Couple confess to killing Lawyer Najeeb, accuse him of sexual assault

The 29 year old ex-convict charged with Lawyer Ahmed Najeeb ‘s murder has today confessed to killing him, claiming that the lawyer attempted to sexually assault his 18 year-old girlfriend.

The girl, identified as Fathimath Hana of Rihab house in Shaviyani Goidhoo island, also faces murder charges in the case and was brought before the Criminal Court this afternoon, where she confessed to “helping” her boyfriend to kill Najeeb.

Each hearing was held separately. Hanaa first testified in court, followed by Murrath.

Hanaa noted that Najeeb arrived to the  Maafanu Masroora on Saturday night around 10:00pm, on a request to discuss a family legal case.

Masroora house is the residence of suspect Murrath and the place where the 65 year-old lawyer’s body was found stuffed inside a dustbin, badly beaten up with multiple stab wounds on Sunday evening.

She said that her boyfriend killed him after it became “sure” that Najeeb attempted to sexually assault her, and added that she  helped tie Najeeb’s hand, legs and taped his mouth while Murrath threatened him with a knife.

“We thought he must have a lot of money as he is a lawyer,” she told the court, after declining representation from a lawyer.

Najeeb’s cash card was taken from him and the pair had withdrawn money from it.

According to Hanaa, she did not know that the victim was killed until her boyfriend woke her up and told her about it around 4:00am. At the time Hanaa said she was sleeping, intoxicated from drinking alcohol.

Her boyfriend corroborated the confession in his statement, saying that she was asleep when he killed the lawyer.

Murrath said he was present when Najeeb came over to the house to discuss the legal case and he became suspicious so asked Hanaa if something was wrong. Hanaa told him that Najeeb had grabbed her hands and hurt her, Murrath added.

Murrath said that he killed Najeeb out of anger and apologised to the family members present at the hearing for committing the crime.

The police had earlier noted that Murrath tested positive for drugs when he was brought under custody. He is a former inmate conditionally released under the Second Chance program for inmates with drug offences.

Police said he had an 18 year jail sentence of which he had completed only three years. His offences included theft, assault, drug use, and breaking out of prison.

If none of deceased victim’s heirs agree to accept blood money, under Islamic Sharia, Murrath and his girlfriend will be subjected to death penalty. The Criminal court is expected to rule on the case tonight after taking statements from the family.

Traditionally in Maldives death penalties are commuted to life imprisonment.

However Najeeb’s death has resulted in a public outcry to implement death penalty for convicted murderers. It also became the first murder case in the Maldives to be investigated and prosecuted in a court in less than 48 hours.

Following some criticism that the police had prioritised the case as the victim was a lawyer,  police media official Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef responded that Najeeb’s case was investigated and forwarded to court faster than other murder cases because the suspects had confessed to the crime during the trial to extend their detention, and that all forensic evidence necessary to prosecute the case had been found.

“We do not discriminate in cases,” Haneef added.


30 thoughts on “Couple confess to killing Lawyer Najeeb, accuse him of sexual assault”

  1. Thank u ANNI and SECOND CHANCE PROGRAM for making our society safer.

  2. Obviously doesn't occur to a dimwit like you CurrysmellingIndians that perhaps the lawyer was a sexual predator.

  3. The 2nd Chance Program was one of the most gross violations of human rights ever carried out by a regime in power.

    I am sure several officials in the Nasheed government were dead set against the implementation of the project. However they are unable to speak out because of politics.

    Shall we all shy away from finger-pointing and ensure that such acts are never carried out by another government for the sake of consolidating their power.

    May god grant Najeeb eternal rest in Paradise.

  4. Is it making sense ? He arrives at the house around 0830 to discuss a legal issue but instead he assaulted the girl sexually and she went to sleep while her boyfriend killed him and woke her up @ 0400 to help tie and to carry the body to the bin may be? But they both knew that he might had money as he was a lawyer. Why didn't she know what was going on from the claimed sexual assault to the time she went to sleep or were both present at the time? Sure when someone is getting beaten up and stabbed not a lot of people will sleep a sound!

    Does this not sound like foul play to anybody ? This is not what happened I bet! These two might be hired to kill !!

  5. The success of releasing hardend criminals to the public for political gains. Indeed, the success of 'second chance' programme. The punishment should come to this murderer and those who released him from prision.

  6. This is the result of the 'Second Chance' programme....will Dr. Waheed also follow Anni by implementing the 'Third Chance' programme for this type of Druggist Murderer couple? Ha???

  7. they were sure dat he was "gonna" sexually assault dat dirty gal?? They killed him nt bcs he even did dat?? Stupid ppl! N i dnt think such a great lawyer like Najeeb wud have such a bad taste n think of havin sex wit an alcoholic like hana. Maybe she is da one who wanted to hav sex wit Najeeb n whn he refused she went to her so called bf n blamed it all on Najeeb.
    I think da best punishment for dem is to b hanged till death. Dats da only way we cud stop those kinda things frm happening

  8. Many more should be on trial.
    1. Politicians who allowed hard criminals and drug addicts into society without a safeguard, for political expedience - to agitate unrest.
    2. The education and social system which produced Hanna and Murrath.
    3. The legal system itself, mired in corruption stories.
    4. Reasons for poverty and jobless youth culture side by side in Male, with affluence and extravagance
    5. Those who call for death penalty and use every event to justify strict Sharia.
    6. Parents and neighbors, who must have known whats happening when two people are living against the norms of a traditional society
    7. Leaders and MPs who are only concerned with winning 2013 election despite regular increase in crimes.

  9. There is something very fishy about this. They didn't kill this lawyer because he sexually assaulted the girl. These people were paid to kill him by the powers that be. I bet yameen knows all about it. Also, this is just to arousepublic anger, so these crazy people can implement the death penalty. Evil at work. Beware. Maumoon and his dirty, crooked family and cronies at work. What a sad day for our little nation. Heartbreaking.

  10. Its so easy to point the finger at the Second Chance programme when something like this happens.

    The Second Chance was just that, a second chance. What someone does with that chance is their responsibility not the government that offered them the opportunity to start afresh and get their life back.

    In every case where a prisoner is released after parole and on probation there is always a risk that they will revert to their old ways again. This is why they have to be monitored.

    Dismantling the Second Chance Programme, and the support structures and services that were set up with that is one of the biggest errors in judgement by Dr Waheed. if he did not support the programme, all those who were released from prison under the programme should have been either sent back to prison or monitored on a daily basis. the Police seem to have plenty of time and resources on hand to monitor political activists, detain them and do all that they do to persecute them. They don't appear to have the time or resources to manage serious crime in the country for which they were recruited for.

  11. Oh woopee do doo. How wonderful. We can blame the Second Chance programme for ALL the crimes in this country.

    I am amazed at the speed with which this crime has been solved, when we still dont know, a month on who slashed Hilaths throat.

    And where was the public outcry when the school boy was nurdered? was that also committed by someone realeased under the Second Chance programme?

    What about all those murderers that Judge Abdulla Mohamed set free? What about those hundreds of cases that couldnt be sent to the court because of shoddy investigative work by the Police.
    What about the crimes being committed by our Police?

    Well what can you expect in a country when an elected President is removed from office by our Police and army when he takes action against a judge who has blatantly violated justice in our country?

    Well what can you expect in a country when an elected President is removed from office by our Police and army when he takes action against a judge who has blatantly violated justice in our country?

    Dr Waheed has no authority over any public institution. The best thing he can do for our peiople and our country is to resign.

  12. This is a cover up. Many say senior politicians are involved

  13. It is the fault of Gayyoom. He made sure the young jeelu were intoxicated in drugs.

  14. Success strories of Gayoom's Second Chance to be a Millioner Programme.

    Red Wave Saleem
    Lolly Jabil
    Yaamin Gayoom
    Illiyas Ibarhim.
    Burimaa Gasim

  15. Maumoon dhinee afoo aam, hama eynage thimaage meehunaa, rattehin naa rattehinge dharinnaa, Anni dhinee second chance hama eyna partyge meehunan, I wonder where we can lay blame.....

  16. Misleading headline yet again from so called independent news paper shame on you guys.

  17. You should do a background check before you visist a potential clients home.

  18. ANNI - you should take responsibility . Releasing criminals, murderers, thieves ...... this is the final result. I believe you did this on purpose . you too should be prosecuted.

  19. there are many other layers like this who will have to be careful: Kutti Nashed, Azima, Wadde, etc May god bless them.

  20. @halid

    "there are many other layers like this who will have to be careful: Kutti Nashed, Azima, Wadde, etc May god bless them."

    God bless them like Lawyer Najeeb

  21. A new Frontier for Gayoom era drug gangs. This was a premeditated kidnaping with the intent of extortion and killing.

    Wait for the next call from a seductive sounding teenager asking about your professional law (etc.) service.

  22. @Dhonfuthu

    How about you ask Judge Abdula Mohamed how many murderers, drug dealers and other criminals HE released who have gone on to commit more crimes.

    Also how about youy find out how many INNOCENT people Judge Abdulla has comitted to prison.

    But hey, who cares a damn, our people will vote Gayoom in any day...and vote the mafia into parliament.

    What a tragedy.

  23. This trial is a big joke!! OR a very well planned ploy to rouse the public anger. Following are some facts which must be considered.

    1. A 65 year old man went out of his home at 2200 hrs on 30 June 2012. Did his family look for him or contacted police when he did not return that night or even the next day? Then it must be a usual thing for him to stay out at guest houses over-night!!

    2. Did this girl contact Najeeb, while her boy friend was in jail last year to get him released. If yes, The rumored affair(sexual favors) between Najeeb and Hanaa could have been going on for sometime.

    3. Sources close to the girl alleges that Najeeb was having an affair with the girl when she was 17 yrs (a minor) and used to give her booze (Rf1500-Rf2000 a bottle) and took nude photographs while she was intoxicated. He had been using these to blackmail her for sexual favours. Initially she was supposed to be raped while drunk.

    4. The University of Maafushi - more than 50% of inmates graduate as Salafist extremists at Maafushi. ( They have the same qualifications as Sheikh Ali Rameez Bin whatever when they come out)

    5. Jamiath'ul Salaf run by this Sheikh Ali Rameez Bin whatever and other extremists and people who studied in Pakistani Madharasas has been lobbying for implementing the Sharia at any cost - including alienating us from Europe and plunging the already declining Tourism in to a major disaster.

    6. Death penalty does not necessarily translates into less violence as proven in the case of few states in US who have carried out the death sentence.

    QUOTE" - Capital punishments carried out in USA in 2008: Kentucky 1, Florida 2, Mississippi 2, Ohio 2, Oklahoma 2, Georgia 3, South Carolina 3, Virginia 4, Texas 18.

    By the way, states with the death penalty have higher homicide rates than states without it." UNQUOTE


    Think before we leap is my personal advice and stop this blame game. We all as a country and community is to be blamed collectively

  24. This is like an intriging mystery, death of a prominent lawyer by a criminal, accusation of sexual molestation, brutal murder, young female accomplice, alcohol and drug abuse, quick prosecution, concept of blood money and sharia justice in 21 st century, heirs deciding fate rather than law, possibility of political murder by murderbfor hire, issue of rehabilitation and second chance for criminals. This needs a good detective work by journalists and truth must come out.

  25. "Murrath said that he killed Najeeb out of anger and apologised to the family members present at the hearing for committing the crime."

    Sure; apologize to the family after practically making a jack o' lantern out of the victim's face.

    Sometimes I wonder whether self-control and decency hold any meaning these days.

    Oh, wait... there's alcohol. That would soak their brains.

  26. What if 1 of the 8 accept the blood money, does that save their necks?

    How much is this proposed blood money?

  27. You 'believers' really take the biscuit!! Despite being a '100% muslim country' with draconian sharia based laws, you seem to have an awful lot of drug and alcohol fuelled criminality.
    I think it is safer in a South African township at 2am than in Male at midday.
    Does any work get done in Maldives at all.....or is everyone high as a kite all day long?

  28. I will support this as this will be for the good of the community. Saudhi Arabia is one of the countries with the lowest crime rates. Why, because when you implement the sharia you get the results.
    As for comments regarding Homicide rates being higher in countries where death penalty is there. It is because their justice system stinks. If the man is a poor criminal they kill him and if he is rich it is vice versa. Implement the Islamic sharia properly as it is the best.
    As for Indhira's comments (May Allah guide you).Islam means submission to the will of Almighty God.The reason we have crime in the Maldives is because we have been following secular laws. Secular by definition "Nothing to do with God".Rules made by the west.I remember 10 or so years back,when a girl was killed for the first time(it was the first murder in Maldives in a looong time), it was as if the whole country got a heart attack. By then the murders have increased. If we had implemented the sharia then,
    we would not be up to our necks in crime. Salaam (Peace)


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