High Court concludes hearings of Deputy Speaker Nazim’s case ahead of final verdict

The High Court today concluded hearing witness statements in the state’s appeal of Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ahmed Nazim acquittal by the Criminal Court on charges of corruption, ahead of delivering a final verdict at a later date.

Nazim stands accused of receiving more than US$400,000 through fraudulent transactions made by a company he was found to own.

At today’s hearing, the prosecution lawyer noted that the Criminal Court had previously dismissed the testimonies of witnesses submitted by the state against Nazim. The High Court would now decide on whether to take the witness statements into account before a final verdict on the case is delivered.

The Criminal Court ruled in February last year that the witnesses submitted to the court were all staffs at a company called NAMIRA, which is owned by Nazim and at the centre of the alleged corruption.  The court concluded at the time that staff involved in the alleged fraud could not be presented as witnesses and dismissed their statements.

At today’s hearing, the prosecution lawyer was reported as stating to the court that it was apparent that staff at NAMIRA had not benefited at all from the alleged corruption. The lawyer argued that they therefore would not have had any involvement in the case had they not been asked by Nazim himself.

Before concluding today’s hearing, the presiding judge announced that unless the court required clarification on any further details of the trial, a verdict on the case would be delivered during the next hearing.

Deputy Speaker Nazim was not responding to calls at time of press.

In late 2009, Nazim was charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to defraud the former Atolls Ministry.

However, in February 2012, the Criminal Court dismissed the case against Nazim and ruled that there were no grounds to prosecute him.

The alleged corruption at the centre of the trial – first flagged in an audit report released in early 2009 – involved paper companies allegedly set up by the defendant to win bids for projects worth several hundred thousands dollars.

The case began in late 2009, after police uncovered evidence that implicated Nazim in a number of fraudulent transactions.

At a press conference in August 2009, Chief Inspector Ismail Atheef said police had uncovered evidence that implicated Nazim in fraudulent transactions worth over US$260,000 (Mrf 3,446,950).

Police exhibited numerous quotations, agreements, tender documents, receipts, bank statements and forged cheques proving that Nazim received over US$400,000 in the case.

A hard disk seized during a raid of Nazim’s office in May 2009, allegedly contained copies of forged documents and bogus letter heads.

Police further alleged that MP ‘Red Wave’ Saleem actively assisted from the atoll ministry. Meanwhile, Nazim’s wife, Zeenath Abdullah, was accused of abusing her position as a manager of the Bank of Maldives’ Villingili branch to deposit proceeds from the scheme.


4 thoughts on “High Court concludes hearings of Deputy Speaker Nazim’s case ahead of final verdict”

  1. A verdict that is not in favour of Nazim is not going to happen; not within the jurisdiction of this banana republic.

    With all this evidence, it's ludicrous how the state prosecutor seemingly bungled the case. The cynical might even say that's not an accident either.

  2. Mr Jangiya. He is a pure angel.white clothed on a winged horse, flying in helping every single Mordisian with pure love, expecting nothing in return!

    That's the current courts version,

    While, on the ground, he is tornado, sweeping everyone that he comes across. The only one he just hesitated hacking to pieces is the partnership with Yaameen.

    However, on a normalised corruption-scale he is a definite peak in the graphs. The real issue is that there are so many peaks these days, his skulduggery missions are fast becoming hidden in background noise.

  3. I am very sorry to say ACC control by Jangiyaa Nazim and he is the broker and board members with him to change is Hilmy and ACC president. we had seen before Jangiyaa Nazim and since Hilmy travel to Malaysia to ask millions of money from Malaysian company when they fail then they call former Controller and told what ACC REPORT will be and how they will spoil if their deal will not work.. why Jangiyaa Nazim invite his home and again ask the deal to offer Malaysian company otherwise the reputation of project will spoil and trends to Immigration and Malaysian company, and not single money paid ACC members they comes to immigration and act like barbarians like operation laptop and went Court when they don't have power... Jangiyaa Nazim will take from GMR since we had seen Abdulla Shahid and thasneem ticket copy and it was confirmed by Sri Lankan airlines it was issued from India and head of GMR city travel agent... why acc ignore it was with proof... where is GMR agreement which lot of damage written to government not mention and so on... don't defend GMR too... Azima met GMR seniors several times and why Azima took to president home 10pm to meet them president unofficial time.. even ACC will never will go against Azima.. and that means Singapore court Azima wants FOR win and gave another plus point to GMR before also she told and gave a thing GMR to win Singapore court... Azima is a lier and all government cases given his friends and connection Singapore law firm and it was clear in auditor General reports... a political deals and dirty deals 100% sure it is given huge money..


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