“I’m too old to sit around. We genuinely want to improve the way things work”: Dr Waheed

Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan recently said he was not completely satisfied with his job and wanted more consultation between the government and the coalition parties when he appeared on VTV’s show Hoonu Gondi (Hot Seat) on 12 April.

At a rally for the Gaumee Itthihaad Party (GIP) last Saturday, Dr Waheed reiterated his concerns of lack of communication within the government and lack of consultation.

Minivan News spoke to Dr Waheed today about his comments, concerns, achievements and what improvements he thinks the government needs to make.

Laura Restrepo Ortega: Why are you airing your issues publicly? Why not speak to President Nasheed directly?

Dr Waheed: We have brought about this change to promote democracy and human rights, and good governance is a very important part of it. Part of the reason why I air these things publicly is because obviously I don’t feel that there are enough opportunities for us to discuss these things. To some extent, it is because of communication, but also these are things people need to know.

We’ve been in government for a year and a half now, and I have said these things in public before. I have tried very hard to work together and I’m still committed in doing so. I also like to be heard. I’m too old to sit around. We genuinely want to improve the way things work here.

Clearly this is still a young government and there is lots that needs to be done to improve. If you listen to what I said, and not what other people are saying, you will see that my comments are constructive comments. They are not meant to criticise. They were suggestions on how things can be improved.

LRO: Has anything changed or improved since your first TV appearance?

Dr Waheed: I don’t see any major difference still. It hasn’t been very long since I appeared on television. I am still hopeful that there will be an opportunity to work out things.

LRO: What is it you want to change?

Dr Waheed: I would like more consultation on major policy issues. I know that the Constitution doesn’t specifically say that I have to be consulted. But the spirit of the Constitution is that the vice president is here for a reason. Not to wake up every morning and find out the president is there so you go back to sleep — for five years.

LRO: So you want more communication within the government?

Dr Waheed: I think there’s no alternative to that. Any alternative to inadequate communication is breakdown.

One of the problems is that we still don’t have a culture of sharing information. Even in government offices decisions are made, and these decisions are not adequately communicated to the rest of the staff and to the people who should receive that information. So that is something that can be done fairly easily, but we have to develop a culture of doing that.

I am used to working in places where, when you make a decision, everybody who is concerned with it are informed. And it’s very easy to do that now with e-mail. We don’t have a culture of using e-mail effectively for work. People use it for personal communication, but not so much for improving office communications.

LRO: Do you think that the opposition will use your comments against the government?

Dr Waheed: It’s a competitive political environment, and different people will use them differently. The most important thing is public impression. In the past, we don’t say anything. I also worked in the previous government. We don’t say anything and we just stay quiet, and we just continue as if everything is perfect. And then it blows up.

I think we are in a different environment now. For us, freedom of expression and human rights are the reason why we are here. And part of it is also respect for each other’s views.

LRO: What do you think of the opposition? Are they being constructive or are they working against the government?

Dr Waheed: You’re talking about the opposition, and the opposition’s interest is in opposing the government. But one of the things I said was there should be a mechanism for dialogue, between the opposition and the government.

LRO: Are there no such mechanisms in place?

Dr Waheed: I don’t see that. There is too much polarisation. There are things, of course, we want from the opposition. We want their support to pass the bills in Parliament, and there may be things they want from the government. And that is also to address some of their own concerns. I believe we should be able to engage with all parties.

LRO: Do you think it’s possible for a coalition government to work in practice?

Dr Waheed: I think it’s possible. We have to be a lot more tolerant and respectful of each other. We cannot pretend that we know everything. That’s why we have to listen to others. It’s healthy to take other people’s views and to be consultative. Of course, you cannot get everything you want when you talk to other people. Sometimes you have to do things differently. But because no one is infallible, the decisions we make together are likely to survive and to succeed more.

The wisdom of consultation, I think, is probably more valid but also it helps to get buy-in and ownership. So to me, in a democratic form, in a democracy, good governance means more teamwork.

LRO: Will your party (GIP) survive?

Dr Waheed: I believe it will. But the political landscape of Maldives is not fixed, because it is in the very early stages of democracy. It’s not like a mature, old democracy. I’m sure in the future there will be many changes. Whether our party will survive will depend on how active our members are and how determined they are to build it. So we’ll see.

LRO: Should political parties be dissolved all together?

Dr Waheed: Political parties are very new in the country, they’re also struggling to develop and be at capacity. At the moment there is vicious competition among parties to grab members. And in so doing, maybe inadvertently, people are making direct or indirect threats about their job security, their benefits, about their businesses and privileges and so on. It’s not good for the country.

LRO: Do you think there are elements in the government that are detrimental to the country’s progress?

Dr Waheed: There are always people trying to influence the government’s efficiency and so on. There are also individual interests in that, but this is precisely why we have checks and balances. Within the government also there are mechanisms for getting things through, as long as we don’t short-circuit them. And we have the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and other watch-dog institutions. I believe those checks will be there. I’m optimistic that there will be those checks, if you compare now to the past.

But all of these institutions are still at an infant stage. And this is why we have to raise some of these issues. My comments certainly are not meant to be detrimental. I am trying to say things that I believe are good for the country. I have nothing to personally gain from this. But I don’t want to be sitting around, not being as useful as I can. I believe I am part of the senior leadership of this government, but there are people who don’t agree with that.

LRO: What do you think of statements made by members of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) calling for the resignation of anyone in government who doesn’t adhere to the MDP manifesto?

Dr Waheed: This is very short-sighted and narrow thinking. This is not coming from everybody at the MDP, it’s coming from some people. I have a lot of affinity to MDP, as well. I helped found that party, as well. I was there at the initial stages when we built the party, and a lot of my relatives are still there.

So it’s not that I’m against MDP, we are sister parties. And I believe we should have a mechanism for working together, instead of the big fish trying to swallow the little one. That’s why I think my party’s people are resisting. They may not have a choice because it’s a much smaller party. We have a number of people from our party in the government.

The level of tolerance of this government will be judged very soon by how many of our colleagues will be forced to join MDP if they want to retain their post.

LRO: Do you think that will happen?

Dr Waheed: My colleagues in government are under pressure to leave my party (GIP) and join MDP.

LRO: What did you mean when you said the country is becoming ‘colour coded’?

Dr Waheed: If you talk to people, you don’t have to just talk to me, talk to people in government, do a survey. You will find that there is a lot of concern about this. People are having difficulty, the way they were also having in the last government. I thought we wanted to get away from these pressures.

LRO: What pressures?

Dr Waheed: If you don’t join the government, if you don’t join the political alliances, you don’t get jobs, you are threatened, you might lose your job, these kinds of things.

LRO: Is this happening within the government or to members of the general public?

Dr Waheed: This is happening everywhere. And every day we are getting complaints about this. Just yesterday, a civil servant has been transferred from one department to the other because that person signed up for my party.

These things are happening all the time. And I don’t think we should do this, because what happens next? You have another government, when a new government comes, they kick out everybody who was hired during our government. And it’s not healthy for the country. So we have to be a lot more tolerant and value people for their merit, their experience, not their political affiliations.

LRO: What would you say are your biggest achievements as Vice President?

Dr Waheed: I had been assigned the responsibility for guiding the National Narcotics Council. And I believe that there has been a very marked reduction in the availability of drugs in the country. I also believe that we have a good plan for prevention of narcotics in the country. We had a very successful stake-holder meeting and the findings have been reflected in the National Strategic Action Plan.

Implementation of it is slow. If I had sufficient powers I would have set up a stronger department for drugs and rehabilitation and treatment. It’s not working very well at the moment. I have proposed that it should be much more empowered. And once that happens I’m sure it will move faster. We have successfully revised the narcotics bill, it is now in the Parliament. And once it is approved by the Parliament, we will be able to move faster. So this is one area.

And the other is I was trusted by the president to lead the international donor conference. I believe that we had a successful one. I’m very proud of it. Now we have the pledges and commitments, we have to now still do a lot of work to access the resources. And we are in the process of doing that. I’m not the key person responsible for that now, different departments do their work, but I’m hoping that I will have a lead role in monitoring and supporting that. At the moment, my role, in fact, is a little bit vague.

LRO: Will you be running for presidency in 2013?

Dr Waheed: I have no idea where this is coming from. There are lots of political pundits in Maldives, there’s no shortage of them now. It must be coming from them. No, I have not made that decision. I think it’s a little early. But if that’s how the political formulations work in the country, and if that’s the best way I can serve, then why not?

LRO: So there is a chance you will run?

Dr Waheed: As I said, the circumstances will determine.


45 thoughts on ““I’m too old to sit around. We genuinely want to improve the way things work”: Dr Waheed”

  1. Dr. Waheed, how can you blame the government for something that happened in the civil service?

  2. Dear Dr. Waheed

    It is obvious that you have a few concerns about the style of government policy making - perhaps in the pressure to get things done, or in the belief in one's own self of right in the face of harsh criticism, this government has acted in a little less consultative a manner than is the preferred modus operandi of the UN. On this, the govt is perhaps a little guilty.

    However, our concern is that there is precious little in your criticism about the content of government policy.

    For example is your problem with that of decentralization, the center-right economic policies of privatization, the environmental stance, foreign policy closeness to India at the expense of others, cosiness to the Conservative party - these are all policy stances that you can criticise and have a real discussion on - but instead you talk about a lack of communication. This more than anything else is what makes the MDP think that you are simply being opportunistic and power-hungry. If you must criticise, then criticise the policy, not the style.

  3. Dear Ms Ortega,
    At this juncture I thought I must respond publicly. I'm one of the MDP personnel who engaged Dr. Waheed in the affairs of Maldives (just prior to the Presidential Election in 2008), as we then assumed he was genuinely interested in bringing about radical changes in our way of life. To make a long story short, I believe I was instrumental in inviting Dr. Waheed to take up the challenge of being Anni's running mate. While, i was quite acutely aware of the negative ratings for him among the MDP core leaders, I advised Anni to work with Dr. Waheed as I sincerely believed he was mainly concerned with ushering in an inclusive and pluralistic governance system. I now admit I was wrong.

    If Dr. Waheed is incapable of observing the sea change inside his own community sine he became VP, and the MDP Alliance took power, then he can be relegated to the dustbin of History. He is incapable of assessing public opinion. Statistically, he maybe the first Maldivian to get a doctorate, and yet he is a shameful character as the First VP who turned into a complaining sissy in a pink frock, definitely out of sinc with the twenty-first century and unable to perform his duty.
    To get a real perspective on his own suicidal attempt to get recognized, he ought to read, Geoff Mulgan's brilliant piece, "GOOD AND BAD POWER, The Ideals And Betrayals Of Government'.

    Yes, I sent him the crucial message via sms while he was undecided in New York, that made him decide to take up MDP's offer. In other words, I can say under oath, that he got the VP slot without spending a dime or sacrificing an inch or a single drop of blood.
    Today, he is only interested in his own desire to become the President of Maldives.

    I say, he is falling asleep while on national duty!

    ahmed ali naseer

  4. O dear me!

    What a similarity between the old dictator and Dr Waheed.

    I mean the hunger for power and the attitude that says dont-I-look-like-your-eternal-most-capable-most-intellectual-impeccable-President-with-the-Presidential-pout?

    For one thing if Dr Waheed needs to be heard he should not have run as the Vice President.

    He should sit in the Parliament and be some charcoal-brained Ali Waheed.

    As I understand Dr Waheed's jabbering is based on a simple fact. Or maybe an assumption.

    If a minister resigns or gets sacked the President could replace him.

    But could the President replace his Vice President?

    No. Probably not.

    There would be the clown show on TV whoa would vehemently argue that if the Vice President resigns or gets sacked there should be new elections.

    What a costly drama that would be in the Parliament which spend four lakhs per day for babbling like baboons.

    In other words, Dr Waheed is trying to force President Nasheed to have new elections.

    That's the deal that Dr Waheed has made in Hilaaleege with the power-hungry political wolves.

    The question is, is Dr Waheed in a position to win an election?

    Or is he in a position to win it in an alliance and lead it?

    I wonder who would be Dr Waheed appointees in his government.

    My bet is the same old crowd. Because there is nobody else.

    Dr Waheed can once again run away to a UN job when a storm is about to blow at home.

    But where do the Maldivian public run?


    I'd like to send him the following message

    'Thank you Dr Waheed's Sorry Butt, you're in a position to put the country into total chaos. You managed to be the Vice President doing as little as possible.

    Yet you have very little interest to give even a little bit.

    I have only myself to blame for trusting you.

    I should've known you better.

    After all, you'll always be Dr Waheed C & G (trademark Ltd) for our generation."

  5. dr. waheed listen to me carefully, im not a MDP guy either DRP, as for my undersating you have got a very difficult and special task from the government, if you really work on those issue's you wouldn't have time to complain or condem and even to critisize the government or the oppostion, you are the FIFTH pledge of this government, that's all politicies required to stop the most painful threat to this country the DRUGS .. what have you done? just doing a wrok won't work? have you followed up the situation? what is th police doing to get the drug dealers? .. it is zero, only 2 drug dealers they caught with in these 2 years? who is responisble for this ? where's the demand redection policies? .. have you been to atolls and checked the situation of partey's.. don't you have the responsibility to stop the folow of drugs? it's just the same as the ex maumoon's theoretically? why wouldn't you change that stupid drug force of police to more a leathal force which can curb this menace? like the DEA in USA.. what did you do in UN mission's! and the minivannews reporter should have asked these question? thank you

  6. Dr Waheed,

    I am just wondering what your political appointees have achieve so far in the government? The only minister (Dr Mustafa)who is scoring has just spoken against you. What is trade minister doing so far? Why was he clapping his hands when your party activitists (hired DRP-PA activitist too) were mocking government privatisation policy? What a mockery! I believe you and your party members doesn't know how to get along with the current government and feel yourself's too above! What do you think people like Thawfeeg (toppy) is doing as the SG in your party with Shameeu from Education ministry to spy for PA? I keep wondering!

  7. First, this should not be about two individuals.
    We should know the reasons why this particular position was created. If it is of no use, why not amend the constitution to abolish the post and save some money to the treasury.

    Instead of asking pointless political questions, we should ask about the necessity of the VP post.

  8. The sad truth is, Anni is less popular among the public compared to an year ago. There is a huge desire from the public to see some new leadership to put their hopes on. Dr. Waheed knows this - and he is trying to cash on that - just like the DQP brothers.

  9. I really enjoyed the interview with the V.P. and comments about it, I think he aired his grievances which every human being has to in order to progress, to grow. I understand that the MDP heavies who commented on this matter might be a little bit concerned and flustered, yet they need to take such criticisms on board for them to grow. A bitter pill to swallow yet they might realise that MDP is not the be all an end all of everything. Enough of the bravado or machismo, already played out, just straight forward professionalism will do.

  10. Firstly, I never commented on the previous article but am compelled to now as many of the rumors that have been rampant have been put to rest with this interview.

    Of course I am biased. He is my father, and I will probably defend him with my dying breath. However, I do not always agree with him. I do not think this situation is being handled in the most efficient manner, and I believe he needs to take many steps which he has thus far refused. With the issues being presented here, I also have a depth of knowledge on his views, desires, and the interactions he’s had with other ruling elites.

    Jambey – While the “government” (those who are political appointees) may not be able to unilaterally fire members of the Civil Service, or ask them to stay home from their jobs and still receive pay – they ARE able to demote, transfer, and otherwise reprimand those whom they feel are not performing. In this case, DrW was referring to a GIP member who was transferred (reprimanded) because he joined the party. It was just one example of the kind of activity that was rampant under Gayoom’s administration, and what we are trying to stop now.

    Some complain that DrW is inappropriately criticizing government policies, whereas others are saying he’s not focusing enough on the policies, and rather only criticizing a lack of communication. Ya’ll are missing the point. The point is that he wants this government to be effective and to make a difference for the people who elected it. He has stated that he has different policy preferences, however – he has also stated that is fully committed to the existing national development framework. The simple fact of the matter is that there are better ways of doing things. More efficient ways to make government work. The reason why communication is important is because those are the threads that tie the machinery of the government together. It is only through communication, working together, and sharing that an administration can implement programs in a cohesive manner.

    Each Ministry is running off on its own with minimal interactions, minimal cooperation, and few joint programs. A government strategy has to work in its entirety. It has to be coordinated and then implemented.

    Another reason why communication is important is because that is what has been lacking between the Vice President’s office and the rest of the President’s Office. Though the agreement signed between MDP and GIP when the first MDP Itthihaad coalition was formed (stating that we will be consulted on all decisions affecting national welfare), there has been little consultation. We campaigned on a platform that stated that we would participate, ensure the work is done well, and put all the experience the party had to the benefit of the nation. However, consultation is now non-existent. And GIP will be blamed along with MDP for anything that goes wrong, even though we’ve had no say.

    Now – the reality is simple. GIP will be held accountable and responsible for what the government does – so we want to make sure that our voice is heard so that we could do the best job possible in protecting the interests of the people. We joined this coalition to effect change. And that change is what we are committed to. Yet, government offices operate the same, brutality still takes place within prisons, and political affiliation is key to securing a job. This is not the change we fought for. And come hell or high water, we will see effective change come to pass.

    Ahmed Ali Naseer,

    You say you “advised Anni to work with Dr. Waheed as I sincerely believed he was mainly concerned with ushering in an inclusive and pluralistic governance system.” But then say he is the one who is not being inclusive and pluralistic!? This is ridiculous. He is the one who is CALLING for inclusivity and pluralism. He is the one who is pleading that he be allowed to help the President and this government achieve the pledges that we have promised the people. That is what this is about.

    You claimed to have sent him the “crucial message” that made him come back from New York. When was this? In 2005? Before the MDP Primaries where both the President and Gogo Latheef stabbed him in the back? When he stayed and worked for MDP even though he was being sidelined then. When he wrote all those policy papers, without taking an ounce of credit for them.

    I know it could not have been in 2008, because he was serving as the Head of UNICEF in Turkmenistan at the time (not New York). You claim that we have not sacrificed? Or shed an ounce of blood? How dare you even affiliate with the opposition.

    My first memory was watching my father put on his socks to go to the police station at 1 AM, because he was constantly being summoned and harassed. My second memory was of a police raid on my house where everyone over the age of 18 was arrested, along with all his campaign supporters like Nazaki (Sandhaanu) Zaki. My family has shed blood for the opposition, and my father has constantly sacrificed for his efforts in the country. He could have easily stayed in Male’ – but he was not the one who was being kept in Jail. He was not the one who was being forced to suffer – it was for those who loved and supported him that he left then. And there are NO apologies. As a result of leaving he has become the most experienced and capable international civil servant the Maldives has ever seen.

    And instead of including that experience and ability in this government to help our people, he is being sidelined. Again. For once he’s not letting it slide. For once he is moving past the stage of just lobbying elites and appealing to the people as well. The goal of this government is to be transparent and honest about their leadership, and you cannot find anywhere where that is more clear than in the office of the Vice President.

    I am ridiculously biased, but that does not change the facts on the ground. DrW is not doing this for the 2013 Presidency. He is more than content being the Vice President, and is only asking that he be allowed to be one that is effective. One that can actually help his people. He constantly refuses to promise favors, offer rewards in exchange for financial support, and he simply does not have the capital for a Presidential Campaign. Unlike everyone else on the playing field, it is only with significant, unquestioning support that he could ever run. And while that may be a possibility, it is a tiny, minuscule one. And it is not being helped at all by anything he is saying now. This is not being done for political advantage but rather what he believes is best for the country.

    The result:
    - People claiming that he stopped 10 Million USD in AID
    - People claiming he’s declared that he is going run for President in 2013
    - People claiming he opposes the President and this Government.

    Failing his national duty!?! Speaking out for what is right, giving an honest appraisal, and working to make things better IS HIS NATIONAL DUTY.

    If the Vice President resigns, one will be appointed by the President. That is not what the people voted for. That is not the platform on which we campaigned for change. DrW will not resign from the Vice Presidency and it will be a travesty for this nation if he does.

    If the President wants to make DrW a “Lame Duck” Vice President, then so be it. But GIP will still support the framework that we advocated for during the campaign. We will still do whatever we can to help development programs in the country. And we will always offer advice and assistance. We support this government, and the Vice President is only asking that he be allowed to do the job he was elected to do. That is his duty to our people.

  11. Waheed come and Waheed go..... The biggest mistake in Anni's political carreer was selecting Waheed as the VP. He was elected president on his own merit plus diabolical dislike of Maumoon in Maldives. If anything, VP Waheed meant less votes to Anni, not more. He may be too old to sit around in Maldives but he is certainly not too old to go away again to America or wherever he feels is closest to his heart - it surely is not Maldives.

  12. @ ahmed ali nasser

    There really is no need to stoop yourself down so low in criticising Dr Waheed personally.

    If MDP offered Dr Waheed to join them as VP, it must be for good reason. Why didn’t MDP make someone else the VP? Surely, there was no shortage of human beings in the party.

    Adding Dr Waheed to the MDP election bandwagon has won lots of seats for the coalition. If President Nasheed contested with someone from MDP as the VP, then we will probably see Gayyoom as our president even today.

    This is not the first time someone has said he is not consulted even though he is a part of the government. We saw the resignation of a lot of people much earlier into this regime because of the same reason. Now I wish they did not resign.

    Because Gayyoom did the same thing, we call him a dictator. He ruled the country with his family and friends even though they were not qualified for their jobs. He was able to do it because he developed that system. Gayyoom jailed anyone who criticised him and this prevented anyone else from saying anything against him.

    But this is not a dictatorship we have now.
    This is a DEMOCRACY.
    And that’s where the difference lies.

    President Nasheed can also do things just the way Gayyoom did. But it will be more difficult for him to get away with that. We have free speech now. We also advocate for transparency. So people are not going to stay quiet.

    May be the government is criticised so much even by the average man on the street because of poor governance. From what I hear, the country is going downhill. Just look at the comments on an average article on ‘Haveeru’ to get the idea in the silence of your studies.

    If others are involved in decision making, i am sure there can be a lot that can be improved. At present it is an MDP dominated show.
    We did not vote for it.
    We voted for the coalition.

    I applaud President Nasheed for peacefully bringing down the dictatorship. But I am not sure whether I can applaud him to the same extent for his governance – not yet.

    I believe things can be improved and the country saved from its downhill course if it is run by a coalition and not as a purely MDP show. As Dr Waheed said, “It’s healthy to take other people’s views and to be consultative.”

  13. so the "mentally deranged paranoids" (MDP's) want to see the likes of Reeko-cum-dumper driver-cum-govindha of the the Maldives film industry to be the next VP. In fact he mumbled in one of his orations at "haruge" that he would not let anyone call for or have mid-term elections when he was in the "za'aamathu". My sincere sympathies to the crew of the sinking mdp vessel. These guys need to know the difference between "democracy" and "mobocracy".

  14. Dr Waheed, you yourself said that we do not have a culture of sharing information or communicating....and that's the way it has been for the last decades. So how can you expect to change it within a year? And even places like UN have their own internal politics and information doesn't always flow properly or in the right way to the people. You are saying that this is a young government but you are not willing to work with it. Its a bit early for public critisism from a VP who belongs to the Coalition. You are not the only one who is frustrated, I bet even the President is cause the fact is that there are still single minded individuals who want to make this Government a failure and these people are also in decision making positions, so of course a lot of the communication you are talking about within the Civil service, depends on how effectively they work.What have you done as the VP to assist the President in improving these communication matters? To be honest, it is very obvious that your intentions are not to improve how this Government works, but you are already campaigning for Presidency in 2013! Atleast be honest with yourself, and resign as VP and then campaign. Seems to me you want the best of both worlds!

  15. Salim, you should start campaigning for Dr Waheed now. After reading your long post, I am convinced that you can do a great job at it.

    Dr Waheed is an experienced person. The government should make use of his experience and his expertise. If he is a sleeping, VP, we are wasting his capabilities.

    'I think he is gaining popularity by all this' says, many of my friends.

  16. dear waheed
    What colour code you are talking about. The first job you have given to your brother latheef from aboobakur school. by forcing the school. first education ministry tried to give him the job from g.dh.atoll education center. but they refused because they know latheef well. latheef resigned from aec because he didnt had the ability to teach the students. if you ask this question from anyone g.dh.thinadhoo they will agree me. and the the first 200000.00 loan (kudhu adhi medhufantheege viyafaari) is given to him from economic ministry (QIp) by your order while so many thinadhoo people trying to get loans but no one got it . is this the way you mean to give jobs. we know how you arranged the qip meeting in thinadhoo. mahir school parents were told that it was a school meeting and when the meeting started it was a qip meeting. many of them told me while they were in the meeting and even the mdp members used to sign in the qip forms to help register the party and later they again signed to mdp you are angry because you wants more jobs more loans for your relatives....thats the real preblem is

  17. Thanks Rocket - but my campaigning won't amount to much. As his son I am just too biased to be taken as seriously as these issues need to be taken.

    And also do keep in mind, as of this moment, he has absolutely NO intention of running for President in 2013.

    Unless, his fans come out in the thousands demanding his candidacy, it is unlikely any such thing will happen. The President and DrW (VP) were hailed as a "Dream Team" when they first joined because it was a mixture of activism and experience. It would be great if they could be the team they have the potential to be (and were hyped up to be).

    God willing, he'll be brought back into the fold, given support and authority, and we'll be able to see some progress in the remaining three years.

  18. Mr. Salim Waheed,

    "The Job Dr. Waheed was elected for" is: clearly in article 117 of the constitution: "The Vice President shall exercise such responsibilities and powers of the President as are delegated to him by the President" He certainly cannot get more power or involvement by talking against the government or the President and angering him. What is the point here? Yell at the President till he resigns?

    The second point is the coalition you people talk about. You are an educated person, you know very well this is a Presidential system and a coalition government is a cabinet of a parliamentary government in which several parties cooperate. There is absolutely no way you can enforce a coalition agreement in a Presidential system. An unenforceable agreement is not an agreement. There is no way a court can do anything about this agreement because the Constitution doesn't recognize any way of power sharing in a Presidential system. Why agree on something not enforceable in the first place? Why complain now?

    Do you honestly believe its perfectly alright for a sitting vice president to criticize his own government publicly? Where else in the world does this happen? What message does this give to the public? How on Earth can this produce positive results? I have read press release from the MDP, is this helping the situation? Do you think this is the way to solve the problem?

    The most dirty part of this is the rally Dr. Waheed held with the DRP activists. If GIP wants to oppose MDP that's totally fine. But with DRP activists? I don't agree with that! The people who did all those things to your father, Naushad and your family??!!? As far as I am concerned, that is crossing the line! That is unforgivable!

  19. Who will make a better VP, Dr Waheed or Reeko Moosa Manik? I go with Reeko, why? cause he knows how to act, he is educated (MBA)he is well mannered,when President ask him what is 2+2 he will say whatever you want it to be sir.

    Dr Waheed, MDP thugs may not like you, but they are loosers anyway. So keep going

  20. Jambey,

    No Vice President is the slave of the President. And in our case it is different because we campaigned as DrW having authority and say and being under the premise that he would help guide the development of our country. That he would use his decades of experience. We told the people that he would be utilized to help develop and strengthen our nation. That this administration would use his expertise in management, organization, and national development for the good of our nation.

    Of course he will do what the constitution says, but he was elected to do more than just that!

    You create a coalition agreement because you want to show the people that you can work with others to help those people. Of course a contract between two people, parties, or entities is binding! Maybe our Judicial system is not yet mature enough to recognize it, however this is only because we are a new democracy with a Judiciary in need of reform, restructuring, and support. But in the eyes of the people and the signatories, the agreement was binding. It is a matter of honor and common decency. (Idealistic, but so what! We should be if we are to hope for the best for our nation).

    Of course it is a bad thing when a sitting Vice President is forced to be critical of his own government. But at no time does DrW condemn the government. Instead he offers his helping hand and begs to be included. To be allowed to support the people who elected him.

    The MDP Statement was ill considered. They should have immediately agreed, acknowledged his criticisms instead of denying everything we know to be true, and embraced him. If I was in MDP, I would have used it as an opportunity to incorporate GIP into MDP's functioning and through bringing them even closer. But instead, they acted harshly, defensively, and in a politically confrontational way. This is because of many things 1) The President's Office saw this as a power play because he has been quiet this long and there is no reason why a little more hinderment should change things and 2) MDP's old and upcoming leadership has always seen him as a threat and if they were to include him, he would have a naturally higher status than them (save the President) in the party and that would be too much of a threat for them.

    As for the GIP rally, I fully admit that some DRP activists came, though MDP activists were more than welcome to come as well. The invitation was open to all. Don't for a second think that this was an endorsement of DRP because it wasnt. It was simply the people who chose to come to the rally. The reason why MDP members did not attend is because many people in the leadership have been spending all their time creating stories from thin air and then condemning DrW for those lies. Calling for his resignation, so that they might get the chance to be Vice President instead. These leaders are not outraged, they are ecstatic! Jumping for joy at the chance that they might be able to be the nation's number 2.

    Unlike everyone else, DrW is committed only to the people. Not corruption. Unlike everyone else, he is honest with what he thinks.

    Did I mention I was slightly biased? 🙂 Now you just have to decide whether it is rightly so, or just opinion warped by affection. I think its a little of both.

  21. I had so much respect for VP, such a shame what he is doing now. As someone once remarked, VP's in most countries are mostly asked to attend funerals.
    VP position is there to be as second in command, to do what his boss asks, not to go and publicly criticize him.

    Quite frankly VP is starting to sound like a moaner, or 'he is not letting me do work.'

    In this interview he says he was in charge of Donor Conference, in charge of Drug problems,on that he could have gone forward and done more. Instead of being spoon fed about what he needs to do.

    And quite frankly he could have waited for another 3 years or lets say voiced out just before elections, if he wants to campaign so badly.

    His party members hold portfolio's in the goverment and he says this goverment is colour coded?

    He has DRP members supporting him at his party meetings and booing those who talk in favour of the government, never thought we'd see this day.

    At a crucial time like this VP is not acting like someone who loves the country. Seems he is hell bent on bringing more chaos at a time when there is so much that needs to be done for the country. We had such high expectations of you VP, such a shame.

  22. Here are the facts: GIP has just 3508 members. They are way behind MDP, DRP, JP, AP and IDP. Which means GIP doesnt carry a lot of political weight! GIP doesn't have a single MP, again this weakens their position. Dr. Waheed has a lot of experience and education, but that doesn't count in local politics. The DQP had lots of Phd holders and we saw the results in the election? Recently in the DRP congress there was a bunch of highly educated names as deputy leaders, but look at the results? 4 activists won! The other fact is, whatever Dr. Waheed won has been won with Anni. The Male' seat of Parliament was run by Anni, now the Vice Presidency with Anni. So without Anni or MDP, GIP and Dr. Waheed is nothing. I hope he realizes the reality before its too late.

  23. From what I heard, this game is orchestrated by Trade Minister Rasheed and Dr. Waheed is his puppet. Most of the GIP doesnt support it!

  24. Pity Dr. Waheed for putting the rope around his neck and tightening it with his own hands and especially at the command of the people who did such unbelievable things to him and family!
    No amount of education or experience will serve its purpose when someone becomes the puppet of a clever puppeteer!
    Salim Waheed,
    It would rather be wise if you can persuade your father to give up dancing to the tunes of devils in disguise!
    And, a well said God Willing....!
    It is evident that DRP, PA, Gasim etc. etc. who in disguise are playing pucks with your dad and pushing him to the limit!

  25. Too old to site around? I thought old people sit while the younger doesn't!

  26. No matter how hard Waheed tries, or how many secret meetings at Hilaaleege with Hassan Saeed,Qasim,Tasmeen,Abullo Shahid... he can never become the president.Everybody knows either DRP or MDP will rule.Already Waheed had back stabbed MDP he can join DRP, but i still don't think he will win because everybody know Waheed come & goes, thats not good.Even his son Jeff come & goes.

  27. Salim Waheed,

    I have to agree with Jambey. As per the constitution, the job of the Vice President IS be a slave of the President and remain in this shadow. He can only get work when and if the president decides to give him work: “The Vice President shall exercise such responsibilities and powers of the President as are delegated to him by the President” So clearly vice presidents are reservists!!

    The presidency and running of the government and its accountability is on the shoulders of a President! Not the vice president. He will not be accountable for any amount of anything whatsoever!

    There is no legal basis to force a President to share any of his powers with any one else. Vice presidents must stand in the shadow of the president, all the time.

    People do not elect or vote for a vice president. Why do I say this? Based on two points of the constitution. 112 (b) Every candidate for President shall PUBLICLY DECLARE the name of the Vice President who will serve with him. That's it. The person running for presidency is the President alone. NOT with a vice president. Now look at 114 of the constitution. It says the person "ELECTED" as president and the person "NOMINATED" as a vice president.. see the difference?

    So, I dont understand why Dr. Waheed keeps saying that this is not a MDP government? Technically it may not be an MDP government, but it sure is a Mohamed Nasheed government!

    Does Dr. Waheed say this based on his help in campaigning for the current president? I have a friend who campaigned and spend his money to elect this government too. Can he make the same claim?

    I suspect DRP is behind all this. We'll soon find out!

  28. some people feel that Anni won the election because Waheed was chosen as the VP. The reality is, Anni would have won the election even he has chosen a sewer rat as a VP.

  29. wait, Dr. Waheed wants Mr. Nasheed to email stuffs? now i see whats going on!!!

  30. Wether Waheed acknowledges or not, what he did was an attempt to publicly humiliate and defame his boss President Nasheed. Waheed and his son have acknowledged that Anni did not do anything uncostitutional against Waheed. So all I can say is that Anni has a backstabber as his deputy.

    We voted for a Vice President who would support the President and perform the duties assigned to him under the constitution of the country. If Waheed feels that Anni has gone against some agreement between their parties then he should solve the problem privately or resign. The point is we want the president to fulfill the MDP Manifesto and it would be very difficult to do so with the Vice President banging on the President's head.

  31. Scenario 1:

    2013 Election - MDP on one side and Thasmeen, Yaamin, Hassan Saeed, Buruma Qasim on the other side as a coalition, putting Dr.Fili Waheed as their candidate.

    The opposition is feeding Dr.Fili Waheed, that he can be a better president than Anni,to make this country as perfect as the UN, utilizing ALL his PHD knowledge and infinite experience. The opposition is pledging their allegiance to make him their supreme leader.Promises the international spotlight, better than the popularity Anni is getting right now. Even promises, to shift the Presidential Palace to Theemuge, so that he and his children can swim in the Swimming pool when the days are too hot.Dr.Fili is very tempted and humbled by this prospect.

    In such an election,it is highly likely that MDP will lose. So,Dr.Fili Waheed will be the president of Maldives. In his bubbly dream job. But to his surprise, the Mafia alliance, does not fulfill their promises and pressure and manipulate Dr.Fili to resign. Of course Making Dr.Fili resign or run away won't be too difficult. You see, unfortunately Dr.Fili Waheed, with all his education and worldly experience, hasn't really got the shrewdness and the politician in him to rise to the challenges of this country and be a true leader. Dr.Fili thinks that the people of Maldives think like the people in the first world countries think like. Maybe this is because he spent too much time in America. He thinks that we are a society who can think independently, politically mature enough to really understand the political stunts he is pulling on live TV. He doesn't realize the fragile state of our infant democracy, and any indication of the weakness of this government is free fuel to the hordes of blood thirsty opposition.

    Anyways, after chasing away Dr.Fili, Thasmeen and Yamin will be the new president and VP. Soon afterwards, Hasanu will resign, followed by Buruma Qasim, because they are not getting a large enough share of the pie. So the cycle would continue in the story of Maldivian politics.

    We, the lame people of Maldives, will obviously be suffering like always, dancing to the tunes of these politicians, until our brains evolve enough to make our own lives better.


  32. Problem here is Maldivians don't know what Maldivians want.

    Mistake here was letting the British go. Maybe they could have developed us into something like Singapore/Hongkong.

    Handled our lives until we are more capable. Real shame.

  33. The constitution states clearly that (Art 117): “The Vice President shall exercise such responsibilities and powers of the President as are delegated to him by the President”.
    While I hate to quote old Gayoom, it is true that 'no one is above the law' and that includes the VP too.

    As for JSW, who says 'Of course he will do what the constitution says,', then Dr. Waheed better stop moaning about it and just get on with it. You cannot be 'elected to do more than' what the constitution states. Maldives is NOT a diarchy, and father and son should accept that.

  34. @Robin: i totally agree with you. And yes most of us did vote for the coalition. And Mariyam did you say its been only one and a half years and its too early to criticize? Ofcoz and indeed this is a young government but when do you suggest he should open his mouth...umm lets say at the end of the five year term??? Dont you think it would be too late then and the people would be saying the same stuff even then. So i dont think it would make much of a difference.

    I totally respect VP's openness.

  35. My my, the MDP people sure have the knickers in a twist over this. You boys n girls are really starting to feel the heat ah? blantly trying to defend the MDP, it reminds me of how people before defended the Gayoom regime. You guys are so brainwashed that you forget the ideals and principals and you start worshipping the person or party. You guys have a lot of growing up to do.

    Oh and before you get the wrong idea, i for one was for change in the last election and actively aired my views for change and voted as such. But theres no way im voting for an MDP government in the next 2013 election. You guys need to be brought down from your throne too.

    The VP's grievances do carry a lot of weight. You guys will find out just how much in the next election 😉

  36. There are sincere GIP members such as Dr.Mustafa, Inaz, Dr.Manik, Dr.Mohamed Ali, Aminath Ali who are loyal to this nation. I believe they will never fall into victims of DRP-PA lead attempt to fail this government using Dr.Waheed. There are insiders in this government such as Trade minister Mohmaed Rasheed, Toppy and Ilyas Hussain who are master minds of this coup! I hope ordinary folks and educated citizens would think about it!

  37. when those in power make a mockery of democracy, i don't think anyone with rational progressive democratic principles can stand quiet...

  38. Tell me Dr.Waheed and Co, When you openly said your so called party is Centre Left and would never believe in Centre Right (MDP's economic policy base)..I wonder why in the first place you guys went for coalition? And secondly as you have already gone for a coalition..why are you crying like small babies and stubbornly refusing to give in to Centre right policies such a massive privatisation..while the Economic Minister is your party minister?? I just wonder!! You and your party is just childish, stubborn, gas bags..and think you all are better than ordinary maldivians! Come down to earth! When you say your party gets no forum for dialogue, 1) What are you all (yourself, Mustafa, Rasheed) doing in Cabinet? Sleeping there?? 2) Your minister (Rasheed) is there in National Planning Council meetings. What is he doing there? Sleeping huh? 3. Your office (President Office) hold executive's meeting everyday morning with you, president and other seniors. what do you do there? Sleep huh?? 4. You all are suppose to attend Sunday Muliaage meeting in the evening with MDP-MP's to discuss the government and parliment issues..how many meetings did you attend? Sleep? 5. Your political appointee's attends privatisation committee meetings..what are they doing..sleep huh? 6. You get to meet the president when ever you wish..too shy to speak huh??
    I guess you all are too proud and stubborn and wants to topple the government as soon as possible to have an upper hand on the government and start a family regime!
    Lets see how the history unfolds!

  39. Well, something is wrong isn't it?

    Why don't Anni fire someone? How about the head of communication department at president office, the famous Zuhair(Juha) who only speaks in response to something or to translate Anni as if Anni speaks another language, From my point of view the gov has lost communication in almost everywhere:
    Gov - Majlis
    Gov - Civil Service
    Gov - Human Rigths
    Gov - Media
    Gov - it's own political appointes
    and most important: Gov just don't get why people are frustrated. They just don't get it.

    Gov thinks all are happy and who ever speaks differently wants power. What is that type of think?? That's the kinda thinking Maumoon has..

  40. Well we will see the results in the local gov election. I as an MDP member don't want DRP to win more but that is what's gonna happen.

    And the saddest part is, even if MDP loses the ruling elite of MDP will not agree that is their incapability and lack of communication to understand the public, they will blame it on waheed, and foolishly walk their path.

    The only trick this regime can play is to bundle up and give Civil Service their full pay as we close near to the election AS THEY HAVE PLANNED AHEAD,, AS THEY DID IN THE LAST MAJLIS ELECTION

  41. I agree with Jumbey. I am also still waiting to read someone state the benefits of what is being done by Waheed. Will this make it easier or harder to get his way now than before. I bet harder... so what is the point?

  42. No matter how much I hate to see the ruling party loosing its grip, its a fact today, Nasheed can still change, Nasheed can stop listning to good for nothing Reeko, FPID Maria, and the father of all corruption I.H Zaki.

    Believe me, and this is a fact again, lots of MDP parliamentarians are getting fedup of false promises by the governement, they are fighting for survival infront of their constituents, how long can they fight? It will be a matter of months they turn against their own party. Remember it needs only 51 votes to remove the President from office. In a matter of months it will be very easy for the opposition to get those numbers.

    Doomsday scenario is on the horizon, Anti Christ is who? I dont know....Reeko? Maria? Zaki? Afeef perhaps?

  43. wht i understood from this is that there are many problems with in our government and it will be happening in the future.

  44. Mr Waheed,

    Millions spent on global tours in the name of Environment....what has happened till today?????

    You screwed up UNICEF in Afghanistan and there are numerous articles on your inefficiency then how can you do something here

    You headed the Advisory committee on Climate Change....which jack asses from UNDP and other members.....WHAT HAS HAPPENED??


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