“Here’s some cash”: Kulhudhufushi islanders open charity box for MP Nasheed

Kulhudhufushi islanders have launched a charity fund box to help their elected MP Mohamed ‘Kutti’ Nasheed, an independent member of parliament, after he admitted it was his voice saying ”I need some cash” to Jumhooree Party (JP) leader Gasim ‘Buruma’ Ibrahim in a leaked audio clip.

Gasim is currently under house arrest while he is investigated by police for vote-buying and treason.

”We felt pity for our MP Mohamed Nasheed after hearing the leaked audio clip,” said Mohamed Naeem, a Kulhudhufushi islander who heads the group that opened the charity box.

”When he first asked Gasim about his financial condition, we thought that Nasheed was about to help Gasim. But then we heard he was running low financially himself and was in need of some cash.”

Naeem said the group of islanders did not wish their MP to be begging people for money, and had set up a charity box on the beach of the island for everyone to put money in to help Nasheed.

”We do not like the way he begged,” he added. “We heard him saying that he would send someone somewhere to pick up the money in case people might see.”

”We will keep the box open until 6:00pm on Saturday, and then we will open it and count the money,” Naeem said. ”Then we will hand all the money to Nasheed’s office, and if they refuse to deliver the money to him, we will send it to him directly.”

Many people on the island had already walked down the beach to the box and were putting money in it, Naeem said.

”We are not a NGO, not even anybody from the island office – we’re just normal islanders,” he added.

As an elected member of parliament, Nasheed receives Rf62,500 (US$4864) per month from the State.

Nasheed was not responding to calls at time of press.


67 thoughts on ““Here’s some cash”: Kulhudhufushi islanders open charity box for MP Nasheed”

  1. I heard that Kutti Nasheed distributes monthly allowances for the people of his constituency since he was elected.

    So its time for pay back. Good move Naeem.

  2. in another unrelated news, the psychic octopus (also kept inside a donation box type container) predicts a Spanish in the world cup semi-final match today. here is a hoping it would predict some cash coming in Kutti Nasheed's way.

  3. I am amazed that stil there are people who argue that there is "nothing wrong with this" just becus it is not illegal...
    It seems he should not do it only if there is a law prohibiting it.

    Where is the ethics and 'dhuroosul akhlaaq' v talk about?????

  4. Poor Kutti, he only earns a meagre Rf 62,000 per month. Of course he needs some cash, who could possibly survive on such a small income?

    All you Maldivians earning average wages of Rf 6,000 like me, dig deep into your pockets people and help the poor 'honourable' member!

  5. Kutti's cash flow problem is over!
    Thanks to island people, one less beggar in the Majlis.

  6. It would be more appropriate if you said "a Kulhudhufushi islander” rather than "Kulhudhufushi islanders." Because here you have mentioned one individual--Naeem
    My suggestion to Minivannews editorial is being independent also mean being unbiased. If you add insult then you are not actually independent

  7. this is terrible!

    "Its completely wrong" to take a loan - this is a major problem.

    We should arrest everyone who took a loan, we should get a list from Bank of Maldives.



  8. Kutti Nasheed was the self proclaimed "rightous, ethically and morally above Maldivian citizens"!! He is a such a hypocrat!! THE BIGGEST EVER!! When he say he has to give 23000 rf to his contiency..what do he mean? Who the hell is he trying to decieve??? Isn't that the continuity of the old GAYOOM style to make citizens subserviant to the so called "higher clan and member (public mobs!)?? I would call Kutti Nasheed a disgrace to the whole Majlis!! Shame on u!! You are sold to the highest bidder! You are an Yameen agent in Majlis! You are a part of greater mob that includes Dr.Hassan, Dr Jameel, Dr.Waheed and many other Dr. who wants to control and hijack the Public interest for the interest of rich for a relatively small pay! May Allah SW bring the down fall of you in shame and give you and your kind the justice in hearafter and in this world IF you don't repent!! Ameen!

  9. Cheap news!!!! Haveeru is giving hot news about cabinet re- appointment. Why is Minivan News so much behind?

  10. Listen up!

    Corruption and bribery are ALL vices and need to be rooted out from the society, no doubt.

    BUT – BUT it should be done in an unbiased manner.

    Recent hubbup is not fair! It is definitely POLITICALLY motivated !

    I condemn ANNI for his ill willed intentions.

    Those who leaked these private conversations MUST DEFINITELY be MDP thugs and need to be investigated and put behind bars.

    On the other hand I call upon HR Commission to condemn these unethical behaviour of MDP in the strongest terms!

    If ANNI wants to root out corruption from our society he must first promulgate it to the whole nation and handover the whole business to an impartial party elected by the civil society!

    Then only can we have faith in him, otherwise this is just a show to boost his party’s lost morale!

  11. Leave the man alone will you?

    He is already having financial difficulties.

    He doesn't need you people adding to his misery.

    After all, he is the best lawyer in town!

  12. @hameed on Wed, 7th Jul 2010 3:22 PM

    Dear fellow, your command of the English language is indeed transcending (oh, I had to look up the thesaurus for that). But I must say you a poor judge for the articles biasness, for you don't say anything about the article itself but go on to criticize Minivan News.
    I am sure you are very much, biased, for corrupt officials; you must be one them I suspect. Or perhaps a rival web based news company not getting enough hits?

    Btw the newsworthiness of this article is questionable but thank you Minivan News for publishing it. Its hilarious.

    I 'm just saying all this coz' I NEED SOME CASH 🙁

  13. there is a 'sula siraaz maalam' in the nearby area of the charity box. and naeem is an mdp activist of kulhudhuffushi. so no suprise he is doing what soldier has to do for his party.

  14. Mohamed Nasheed (Kutti) said he borrowed cash for his business. My question : When the people have given an important job for him for a period of 5 years why is he involved in his personal business. Do you think an MP could do his job to the fullest benefit of the people when the MP is broke every now and then due his personal business. Currently the most important job at hand for the MP's are to make proper laws for the new Constitution. Since Kutti Nasheed has a break even / or almost Bankrupt business of his own isn't it time for him to resign from the job and open the opportunity for an individual who is fully committed to spend his time at the Majlis for the people.

    Honesty counts. "I need some cash" too to buy some Victoria Secret undergarments.


  15. i just cant believe you guys couldnt find any better news from maldives than this. im no fan of kutti or any mp but this is really cheap coming from minivan.afp has better fresher news of maldives than minivan at this very moment.

  16. Kutti Nasheed is a disgrace to the MAJLIS AND MALDIVIANS!! Such a pathatic lair!! And a hypo! He shows such proudness and unfriendliness to his officemates and public as though he is above all! I hope these kind of people would get more and more exposed and NEVER get elected to Majlis! NEED SOME CASH! opppss...noo don't give me "some cash" in public but I will send a man to VILLA! hehe..WHAT A SHAME KUTTI NASHEED!! YOU ARE TRUELY THE MOST Corrupt man this year!!

  17. Minivan news, stop decieving people. This Naeem is dancing to the tune of his masters. Person behind this drama is Atoll Councillor, Visham Latheef

  18. @barabo

    kutti cash nasheed says that he does not believe it is wrong for him to borrow...then why do it secretly? ok, maybe because many of his voters or just the general public thinking its wrong. then why is an elected official doing things that the public would think is wrong? its like watching a porno movie secretly. kutti cash may not think its wrong but he would do it secretly in private because the public thinks its wrong...why does it not apply here?

  19. Kutti needs cash. He asks Gasim. Gasim can arrange it immediately. Neither of them wants anyone else to know.

    Obviously, it's not like a bank loan as some has suggested.

  20. I'll be darned if these worthless pieces of artwork are accepted as "evidence" in a court of law!

    MNDF deserves an OSCAR for best audio editing !

  21. @Aminath on Wed, 7th Jul 2010 7:15 PM
    couldn't agree more.

    WOW dude!


  23. actallu an MP's take home is more than 100,000 mrf pay month when they include the money they fet for each committee sitting per hour!

  24. It's a shock to here that converzation & even he admited. I believe PPl from kulhuduhfushi must think twice next time when they select an MP..this guy is disgrace to the country & even Majilees, he think that he's the only one who got knoledge but baby U are so daman wrong.......& soon or later u'll pay for what you did for us.

  25. what a world of technology eh? editing such tapes and calls eh? suddenly mndf has a great demand in the t.v and film bussiness hehhe.i hope it brings the dhivehi film bussiness to a bright future.what a way to coverup.shame on the poeple who try to save the poor beggers in rich clothes and drive expensive cars.we pay the mp's to lie forget the law making.

  26. Today we are witnessing and paying the heavy price of electing pseudo democratic President like Nasheed. We will see more dramas like this to character assassinate and kill the opposition voice so he can be in power forever. I am not a suporter of MP Nasheed , Gasim, Yameen or Hassan Saeed, but I dont except all this nonsense MDP is canvasing last one week.

  27. @Ekaloa

    We all know you have been supporting all these people all the time, heheheh

    I know you need some cash

  28. @Ekaloa

    You have been an ardent supporter for all these corrupt people through out,

    I guess you need some cash

  29. This is nonsense!!!If asking for money is illegal, why not go-through judicial system (go to court)...

    Let me ask this question:
    What will happen to the money if Nasheed or his office refuse to take?

    Naeem is going use the money on behalf of Kulhudhufushi islanders?

    Kulhudhufushi islanders, DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY on this (its going to be a waste)!!!

  30. Kutti - you sounded so 'timid' asking for the money .... hehehehe. Ladhu ves ganey mudu dhaaru koh ulhen, but cannot resist cash.... WHAT A BLODDY HYPOCRITE!

  31. I think Kutti Really needs some Cash, and anyone who is feeling sad for Kutti, they must be not well educated about corruption and Cashing in a Elected Majlis. Ignorant Maumooniyaths, when we rid your kind than only we can breath freedom.

  32. This man is a corrupt guy. He is trying to project totally a different picture to the public. He is no better than Yameen or J Nazim. Kutti guy is involved in bringing this legally elected government unlawfully.

    After hearing that clip I notice that, Gasim was ever willing to give this guy as much money as he asked, without even questioning how much or why he wanted the money? That means Kutti feels that he has done a HUGE FAVOUR to Gasim but trying to inhibit the passage of the tax bill and other bills that are important for the people of this country.

    People of this country please do justice to such guys when they come to you next time around asking for votes!


  34. Anni is also a friend of Kutty. If Kutty is so broke and really need some cash, I'm sure even Anni would have helped him if Kutty asked. But then its Kutt's preference as to whom he will asks for personal favours. Since he was doing some legal drafting works for several political parties, he must have chosen Gasim as the best choice to lay his request. He also ensured that he informed Yameen of his work progress simultaneously. This must be a just a simple cover up on any guilt kutty might have had on borrowing. Just ensuring that he is doing helpful legal works in the common interest of several political parties led by gasim and Yameen. Theres absolutely no wrong with the whole formula, except that ..... that .... that .... that .... The emperor has no cloths on. Ehenha Laa eeee Kutty ves, then cheedi cheedi we thought he was at least moral.

  35. Naeem, When you give the fund money to kutti, make sure you give him a monthly budget or a guideline on how to spend it.

    We have to help him so that he doesn't go broke and need to go and ask for money from Gasim or other MPs again.

  36. HEHEHEH, i knew there would be idiots believing the story by umaru naseeru, mahufool, when they said the tapes were edited, rearranged and mixed. first class idiots!!!!!!! "gamaaru kamuge sarudhaarun hama"....hahahahah. even if maumoon says he is a prophet, they will believe. stupidity to the max.

  37. I am from Kulhudhufushi. When Kutti came to campaign here he was asked by the islanders why he came all the way from Male to represent a Kulhudhufushi seat in the parliament, when he isn't in anyway related to Kulhudhufushi, and he said, that since He aspires to become the president of the country one day, Kulhudufushi being the third most populated island in the Maldives was the perfect platform for him, and claimed that he was the best lawyer in the country and that he was the most honest too.... what bullsht!!! And I haven't forgotten his campaign promise that he will fight to reduce the salary of MP's in the parliament...... o_O Seems he's short of cash himself... Today Kulhudhufushi people feel betrayed... Kutti Cash Nasheed, please find a disease and crawl in to your bed.. We don't want your virus around. Even if the said audio clip was altered the fact that he didn't deliver on his campaign promises still stand... You are a shame on this nation!!!

  38. Kutti said that he helped Gasim to get the ADB loan implying that he actually owes him. If buruma had the decency to give poor kutti even a small % of that 25 million USD loan poor kutti would not have to go to such a shameful level.

  39. Kutti! You are a shame to all citizens of kulhudhuffushi. We didn't vote you to make your pocket big. We voted you thinking your a loyal and hounorable person who knows how to make profitable law to people. Well I think from the inspiration from Naeem, some more charity boxes through out the country could make kutti stop begging people like buruma and yaamin.

  40. @egon

    Yes they were edited. If anyone records it and uses it later IT'S edited!

    They would be NOT EDITED only when they were initially spoken, buffoon!

  41. If Kutti Nasheed is so loyal, honest, pure,love the people of Maldives and his constituency why is he creating drafts for no confidence votes of ministers and create drafts to slow down the already late tax bill which keeps collecting dust in the parliament for more than a year instead of making drafts for bills related to the prosperity of our nation.
    Also why is he killing his precious time in maintaining a blog while he has several tasks to do as an MP?

  42. @ heck , yes the government is editing but they are editing the mess golha made in the last 30 years.:)

  43. those "rongalhi fathi" who had the profit of the corrupt money cant accept this scene.May god rest their souls with some CASH.shame on u.


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