IDP ‘has no future’ says Umar, jumping to DRP

President of the Islamic Democractic Party (IDP) Umar Naseer today said there was “no future” in a political career as president of such a small party.

Umar also announced he was joining the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) to further his political career, and claimed “the majority” of the IDP  now wished to disband the party altogether.

Umar was welcomed to the DRP by former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, during a special ceremony held on Sunday. Gayoom described Umar as an “outstanding politician”, and said it was significant that the president of another political party had elected to join the DRP.

Umar did not reveal whether he planned to contest the leadership of DRP. Candidates are required to nominate themselves for the elections by the end of January.

IDP collapse

The impact of Umar’s departure on the IDP is unclear. While the departing president said he was disbanding it, “a minority in the party are resisting and working to keep the IDP running as a political party,” he said.

At the ceremony, Gayoom said it was a great achievement for DRP for getting an outstanding politician like Umar and it is more special when a person who used to be the president of a different party joins DRP.

During a ‘aadhaya hilaafu’ congress of IDP members, Umar said the party’s members had consented to dissolve the party.

However IDP’s Vice President Mohamed Hassan Manik said  Umar “had no right” to disband the party because the majority of the party “do not want to do it,” and that it was illegal for him to do so.

”Maybe the majority of Alarms Pvt Ltd and the Whale Submarine [companies owned by Umar] want to dissolve the party, but none of IDP members want to,” Hassan said.

He furthermore condemned Umar for being “hungry for power.”

“That’s what he wants. We are very disappointed that a person trying to run for the administration of a country hesitates to follow the law,” Hassan said.

Hassan said the DRP were welcome to Umar “because the party needs someone who is willing to go out to the streets and protest to defend the DRP.”

”Umar is perfect for that,” Hassan said.

President of Elections Commission Fuad Thaufeeq described the whole case as ”a big mess and very unclear”.

Fuad said that nothing that Hassan and Umar said had anything in common, and that the Elections Commission was now gathering all of the IDP’s documents to try and decide whether Umar was technically able to disband the party.

Conflict at the IDP

The IDP was founded in December 2005 by Umar Naseer, Mohamed Haneef, Ahmed Inaz, Mohamed Ibrahim Didi, Abdulla Waheed and Mahamed Hassan Manik.

During the 2008 presidential election Umar, as a presidential candidate, garnered 1.39 per cent of the country’s votes (2472). The party received 214 votes during the elections to the Maldivian Assembly on 9 May 2009.


9 thoughts on “IDP ‘has no future’ says Umar, jumping to DRP”

  1. Umar is a failed wannabe politician, changing to a bigger party will only frustrate him and the people around him even more, when will he learn that he is not cut to be a politician.

    mate, just stick to what you do best and let the politicians run the country and the big political parties.

  2. So what deal has he done with Gayoom and the DRP? What has he been promised by them?

  3. KERMIT THE FROG from the Muppet Show! Haha. He must have received loads of money from Gayoom (or let's say government money that he has put into his own pockets).

  4. Hi Umaru Naseer: Wearing a coat & tie doesn't make you a politician.

    Umar is an idiot. period.

  5. I am fed up of these amateur politicians we have in this country and all the manipulative drama they are playing..i have never been a fan of Mr Umar Naseer and i guess never will be...
    After all he did and said to Mr Gayoom and his alliances i can’t believe he is finding refuge in DRP abandoning his own party after claiming that there is “no future” in a political career as president of such a small party and stating that he is joining DRP to further his political career. This indicates that just how selfish his motives are. He doesn’t give a damn o whatsoever about the well being of this country or its people.
    Even Dr. Hassan Saeed is not a bit of a better person than Mr. Naseer. I wonder where he and the Gaumee Party was the last one year… MDP has failed to fulfill lots of its promises, but the moment the President announced that he is not going to have a midterm election Dr Hassan and Gaumee Party emerged out of nowhere. I feel bad that I even voted for him in the first round of the last presidential election.

  6. Umar wants to strengthen democracy of DRP by switching sides from his democratic experience at IDP.


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