Government plans to sell alcohol at Fuvahmulah city hotel, claims Adhaalath

The government has declared two areas of Fuvahmulah uninhabited islands for airport and tourism development in order to allow the sale of alcohol at a city hotel, yet to be opened on the island, the religiously conservative Adhaalath party has alleged.

President Mohamed Nasheed signed decrees on Friday declaring the “Bilhifeyshi” and “Thoon’du” areas of Fuvahmulah – two strips on opposite ends of the island – as uninhabited islands to be utilised for tourism purposes.

At a press conference yesterday, Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, Adhaalath Party spokesperson, said that the decrees were part of a “Satanic plot” to sidestep legal prohibitions to selling alcohol in inhabited islands.

“We are not opposed at all to building a city hotel for the development of Fuvahmulah,” he said. “But you don’t have to sell alcohol at every city hotel. Adhaalath party sees the declaration of uninhabited islands within Fuvahmulah as an absurd move, as an act of madness.”

The decision was “disrespectful” in light of the public’s opposition to the sale of alcohol in inhabited islands, Shaheem continued, referring to a large demonstration in February 2010 that forced the government to withdraw controversial new regulations that would have allowed sale of alcohol to non-Muslims from city hotels.

Fuvahmulah“If the government wants us to let them hear the voice of the people again, we are ready to do it,” Shaheem said, calling on citizens of Fuvahmulah and the public to “raise your voices against this decision by the government.”

President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair however dismissed Adhaalath’s allegations today as intended to “seek political recognition and cast the government in a bad light.”

Zuhair said the Adhaalath’s claims were “very insincere” as the party did not make any inquiries, request a meeting with the President to express concerns or “even sent a letter to relevant authorities before giving a press conference and making these claims in the media.”

The remarks by Adhaalath leaders were “regrettable,” Zuhair added, as the party remains a coalition partner of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and its senior members included the Minister and State Minister for Islamic Affairs.

Meanwhile at yesterday’s press conference, Adhaalath Party Vice President Dr Mauroof Hussein claimed President Nasheed “pressured” Fuvahmulah councillors to approve a resolution for developing the city hotel.

Dr Mauroof argued that the President’s decree set a disturbing precedent: “Tomorrow they can announce that President Nasheed has decreed the inner walls of Holiday Inn [now Trader’s Hotel] is an uninhabited island. Or the plot west of the army headquarters is an uninhabited island and demolish the Islamic Centre to build a bar there,” he said.

The government was pursuing an agenda to “spread irreligious activities” in the Maldives, Dr Mauroof warned.

Economies of scale

Speaking at a function in Fuvahmulah on Friday, President Nasheed expressed confidence that the construction of an airport in the island would be completed by November 10.

Nasheed said that the government understood the people’s longstanding desire for an airport but insisted that the investment should be sustainable.

In addition to operating costs, said Nasheed, about Rf500,000 would have to be spent “on interest [payments] alone.”

“It is not clear to me that we can recover this money with about 30 people flying to Fuvahmulah from Male’ every week,” he explained. “With development, especially national development, we have to consider that every project has to be sustainable, well-rounded and feasible.”

In order to ensure financial sustainability for the airport, he continued, the government intends to build a tourist hotel in Fuvahmulah in collaboration with a business partner.

“We don’t want to criticise, meddle and try to profit [from the hotel] in Male’,” he said. “When the facilities are used for your development, the whole population of the Maldives will benefit from it. A number of things that can be done to ensure feasibility of the airport can be seen in the environment of Fuvahmulah, in its natural resources.”

President Nasheed said the decision to declare the two areas non-inhabited was made following deliberations by the cabinet and consultation with Fuvahmulah councillors.


30 thoughts on “Government plans to sell alcohol at Fuvahmulah city hotel, claims Adhaalath”

  1. Who is this Adaalath to poke nose in to every affairs in the country. Let the people of that Island decide what they want. If they want to sell alcohol to Tourists, be it that way. Adalath you can go to your paradise with 70 virgins and have decrees with your masters there in your dreamy afterlife. Let the people live their life the way they want

  2. The people of Fuvahmulah are not going to "raise their voices" against a move that will bring them far greater economic prosperity than than has ever existed on that Island Atoll before!

    While the whole system of classifying the atoll into different islands is ludicrousness, it was something that has been established now and this move merely utilizes that in order to create a stronger economy in that region.

    This is the only way to make that investment (the Airport) viable. Not to mention all the employment it will create.

    If the Police is vigilant and comes down hard on any one trying to smuggle alcohol then the situation will be fine. Plus, with 57 intravenous heroin uses found in the last survey, alcohol is really the last thing the authorities there need to worry about causing problems.

    Adhalath is just set on keeping people in the middle ages. On keeping their control and power over people too weak to realize what is best for the nation and our people.

  3. Rumbe where will you be!? In hellfire!? we do not want see you or anyone living their eternal life in the hellfire. Brother there is no end for the life in the hereafter. It is eternal but this life is short. Obey your load. We are here to worship our creator. Worshiping is not only going to Mosque and praying. It is obeying to our creator in every aspects of your life. We are following the truth. Show us one mistake from the quran and the way of our prophet Mohamed (SAW). Everything is out there. Well you can show me some fake saying of prophet but fortunately muslim scholars have found a way to separate fake and real saying of prophet Mohamed. Allah has promised that he will save his book from the hand of evil till the end of this world. As we can there is no change in the quran, now its almost 1400 years. Can you believe it. It is one of the miracle of quran. And there is a lot more.
    About paradise and virgin you will see that within few seconds if Allah wish. Death is the beginning of the real life. We do not know when we will die.
    The only difference between us and animals is the conceptual thinking that Allah given us. Use it. Do not be a fool of devil.

  4. Adhaalath party, Seyku Shaheem and his Mullahs should understand that before developing resorts in Fuvahmulaku people of this island have being brewing illicit liquors and drinking the stuff.

  5. Dhondgeena, sorry brother I am not interested to have 70 virgins after I die, to be frank, for me it is a curse to have so many virgins than a blessing, I don’t have that much desire for sex. On the hand I have lived enough and do not want live again for ever. I know how difficult it is to live forever. Let me live my material life and enjoy it in this material world in which I am part of it till my death. I don’t need after life. If creator created me to give eternal life with unending enjoyment with women and wine, sorry, this is not for me, I hate such creator who created me to give me what I don’t need. My creator created me to live and let others live so that his creation can be sustained. I am no different than any animal, raindrop, clouds, sea, tree or anything that is part of this world without them the creator cannot sustain his creation.

  6. @Rumbe.


    @Dhondheena. Let me go further. I would even offer my place, my family's place and our grand children's place in heaven for others. Please take all that you want. With 5 boys in family, you can have all 350 virgins (70x5) and alcohol you would ever want.

    All I ask is, don't tell me or my family, what you believe in, how we should behave, what we should do. I think this is a very good deal. in favor of you.

  7. @ Rambe
    Sex is not only the thing that make us happy. U are really concerned about this virgin thing. Arnt you..!!? To live forever is a difficult thing..!!!??? How do u know that..!? Ar u sure..!!???
    U are a very narrow minded guy. U do not want live after you die, unfortunately you have to. U do not have any choice. You must be one of the evolved guys. Monkys got smarter...!!!???
    @ Zila
    I do not need anything from you. My creator will give me what ever i like. I do not want to go to hell with you. It is my job to tell you the truth. So i am doing my job. If you do not like what we are doing go from here. Give a call UK embassy. And if you want to stay here in dhivehi they called HAJJAM it.
    I heard you guys saying that democracy goes with the majority. We have the majority.

  8. Dear Dondheena,
    IF you don’t have a choice it doesn’t mean that I also don’t have choice. I think monkeys have less choices same as you because of their brain deficiency which gives them fewer choices. You have narrowed down your mind to a level that you don’t have any choice and became a salve of imaginary creator. Now tell me who is narrow- minded. You even don’t have any power on your brain to think on your own, your brain is so much corrupted that you don’t even have a power to question on any doubt on irrational things that your belief system teaches you. I am sure you will have same doubt as me on how belief systems have answers to our nature but you cannot question due to your narrow-mindedness. A free man always has broader mind than a salve so your implication is totally wrong.
    The difference between you and me is you cannot question to clarify your doubts but I can and both of us have same doubts. You are a salve you can’t question on the authority of what you been indoctrinated I am free man I can question and can oppose anything that doesn’t seems rational.

  9. Things are going to get progressively worse now, with the new Progressives in town.

    Didn't Gayoom say Adhaalath and he are on the same ideological path now?

    We are going to see a competition of who is more 'Islamic' than the other for the next two years - by which time we would have long become Maldivistan.

    Thank you, dear leaders. For giving us hell on earth so you can have your 72 virgins & nubile young men in the next world.

  10. @ Dhondheenaa

    "Monkys got smarter…!!!???" Maybe they did, but not you.

    If your creator can give you anything, why not ask him for a dictionary?

  11. The party who cried wolf. All Adhaalath can do is threaten to leave the coalition, does not have the guts to follow it through.

  12. Majority of the Maldivians who are weaker in their faith are already drinking openly, sitting in the bars here in the Maldives and outside Maldives also during on the flights.

    That's why Islam has instructed Muslims not to force to make people muslims but to teach the people, to preach so that the Message of Allah SWT reaches all Humanity... Do you guys, the Adhaalath doing that? Is that because you have no freedom to do that you are not doing it, instead you guys are running behind the country's Qaaroons promoting their PROPAGANDA???

    Don't you know you guys have a duty to teach the people of the Maldives how to preach (Bil H'ikmathi) wisely. Don't you know preaching is compulsory for every Muslim man and woman?

    Why are you keeping silent when it's time for you to promote the methodology of preaching in a modern way so that it shall fit for today's youth

    If you fail to carry on such duties, please keep shut your mouths!!!! And carry on your begging projects like what you all have been doing abroad in the name of running Islamic organizations. Shame on you guys!!!

    As you understand that our Islamic teaching books lack information and our teachers are not fit for teaching today's students, what did you do to solve the problem??? Did you write textbooks so that the Maldivians shall choose those books? Did you bring some model teachers so that the Maldivians shall see the DIFFERENCE?

  13. @One commentator (with respect), what economic benefit can be brought merely by calling a part of it an uninhabited island. If the ruler want let him just declare whatever activity he wants to do. Its illogical to call an inhabited island an uninhabited island even if its a part of it (it could have been sensible if it was called an uninhabited avah or ward). We cant call of a sudden call a man a woman and assume "she" will get menstruation. Quran says Allah do not change the conditions of the people unless they give an effort to change themselves. It is not necessary to always be in the narrowmindedneess to believe sale of alcohol is necessary in tourism. Humanbeings just dont know the future and relies on their assumptions.

  14. The mad dog Seyku Shaheem admitted that Adhaalath party has no political clout to challenge MDP’s policies and he is hinting that Adhaalath party may collaborate with dictator, tyrant general Golhabo’s party. Shame on these Mullahs, the only thing that they really wish is political power to rule and force people to obey to their ways. In this case Allah is the last thing on their mind!

  15. @Rambe
    I have got all the answers to my question from quran and sunnah of our prophet i do not have any doubts. I am 100% sure that quran is the truth. There is nothing else to believe in this world. Show me one mistake from the quran.

  16. Dhondheena,
    I think you made it VERY clear (and sound a bit insecure in it) what you believe in and what - in your opinion - you think is the truth, but you have to understand that there are people who do not share your views, who enjoy the beauty of the existing life because they do not fear an afterlife, who would be happy not to have the afterlife that you think you will enter into.

  17. Although it is a bit lame to declare areas of an island "uninhabited islands", I still don't understand the problem in selling alcohol to non-muslim foreigners.

    We are doing this in the whole country and earn from it, why not in city hotels?

    I don't get it why Adhaalath has to comment on that at all.

  18. People are forced to act like what Muslims are supposed to act like. You get punished if you didn't follow these rules. What kind of a religion is that?

    I thought religion was about believing in something, having faith in something and following what you believe to be right.

    Why is there a need for us to be labelled Muslims even though we don't believe?

  19. "President Mohamed Nasheed signed decrees on Friday declaring the “Bilhifeyshi” and “Thoon’du” areas of Fuvahmulah – two strips on opposite ends of the island – as uninhabited islands to be utilised for tourism purposes."

    Can this only mean that it was only done for paving way for the sale of liquor in inhabited islands?

    Can it not mean anything else?

    Fuvahmulah is know for its natural beauties.

    Can not the visitors enjoy these beauties of nature without drowning themselves in that forbidden substance for a change?

    This is outrageously ridiculous!

  20. this whole project is another half-baked theory of some nobody. just because there are 2 city hotels in foa mulah, guests will not pour in to fill the rooms. tourism is a tough sell with so much competition and so much to choose from in our country. so thinking that two resorts will develop foa mulah and provide lots of jobs to locals is a day dream. addu also has two resorts, but how much of development it brought? how many locals are employed in those places?

  21. @ musa Ibrahim, I believe when people are developing tourist facilities they have definite concept and a marketing strategies. Regarding developing city hotels in foa mullah, I believe the idea is good and there will not be many problems to market these (two) resorts since the Island is situated in a unique location and have rather unique physical tropical Island feature.
    Regarding Addu city, you have to understand that the area have been neglected since the Brits left. The airport is getting upgraded and the companies who invest in tourism sector will promote the Addu and it will be one of best tourist area in the Maldives. I foresee the Yankees in Diego Garcia and Chagos will visit Addu for weekends in future.

  22. @Aishath, have you ever seen rihaakuru or killi being sold to Maldivians in any country you have visited by a foreigner? Whey not they do it to be hospitable to us? Arent we any less important as humans? On the other hand they may say its silly for us to have such expectionns. And the Maldives themselves often actually like to have a different experience, such as a bite at famous food chain eating a burger or the like. So when tourists come here do they really expect alcohol must be sold to them by a Muslim Maldivian who dont drink because he considers it prohibited in his religion. The situation in Maldives is different compared to many other countries (such as Malaysia for instance) where non muslims have been living for centuries. The situation in Maldives has also changed with young Maldivians listening to rock music (with ugly lyrics such as "loosing my relgion" of REM, and metalica and red hot chilli peppers and gradually being brainwashed and finally tend towards atheism even in Maldives among some youth. Unfortunately they take these musicians as rold model when these musicians have miserable lives such as suicide and drugs etc. Perhaps some of these Maldivians may want to take the opportunity to sell alcohol and become rich and rich, cos for them perhaps the philosophy is like Aleister Crowley's philophsy "Do Thou Wilt" (or do what you want) while they are here in this earth.

  23. Dear Mohamed,
    I am sure that if there is high demand for Rihaakuru and Killi abroad, people would sell it there too. But that's local food that kess than 300.000 people eat.

    Alcohol, on the other hand, is consumed by millions of people worldwide and you can make good money out of it, even if you don't consume it yourself. I don't see anything wrong in it.

    If you think it's rock music that makes young Maldivians abandon their religion, I think you are wrong. Please ask any Maldivian atheist if music was the reason for his/her conversion.

  24. I am challenging Adaalath to leave the Government and join forces with the party of Dictator Gayoom.
    The quicker they do so the better for Maldives.

  25. @hassan ahmed, You really don't know much about resort developers if you think that all of them have a solid plan when they talk about building a resort. Having worked on the developmental side of the industry, I can assure you that most of them have a very vague idea about what they want, and a lot of it comes down to their own fancies and repetition of a tried and tested formula, which is why the old adage of "seen one, seen them all" applies almost perfectly to our resort industry. Not a single resort in this country has been developed to uniquely identify itself based on the culture or history of Maldives, nor really to distinguish itself from others. And even services are more or less the same as well. So just becos someone builds a city hotel or a resort or whatever in FM, it really doesn't mean that tourists will start pouring in, even with the fact that FM is the most geographically unique island in the Maldives. A lot has to do with what I stated above, and in no small part a lot has also to do with the fact that Maldives has truly reached a saturation point with so many resorts offering the same thing. If the government were to really look into development, we'd be better off with diversification of our economy into other viable factors such as healthcare or software development. And before you say it, yes, I know Maldives has few resources, but that's another reason to open up our borders and economy more to the world through less stricter immigration and residency laws, and more well rounded and firm property and personal rights and investment protection laws. But that's a whole other topic right there, so I'll just sign off now. Cheers.

  26. I see a lot of complaining in here regarding Muslims drinking. I've seen many Muslims and MALDIVIANS for that matter, drinking it up and partying like rock stars while traveling abroad (casinos, night clubs, strip clubs etc.) Why would a religion or a political party - in this case very much the same - try to hold the will of the individual down and force something they don't believe in? It just doesn't make sense.


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