30 packets of drugs found on five men

Police have arrested five men in Thaa Vaamendoo after finding them in possession of 30 packets of suspected narcotics, along with cash.

The five men arrested were Abdulla Azeezz Moosa, 20, Ibrahim Rahaa 27, Hussain Alifhulhu, 22, Hassan Alifulhu, 24, and a minor who was under 18.

The Vaamendhoo police and drug enforcement department are investigating the case.


One thought on “30 packets of drugs found on five men”

  1. well we all know that the countries is developing, and we all know that the authorities are not as dumb as they used to be before...lets just take a view at the facilities and intelligence that our authorities have, i believe they can trace and tap each and every cell phone that exist in this country; so why don't they do it...bung these dealers & mobsters


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