifted to the Maldives by other SAARC countries during the recent summit in Addu have been defaced or stolen on the grounds that they were idolatrous. Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari has condemned the monuments while the opposition has hailed the vandals as “national heroes”.

Protests also erupted last month after UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay spoke in parliament calling for the government and the judiciary to issue a moratorium and debate on flogging as a punishment for extra-marital sex.

“This practice constitutes one of the most inhumane and degrading forms of violence against women and should have no place in the legal framework of a democratic country,” Pillay said.

“The issue needs to be examined, and therefore I called for a countrywide discussion. It is much better if the issue is transparent and debated.”

Pillay also stated that requirement under the Maldivian constitution that all Maldivians be Muslim ”is discriminatory, and does not comply with international standards. I would urge a debate again on the issue to open up entrance of the constitution to all.”

The following day protesters gathered outside the UN building, carrying placards stating “Islam is not a toy”, “Ban UN” and “Flog Pillay”, and called on authorities to arrest the UN High Commissioner.


49 thoughts on “Government expresses concern over protest’s call for “slaughter and murder””

  1. what about all the threats written on islamophobe's websites/ blogs? why isnt the government condeming them? why isnt minivan news writing about it?
    a simple example is that on hilath's blog he has wrote "i will send my friendly drug parteys and will physically harm any mullah who oppose me"

  2. govt, too little too late.
    We will have to pay the price now. GOVT chose to ignore open and very obvious radicalization of religion for all this time.. its time they pay the price for it. Im sad for this, but .... we knew this was coming..

  3. thee afghaanisthaanaa pakistaanun fahaa beyru kohleema raajje araigen ulhey rannamaarinthakeh. insaanunneh noon.

  4. I don't believe that it was a mistake. These people need to be stopped. It's been long overdue. There was a reason why Maumoon did what he did. Mullahs can never be tamed and they are threat to the whole human existence.

  5. The nefarious activities of our governmet, to besmirch the holy warriors of our noble faith, and their admirable goals - shalt be in vain!

    Take heed from the lessons learnt by that most heinous and odious of all men, Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi; who toiled and burdened greatly to besmirch our most illustrious Marja the Ayatu'llah Khomeini, may his name ever be praised!

    Time and time again, it is the secularists that have failed! And though they burden and toil greatly now, to bring the judgement and the calamity of the wrath of Altmighty God upon us all - they shall fail again! And they shalt fail thorougly!

    Our faith is our fortress; an impenetrablae citadel - whose defences, the forces of 'religious tolerance', satanism, homosexuality and the pseudosciences of evolutionism and neurology can never hope to overcome!

    Take heed! Our women shalt remain chaste! And their offspring shalt remain pious!

  6. If minivan news believes that people running a website has to take responsibility for the comments people send to the website, then i believe this website is already guilty of countless threats, intimidations and violations of rules and regulations of maldives.
    The alleged "threat" in was a comment sent by a user and it was prompty taken off once it was notified. This whole thing was blown out of proportion by the islamophobes because they are afraid of the biggest ever demonstration in the history of maldives.
    If the police are launching an investigation i also call them to investigate the threats issued by hilath's blog, comments section of this website and other anti-islam websites.

  7. Very good. Excellent. Now we really see the utter madness of the brainwashed idiots.

    Thank you very much.

    I am sure God himself would be at a loss for actions. How could he take any action? we have a nation who is willing to carry out His actions.

    Sometimes I wonder what we have in our heads. Certainly no brains that we use!

  8. Don't believe we should go to Bush Doctrine of preemptive strike. The agreed it was a mistake, they've erased it.

    Let the protest go on.

  9. Beleive me am a Mohamed , I agree that I don't pry five times a day, am ashamed of it believe me I don't say bismillah when I start eating , am tryin to improve it but also believe me , when something good happens to me or anyone for that matter which I've noticed I do say ' insha Allah' . That's how much Muslim Iam again Iam trying to better. My thoughts are good and bad , my intentions never to hurt a human soul and my words all against these FAKE MULLAHS' . I will believe in Islam and any advice given by my parents which makes sense , for that matter even if it's my past Quran teacher I will beleIve in them. BUT NEVER WILL I GIVE IN TO THESE PATHETIC POLI CRAZY MALDIVIAN MULLAHS EVEN I THEY ASK TO PRAY FIVE TIMES A DAY I WILL NOT. And only because they say so not because I don't beleIve . We know ure FART AGENDAS mr imran and Shaheem ALL U WANT IS CONTROL , and to become the high priest like in IRAN. So On 23rd if theirs the slightest of violence and anyone gets hurt , trust me my Duas against Ures would be more vile. And insha Allah u will find ure peace not violence . And Allah will help the blind into the righteous path.

  10. The event Silent Solidarity movement was by design to flush out these targets (apostates) for the 23rd December. How this was actually started was the Salafists at the Islamic Foundation who played Hilath and his friends, using anonymous facebook profiles to come out and protest. And now when they fell for this and protested, these same Salafists are now planning to kill these guys on the 23rd.

    The underlined political agenda here is that to use this "anti-Islamic rhetoric" against the MDP government, making way for a takeover of the Maldivian leadership by the covert Salafist movement .

    The government should take a hardline stand against the planned protest on the 23rd December. The government should put key extremists like Ibrahim Fauzee and the likes under detention to avoid bloodshed on the 23rd December. What we all have to understand here is that this is a covert coup attempt on this government and it should not be allowed. The international community will understand and support such a stand by the government in the face of overwhelming evidence proving this to be the case here.

    I fully support the forced stoppage of the protest on the 23rd December.

  11. The evidence is overwhelming that this is a coup attempt on the MDP government.

    If you read the list provided by the "23December Movement", you will notice that the list is full of things justifying why extreme Islam should remove this government. The list only points fingers at the MDP government. Please read the list.

    Stupid politicians who are hungry to challenge this government like Gasim Ibrahim, and others are being played for dummies and being involved in this coup attempt planned by the Islamic Foundation and Adhaalath Party.

    The government should take a preemptive stand and round up the people involved in this coup attempt.

  12. Ah, and their true intentions are revealed. Imran and Shaheem are liars. They do want to slaughter anyone and everyone who are against them in the name of Islam. This will not happen. Maldives will not turn into Afghanistan. The mullahs can dream on.

    It's about time the government takes some strict action on these wahhabees before innocent people, women and children have to pay the price in blood.

  13. “These people were persuaded to come out of their closet by the anti Islamic spirit of the government in their continuous actions to constitute the freedom of religion in the Malidves. What is apparent from this sudden out burst from the apostates in the spur of the recent call to annul the shariah punishments by the visiting UN Human Rights Chief and the support of President Nasheed is that the government is striving hard to shatter the Islamic unity of the Maldives,” the press release of Adhaalath Party said."

    this is a lie this whole thing was put to gather by the adhaalath party. the comment above should tell you that this is what its all about. its nothing but lie. they used this to blame the government so that they can use it as an excuse.

    i urge Maldivians to read the article and decide for yourselves. dont fall for their lies.

  14. The more I read about the 23rd December protests, the more I am convinced that this is a coup attempt on this government in the disguise of "protecting Islam".

    The government should arrest the people planning this protest. Their true colours were revealed the minute they launched the website.

  15. honesty is the best policy. there r non muslim maldivians!!
    oppression & violence aint the solution

    time to take down the 100% banner of shame

  16. Too hell with Mullahs and the bloody shit Adhaalath party.
    To tell you the truth I really lost faith in GOD. When I deeply think I come to conclusion that religion is man made stuff.


  17. When someone grows beard thinking it is the god’s order, and imitate 07th century Bedouin, the question raises the sanity of such people. Can we let loose insane and psychopaths. If Anni Government is so weak to cage psychopaths, than it means we are in a state of anarchy. Is it not enough forceful removal of their beards and waterboard these monkeys when they are threatening people to kill.

  18. //they are afraid of the biggest ever demonstration in the history of maldives.//

    Dear MDL


  19. Out side world must take note of these religious fanatics of Adaalath Party, specially our neighbors specially Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Malaysia want be very long before they spill over to these countries to spread hatred.

    I call upon government to ban Adaalath party, they are advocating terrorism hence they are a terrorist organization.

    In the name Islam these people want to terrorize a peace full nation.

    I am beginning to believe these terrorist activities are funded by Gasim Ibrahim (Buruma).

    It time we good Muslims of Maldives wake up and stop these men looking like monkeys from some jungle changing our way of life.

    It has become almost impossible to attend the mosques for prayers in Maldives because of these evil men, either they will tell us to shorten our trousers, elbow us, trample us.

    We must not allow this virus to spread our country any further. All peace loving men of this country must fight this evil.

  20. The Salafis and the adhalath party want us to be the kind of people they want us to be, and to follow the Salafi path in Islam. Any one of us who do not follow their way of being is now being called a Kafir. I am 56 years old, was brought up reading the Quraan twice a day, prayed five times a day and started fasting when I was seven. I completed reading the Quraan three times by the time i was fifteen. I do not drink alcohol. I have not had children as a unmarried mother. I have been in service to my fellow countrymen and women. I take care of my family and have worked hard all my life, have never robbed anyone, killed anyone, or cheated anyone in my life. I am a simple honest woman who believes in Allah and practice Islam. But because I do not wear the hijaab I have been told I am a Kaafir and I have to repent. And I am bad example to women in my country. How dare they call me a Kafir? What gives them the right?

    Who are these people to tell us what we should be and how we should live.

    If this is indeed Islam
    then am I to believe I have been misled in the way I was brought up believing Islam is tolerant, compassionate, wise and for all times. I refuse to believe Islam is this backward rigd sexist and fascist religion. The Salafis and the Adhalath Party is bringing discredit to Islam , alienating young people from Islam and bringing division and dischord in our country.

    There is no right, no wrong way. There is one way the way of the Quraan. It appears the Sunnath as interpreted by the many men who wrote it is taking precedence over the Quraan. This is Shirk. And those who commit Shirk must be punished.

    We fought hard to bring democracy to our country. Are we now to bow down to a group of men and their brainwashed women telling us we have to give up our citizenship and our ways of living or die if we do not live the way they want us to live?

  21. piss off mullahs, seriously, leave the country. times are changing,face it, or get the hell ouy

  22. Next thing you know they will "mistakenly" behead Maldivian apostates.

    "Sorry guys, my knife slipped..."

    @ ainth on Mon, 12th Dec 2011 6:50 PM - As I recall Hilath specifically stated he would only be defending himself against brutal attacks by people like you, not attacking people who oppose him. That's what you do, you're mistaking yourself for Hilath. Can we keep the "mistakes" to a minimum please?

    I think it's admirable Hilath isn't calling for violence even after those religious thugs tried to kill him. It really shows what kind of people are on both sides.

  23. I voted MDP to kick out Maumoon because of his corruption. Now we know Anni was as corrupt as Maumoon. In addition to this Anni is doing everything to bring other religions to the country. I will he choosing between corruption and protection of Islam during 2013 election. Is $800 mil worth to protect Islam? For some yes.

  24. The present Maldivian government have no balls to take actions against the terrorist group called ADHAALATH party and the monkey brain Mullahs.
    President Mohamed Nasheed’s Islamic minister Mullah Majeed is a terrorist too. Why the president created an Islamic ministry is to deceive the ignorent Islanders and to get votes.

  25. The adaalath party is undermining the religion and God.

    They know that their made-up God cannot do anything, hence they need to kill in his name to instill the fear. Fear is the only base of Islam. You know from the banners that were used in the protests recently. 'Islam is not a toy', 'Islam is not easy', 'Islam is fear of hell' etc.

    It is never about kindness, knowledge, health, sharing, helping hands, etc. It never was. How could it be? The first-class, world-reknowned ignorants of the arabian-deserts would not be used as a tool to spread messages, even by a monkey. Let alone God.

  26. The Mullahs is simply fighting for their political survivals. They have spent their whole life learning a useless and outdated crazy thing like religion. The only way for them to be recognized is to use any means to keep their voices live. Their dream is to establish a 07th century caliphate; the only way they can be rulers. This called learned people do not have a slightest idea that they are incarcerated behind the walls of all ignorance. They have no idea what a germ or bacteria is neither they have any ideas what a quantum theory, or law of motion or water cycle. They are so naïve of what geopolitics, human civilization and world history, or Terms like political economy, globalization and human capital are alien words for these monkeys. They have no place in a civilized society so it is utter necessity for them to use their only ability to dupe gullible people, quoting Quran with serene voices. I don’t know how any sane person will ever think to be ruled by such ignorant people.

  27. The fault lies with us all... it is our fault that we let these Extremists grow this large and this fast, we as a people should have known the moment that the Islamic ministry was handed over to them, that they now control the means to reach the masses in this country.

    They are like rats in a sewer, they multiply by the thousands every second, and we saw it coming and we did nothing to stop it then, which makes it harder to stop now, so i say it is our own damn fault that we let it get this far, the thought of Maldivians killing fellow Maldivians is just outrageous.

    We must and i strongly emphasize the the word MUST take action NOW to prevent this coming march and call on the government of this country to STOP these extremists.

  28. Its foolish and stupidity of anyone who has hacked the "". Its not the website that is pulping the rhythm of Maldivians in suport of this "Mass peacefl demonstration/gathering". Its their thoughts, souls and hearts. Who can hack them? It is showing very immature and lack of self-confidence in those who ever are behind this foolish act. Long live " and their demonstration"

  29. The protest is not organised by religious fanatics. But ordinary Maldivians. MDP is trying to put all the blame on Adhaalath Party.But the strength of this protest appears stronger than what Adhaalath Party can organise.

  30. If we all go, we can come back with a few bruises. If only a few of us go, someone will probably die.

    Lets try not to let anyone die for us, so that we can get a bit of religious tolerance. Lets all go and speak for it.

    Not religious freedom, i want religious tolerance.

  31. There is NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION…this is categorically spelt out in Soora Bagara Verse 256.

    One of the fundamental truths established by the sacred texts is that no one can be compelled to accept Islam. It is the duty of Muslims to establish the proof of Islam to the people so that truth can be made clear from falsehood. After that, whoever wishes to accept Islam may do so and whoever wishes to continue upon unbelief may do so. No one should be threatened or harmed in any way if he does not wish to accept Islam.

  32. @Good Maldivian on Tue, 13th Dec 2011 9:02 AM

    Holy cow! You have said it nice and short. Well done!

  33. This really is about a powr struggle, divide and rule. We are being driven deeper and deeper into economic slavery and social chaos

  34. Salfist movements have miserably failed all over the world. Same story goes here. Mullahs have distorted and damaged the image of Islam. Their actions are making people leave Islam.

  35. The Salafs lost to the moderate liberal Muslims in Egypt. They will lose in the Maldives. Its time we united against these 7th century dinosaurs.

  36. And they claim that Islam does not use force? People accept Islam because it's the truth?

    So why exactly do I need a gun in my mouth?

    It must be heart breaking to see some people enjoy a bit of freedom without the fear of fire.

    Yeah, kill 'em all. Allah loves that kinda thing.

  37. Well said,
    Sakeena on Tue, 13th Dec 2011 1:34 AM.

    It is heartening to see women like you speaking up about what these men of ignorance are trying to do to this country and its people.

  38. "When someone grows beard thinking it is the god’s order, and imitate 07th century Bedouin, the question raises the sanity of such people. Can we let loose insane and psychopaths. If Anni Government is so weak to cage psychopaths, than it means we are in a state of anarchy. Is it not enough forceful removal of their beards and waterboard these monkeys when they are threatening people to kill."

    Just listen to yourself!

    Shame on you, the anti-God hatemongers at Minivan. The organizers of the protest did not issue any warnings to kill anyone. A number of messages appeared on their website, and were immediately taken out, and they have explained again and again that it was a mistake, and they did not know how it happened, and that they were looking into the matter.

    Talking of killing, do you really want us to start on the history of killing by Muslims and the Western people? Think twice about it! Do not think that we do not know history and reality.

  39. Just because one is anti-fear does not make one anti-God, dear Ahmed Maajid. Islam itself was a mighty force to elevate many above many fears, tell me, does it co-incide with the deeply JUST and Merciful essence of Islam hat non-Muslims should have to live in fear?

  40. @Ahmed Maajid... I understand you are a great scholar, so I wiill write with full respect. Please try and consider what I am saying.

    Just because one is anti-fear does not make one anti-God, dear Ahmed Maajid. Islam itself IS a mighty force to elevate many above many fears, tell me, does it co-incide with the deeply JUST and Merciful essence of Islam that non-Muslims should have to live in fear?

    I myself became a Muslim after reading the Qur'an in early 2001, before I met a Maldivian. What I experienced in that great book made my heart burn with bitter sorrow for any who feel oppressed, or live in fear. How can you, as an accomplished Alim, not burn with anger that Hilath, or any non Muslim Maldivian bloggers, should live in fear.

    IF any have written against Islam, it is only because, they experience Islam as an oppression, which is not Islamic!

    Once Islam is imposed, through force, onto a non-violent, peaceful, loving person who does not believe in Islam, it is no longer ISLAM. You have created a degraded form of out beautiful Di'n, you have created a monster and called it Islam.

    What these so called anti-Muslim bloggers are reacting to is not hatred of Islam, but hatred of an un-Islamic oppression you call Islam.

    Be true to Islam by not imposing Islam by force and they will not insult Islam. If they do not feel forced into Islam, they may even move nto it by choice.

  41. @Ben
    what we have here is NOT imposing islam by force on anyone, but rather the threat of atheism being forced upon the majority of the population despite their severe objections. Don't you see that?


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