More MPs could desert MDP for Gasim’s JP, claims MDP MP

A member of MDP parliamentary group has told Minivan News on condition of anonymity that it is “very likely” that at least two more MPs could desert the party and join Gasim Ibrahim’s Jumhoree Party (JP).

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Abdulla Abdulraheem rejoined the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) earlier this week, a year after leaving his original party while it was in opposition.

A JP council member told private broadcaster DhiTV that two Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MPs were to join the party next month.

Minivan News’s source alleged the MPs could include MP for Nolhivaram constituency, Mohamed ‘Colonel’ Nasheed, and MDP MP for Mid-Fuvamulah Shifaq ‘Histo’ Mufeed.

‘’These are the two names that have been rumored, it is possible that they may leave MDP and join JP,’’ he said. ‘’They are close to JP Leader Gasim Ibrahim and they are personal friends.’’

The source suggested that although current rumours suggested that MDP Deputy Leader and MP Alhan Fahmy was also going to leave MDP, it was unlikely “as long as he is in the position of Deputy Leader.’’

Alhan came to MDP after the then-opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) decided to take action against him after he voted in favor of the then-Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed, in a no-confidence motion in parliament to oust him.

The source also said it was unlikely that MDP MP for Thoddoo constituency Ali Waheed who was a former Deputy Leader of DRP, would leave MDP.

‘’The story inside MDP is that Colonel Nasheed and Shifaq are planning to join Gasim, who has been acting very proud lately telling everyone that he was the one who ousted both former Presdient Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and former President Mohamed Nasheed,’’ he said, adding that Gasim had also been boasting that he would ousted the present government and become president.

The source said the traumatic ousting of the MDP had brought the whole party behind former President Nasheed, and that the MDP remained proud of him.

Asked to respond to reports that they were considering joining the JP, MP ‘Colonel’ Nasheed told Minivan News that there was “nothing to talk about”, while Shifaq had not responded to calls at time of press.


24 thoughts on “More MPs could desert MDP for Gasim’s JP, claims MDP MP”

  1. Who wants to leave, let them go. MDP needs faithful members and not jumping frogs.

  2. Burumaa Qasim will never be the President of Maldives, be it all the MPs join his party heheheheheheheh......

  3. Not a surprise at all. Maldivian MPs care about money and ONLY money. They fought those seats for the very same reason.

    Democracy in the Maldives R.I.P!

  4. Buruma,let him first take some elementary English lessons and try to clean up his filthy mouth before he could become our president. How can a moron like him rule a country. He could have been successful in his business, with the help and corruption of the former regime and also partial monopoly. But running a country in these modern times where international relations are key to the development of a nation like the Maldives, I do not think a translator could fill up the void or even worse if he tries to act like as if he understands perfect English and put up a show in a world forum, I don't think Maldivians are ready to welcome the disgrace that he will earn.

  5. lack of leadership and lack of vision, and corrective measures within MDP is leading to MPs ( and very soon normal members) to desert the party. You can't forever live on streets like stray dogs or cats, could you?

  6. I hope the MPs in question do not leave MDP as the country needs them to enable a return to democracy and constitutional government. I hope they realize that they are young and have a future in Maldivian Politics! Changing Political thinking based on monetary benefits is the path that leads to moral decay and the destruction of one's ethics and humanity!

  7. MPs were in MDP not cox of their sincerity but cos of money. Now theyl go somewhere there is water. There r many more like that. Kulhudhuffushi MP Ghafoor left MNDF saying that he did not want to salute xpresident nasheed. Later he changed his mind. We have seen Balak and Alhan (and his sister) kissing Gayoom's ass during 2008 presidential election. Colonel left MDP and went with iBra and again came back. U neva know wotl happen!

  8. MDP require transformation and Anni need to go away and he is the one who is dictating and ruling the party. He does respect the party regulation and he is a dictator.

    I urge all MDP Mp to thik deeply before leaving the party and you can do lot by staying in MDP and getting the party reform and remove dictator Anni and then move forward.

  9. Buruma will never be elected as the president.

    I am sure he knows it.

    But what he can and is trying to do is, the president is someone who he can manipulate as a puppet.

    And it looks like it is getting more and more successful. What a dreadful situation!

  10. This is dreadful but really expected. This is not all about money. Some MPs would obviously go for money but not all.

    Abdul Raheem came to MDP from DRP. It is understandable that given the way things are going he would go.

    He is the sitting MP, yet MDP is supporting Falah against Abdul Raheem for 2014. This is not the way things are done in a democracy.

    Others are frustrated because they joined MDP to promote democracy yet now what they are promoting is a Cult and there is no democracy.
    What has gone wrong with the process of democracy in MDP? It is very sad and frustrating. We thought that Gayoom was power mad and yet we see the same signs in Anni too now.

    Anni would be a bigger hero if he decides now to give up power and support someone else in the party to lead the party. That is the right and the honourable way to do it.

  11. MDP has its problems as any other party in the Maldives. The reason is clear, we are still to learn to live and work as a party united to the ideology and the cause it stands for.

    I believe Ex President Mohamed Nasheed has done his part in as an activist, as the person who started Party system in the Maldives and also as a president.

    Now it is time for him to step back to an honorary post or he can be Party Chairperson, which would pave way for him to do what he knows best. I believe then we would have a strong party.

    In democracy it is not WHO is the president it is the IDEOLOGY and the QUALITY that comes with the leadership. We need to bring good people to the forward line and give them support from the party.

    Administratively the party has to develop good strategies and make sacrifices that it needs at different times. If we do not act now, it might be too late tomorrow.

  12. MDP need only loyal supporters now. There is only one leader we support, that is Anni. His 03 years of leader ship can be seen even blinds, i don't know you Baghee's. He didn't allow bribe, that is the reason people like you afraid of him. He didn't allow you guys to beat and torture citizens of Maldives. ANNI did help low level citizens a lot, giving introducing Asandha, introducing over 65 allowance,introducing lonely disability allowance, able to travel through the Attol at about Mrf10 and many more.these thing make citizen proud of ANNI. Why should we be with you for Baghee(Coup gang)? or bribe? or beat and torture citizens? Don't open your mouth it smell Baghee(Coup gang).

  13. @ Ismail ! I cannot agree more with you on Gasim's issue , except that you have forgotten whatever he is looking for is for a better and a brighter future for Maldives and its people.

  14. Burumaa ronikon video in fenifa varah ladhu gaiiy.
    Mi meehaa ah heevanee raajeyge rayyithun nakah neyngeyhen mimeehaa ronee keevvegen kameh. Libey bodu laari gan'dun kuda kuda percent eh sarukaarah tax ge gothuga nagaathee rui.
    Konmehen mimeehaa buni gothah "aniyaa veri sarukaareh" vegeneh noon!!!
    Tax nunagaa oiiy raiiyithunge laari gan'dakun 2% varu baeh meehunah beyhah haradhu kohfa, mimeehaa ah Raees kan dheyshoa!!!!
    Mimeehaa heekuree mimeehaa gothah fas kulhadhu madhu kamah adhives dhivehi rayyithun.
    Mihaaru 50 kulhan'dhu madhee Bangaalheen ge. Dhunyaa ge firimeehaa ge.

  15. This electric buruma can never be our president,he is an uneducated bum ,he only knows to lure young girls to his den.buruma u better stick to women .that's what u know .who do think u are? Ignorant fool u can only dream of being a president.even with your black magic and voodoo nothing can become .hah are just a blubbering idiot!

  16. MDP needs reform at the top.

    Its grassroots elected a leader to the post of Party president and then loyalists of Nasheed unilaterally stripped the post of President of all but ceremonial powers and installed an all-powerful crony as an "acting" Chairperson. The actor has acted for more than year now.

    The MDP had a strong charter for its internal democracy however a stooge Qaumy Majlis has rendered the party into a dictatorship which caters to the whims of Nasheed and his faction. Please examine closely how branch head elections and elections to the Permanent Committees in the party took place.

    Read the names of the nominees and scrutinize their backgrounds closely. There is no chance for democracy or even an accommodation of multiple interests in the MDP. It is a party by Nasheed for Nasheed and only for Nasheed.

  17. MDP needs to get rid of the rubbish within the party to get stronger.
    MDP has the capability and capacity to grow stronger.
    MDP will get stronger by the day.
    MDP has to take heed, work hard, and grow strong.

    All Gasim, Gayyoom, Yaameen, Thasmeen and everyone else did in the past, was to cash out on the unfortunates of this country, make them beg for their living.

    These people had no boundary when it ceme to their personal greed!

    It could be a party by Nasheed for Nasheed and only for Nasheed as commented. But, there is no party who did know to do anything for the unfortunates of this country, no matter what!

    No Gasim, no Gayyoom, no Yaameen, no Thasmeen or no anyone, can take away the pride and beauty of MDP!

  18. MDP needs to get ride of rubbish such as Mariya Didi and Rekko moosa who is the root cause of MDP government failure!

  19. MDP is the only party that went to every citizen through its door-to-door prorammme and asked them what they needed for a more dignified existence. What the people told them were then compiled into a set of policies that later became the MDP manifesto. The manifesto MDP carried to the people for a vote and their mandate for ruling Maldives. MDP is still the only party who has consistently gone back to the people for their voice. This is what we're still doing. We're asking for an election so that the people can say the last word. Not Anni, not Gayyoom, not Gasim, not Thasmeen, not Yameen etc.

  20. Nuzhath you are correct in your assessment that political parties and politicians should remain accountable to the people.

    However technical policy-making should also reflect the capabilities of technocrats within the party rather than merely promising to fulfill every demand that the public makes.

    A lot of the proposals in the MDP manifesto were planned for implementation within a specific time frame. The Nasheed government failed to respect that time-frame and aimed for a wholesale implementation without regard for financial, economic, social and other practical considerations.

    Also, in a Presidential system of government, the Executive's legislative agenda may not be fast-tracked through Parliament if the opposition has a majority. Continuously complaining about it and failing to reach consensus among important issues is a shortcoming of the regime in power.

  21. We don't want money loving hypocrites and who are betrayers when we need each and every one of them at this crucial time...good riddance to bad rubbish

  22. MDP is one of the best parties in Maldives. But it has some dirt inside the party which is not allowing me to support it causes now. Get rid of individuals like Anni, Mariya & Reecko. And watch maldives blossom with MDP.

  23. Maumoon is a long term planner. Think of what he did during the 30 years in power. Anyone who is a threat would jailed. His plan was to get rid of MDP members he cannot convince to be with him. From my understanding, after the coup all party unity government including MDP with leader Didi was to join, Anni n his hardcore ppl removed, either killed or jailed. Since their actual plan failed, may be this is Maumoon's plan B to damage MDP's power and unity. If there are any internal issues, the key party members should handle it very carefully. We as members will not want any damage to be done.. This is a coup planned by the Dictator and anybody who joins or support the idea is betraying the people of this country. I will never vote anyone who has a price tag on them.


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