“I am a ‘gunda’. I will show that to you”: PPM councillor threatens deputy mayor

A recording understood to be of suspended Malé City Councillor Ahmed Mamnoon, reveals the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) member threatening Deputy Mayor Shifa Mohamed.

“What are you trying to do, filing my case with the Local Government Authority, what you all are trying to do is not very nice, you will not be able to anything,” a voice believed to be Mamnoon says in the tape.

“You can’t do whatever you want here, you see, I am not a politician, I am a ‘gunda’ [thug/gangster]. I will show that to you.’’

The recording aired on Raajje TV a day after the Local Government Authority (LGA) decided to suspend Mamnoon for five days following his alleged use of offensive language to address Shifa.

Minivan News understands that the recording relates to a second incident, after the initial complaint was filed.

“The incident is regrettable. Not only because this is the council, but this type of incidents should not occur at any working place,” said Mayor Mohamed Shihab today.

“We will keep informing the concerning government institutions about all these incident.”

In the video, the voice alleged to be Mamnoon can be heard saying that Shifa will not be able to take any action against “Hameed” and that, if any action was taken against “Hameed”, action would be taken against Shifa as well.

Controversial Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed has been in the headlines again this week, with the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) releasing a statement criticising authorities’ failure to pursue the multiple crimes of which the judge is accused.

The 11-member Malé City Council is currently dominated by the MDP. Shifa was formerly the minister of education, while Mayor Shihab was home minister, during the administration of Mohamed Nasheed.

“Go and take action if you can,” continued the voice in the recording. “We took the Dharubaaruge chairs. In the future, if there is anything that belongs to Dharubaaruge, we’ll take it. We can’t be stopped.’’

The ruling PPM government has continued its predecessors moves to retrieve public areas granted to Malé City Council, with police moving in to assist the takeover of the Dharubaaruge convention center earlier this month.

PPM MP Ahmed Nihan said today that he was not aware of the incident.


15 thoughts on ““I am a ‘gunda’. I will show that to you”: PPM councillor threatens deputy mayor”

  1. This is just a small fry compared to the Gunda's sitting in government.

  2. Hehe, that's a fake voice. Anyone can record these things. You are trying to tarnish the golden name of PPM. You fail.

  3. its sos easy to tell that this video is completely fake. i could also edit do voice editing and upload a video like this.

  4. A recording understood to be should be "A recording alleged to be"..
    No need to post this comment.ty

  5. We don't need to blame this guy only. There are many Gundas in MDP too and that is the weakness we see to day.

  6. All blind follower of Nasheed are Gundas. MDP has some decent people and all MDP members are not Gundas.

    MDP has been hijacked by Nasheed and hope that they can get independent from Nasheed soon.

    Shifa , though used to be a minister but she is in reality a one of the Gundas from Nasheed regime.

  7. Yes! PPM and MDP supporters, keep blaming each other for problems with your ineffective, incompetent and corrupt government. Don't actually do some real work or take responsibility for the huge economic, environmental and political mess that's looming over this country. Keep sitting in the coffee shops, smoking cigs and blame Nasheed and infidels for your problems. That strategy is working quite well for everyone.

  8. @waste of time.

    Today the country is in thousand times better position than what it was 4 years back.

    Our economy is doing thousand times better and our reserve is improving unlike Nasheed.

    Nasheed managed to rob the country in three years and made the debt to reach to a billion dollar in just 3 years.

    Get a life and give up on the crook Nasheed.

  9. What on earth is going on? These are the kind of guys whom our people have elected to run the City Council? Who has failed? The people who had voted for the likes of this Mamnoon guy had failed!!

  10. @ Hero. President Nasheed got the largest block of votes for a leader in the first round. In the second round 49% of our people voted for President Nasheed. Members of the MDP love and respect President Nasheed because we know that he is the only political leader who stood for the protection of human rights, freedom of expression, social justice, and democracy. That is why the people voted for him in spite of the fact that he was allowed to rule for three short years. The people of the Maldives demonstrated with their vote that he is the leader they support most and there are some, including yourself who just cannot digest that.

  11. Hero, please provide economic statistics for your claims. What numbers are you comparing to arrive at the conclusion that Maldives is better off economically today than it was in January 2012 or 4 years ago? Please inform us all of the specific economic policies that have been implemented in the last 2 years that made the economy stronger and open to more investment.

    Blaming Nasheed/MDP for everything doesn't mean Waheed and then PPM (all Gayoom of course) have done anything positive for the economy. Please let us know of the factual statistics that show Maldives economy is "1000 times better" than 4 years ago. Also show us the stats for improving money reserves. Do you know more than the MMA? I'm curious to know your academic background as well. You must have extensive training in economics, finance, etc.

    And remember, I'm not expressing my love and support for Nasheed/MDP. They're done now anyway. Focus on the task at hand and inform us of how MDP ruined the economy. Then explain what Gayoom/PPM did to achieve such massive economic improvements in the last 2 years.

    I'm looking forward to your objective and factual rebuttal.

  12. @waste of time

    I interrogated Hero recently.

    It's true what Hero says that the economic situation has improved... for his gangsters. The drug trafficking gangs have gotten a massive injection of cash from the Maldives Police Service and investments from the Artur Bros. So yes, you can see them racing around in the dead of the night on their ferraris. They have become rich, and since the lives of the average citizen is below their notice, they say that the economic situation has become better.

    Don't worry, he wont notice. I wiped his memory after I dropped him off at home.


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