PPM Submits 3600 forms to Elections Commission

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has submitted 3600 forms to the Elections Commission, 600 more more than the amount required to register a political party.

Media Coordinator of PPM and MP Ahmed Nihan said there were many more party registration forms filled which had not been submitted today, so as to hasten the registration procedure.

“If too many registration forms are submitted at once it will take a long time for the Elections Commission to approve all the forms. We just want to hasten the registration procedure and finish it soon so we can get on with our next steps,’’ Nihan said.

Nihan claimed that “many Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) members” and members from other parties have signed up for former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s new party, PPM.

‘’The additional 600 forms were because sometimes due to information errors or other errors forms get rejected, so as a backup to replace any form that might get rejected,’’ Nihan said adding that he believes that “all forms are genuine”.

Nihan said today at the Elections Commission building none of the commission members showed up to meet the senior PPM figures, and said he regretted the incident.

‘’When some particular persons go to register a political party, the commission members take them to the hall and serves food and juice with a warm welcome. It is very unfair,’’ He said. ‘’It is we who appointed them for the commission and today the commission members were like a selfish soothsayer who pops his head out from the window when a normal person goes to see him.’’

He said that several parliamentarians and other senior figures in the PPM went today to the parliament to submit the relevant forms. Currently there were 14 MPs in the party and “very soon” the number would reach 20 or 21, he added.

President of the Elections Commisison Fuad Thaufeeq today told Minivan News that it was true that no commission member met with the PPM delegation.

‘’The commission has always treated all political parties equally and has applied the same procedure on all the parties, we always meet with senior officials of parties when the first 50 forms are submitted to the commission, and we met with senior officials from the PPM when they submitted the first 50 forms,’’ Fuad said.

Fuad explained that the forms will always be received by the staffs at the reception.

‘’The next time commission members meet with senior officials will be the day when the registration process is concluded and the 3000 forms are approved,’’ he said. ‘’That is the procedure we apply for all the political parties.’’

He said that the commission was free from influence and pressure and could not be pressured or influenced.


12 thoughts on “PPM Submits 3600 forms to Elections Commission”

  1. Oh you fool. Who advised you to submit forms today of all days...8 years to your Doom's Day.

    I was gonna join the party...not anymore!

  2. If indeed there are MDP members leaving the MDP and joining the PPM then they must have come into the MDP in trojan horses. So all we have to say to that is good riddance to bad rubbish. And Thank you for showing us your faces. Kuni masthah thilavanee dho.

  3. Now I can see what PPM means:Personal Property of Maumoon. Most of the members are either his relatives or cronies in the past government. Before they claimed they are the real DRP and have majority support but it seems few within DRP joined them. So after all Thasmeen is still the biggest opposition leader.

  4. This is an insult. A single signature of Maumoon on a single form should be sufficient for him to form a party.

  5. Gayoom Didi is still hungry, and yet he seems to have a lot of servants too. Gayoom Didi's Maldives is a Maldives by itself. It is not my Maldives.

  6. "Death" and "2013 November" compete the race .... wonder what would beat what .... Either way we will celebrate... G.B. supporter "Mamen ves Pee Pee M

  7. Most members who signed up for Pee Pee M were a bit elderly ... as they are members of the Muthgadhdhim Party formed by Mohd. Ameen heh heh


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