Hanaa and Murrath sentenced to death for Najeeb’s murder

The young couple charged with the murder of lawyer Ahmed Najeeb were on Thursday sentenced to death by the Criminal Court.

However the government said it expects both verdicts to be commuted to life imprisonment pending the outcome of a cabinet consultation.

Ahmed Murrath, 29, and his girlfriend Fathimath Hana, 18, were arrested and charged with Najeeb’s murder after his body was discovered by police at Maafanu Masroora house, (Murrath’s residence) in early evening of July 1. The body was stuffed inside a dustbin, badly beaten up and with multiple stab wounds.

The judge noted that the decision for death penalty comes following the pair’s confession in court and the statement from all eight heirs of Najeeb requesting for qisas (equal retaliation) – the death penalty – instead of accepting the alternative, blood money.

Murrath, who has previous criminal records, confessed to killing Najeeb out of anger and under the influence of drugs, alleging  the lawyer attempted to sexually assault his 18 year-old girlfriend while he was at Masroora House.

The court heard that Najeeb visited Masroora House on June 30 to provide legal counsel on a case related to cash missing from Murrath’s mother’s account and the issue of dividing the house.

Murrath said that he tied Najeeb to a chair, gagged him and taped his hands, feet and face while threatening him with a four-inch knife he brought from the kitchen. He said that his girlfriend Hanaa had no role in it and was sleeping while he killed the lawyer between 6:00am and 7:00am during the morning of July 1.

Hanaa however had confessed in court of “helping” to tape and bind the victim to the chair. She did not confess to killing him and said at the time she was sleeping, intoxicated from drinking alcohol.

The judge however noted that the confessions given by Hanaa and Murrath to the police investigators reveal that the pair together schemed to suffocate the victim to death irrespective of whether he had sexually assaulted her or not, because they wanted to steal money from him.

Even though Hanaa had not confessed to killing Najeeb, the judge concluded that she has to bear full responsibility for the murder as Najeeb was incapacitated from defending his life because she helped bind him to the chair.

This is the first conviction for the teenage girl from Rihaab house in Goidshoo island of Shaviyani Atoll, while it is the 15th criminal offense proved against her boyfriend. He has a 18 year jail sentence of which he had completed only three years. His offences included theft, assault, drug use, and breaking out of prison.

He was released last year under the government’s Second Chance program for drug offenders.  The programme was recently criticised by Home Minister Dr Ahmed Jameel over claims that it released prisoners, held in certain cases for committing serious crimes, for political purposes.

Commuted sentence

In addressing the sentences given to the pair by the court, the government said today that President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan would be consulting with his cabinet and Attorney General Aishath Azima Shakoor over the verdicts. In previous cases where the death sentence had been favoured by the country’s courts over the past 60 years, the state has itself intervened to commute such verdicts to life imprisonment (25 years) instead.

President’s Office Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza said that while consultations on the matter would be held, he did not expect a “departure” from the long-standing state policy of commuting death sentences to life imprisonment.

“There has been pressure from certain groups to uphold death sentences, but I do not think these calls are in line with the will of the Maldivian people,” he said. “The president will also have to look into our obligations under the various international treaties we have signed.”

Just this week, the UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) asked the Maldivian state to enact legislation to officially abolish the death penalty as part of a wider review of human rights commitments in the nation.

“The state itself has admitted that capital punishment does not deter crime,” the statement noted.

Parliament review

Despite such calls by organisations like the UNHRC, a motion related to the death penalty is currently being reviewed by the parliament which, if passed, will make the enforcement of the capital punishment mandatory in the event it is upheld by the Supreme Court, halting the current practice of the President commuting such sentences to life imprisonment.

Earlier this month, Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz said the death penalty could be executed within the existing justice system of the Maldives.

Following the murder of Najeeb, the chief justice told local media that Maldives legal system, being based on  Islamic Sharia, allows the death penalty to be implemented.

Following Najeeb’s murder – the seventh  homicide recorded this year alone – Home Minister Jameel and Attorney General Aishath Azima Shakoor, as well as and other prominent lawyers and lawmakers, have publicly endorsed their support for implementing capital punishment to deter increasing crime rates.


47 thoughts on “Hanaa and Murrath sentenced to death for Najeeb’s murder”

  1. why not other murderes... this is so biased.. the judiciary is biased.. there have been many other cruel murders of children and elderly people in the last several years... we need to get rid of our judiciary altogether if all they do is take hefty salaries from the state coffers and only work fairly when when one of them is hurt...

  2. this is a start, hoping the remaining murderers also get their due

  3. This is excellent. The police did their job, the courts did their job.

    Now is the high and almighty parliamentarians test. Do they have enough backbone to uphold what they go ranting on. Islamic principles.

    I dare say they do not have what it takes. All the hoohaa

  4. When President Nasheed said(in an earlier speach while in office) that the Maldivian citizens do not want to see execution of death penalty, chopping of hands etc prescribed in Sharia implemented in the country, he was labled as a irreligious needed to be ousted for alleged mockery of Islam. Read the satement from abbas Riza''consultations on the matter would be held, I do not expect a “departure” from the long-standing state policy of commuting death sentences to life imprisonment.

    “There has been pressure from certain groups to uphold death sentences, but I do not think these calls are in line with the will of the Maldivian people,” “The president will also have to look into our obligations under the various international treaties we have signed.”
    Isn't that what president Nasheed was saying all along?

  5. Death sentence handed to Hana is questionable. Reports say that she was asleep and under influence of alcohol when murder took place. The other thing is that Najeeb has been accused of having sexually "assaulted" Hana.

    If this couple is executed, Quruanic law should be applied for criminal offenders code including amputations of thieves.

  6. The Junta police have sighed with relief to have solved a murder case and the crocodile court judges must be smoking biddies in every corner of the crowded capital with half brained zombies to boast for their achievements. The most difficult case ever solved by the Junta police, this is also when a psychopath drug addict has confessed his crime who may be contemplating a suicide. The other notorious cases they have solved is by planting evidence by junta itself like putting drugs in to pockets of individuals or hiding condoms and wine bottled for conspiracy cases. The half of county men are hailing for the verdict and calling to carry out the sentence in a market place with boduberu dancing followed by grand celebration for the success of the banana republic in its history. The rest of murderers who may be more violent and dangerous are loose, because there is no confession by these murderers, and the junta police are incapable to investigate those cases by collecting evidence. Probably the dictator was right to have a tight control on this zombie population so they could have not spoken out their crazy thoughts and we could not have evaluated how crazy this banana republic is.

  7. Well said ibu, Maldives is not an environment conducive to democracy. Dictator Maumoonu is what the maldivian baboons deserve!

  8. Amazing that a verdict can be passed within 19 days of an offence being committed without correct due process of law being followed. A confession is not a reason for a guilty verdict, hard evidence including forensic casework that a trained judge can understand forms the basis of deciding a verdict. I suspect that a person involved in drug abuse isn't of sound mind to be judged on a confession alone, but may have mental issues arising from substance abuse. I would also question the means of how a confession was obtained as very often abusers don't recall the events of their actions, but may be convinced by pressure to believe they committed the offence. A full medical evaulation of the state of mind of the defendants in no way could have been carried out in such a short period of time given, which highlights a mis-carriage of justice that may result in the deaths of 2 individuals whom may actual be not guilty of murder if a proper investigation was carried out. For all you who are about to reply or say justice has been done, put yourselves in their position facing a murder charge and ask if you believe 19 days is enough to present a case for a defence, after all your life depends on it.

  9. Death Penalty ONLY, if yu kill a judge or lawye ????
    The police have killed in jail & proven video & etc
    Why Released

  10. The current govt is very quiet about carrying out the death sentence most probably because of the international pressure (all of the experts at the UN human rights commission were very concerned and angry regarding the implementation of the death penalty though it was just a suggestion)that they would face.

    even if the court carried out the due sentence it will only become the 25 year life imprisonment.no doubt about that. and now what gibberish is Abbas Adil Riza talking about ??

    it's difficult to understand why the UNHRC (with all the fake experts)claims to protect human lives and rights.
    why can't they consider the rights of NAjeeb and his family.

    why does a muslim nation become extreme and violating rights if they carry out the death penalty? We all know the Americans carry out such sentences

    and how do we know that capital punishment does not deter crime in such an instance where it's not even carried out. the Sharia Law that Maldives have is just for a name, nobody respects it and abide by it.

    capital punishment does deter crime rate. look at the law Malaysia has for people importing drugs and which country has the lowest crime rate, all of us know the situation at Mecca where shopkeepers keep their products outside.

    UNHRC is so biased and corrupted.

  11. since my earlier comment was not published by Minivan, let me keep it short:
    this whole thing reminds me of George Carlin's words on capital punishments and balancing the stupid budget.


  12. Well why is the police not revealing the information and the role of the third suspect ???? They did arrest a third suspect couple days back and did not divulge his details. Was he the master mind ? Who is he ? Was he sent there by the government knowing that Najeeb will be going to that house ?

  13. Agree earthling. No one could disagree with George Carlin. He is a free thinker a world have never seen. I was just watching religion is bullshit by George Carlin. LOL


  14. Great!!

    Kill them and kill them in public and kill them in all such instances !! If not deference, at least society will be free of 2 less murderers !!

    Funny how UNHRC is demanding abolishing death sentence in proxy little Maldives while the mighty bastion of democracy and human rights the US does it day in day out...! 

    It's foolish liberals like Abbas who are responsible for lovey dovey governments soft on criminals and hard on victims!!

    Shame on the government if it commutes the sentences !!

  15. So are they going to be executed at Jumhooree Maidhaan with a large crowd watching? They can sell tickets and contribute it to building more mosques.

    Maybe afterwards, we can start stoning women in Galolhu Dhandu as well.

  16. Utterly NONSENSE, and shame to the judiciary, the police and a few of you excited over such a decision.

    It is surely a one way issue. Do we really know the murdered victim well? The stories are out, facts are out about Najeebs 'other' side of life. If you need dig deeper, I will assist you.

    Find out why he was banished at one time of his life and then you can start building the blocks on the truth...there is so much s%*t that goes on in Justice dept. that qualifies most of the lawyers as people with blood on their hands in addition to too much corruption!

    May he rest in peace, but why should we execute the murderers without proper investigation? Many have died and nothing happened.

    Corrupted, judiciary system!

  17. @ LOL
    Hmmm, as you are so hung up on this Carlin guy, had a look at his shows and

    was not surprised on what came up.

    want to know the words which came up on his history the most;

    CLASS CLOWN(he himself was the clown),

    orphaned; mother brought him up but had a difficult relationship with her so ran away from home,TSK TSK. WHAT A WAY TO TREAT YOUR OWN MOTHER

    comedian, (often had jokes that promoted the desire to escalate in severity issues like suicide, natural disasters, cannibalism and so forth;PSYCHOLOGICALLY RETARDED)

    disc jockey,
    court martialed, disciplinary punishments,(labelled as UNPRODUCTIVE airman by superiors)

    filthy words (FIRED FROM HIS POSITION AT mgm FOR INSULTING HIS OWN AUDIENCE; my, what a gamaaru bunch of people)

    heart failure(had his first heart attack when his career was high,(NO JOKES ABOUT HIS OWN CONDITION AGAIN TSK TSK
    my, my, what happened to the so called great American people's brain to listen to this addict who bashes his own country men; so much for American patriotism

    SO LOL, the conclusion that i reached by listening and reading about your dumb CARLIN (by the way he's in his grave now)is; a psychologically retarded, disease ridden poor old fraudulent man who sadly, is too envious of the happiness other people have!!

    God, i hope LOL does'nt become him kekeke

  18. @RecylceBra

    You must be from Afghanistan, maybe a terrorist too...go back to the mountains where you execute fellow muslims in public like chicken.

    People like you should be caged or our children would never be free.....appreciate life moron, not abuse it!

  19. @ Editor
    Its a fact what I wrote and you didnt publish. Take sometime and investigate the story and you will find a darkside of life that will change your thinking about the murder.

    Or read it shortly...somehow the story will be out in public. I and many others cannot let power kill justice...and justice is to have a proper investigation...

  20. The guy was banished due to women issues...he lived a door next to mine, somewhere in a corner of Maafannu just near SHE building.

    Find out the truth and save two lives that committed a murder caused by the victim himself.

    We need justice for all.

  21. so LOL,
    use your brain and

    don't be a pessimistic, pathetic dork
    be an optimistic, self respecting soul
    get it???!!!!

  22. The resort-owners, Masters, run the country, not the politicians. They use the religion (Islam) as they fundamental tool to manage and ensure obedience of the public, so that they can become more richer. Masters pay and fund the pawns, the politicians, to be their front face.

    This is a dilemma. If death penalty is carried out, it will be bad for the tourism. So, the 'Masters' would not want that. On the other hand, they have their main sword, the 'Islamic Tool', which they had successfully used to exploit and throw out the democratically elected government, ranting to execute the criminal as per Bedouin desert law. The law of a hallucinating, camel herder, suffering from multiple personality disorder.

    What do we do? Simple. Masters win. The public are stupid, idiotic and cannot do a damn thing. There will not be any executions, and in this case, they will prove it right out of the book.

  23. Murderers and murder attempts must not be given any chance to live because the right to live is for those who let live others - Dr Wahittey, the Kaalhu

  24. The 2 Powers that helped Dr Waheed ousting the Maldivian elected President on February 7th was the Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz and Head of the Majlis Abdulla Shahid............Indeed, Dr Hassan, Thasmeen, Yaamy-Gayyoom and Qasim were really thirsty for this February 7th as these Dirtiest Guys were telling to their friends about this day long before that happened on February 7th

  25. The Constitution of the Republic of Maldives is blatantly against Islam and all it stands for.

    Religious freedom is mandatory, in Islam. It's Allah's word that was written in the Quran.

  26. @Impartial Comments on Sat, 21st Jul 2012 11:20 AM

    Religious Freedom is mandatory? Wow, half the population would switch over, given the chance.

    While the competitor speaks of peace and wine, Islam takes the sword and slices all opponents. For sure, a big percentage of the younger population would switch without a second thought.

  27. @Shimy

    Well done! I bet you are very proud! Now, excuse me while I go chop off limbs for theft and stone women for adultery. I'm sure I have your approval in this matter.

  28. My whole life isn't based on a Comedian. In fact you don't really know nothing about me.

    What I don't understand is why anyone would take a comedy too seriously in the first place. LOL> you are supposed to watch it laugh and think. I think I am someone with critical thinking, educated and a lot more intelligent than you!

    Its a fact that religion is bulls&*t and I can't help it Ill just be a bit a head than your time.

  29. And BTW he is not just a stand up comedian. People hate him because he was trying to give a message through comedies. Why you never mention that he was as an actor, social critic, satirist and an author? who won five grammy awards second in 100 greatest stand up comedian of all time. You see its your rational thoughts made you to look up the "bad habbits" of a person like all others have. If I look up the good things I can fill a full page! So who is dumb ?

  30. @LOL

    so fill up the whole page, where is it??

    Actor, satirist, and author who wants to brainwash people to think that life is bullshit and monkey shit??? give me a break will ya??!!!

    give the all mighty evil Americans to produce awards to such foolish and mentally retarded people! lady GAGA is one of them she looks like the devil don't you think? even the Americans( people who have brains curses her)

    then you go ranting "rational thoughts", i definitely think i have this it's the question whether you have it or not?
    how can one rationalize things when one does not believe in the events of the planet(and then thinks the whole world is full of comedians)

    BTW i am aware that it was the Americans who created the Taliban to attack Russia and am aware that they will go to an extent to defend their state if it requires shooting small children in the head? and burning the Quran(and then declare the soldier who shot the people mentally retarded kkekeke)I HAV'NT SEEN RATIONAL MUSLIMS BURNING OTHER PEOPLES HOLY BOOKS

    by creating the Taliban, America got into such a mess that they couldn't get out and now all the blame is on religion and Islam!!!

    and i am also aware that there is a bunch of atheists and apostates in britain who wants the british muslims to evacuate their homes (the atheists are so dumb to understand that the people were real britons and not some immigrated party)

    and i am also aware that the british created the whole mess in pakistan and india in their colonial era so that the poor people of the two nations wont benefit from their own land( the arrogant stupid queen(a dictator herself), resides in her own thrown with jewels and stones stolen from the poor people of Asia)

    i am also aware that there was a mass killing in Norway last year because the murderer thought that Muslims and Islam were dominating them and he just couldn't resist this?(he's still in jail and the jury is rationalizing him??
    rationalizing a psychopathic killer?? how dumb!

    and then your Carlin guy makes all of these into dirty jokes of the day? when he makes jokes and insults his own audience by shouting out gross and filth, then the audience gives him awards and certificates????? how rational can you get!!!!!!!????for those of you who use their brains can only understand.


  31. @LOL
    in fact i took the comedian seriously because you were so hung up on him!every comment you made always reflected dumb Carlin's view
    so, now why the resentment????
    or is it that you consciously do not understand how much he has influenced you
    get a life will ya?!!!

  32. A good start and please proceed as fast as possible before the power and money comes over to this case and vanished .!!!

    And then Kill them in public as others can atleast learn from it as what Saudi Arabia does.!!

  33. @shimy
    carlin was a better human than any of the politicians and businessmen could ever be. Carlin was not just a stand-up comedian, like bill hicks and other observational comedians, is so much more of social scientists id say.
    People dont like him, because he tells the truth. about violence as well. he digs deep in to human subconscious need for violence which is obvious in everyday life and jest on the fact how humans fool themselves, like what you are doing right now.
    Yes he had a rough childhood and that is exactly what molded that personality. we are all products of our time and what happens to us. We dont chose to be the one's we are.
    for someone who JUST googled Carlin, you are extremely judgmental. a better person would read his material, watch his shows and other interviews before passing on judgements.

  34. @ earthling and LOL,

    my, getting support from a worthy subordinate eh, LOL

    for your information, i do not, i repeat i do not want to read dumb Carlins view on life because he himself, shouts gross and insults his own audience. how crazy can you get??!!
    i don't want to be responsible for my own idiotic actions like you two

    i think i have better things to watch and read

    and how ironic, you yourself is agreeing on people hating him

    and what kind of education did he have to dig deep into human subconscious(god, i don't want the crazy retard to dig deep into my conscious but sadly he has done both of you kekeke

    it's a fact that humans do evil things but that doesnt mean that you can do what ever you want and get away with it

    BTW how do you know that he's telling the truth. which facts have you observed and investigated and how many people believe him(and i mean, not the crazy bunch in America who rants for freedom in every gross little thing)

    Gosh, who's fooling who here???

  35. How many children has lost their lives in this country why this time so hurry for justice are they not humans they have been killed openly and many are innocent , why Najeeb he tried to abuse that girl dirty minded if you go to drug addicts and try to have affairs thats a very silly mistake
    we all need justice so many has been killed poor and very poor people lost their children and many innocent has been victims
    but you all media talks about Najeeb this is ridiculous

  36. whenever an ordinary guy is murdered it takes years for the verdict
    in this case that girl should not be getting the death penalty cos she was asleep when the guy killed najeeb and their was a third arrest also but how come in a hurry the verdict came
    this verdict is like MDP demonstrators verdict their is no trial but verdict
    it seems the courts are abdulla gazes private property but when the nation tuns agains you they will bring true justice even for gazes

  37. People like you are just arrogant. It doesn't matter if you want to watch or not. No one is forcing you to watch it. Or to read my comments here. You don't have to. You don't have to read!!





  38. shimy, life is beautiful and the planet is fine, but the people are f***** as carlin would say. i dont care for carlin as person, but the ideas he had and what he spoke were prophetic;-)(Now you are really going to bash me, arnt you?).
    i dont know if its just me, but i think you almost reflect the plight of our society in person.the reluctance to accept anything remotely different from your point of view, your pre-conceived idea of what is right and wrong, good and bad.

    "it’s a fact that humans do evil things but that doesnt mean that you can do what ever you want and get away with it"
    i agree and how do you propose to tackle this issue? beheadings? it does not work. first you need a clean justice system. even if you execute the real culprit what assurance you have the next person to commit murder is not going to do just that. they are not afraid to die.
    before you implement harsher punishments, perhaps the resources needs to utilize to get to the bottom of the problem in our society. education, housing, wealth gaps, social classes, crack epidemic, corrupt political games, religious fanaticism etc. when those are improved, you'll see far less of evil and you'll see more good in society. people are not born evil, although some have genetic propensity to certain traits, it generally is triggered by the environemtn that he/she lives. Maldives currently is a decaying society & everyone's basic instinct being survival, you see a lot of evil here. ironic isnt it all the while claiming to be the pious of the pious and smartest of the smarts.

  39. @lol and earthling,

    my, my, making Carlin the Alcohol Addict a prophet eh,
    and sorry for bashing up your carlin guy but the way he talks about religion being bullshit and mocking all the people believing in a religion is just too absurd for me.

    if you are talking about respecting freedom than you have to respect the freedom of people embracing a religion. isn't that the rational thing to do and not shout out filth and gross

    LOL, your thoughts and my thoughts are very different and i respect that but if you had given me the chance to delve in a more believable and a more educated persons thought of view, i would have considered it

    and it's a shame that you respect all other religions but Islam
    for your information islam is not the only religion claiming to be the one and all but all other religions are too

    for me Islam is the most believable religion and i do believe that there is only one god. otherwise there would be contradictions and different thoughts of views between gods like the both of us commenting here

    if you are claiming that god does not exist, how can you explain all the things around you (sun, moon, clouds, trees, humans, animals our universe and the things beyond it, etc)infact the quran says humans will conquer a hint of the knowledge that god has, and up until now humans do not know how to overcome a little cold called influenza, let alone the universe and the things beyond it.

    if Carlin is such a great and strong guy why couldn't he stop his addiction
    why couldn't he restrain his heart attacks and his depression or is he claiming that alcohol is good although the whole humanity knows that it only diseases your body.

    with his condition and because of his depression Carlin forced and brainwashed others into believing that there is no god and that humanity has no hope

    thanks for believing in something i said but there you are, telling yourself how to save humanity, create a clean justice system and where did we get this justice from, religion, because there are so many facts in the history of humanity which gives weight to this thought


    you are right in saying that we cannot implement harsher punishments at the moment but when did we ever have harsh punishments that reflects the Sharia law, not in the history of Maldives. you have to consider the human rights violation bullshit also according to the western house of thoughts but the rights act never give any consideration to the victim or to the victims family or to a poor old mans saving for the whole year. these human rights activists by saying that you can't cut off a hand or a limb never ponder upon the hardships of a person who tries to maintain his family with the little money he gets. for example:by stealing money from a poor old man, how many is affected, how many people get the brunt of it. that's why the sharia law has such and such punishments considering the impact of the situation.

    i am not a proud and arrogant person and i would not want to be one

    but it's the fact that some humans are too arrogant to believe that there is a being much powerful than themselves

    no wonder god has 1000 of years ago implied this in the quran so i don't blame you


  40. Shimy

    The universe have more than 500 billion galaxies our galaxie alone have 400 billion stars in each star say there is in an average 10 planets. So what are the odds that the life on this earth is the only life in the universe and some humans explained everything about life without no knowlege in science a 1000 years ago when we humans have been in this earth for more than a 100 000 years?

    God has never left any physical evidence of his existence on earth. All gods were imaginary. God has never spoken to modern man, Which is not explainable in any religion. YOU CANNOT QUESTION. The Quran we have is provably incorrect and is obviously the work of PRIMITIVE men rather than God. And by the way have a look on Laws of physics and Laws of universe to know why everthing around me is working as it is.

    I imagine you with e beard :p

  41. Hehe! Please don’t imagine me with a beard, that would look absurd on a woman and pls don’t discriminate people with beards cause your lovely Carlin also had one so don’t be hypocritical 😉

    “So what are the odds that the life on this earth is the only life in the universe and some humans explained everything ... 100 000 years?
    God, this is what I want you to understand, we humans are so puny and incompetent to reflect upon the universe we can only make guesses and assumptions and only touch on the things that is physically present within our reach.

    Some humans (by which you mean the prophets) did explain a lot of things to mankind but keep in mind; they just brought the message of GOD through QURAN (and other books of religion which came before islam like gospel).

    I RECKON YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT THERE WERE OTHER RELIGIONS GLORIFYING ALLAH BEFORE ISLAM, SO WHY DON’T YOU REFRESH YOUR MIND ON THAT!! So as there were other religions people would have been living 100000 years ago.
    Yes, Quran came about 1400 or something years ago but it was revealed in a time of darkness.
    It’s sole purpose was to enlighten the souls of people

    Islam says that prophets only delivered the message of god thus is very believable because other religions like Hinduism and Christianity simply makes the person who delivered the message, into GOD

    “God has never left any physical evidence of his existence on earth”
    If this is the case then how do you explain the whole universe, humans themselves; what I know is that I can’t create anything even close to a human living being, let alone the earth and everything living on it!

    Your comment here is like saying that for example; energy or gravity is nonexistent. As you do not see both of this, you dismiss the thought that it really exists. Please don’t be ignorant like the medieval people of the bygone era. Now is the time of discovery and science, don’t you think!!!
    “ The Quran we have is provably incorrect and is obviously the work of PRIMITIVE men...know why everthing around me is working as it is”

    The Quran says it is there for the people who think so I am assuming that you did not read the Quran.
    If the Quran is primitive peoples work then how come it hasn’t gone any changes like other religious books (eg, the bible; Old Testament, new testament bla blah)

    I reckon you know materialism and Karl Marx but also have a look at Dr Hugh Ross’s work ; time, creator and the cosmos, the intelligent universe (a Christians point of view that god exists) which is more of a modern thought of view.
    I also want you to think about the big bang theory and the consistency of it to the quran (Surah Al Anam and Surah Al anbiya)
    Please watch national geaographics documentary on “End of the world” (which gives mathematical proof that the earth will end because of the sun (which is the last sign for qiyamath indicated in the quran)(and pls don’t bother about the mayan calendar because it came much later than the Quran)

    Oh, how many can I give as proof but all in vain? It’s a sad old world we have !!??:(

  42. @LOL
    think like this!
    you were created by your mother and father.
    your mother and father were created by your grand parents and so on
    so definitely there should be some powerful being who created all of humanity and the universe
    it's simple as that. just think rationally!


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