Vice President voices concerns about government at GIP rally

Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed once again spoke out publicly against the government at a Gaumee Itthihaad Party (GIP) rally on Saturday, where he reiterated his opinion that the government’s coalition platform, which won them the 2008 presidential elections, is not being put into practice.

Dr Waheed appeared on the new VTV programme Hoonu Gondi (Hot Seat) earlier this month, where he voiced his concerns that the government was not employing the multi-party system they based their 2008 campaign on. He also said President Mohamed Nasheed did not consult with him enough, and he did not want to be a Vice President who “slept for five years.”

The vice president told Minivan News at the time he was “not completely satisfied” with his job and felt it was time for him to speak out without being afraid. “It’s my responsibility to express my feelings,” he said.

At Saturday’s GIP rally, the vice president once again spoke out against Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) members who were acting as though MDP was the only party in the government, and said the Maldives would soon be “colour coded.”

According to reports, toward the end of the rally more than half the audience walked out in protest when Deputy Minister for Economic Development and GIP member, Ahmed Inaz, spoke of former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Press Secretary for the President’s Office, Mohamed Zuhair, reiterated Dr Waheed was speaking as the head of a political party and not as the vice president at Saturday’s rally.

“I believe he has identified a need to strengthen his own party. New political party regulations require a party to have 3000 members, otherwise the party will be dissolved,” he said.

Zuhair added “another factor may be the local government elections in June, and he feels he needs to be seen as active. All this has nothing to do with the government.”

He noted the president and vice president “get on well at the office” and everything is running normally.

Zuhair said Dr Waheed’s comments on “colour coding” were taken out of context by the media. “I don’t believe this is correct,” he said. “The government does not favour any one party, which I believe is a compliment to the government.”

He said “the vice president accepted the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) manifesto. He is raising these problems with the government but he is part of it, so perhaps he should be more proactive in solving them.”

Zuhair added the opposition would surely try to use this to drive a wedge into the government, saying “it’s already happening.”

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Spokesperson Ibrahim Shareef said he believes there have been “some misunderstandings between the president and vice president.”

He said he doesn’t see anything wrong with the vice president making his comments public, as he “wasn’t criticising the government.”

Shareef said many people, both in the government and general population, were “blowing it out of proportion” making many people think there is disunity in the government.

He added Dr Waheed was asked difficult questions, and “I believe the vice president has answered correctly. Everybody knows it to be the truth.”

He said the government’s problem was they were “trying to change things for the sake of change” and had “so far failed to deliver anything concrete.”

Shareef said “people’s lives are becoming very difficult”, especially for those in the civil service, and noted that even if the government could not deliver on anything concrete, people were still expecting it from them.

“It’s only been a year and a half,” he said, “but some decisions are very hasty and not thought out properly.”

Spokesperson for MDP Ahmed Haleem said he thought the vice president “wants to get more sheets for the local elections [to be held in June]” and “wants to show he is still alive.”

“Seventy-five percent of the people reject this vice president,” Haleem said, adding the Vice President’s recent comments were not injuring the image of the government or the MDP, but were injuring Dr Waheed himself.

Haleem said there is “no more coalition” in the government, since most parties withdrew from the coalition. But noted the GIP was “very supportive of us” and are supportive of democracy, too.

According to GIP’s website, the party joined the MDP to “create a platform for those individuals who wish to present new ideas, who value honest leadership that cares about the Maldivian people.”

The GIP promises to “bring new ideas on health care, education, housing and other development to better improve our country and give our citizens something we’ve never had – a truly representational government.”

As of last week, the GIP has 3,508 members according to the Elections Commission.


42 thoughts on “Vice President voices concerns about government at GIP rally”

  1. Dr. Waheed is the Vice president of this government and to speak against the government in a rally is like speaking against yourself! This doesn't make sense to me at all! How about the president coming out and talking against the government? Would that be okay? The other point is, why gather a bunch of DRP supporters for a GIP meeting? Dr. Waheed has crossed the line..!

  2. Waheed come and Waheed go!Waheed come and Waheed go!Waheed come and Waheed go!Waheed come and Waheed go!

  3. If GIP wants to criticize the MDP, I have no issues with that. But if the GIP wants to criticize the government, while they are a part of it, and if Dr. Waheed, the vice president is the person to do it, in public, I am sorry I don't agree with this at all! You will never see this in any civilized democracy. This is unacceptable! Absurd! I guess DRP may be behind this since a lot of DRP activists attended the meeting!

  4. Thank you Minivannews for stating the number of people belonging to GIP. I believe it would give a lot of perspective to the readers.

    GIP claims it is the 'clean party' and sashays believing they are the most 'capable' party with 'educated' people from head to toe.

    I await to see whether they walk their talk based on their leader's recent gobbledygook.

    The rally at Ghiyasuddin on Saturday night was indeed very interesting.

    Haveeru reported that a lot of DRP members participated it. And then a lot of people walked out raising the question whether what we saw remaining seated are the party.

    Miadhu reported the rally giving several references to a strange guy acting as the master of ceremony at the rally.

    In every sense, he proved himself to be the perfect representative of the pseudo-intellectuals of GIP.

    I look forward to more drama.

    And I hope Dr Waheed doesn't run away this time saying that he cannot stand the 'stress' and the 'threats' from President Nasheed.

  5. These actions by the Vice President are very surprising. To complain that he is "not completely satisfied" is ludicrous.

    Who IS completely happy? Sure, there are always difficulties in the work environment, but that is no reason to take it out in the public and trash your boss and his people. I am sure that a number of ministers are also "not completely satisfied" about certain things. But they can always bring it up in cabinet and other meetings! This is no excuse to undermine your colleagues!!

    To go on TV and moan about not being consulted despite holding such a high office and having access to so many resources is childish, and makes him sound like a real weakling.

    To then advertise your party meeting by having a lorry go round Male' and blaring out on the loudspeakers an invitation to listen to the Vice President openly talk about the faults of this "ihaaneytheri" government is disrespectful.

    To conspire with opposition DRP and PA (the parties of the dictatorial regime) and fill the seats and attack the government is downright treasonous.

    To engage these elements to heckle and call for the resignation of members of one's own party when they speak (Education Minister Dr. Musthafa Luthfee and Deputy Trade Minister Ahmed Inaz) is beyond comprehension.

    I wonder what is going on in their heads??! How would they feel? Probably "not completely satisfied".

    I think that Dr. Waheed's position is now untenable. If he is really brave, then he should resign and start operating as a responsible opposition politician.

    You can't have your cake and eat it!

  6. What Vice President talked about was serious stuff. He likened his own government's behaviour to apartheid policy in South Africa. I call on the anti corruption commision to investigate this matter and on the Humanrights commission to take measures to protect maldivians from the violation of human rights by President Nasheed's government.

  7. Waheed should dissolve this joke of a party and join MDP. then they can all live happily

  8. Ahmed! What are you saying?
    You have never seen CRITICISM in a civilized DEMOCRACY??

    Are you trying to say democracy defeats itself??

  9. i think dr.waheed has spoken politely on behalf of alot of people in the know - who really want to say that there is wide spread corruption combined with incompetence and arrogance in this govt.

    many mdp members with posts in this govt. parade as untouchables expressing their ill thought through, amateur and "of the moment" opinions that immediately translate to govt policy and strategy. the wiser men who realizes this fact about the govt. can mold a nation to his benefit...

    the former president's demise often gets pointed to his ambiguity to deal with widespread corruption of those closest to him - the way things are going now, president nasheed may face a difficult but similar choice - to put his foot down on his party friends at the cost of loosing votes and support OR share the same demise and fate of his predecessor!

    i thank dr.waheed for standing up on this matter. but i think he should say abit more and not be such a gentlemen...

  10. Dr. Waheed should realise that the Vice President's role is a bit like that of the Joker card in a deck of cards. The deck isn't really complete without it - but it doesn't really have a role in most of the games we play with it. It kind of lies on the side while the big boys (and girls) like the Kings, Queens and Knaves fight it out.

    And in the one game that you do play with it - the player who has the card in the end is the loser!!

    Best to keep quiet and enjoy your ride - soon it will be the end of five years and you can have another crack at running for office. When rejected by the people of the country again, the plum office at UNDP HeadQuarters - with its 20,000 USD a month salary awaits in either Geneva or New York. You would the toast of the town and you can go on riding on the great fame that the current President has been able to generate in the chattering classes of the world.

  11. As a Maldivian I love fish but i also know for a fact that the fish loose its life because of its mouth i hope the Vice president dose-not loose his seat because of his MOUTH!

  12. we've been hearing about these deals between ithihaad party and DRP/PA for some weeks now. it has now finally come out into the open. this unholy alliance is a betrayal of the people who voted for waheed in the majlis elections back in bimbi force days and also those who supported him since his return in 2005.

    waheed and ithihaad party need to declare to the public what exactly is the nature of their relationship with DRP/PA. what is the deal that exists between the activists of both parties? and to what extent is it sanctioned by waheed himself?

    i find it very hard to believe that these concerns have suddenly just materialized and about the timing of the hoonu gondi interview and rally against govt at ghiyaasudeen school. gut feeling is that the timing has everything to do with the recent handover of power from maumoon to thas.

  13. Its a well known fact that MDP was able to come to the power due to the expectations Maldivians who supported for a good change. Maldivians were expecting more freedom of speech, better living conditions, good health care and quality education. However, its abysmal that the conditions in Maldives are deteriorating day by day and the public is suffering too much and may be worser than former government. Most of the appointments in the MDP government are inexperienced and uneducated people, who are incapable to deliver the change that Maldivians are looking forward. Instead, what we see is suppressing and oppressing in any way they can to anyone except MDP supporters. This is the fact and the public is well aware of this injustice.

    Being Dr. Waheed as the Vice President and digesting these unfair happenings would even be a shame for him. What he said was truth though he has any intention. The fact is if anyone is against the views of MDP he is being denounced with all sorts of defame.

    The democratic values that we beleived yesterday is dissipating and that reminds me a beautiful quote from the American President - Barack Obama

    "We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not when it's easy, but when it is hard.

    BARACK OBAMA, Nobel Lecture, Dec. 10, 2009

  14. For me, Dr Waheed's dissatisfaction is a serious issue. It is a kind of warning to us of the craziness that goes on in the government.

    The fact that Zuhair is trying so hard to cover things up is indicative of the truthfulness of this issue.

    Zuhair says, "Dr Waheed was speaking as the head of a political party and not as the vice president." This just does not make sense. Dr Waheed may be the head of a party. But his dissatisfaction about the government, of which he is a part, has more to do with him being the VP than the head of a party.

    The 'colour coding' and 'Mohonah Odi Dhey Usoolu' are to me serious issues. We blamed Gayyoom for the same reasons.

    I think there will be more transparency and less corruption if MDP and GIP rule the country together. But one party's complete domination over the other is itself a huge problem.

    We are aware of it only because Dr Waheed spoke. Had he remained silent, no one will know. And in the end, he will blamed as much as anyone else for all the messiness. By speaking about the issues, Dr Waheed is also side stepping from the messiness. I hope he does not get sucked in.

  15. Now the cysle is getting completed, according to a leaked plan of MDP council, Dr Waheed will be prrssured to resign from his post, If he does not President will find a reason to fire him. REEKO Moosa will be nominated as Vice President. (Question) will the parliament approve this 1960 black and white days comedian?

  16. Dr Waheed seems to be failier. He doesnt seem to even understand the role of VP. I agree with "Thinkingcap" he should keep his mouth shut till 2013. Dont try to pretend show your emotions, it only weakens in front ofthe public.

    Salim we all know your DAD is power hungry. Becoming VP was a strong foundation. Its one of the best opprtunity for one is at the learning stage of Maldivian politics & culture. Who can get the free rides to the islands. Since you too have a lot of interest, give him the right advice. See how fortunate he was to take a free trip fully paid to your graduation. There is still lot more he can do for you too.
    Thats a cute pic on your blog.

  17. waheed got dissatisfied with maumoon left the country, then got dissatisfied with Ibra left the country again. returned home thinking that he can become president formed a party nobody joined. got dissatisfied and became Anni's running mate. After 2 years got dissatisfied and will flee the country. will return after 2 years to run for president. God knows what will happen.

  18. As "Reeko" Moosa so eloquently put it. Coalition governments are a feature of parliamentary systems of rule where a majority is obtained by alliances. What we have is a Presidential system which inherently prevents the formation of coalitions. THIS IS an MDP administration. Dr. Hussain Manik is very much aware of that fact. His attempt at establishing himself and his party in the Maldivian populace comes too late, I feel, and threatens the position he holds now.

  19. Mr. heck on Mon, 26th Apr 2010 10:47 PM,
    YES I am saying no sitting vice president of a civilized democracy will criticize his own government to the extent Dr. Waheed is doing. Prove me wrong! Point me to a website where a sitting American President has criticized his own government like Dr. Waheed has done during the past few days? Where is it? When? About what? This is beyond stupid!!

  20. who wont be happy? dear Dr. waheedh. u do know that first GIP rally was cancelled due to zero attendence. And u think u committed something to collision. yeah a bunch of PhD holders. Listen President Nasheedh Made u what you are today. if not you will be Afganistan doing some school development project,

  21. This I never expected from Dr. Waheed. I thought he was not as power hungry and stupid like Umar Naseer. Based on his education and experience, I thought he was a more diplomatic and a reasonable person with a good level of tolerance. But when he said this government is a one man show, everything changed. How can a government run like a one man show when you have a totally independent parliament, anti corruption commission, human rights commission, Judiciary, a constitution with a bill of rights, and everybody is free to say whatever they want?? It doesn't make sense!

  22. Oh dear! I thought Dr Waheed would have got over the vanishing part of his life now it seems it still there....better give him a backspace key to his mouth then when his forbia comes he can press it so everything will be alright.....I advise the GIP members to tie him up before he goes off,..

  23. MDP has put some inexperienced, incapable and unqualified people at high level posts. That is hugely frustrating to most hard working people. It is also a deterrent to those who sincerely want to make things better.

    Just look at how many relatives of Mariya there are in the top positions of the current government.

    This kind of explains 'colour coding.'

  24. Dear Salim Waheed,
    You have no comment? Its that bad eh? No words to defend the rally with the Devil (DRP) activists? Shame!

  25. These are signs of cancer. The government must get rid of it before it spreads. All the GIP members must be fired including the ministers. No way to get rid of Dr. Waheed... so give him a separate office some where and let him be there for himself!!

  26. "A coalition government is a cabinet of a parliamentary government in which several parties cooperate" If someone who studied political science doesn't understand this, I question his educational qualification!

  27. The problem I have with people like Dr. Waheed and Dr. Hassan Saeed is that they offer no policy alternatives and go on petulant rants instead.

    We are told that Gaumee Ithihaad PArty (GIP) is a centre-left party. We are also told that they oppose privatisation. However, its a minister of their party (Economic Development) that is responsible for implementing this policy! It has been 17 months and he has not publicly opposed the programme. Rather his activists are doing so.

    Shouldn't the party lay out their stall for what should happen instead of the current policy. And why on Earth have they accepted this portfolio? Wouldn't it be better if they had asked for a softer social ministry instead?

    If GIP was genuinely concerned about policy issues, they would have brought up these issues instead. And also, the whole thing at the rally where Waheed talked about the civil service and how it is needed to function. No one in government is talking about offloading the civil service. It is functioning as it is supposed to. The government is trying to make redundancies and remove wasteful expenditure by elimintating pointless tasks.

    Waheed and GIP are joining the bandwagon by trying to appeal to dissatisfied members of the civil service. This is pure political posturing.

    Tnis is exactly Hassan Saeed's problem. He accuses the government of being dictatorial etc (even though he was the person who actually worked for the dictator), and is just busy whining. The policies that the government are implementing are exactly the same ones that Hassan Saeed and his OPen Society Association (OSA) advocated in the run-up to the election. They had a series of talks on the economy with eminent speakers (including current Finance Minister Ali Hashim). There was nothing wrong with what Ali Hashim said back then. The problem is now that he is doing it in a government that is NOT run by Hassan Saeed.

    These politicians really need to grow up. Apparently a doctorate is not enough to educate people as to what their constituents really want and need.

  28. Power struggle in this country getting worse n worse. People are getting squeezed and helpless. Can you the main players sit and talk and come to an agreement. Stop instilling hatred in peoples mind. Everyone in the country is not so political minded. They want to be left alone. People are getting fed up with this democracy.Can we have peace in this country.

  29. Im not surprised by Waheed. When our President threatens the opposition saying "nulafaakan dhakkaalaanamey" I dont expect the Vice to be any better. The country has gone to the dogs.

    Much worse than under Golha.

  30. Jameel's comment seems to be interesting. The problem with all Maldivian politicians is that they never get along with Anni. People like Ibra, Dr Munawwar, Dr Waheed & Dr Hassan supported Anni in the election, but they never managed to sustain a good political relationship with Anni. I have a feeling that this has something to do with Anni's way of governance. What do you say Mr Jameel?

  31. saeed, dont be upset, everyone will be fired, and REEKO, MARIA , ZAKI RULES

  32. I think MDP should dissolve the Alliance formed with political parties as there is no alliance to govern as agreed initially.

    MDP manifesto has been revised to accommodate major policies of the parties in the Alliance and political posts were given on an agreed manner within the Alliance.

    If the President also feels the Alliance is an obstacle to fulfill his election promises, he should dissolve the Alliance immediately to protect the national interest of the country.

  33. @Rocket

    "MDP has put some inexperienced, incapable and unqualified people at high level posts" is the real fact. I can prove you in everyway, though its a fact thats difficult to digest to proponets of MDP.

    Mifzal is one of the appointees which I admired but I am compelled to say this. They are not able to provide their intellect to the Maldivians unless they get an educated and experienced team to implement the changes and thats the change Maldivian voted for.

  34. Ibrahim Rasheed,
    What about all those in the MDP who get along with Anni? You are talking comparing political leaders of other parties. Obviously they wont get along or agree with everything MDP or Anni says! That doesn't prove anything!

  35. Waheed could have got a lot better if he had been patient!
    But it does seem he has stepped in the same shoe with Dr. Hassan, Gasim, and finally will join DRP & Co., to form another coalition then gain majority in the campaign for all forthcoming elections and finally win the 2013 presidential election.
    And perhaps we would see a repetition of the squabble of getting power through appointment of their people in political positions of the Government once again in 2014.

  36. @ Ibrahim Rasheed.

    All of the people you talk about are those who have been in professional capacities in government, and were involved at various stages of the reform process as they were dissatisfied with the way things were. They would have seen things from the inside as well, as would have many in the opposition's leadership. Granted they may have political ambitions, but I think the issue that is being raised by the former Alliance members in various forms, by and large is the 'how' rather than the 'what'. The management of change, the management of human resources, the process of communication, the issue of undermining anyone who does not read from the MDP's hymn sheet, and like you say, governance aspects in general. This is not to do with whether people subscribe to the government's policies or not, it seems more to do with whether one is willing to follow the MDP 'cult' or not.

    I am sure many in government today even from the MDP, understand this now, although they may not admit it openly. Just as I am sure there would be no real hostility between the president and the vice-president at an individual level. It seems to me that the over-riding objective of strengthening a party system that was built up around personalities seems to be complicating things all round for party leaders, especially as there seem to be many in both DRP and MDP who cannot seem to let go of the past.

  37. @ AA

    "“MDP has put some inexperienced, incapable and unqualified people at high level posts” is the real fact. I can prove you in everyway, though its a fact thats difficult to digest to proponets of MDP."

    This is the real reason why the government is unable to deliver. With such a picture at the top level, the government would need an iron fist to deliver. But we are now a democracy and there is no such thing as an iron fist in a democracy.

  38. Western democracy is never going to work in our society. General public is still new to such democracy. However Western democracy can be blended with the respective environment & culture of the individual country. We need a good dictatorship, I wouldnt prefer to name the countries but today there are such few countries are today most advance devoloping countries. Most attractive nations for investments. The present political environment is keeping all the investors away from our country and this bad to our economy.

  39. Go Dr Waheed. You are atrue person who has been brave enough to expose the two face of Nasheed who is nothing but a big liar. I want you to be the next president of Maldives. Do a no confidence vote against Nasheed and throw him out of the president's seat. Send him back to UK where he can be for the rest of his life.


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