“Ideology of Adhaalath party and DRP is very close”: Gayoom

The ideology of the main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) and religious conservative Adhaalath party “is very close,” former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom said at a rally Thursday night.

“Adhaalath party’s ideology and DRP’s ideology is very close,” he said. “That is because Adhaalath party’s main priority is securing Islam in the country, promoting Islam, reviving the spirit of Islam in the Maldives and ensuring that the country remains a 100 percent Muslim nation.”

Addressing supporters at the rally held to launch the Z-faction’s celebratory activities to mark the party’s sixth anniversary, Gayoom congratulated the party’s newly-elected leadership with Sheikh Imran Abdulla as President and Sheikh Mauroof Hussein as Vice-President, which had “embarked on a hopeful new stage.”

Gayoom added that DRP members “always wished Adhaalath party well.”

The Adhaalath party is currently part of the government under a coalition agreement with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), which gives the Islamic Ministry and its functions to the religious conservative party.

In the buildup to the 2008 presidential election, the party supported Jumhooree Party (JP) Leader Gasim Ibrahim’s candidacy and clashed with the DRP and then-President Gayoom over a number of religious issues, including the veiling of women and Gayoom’s treatment of local scholars.

Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali SaeedMeanwhile at the recently concluded Adhaalath party four-day national congress, former State Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed told members that remaining in a coalition with the ruling party would be “a betrayal of the nation” if the government did not take “reform measures” suggested by Adhaalath.

He added that as the MDP had not honoured the coalition agreement to date, Adhaalath party “would have no choice but to reconsider” the alliance if the situation was not remedied through dialogue and discussion “within a sufficient period of time.”

In the meantime, Adhaalath party should study the “discord and divisions” in the country’s religious and political spheres as well as problems in the health and education sectors, suggested Shaheem, after which “it should officially be brought to the attention of the President and relevant authorities.”

Adhaalath does not support “the loss of the economy’s main gate [Male’ International Airport to Indian infrastructure giant GMR] to influential foreign parties” or alleged interference with the judiciary and disregard of decisions by independent commissions.

Shaheem urged the government to enact new regulations under the Protection of Religious Unity Act of 1994, which had been “agreed upon by 11 religious scholars, a police legal team, the President himself and three Attorneys General.”

Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari observed that disparaging Islam and “every kind of sinful behaviour forbidden in Islam” had become commonplace while political polarization and social ills multiplied.

Bari claimed that foreign parties were “working tirelessly” to introduce freedom of religion in the Maldives.

“We hear arguments of how non-Muslims should have the freedom to express their disbelief and how everyone should have the right to change religion,” he said.Adhaalath

Adhaalath party President Sheikh Imran Abdulla meanwhile stated that the party’s “main objective” would be to reform youth with Islamic teachings.

The incoming president also contended that the government did not honour its coalition agreement with Adhaalath, adding that “it would not be wrong to say that we alone are still with the government.”

Of the allied parties in the MDP-led coalition that defeated Gayoom in October 2008, only Adhaalath party, the Vice-President’s Gaumee Ihthihaad Party (GIP) and the Maldives National Congress (MNC) remain.


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  1. Maumoon : Have you really forgotten, that it was Adhaalath that made so much noise on prime time TV, that your wife does not wear Buruga? And that you are an infidel, a non-believer? For letting your wife bare her hair? It was AP, which contributed to your downfall!

    Man, You are a cold-hearted opportunist! You are now sold your soul, and trying to grab any leverage from these stupid

  2. Oh please.

    Gayyoom praising the very people who dragged him to court for allegedly not being a Muslim?

    If you ever wanted confirmation of politicians willing to bend over for anything, it is this!

    The best possible outcome would be for the Adhaalath fanatic hatemongers to quit the government and join Gayoom's soon to be formed party.

    Of course, that's not going to happen. Adhaalath politicians won't quit its treasure Ministry post, not when the MDP appears to be stronger than the DRP. Not until it is sure of retaining the seat in the next government as well - one that Adhaalath will not win.

  3. A friend that bullies and threatens is no friend at all. It's time the ruling party kicks out Adhaalath and protects us from their radically conservative attitudes. It's time we had more qualified af better educated scholars who are not stuck in the dark ages.

  4. Wondering whether all Maldivians are safe in Oslo. More than 91 people are reported to be killed in the twin terrorist attack yesterday. The media is reporting that the suspect arrested is a christian terrorist who runs an anti-muslim hate blog.

  5. Gayuoom, you are a brazen scoundrel to get power even you will dig your deceased father’s grave. We believe the ultra conservative Mullahs shall and will not welcome you. These barbaric Mullahs are of the opinion that you are heathen and disbeliever. Hence do not be foolish a make a zombie out of yourself.
    Adhaalath parties still remember the KCMG title that you accepted from the Queen of Great Briton. These Mullahs have seen THE BIG CROSS YOU HAVE WORN AND ALSO KNEELING DOWN IN FRONT OF A WOMAN. In barbaric Arab culture men do not bow to them.

  6. AP is not really that interested whether Maldives remain 100% muslim or if all Maldivian women wear burqa. They are there only for the sole reason reason to remain in the government and politics. They don't much care with the policies od MDP. Otherwise even a fool would have known that AP should have broken its alliance with MDP long long time ago. But why do they still remain to this date? They talk about MDP policies but behind the doors they agree with whatever MDP says and says quietly. Politics is like this. Its a dirty game full of selfishness and greed.

  7. We believe that MDP do not need Adhaalath party to rule this banana republic. Hey ignorant Mullahs look at president’s office. The president’s office has well versed religious scholars working in the office itself. That means MDP do not need you Mullahs. It is better for MDP if break away from so called coalition.

  8. I didn't expect someone like Maumoon to express such a stupid and inaccurate opinion about Ap's ideology. He has probably thrown a bait at them for the purpose of dethroning MDP President in 2013. AP's Mullahs claimed their prayers brought down Maumoon.

  9. You think that Ap prayers was the reason for Gay Uoom to lose the election; so how come one way track Mullahs even did not get a single seat in parliamentary election. Bloody hell they would have prayed maybe Allah is unwilling to hear them since they are bunch of hypocrites!

  10. "We believe that MDP do not need Adhaalath party to rule this banana republic."

    You are forgetting one very important fact. Even thought the MDP might not need Adhaalath part to rule, they need to keep the Sheikhs in check. The best way to do this is by keeping them on the side of MDP.

    Throwing out Adhaalath will create more problems than it would solve. MDP will be wise to counsel and to try to be a moderating influence on the Adhaalath chaps.

  11. @Salim Waheed

    "A friend that bullies and threatens is no friend at all. It’s time the ruling party kicks out Adhaalath and protects us from their radically conservative attitudes."

    Mr Waheed, you're showing your lack of judgement once again. Kicking out Adhaalath will not "protect" anyone from their radical ideas. Infact, it will have the opposite effect.

    Engage your brain please.

  12. Sheikh Jeffrey Waheed:
    Could you please comment on the “El Al will be a Trojan horse for Maldives”: George Galloway


  13. “Ideology of Adhaalath party and DRP is very close”: Gayoom. Absolutely true. Both use religion as a political tool.

  14. Why are the Adhaalath members wearing western attire. I thought they did not like the western culture.

  15. Adaalath Mullahs, hey like the white heathen ways of life. They have tie which is the symbol Cross where Jesus Christ was crucified.

  16. Salim Waheed, Son of Dr.Waheed the master mind of satanic worshipers in Maldives! I see much similarity of Dr.Waheed and Gayoom. Both are controled by their respective wife. Both Gayoom and Dr.Waheed are subserviant and slaves to their wife's. Both Gayoom and Dr.Waheed got a kid who wants to play with fire (politics) and doesnt know what politics is. Both Waheed and Gayoom like to live like kings and doesn't know a single work to be done on their own. Both Waheed and Gayoom loves to be praised by the surrounding people for which qualities they dont have. Both of them are crazy for power for the sake of making wife's happy!! Both are dame lazy!!

  17. forgot one more thing..I heard Sheku Shaheem is the one Gayoom is refering to..as Shaheem cried and begged for mercy and forgiveness from Gayoom recently and his lord forgived him of his sins and now Shaheem and Gayoom's freqency meets daily!! Shaheem is the virus of Adaalath which would distory it to its core if he is allowed.

  18. @ Salim Waheed

    "It’s time we had more qualified af better educated scholars who are not stuck in the dark ages" like?

  19. I have to agree with Gayoom this time. They have a common political ideology.

    One man, one vote, one choice.

  20. “Ideology of Adhaalath party and DRP is very close”: Gayoom
    May be. But its not the same thing as the same ideology.
    If both had the same ideology, we will see only the eyes of Nattu et al.

  21. He is right this time: They have the same ideology of anti-human rights and deprivation of freedom. What a bunch of failed politicians....

  22. @moosa, I totally agree with you. This “THINBERU WHAHEED” only comes to Maldives if only he get high portfolio in the government. If not this Thinberu Waheed like to live as third class person among Yankees.

  23. Is this freak “Saleem Waheed” Mullah or Mullah loving sod?
    Thinberu Waheed can never become the president of Maldives!

  24. The best times when Adhaalath Party and DRP were really close has passed!

    If Adhaalath Party is agreeing to the ideologies of DRP who had been shaving people's beards using tomato sauce; I am afraid I cannot see any adhaalath in the party named Adhaalath Party!

    If these two parties coming together to form a coalition, win presidency; what sauce they will be using to shave us is questionable?

  25. Moosa,

    The difference is that Dr. Waheed, The Vice President of the Maldives, has spent his life working for humanity. He has gone to war torn nations, disaster areas, and put himself directly in the way of danger for the betterment of others. Lazy? He spends day and night working for the people now in whatever capacity he can. With whatever tools he can use to do what he can for our people.

    You think I don't know politics? Just because I don't lie, and hide behinds masks, false promises, and patronage, that doesn't mean that I'm blind to the corroding political intrigue which is debilitating our country.

    As for you thinking that having a wife that refuses to wear a burugha or be subservient to every male in the room is a handicap, well, that shows who you are. I am proud that my mother fights for what she believes. She raised three amazing children (if i do say so myself) while also working in every country in which we lived. Tomorrow she gives a speech in front of the world's leaders in fighting Autism, for the rights and protection of the world's and the Maldives' children. You think that is something to be ashamed of?! You think someone who is meek and a hermit would be a better example for Maldivian women?

    Both Madame Laila Ali and Madam Ilham Hussain are the very best role models for our nation's women. And just because Adhaalath thinks they can use Islam to gain power and destroy the future of women in this county, it does not mean that the rest of us will bow down to them.

    This is not the way our country should be. We will not allow them to destroy everything that we are in the name of our religion by bastardizing it with ideologies which are directly from the middle ages.

    There are plenty of Maldivian Scholars who believe otherwise. Who do not follow Saudi ideology. And soon they'll be able to speak out.

  26. Of course they're both close in ideology; they both want to get back in good graces of the heroin cartel that's flooding Maldives with heroin. Both are wannabe tyrants who know only bullying.

    Both gangs will be punished.

  27. @Salim Waheedu!

    Your mother giving some speech in some country means nothing to us. Coz your father and mother is a huge burden to Maldivians today both politically and financially. Thats beside the point.
    All I want to highlight is your negative and ill thoughts of the some religious socholars and some ordinary Maldivians who wants to wear turbern or wear Indo-Pakistan style of dress instead of western jeans or shirts. I see no issue in this. I see your narrow mindness and arrogance. Your expensive education gave you nothing but arrogance and blindness for basic wisdom. be humble! Respect others even if they are dressed differently or they don't believe in your ideology! Don't call others extremist or fundamentalist while you could be one too!! the power and influence today you enjoy today will vapourize soon and you can be just nobody!! Go visit a mosque and pray humbly!! teach your dad to do the same instead of going only for friday prayers (which is done to be seen of others)!! THINK DEAR!!! THINK!!

  28. Moosa,

    1.3 billion mulims agree with me over you. Fundamentalist islam is an abomination. If saying so makes me arrogant then so be it. That's much better than returning to the dark ages of humanity.

    And I take offense at the implication I dont pray. Islam is personal, and I don't pray for others. I don't grow my beard or cut off my pants to prove what I am. God knows! And Allah all mighty will judge us both.

  29. salim waheed is often seen to spread hatred and twisted version of Islam in the comments. I request Salim to stop this. You only create discontent among commentors. Please keep your comments to yourself and leave the peaceful Maldivians alone. We need Maldivians to learn Islam and way of life gradually and constructively. All you do is booast about your dad and family. I wish this young lad called salim would keep his mouth shut if he got nothing usefull to say. But you have right to express what you got to say in a respectful manner without offending others of their faith and way of life.

  30. dude, what the heck is wrong with u guys.. its dr.muroof ... not sheikh mauroof lol... GET A GRIP WILL YA. m not a religious guy. bt dude, i do believe tht islam would prevail in this country just like the past 800++ years.. and no sooner the maldivians learn abt ur sick game of tryin to introduce this religious freedom thing in maldives.. they will kick ya outta here


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