HRCM lacks a religious scholar: Adhaalath party

The Adhaalath Party has called on parliament and President Mohamed Nasheed to include a religious scholar in the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives [HRCM], as stipulated in the constitution.

“HRCM is an institute established according to the constitution of the Maldives. The constitution very clearly states how to appoint members for the commission,’’ said a statement issued by the party. “According to the constitution, the Human Rights Commission should consist of people with different skills, [one of which] is that there should be a person educated in the field of Islam.”

The lack of such a person was a “constitutional absence”, the statement said. “Therefore, members are currently being appointed for the commission, we appeal to the president and parliament to focus attention on including persons from different areas in the commission.’’

The party also said it hoped parliament and president would endeavor to keep independent commissions, such as HRCM, free from people of partisan political background.

Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair, said that the president would give due consideration to the Adhaalath Party’s request.

”I think it is a requirement mentioned in the constitution,” said Zuhair, “and of course the president gives high priority to requirements mentioned in the constitution.”

The parliament last week appointed three members for the HRCM, out of eight names proposed by the president.

The three members appointed for HRCM were Maryam Azra Ahmed of Maafannu Hukuradhige, Jeehaan Mahmood of Dheyliyage in Hinnavaru of Lhaviyani Atoll and Ahmed Thalal of Henveiru Adduge. Former President of HRCM Ahmed Saleem was not approved by the parliament.


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  1. I don't know how the government can afford to make such a silly political mistake in the current situation in Maldives when everyone is out there to grab some power! Some people who may comment here might say that Adhaalath is wrong or that MDP need not heed to the demands of Adhaalath. In today's world everything is about 'political correctness' so it is imperative that our politicians too know how to act within the framework! Although I voted for this government, it's really embarassing to see similar frivolous acts on the part of the government (MDP, not the coalition).

  2. Next thing you know, they'll have a candidate line up. Give the seat to Afrasheem and the likes, I say. hehe.

  3. Why is Adhaalat trying to influence the HRCM, which should be an independent body in the country uninfluenced by the government or any political party. What role can a religious scholar do in it or are thinking of influencing the work of HRCM? The religion has nothing to do with HRCM. Adhaalath, you are all quiet when all the killings, stabbings and violence are going on in Male' not speaking a word against it. But you want to represent a member of yours in the HRCM. How hipocratic. How much more do you want to influence this government and this country? Offcourse Anni will listen to you and do it as he at the moment depends heavily on you guys, the one party who is with Anni.

  4. That is good. thank god. Remove the religious scholars from all decision making processes. period.

  5. I think everyone's getting this wrong.

    There's only party qualified to do anything in this country - and that is the Adhaalathu party.

    Cancel the government, dismiss the independent commissions, fire our parents.. If Adhaalath doesn't have it's porky finger in it, then it's clearly illegitimate and unqualified.

    Greedy politicians? No. Not the mullahs! Heavens no!

  6. Hmph, after siding with the criminals of the JSC and belittling the citizens who want justice... now this?

    The arrogance of the adhaalath parteys knows no bounds.

  7. I feel like giving that fella Muttolibu a good shake.

    I also want to take him to a doctor and amend his voice box so that my ears don't itch every time I hear him say something.

    I also want to run into the parliament and drag him out by the ear.

    And then I want to pull out all the hairs in his nose until I hear him repent to Allah for all his wrongdoing to that woman in Kulhudhuffushi.

    How I wish I can do all this!

  8. Go, Mr President Go!

    Nominate the names of the entire Adalath Party membership for the remaining two seats in the MHRC.

    Did you hear them say anything about justice and judges and the role of JSC recently?

    But you and I know they are the most appropriate people for the commission since they don't even believe there is some thing called human rights.

    And then we will have an extremely functional MHRC!

  9. And where exactly in the constitution does it state that a religious scholar needs to be a member of HRCM?

    This is not in the Constitution, and neither does the party's statement refer to the Constitution as requiring someone 'educated in the field of Islam' be a member of the Commission. It refers to the 'Law', presumably the Human Rights Commission Act.

    Of course, Zuhair doesn't know this. And Minivan screwed up with the translation, and apparently when questioning Zuhair as well.

    It should also be noted that the Human Rights Commission Act does NOT expressly require a person educated in the field of Islam to be a member, as claimed in the party's statement.

    Article 4 (b) of the Act states that 'members of the Commission shall be appointed from human rights organisations and among persons who are active in promoting human rights in social and technical fields such as religion, law, society, economy and health'. So just people promoting human rights in technical fields SUCH AS religion, among many others. Not many people educated in the field of Islam IS promoting human rights in the country, so its only natural the party tweaks the law a little in order to further their cause. Especially since nobody in the country checks up on anything apparently.

    What's more disturbing is the fact that no one with a legal background has been appointed to HRCM, considering the state of the judiciary, rule of law and the fact that political parities can lie about what the law says in public statements without anybody calling them out on it.

    What does Zuhair say to that I wonder.

  10. Human Rights is a Jewish invention and so the HRCM is an infidel institution. Islamic Religious scholars should stay away from it.

  11. Hmm. looks like the ultimate goal of having a secular state through human rights faces a real challenge for the time being. Even if we take Adhaalath out of the picture and put a moderate Muslim scholar it would be controversial.

  12. To avoid some of the confusion which normally befogs such a discussion I would like to clarify at the very outset of human rights…
    The some people in the West and western minded people have the habit of attributing every good thing to themselves and try to prove that it is because of them that the world got this blessing, otherwise the world was steeped in ignorance and completely unaware of all these benefits…
    Now let us look at the question of human rights. t is very loudly and vociferously claimed that the world got the concept of basic human rights from the Magna Carta of Britain; hough the Magna Carta itself came into existence six hundred years after the advent of Islam….
    when we speak of human rights in Islam we really mean that these rights have been granted by God; they have not been granted by any king or by any legislative assembly….The problem with rights granted by the kings or the legislative assemblies, can also be withdrawn in the same manner in which they are conferred.. But since in Islam human rights have been conferred by God, no legislative assembly in the world, or any government on earth has the right or authority to make any amendment or change in the rights conferred by God. No one has the right to abrogate them or withdraw them. Nor are they the basic human rights which are conferred on paper for the sake of show and exhibition and denied in actual life when the show is over. Nor are they like philosophical concepts which have no sanctions behind them…
    Every Muslim or administrators who claim themselves to be Muslims will have to accept, recognize and enforce them. If they fail to enforce them, and start denying the rights that have been guaranteed by God or make amendments and changes in them, or practically violate them while paying lip-service to them, the verdict of the Holy Quran for such governments is clear and unequivocal: so is there any doubt that we need a good Islamic scholar in human rights organization?
    "It was the first religion that preached and practised democracy; for, in the mosque when the call from the Minaret is sounded and the worshippers are gathered together, the democracy of Islam is embodied five times a day when the peasant and the king kneel side by side and proclaim, "God alone is great." I have been struck over and over again by this indivisible unity of Islam that makes a man distinctively a brother."- THE LATE SIROJINI NAIDU(A GREAT POETESS, THE NIGHTINGALE OF INDIA)

  13. liberal.

    We've given them all the opportunity they wanted in Somalia and Afghanistan.

    It didn't turn out so well.

    So, will we sit around and watch as they try the same thing here?. Oh no, dear, sweet Maldives. Oh no.

  14. I honestly believe the HRCM is dead wood and money would be better spent on strengthening relevant organs of government institutions dealing with rights monitoring as well as the civil society. Afterwards we could draw experienced personnel from local NGOs to head a body of the sort envisioned by the Human Rights Act.

    The creation of the institution was both cosmetic and reactionary and I strongly condemn it. Appointments are made wholly through the partisan political process and those who head the organization need not have the age, knowledge or experience to guide an organization which should mostly act as a reporting body.

    Employment practices within the HRCM are highly suspect and salaries are set at levels which do not encourage career development on an individual level and productivity at the institutional level. Good luck to the new appointments. I hope your fat salaries and newfound entry into high society does not prevent you from doing some real work in this country.

  15. @Ahmed Aliased on Tue, 17th Aug 2010 5:10 AM

    Again ,you are so beautifully "out of touch with reality" .... clueless!

    You actually belong to a place called “Afghanistan”

    May Allah save us from the hypocrites of this society

  16. the human rights, democracy and Islam on Tue, 17th Aug 2010 5:01 AM:

    As a matter of fact, we are giving too much credit to the West. There is nothing really western about Human Rights. It is a universal concept. And the west borrowed a lot from the greeks and the muslims before their magna carta and enlightenment philosophers.

    But the funny thing is Islamic scholars are up in arms when someone mentions human rights, ignoring the fact that Islam is a message of liberty.

    Human rights concepts such as free speech, freedom of religion, presumption of innocence, justice, rule of law, good treatment of captives, economic and intellectual freedom etc that we give tend to give credit to the West is nothing western at all. Those have been practised way before the West did it. Islam shares a lot of those and those concepts were practised in other societies too.

    It just happens that at this point in human history, the West have a far better record of upholding these Human Rights. Muslims did too long ago when the West was in dark ages. As such muslim did prosper.

    Lets just take the example of freedom of religion. Tell me one single Islamic scholar in Maldives who support religious freedom? Why should despotic politicians get to decide what someone should believe? Or for that matter the majority mob? If one cannot have the freedom of the mind, then what freedom are we talking about? Is it any better to force ppl to follow a belief and make munaafiqs out of themselves, than to let ppl believe out of conviction?

    Faith and belief comes through conviction only.

  17. Nicely put "the human rights, democracy and Islam". We are so engrossed in implementing "best practices" of the west, we overlook things and become "slaves of the west".

  18. Spot on Aharen. My ideal Maldives would be a place where Human Rights are respected and the Islamic message of peace and justice prevails above the cliched calls for Jihad, total purdah etc.

    We can be a model Islamic state, and state/citizen of the world if only we apply the faculty of our thinking rather than blindly following mullahs from failed states such as Afganistan and Pakistan.

  19. You've fallen far, Bismuth.

    I remember a time when you had the decency to speak the truth. Look at you now - desperate to label me as a hypocrite or a delusional.


    Because I saw the truth with my own eyes.

    Now if you'll excuse me... I need to award Fasy at least 100 internets for epic post.

  20. @Ahmed Aliased on Tue, 17th Aug 2010 3:38 PM

    Ahmed Aliased, just in case you might have forgotten: Visit

    (btw this caps is for emphasis- otherwise you will come back branding anyone with all fancy names you have learned from proponent of Islamophobia)

    And see for yourself your own hypocrisy, while you pretend you are too innocent and always in the right direction. Perhaps, you will play your "victim card here as well”. But facts are now crystal clear and it's not just assumptions anymore. A CASE in FULL- In Black & White ( You will still scream , Foul,Foul,Foul.. but who cares except you and few of your ilk)

    As if secularism or your illusionary superiority has given you some kind of an unthinkable super power. No my dear, you are morally, ethically and even socially weak.. too weak.. you don't even have self respect and how can you understand to respect another view. How can you understand reality, while you are seriously suffering from some kind of a delusional disorder... You need help!

    I'm sure you will come back ranting, but that's fine, if that helps you.

    What Mullas are you talking about? Mullas of Russians and USA who occupied Afghanistan? OR Mullas who ruled over India and divided into pieces? OR Mullas who hide beneath their skin, showing to the world Deceptive color by bombing anyone who dare to even speak against them... Plz,Do get some history lessons done first.

    And Ahmed Aliased, Nothing has changed, The cases are still on. This shows your feeble attempts to generalize your Islamophoibc ideas over anything.

    And this shows your and your ilk's attempt to picture Afghanistan and other Muslim nations AS exemplary FAILED MUSLIM STATES, While in reality corrupted by YOUR Ideal MULLAS of the West(As a gift for you guys TO SCREAM & YELL at all MUSLIMS).
    History tells the story. IT's their engraved in BLACK & WHITE.

    Truth is Satanism exist, Church of Satan is established in 1966, And it had flourished like wildfire over the globe and swooped through all the nations corrupting all spiritually weak elements. AND that is in live action on these comment posts as well.
    Allah Knows Best

    No Worries, whatsoever ;).... WHY?

    Because You'll gradually get exposed yourself along with your ilk. Because.."When Truth is hurled against falsehood,falsehood parishes, falsehood by it's nature is bound to perish"

    Praise be to Almighty GOD.

    In Almighty GOD we Trust

  21. @aharen on Tue, 17th Aug 2010 12:59 PM
    I agree with you a lot... That's a very correct narrative of the reality on ground.

    @al on Tue, 17th Aug 2010 1:19 PM
    You have said the whole truth in just two lines. beautiful. Alhamdulillahi.

    May Allah unite us in Truth.

  22. @hamza on Tue, 17th Aug 2010 9:37 AM :
    Hamza,A very correct perspective.. We will have to voice our criticism on these new found commissions. AND I really want to believe and hope they will listen to the people and understand that people aren't gullible as the previous regime had thought.

    Problem is as I said "Ikhlas therikan nethun" (Lack of real"purity of faith"- refer to TGQ,Chapter 112)

    Allah Knows Best
    In Allah we Trust

  23. Whoo, caps lock abuse. And yet you call me the one screaming and ranting.

    I repeat again - what delusion have I wrought?. Where did I lie?. Can you answer that?.

    Your 'facts' are made up by none other than yourself; I've seen you people try that stunt repeatedly.

    Heh!. Now you insinuate Fasy and I'm a 'satanist', and I'm here to 'destroy islam'... just because we dared to say something that is completely against your shallow ideas.

    Afghanistan is a failed nation, despite what your cultural masters tell you otherwise. Who told me this?. Not the media - not the 'west'; but the voices of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children suffering under tyranny. Would a good muslim make up lies? I don't think so.

    "As if secularism or your illusionary superiority has given you some kind of an unthinkable super power. No my dear, you are morally, ethically and even socially weak.. too weak.. you don’t even have self respect and how can you understand to respect another view. How can you understand reality, while you are seriously suffering from some kind of a delusional disorder. You need help!"

    Labeling me as lacking in morals, ethics and socially...?. My, you must truly be backed into a corner for you to lash out like this. Let me tell you something; Truth is a far greater and stronger superpower - a superpower that can break vast empires, shatter webs of lies and render ignorance into space-dust.

    Why should we respect those who do not respect others?.

    According to you, 'respecting' injustice, intolerance and cruelty from your people is what we need to have 'self respect'.

    This explains much about your mindset - and why you are willing to tolerate what you consider the "lesser evil" of a corrupt judiciary.

    I'm sorry - but if that is what being a "good member of society is all about", then I say 'no thanks.'

    The moment you lashed out with ad-hominem attacks, you lost this case. Let this be a warning to you - before the light of truth, all falsehood and lies crumble and shatter to dust.

  24. @Fasy

    "..only we apply the faculty of our thinking.."

    Like what? Accepting same-sex marriages in Maldives like some Western countries have derived from their "faculty of thinking"?!

    Don't you think it's all a product of using the wrong HEAD to think! LOL!

  25. @Ahmed Aliased

    "Afghanistan is a failed nation"

    What about the nation(S) that barged INTO Afganistan?

    Did they win? Yet?

  26. @Ahmed Aliased

    "Labeling me as lacking in morals"

    Every product on the shelf should have a LABEL! What's wrong with that?

    I would like to add the label "buy at your own risk" so that consumers don't come back for a refund!

  27. loosers. why dont you make press statement saying we need a representative of maldivian terror and extremists society than using relgion as your cover. shame on you adhaalath extremists.

  28. Heck!. Dude!. I was worried sick and suffering from troll's remorse because I thought that you committed seppuku after being exposed as a hormone-drenched braggart!.

    ... but not really.


    Yes, Afghanistan is a failed nation, because terrorists are holding the entire population hostage... and producing 4/5ths of the world's heroin while they're at it.

    Last, but not least, since I've dared to break Bismuth's arguments, you find it necessary to call me a 'product' and not as a fellow human being.

    I'm... amused.

  29. all five names have not even been sent to the majlis have they? what is all the hoo haa with the adhalat anyway? the contsitution specifies other requirements too. we would preferably like members with all or most requirements, not just an "islamic scholar". my goodness, why don't the adhalat say something about all the violence in this country. or is it all "islam is the religion of thauba, therefore sin at night and thauba in the morning". can we have a proper islamic party for godssake.

  30. @Ahmed Aliased on Wed, 18th Aug 2010 7:41 AM

    You said this:"Heck!. Dude!. I was worried sick and suffering from troll’s remorse because I thought that you committed seppuku after being exposed as a hormone-drenched braggart!.
    … but not really."

    AND Is that how you perceive being "civilized, tolerance to different views, good member of the society and all those other values that you so vehemently trying to portray as your standards" -- This is pure hypocrisy in live action. A case of Delusional Disorder in practical to all psychiatrists.

    Why din't you thought about this:
    Mulla Ahmed Aliased Chief of BTAWGAMAA has exposed himself.

    The self proclaimed Supremacist Braggart, Egocentric Leader of the movement called "Break Them All Who Goes Against Mulla Ahmed Aliased (BTAWGAMAA)" just exposed his delusional disorder syndrome after a long and hilarious debate over a single line of argument.

    for more details: visit comments on

    Have a wonderful time... You really belong to a place called "Afghanistan"

  31. What did I tell you all?

    According to the President's "bodu manzaru" Tholal is a religious scholar even though Tholal denies it!

    The ELIMINATION of a religious scholar from HRCM is just a teeny "kuda manzaru" from the "BIG MANZARU" yet to come!

    Didn't I tell you Anni's "Bodu Manzaru" is an X-rated pic?

    I strongly SUSPECT that Maldives is being slowly coached to remove the "reservations" that we filed on the UDHR.

    This will all settle with the acceptance of SAME-SEX marriage in Maldives and the declaration that Maldives is a SECULAR state!

    Today Islam is the only major influence in the world to reject
    same-sex marriages and reject separation of religion and politics.

    Christianity has already accepted it!

    I can only IMAGINE the pressure from the "QUEER" world out there on "OUR?" government to follow suit!

    We are being forced to "burrow" deep down into their pits?

    You need to open your eyes to see HOW this "bodu manzaru" looks like!

    I tell ya! I saw this "bodu manzaru" in a nightmare.

    It's DISGUSTING and full of topless and bottomless people in STUPID poses!

    Is this all coming from
    Salis-buri where Anni was mentored and where MALDIVIAN freedom struggle BEGAN?

    I wonder!

  32. heck, you're still as perverted and hormone-drenched as ever. You really should stop acting the pious little man.

    Because Islam is more threatened by people like you 'defending' it than the Mongol Army, the United States Army, George W Bush, Faux News, Soviet Russia and the Taliban put together.


    Bismuth: Just as planned.

  33. May Peace and Blessing of Almighty GOD be upon all of us.

    Freedom or freewill, ability to make choices IS something Almighty GOD had willed for the humanity and who are we to impose anything by force. [The Glorious Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 256: That says No Compulsion in "Deen" ]. We Muslims are to spread the message and it should be out of conviction people to accept it. Otherwise we will see the kind of hatred towards ISALM/MUSLIMS that we are witnessing today.

    Instead of forcing the "Deen"of Truth (Mostly mistranslated as Religion; But "Deen" means the way of life, code of conduct with the belief in oneness of GOD) We need to invite , debate and reason with logic and scientific facts to let the people decide for themselves. Otherwise we will see certain extremes in our community. Some with delusional ideas taking "Deen" as a part of culture, Others with hatred and few who will resort to force it without teaching it properly.

    In front of universal deceit- The Scholars are poorly equipped with the correct way of teaching ISLAM (Spreading the True Message of Almighty GOD) at this age. (i:e With scientific knowledge, logic, and rational arguments using our main sources as The Glorious Quran & Hadhits). This has not happened in a day or two but over along period of neglect and WE Muslims needs to understand that we deviated from our way of life chosen to the humanity by Almighty GOD (Deen ul-Fthr or Deen ul-Haqq - ISLAM)

    ISLAM is the way of life for humanity from the Adam till date.

    Who says that we cannot put an ISLAMIC Scholer in HRCM? Who says that we need to separate "Deen" and other affairs of people. That would be saying we have to separate our "way of life" from our "way of life" which makes no sense.

    ISLAM is not just another religion and people had only not understood it or either neglected to understand that it is a comprehensive system that elevated the once unknown and wandering Arabia to hold the torch of knowledge & progress, hope, human rights and limits, freedom from slavery, and everything GOOD out of pure teachings of ISLAM.

    AND the biggest problem of humanity today is that we think ourselves as our own lords and get too occupied in achievements of this material world while forgetting our real purpose of life here.

    AND TODAY the humanity has trapped itself in the way of Satanism and deviated from "Ikhlas" (Purity of Faith).

    May Allah save us from the mischief of ourselves and the society and guide us to the TRUTH.

  34. Silly Bismuth. Why are you expecting me to respect someone who is clearly against the people of Maldives?.

    "Give respect to earn respect", goes the old adage, and with that sort of attitude, no one's gonna respect him. Poor heck.

  35. heck doesn't respect us - or anybody who wishes to be free from the shackles of the past. There is no reason to respect him.

    Bawww some more, double-standard boy.

  36. @Ahmed Aliased

    "heck doesn’t respect us"

    If you are so desperate, here is the winning formula for 100% respect!

    It was recently discovered lying in a pile of magoo trees in an uninhabited island!

    "Wear a Sufi hat or a skull-mask and go Islam bashing while keeping the ambience smoked with the vapour of less than one gram of hashish oil"

  37. @Ahmed Aliased

    Was he your friend?

    I mean that Sufi "saint" who was caught feeding on "magoo" leaves?

  38. @Ahmed Aliased on Thu, 19th Aug 2010 11:56 AM ;

    Dear Mulla Ahmed Aliased,

    I can only relate things that I observe.To tell you the truth out of two of us if anyone is "blue boy" it's you on this page. And even hack is black.

    Why are you insulting yourself, Mulla? Plz have some self respect,. OR you must have not taken medicine for your delusional disorder and worsening amnesia.

    Anyways, Take good care of yourself..

  39. @Ahmed Aliased

    I know all the dirty tricks on how to earn respect from morally bankrupt products like you, yaamyn and that so called Sufi "saint" wannabe Robinson Crusoe!

    If I can work out a way through my hopeful proxies at HRCM and pressurize the parliament to declare that Maldives is a secular state, where you
    islam-haters could marry each other in "holy" same-sex matrimony, then I will immediately be declared a "pink guru" or whatever! Kekeke!

    Why can't you people stop all this MADNESS and be good practicing Muslims and live a normal life?

    Why can't you all accept the fact that this world is a transit place? Not the DESTINATION?

    What is it that you "morally kapoot" people want out of this short life?

    To have all the indiscriminate wild pleasures you can IMAGINE? Because there is no after-life?

    Is that what you are fighting for? Is that what Mohamed Ismail Didi (tower fame) wanted?

    Cmon! Get married and start a life. Produce babies and try to get a life for them and for yourself!

    Bragging about owning a four storey building is not enough!

    Try to build a family in that building!

    Try to LOVE at least one more human being other than your selfish self.

    LOVE is what is lacking in your life.

    Start loving today!

  40. Your desperate effort to insult me is not without merit...I'm amused.

    Why are you claiming that I am against the MDP government?.

    Why are you defending a drug pusher?

    Add another score for "random, unfounded claims."


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