Incidents of February 7 “past us, over”: President Waheed

The controversial transfer of power on February 7 is “past us” and the Maldives will soon have “peace and harmony”, President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan told a rally on Ihavandhoo in Haa Alif Atoll.

“I believe the incident of February 7 is past us now. That incident is over now. The people who were unhappy about it are getting weaker and fewer. It is all fading away now,” Dr Waheed said. “Therefore, God willing, very soon we will see a united people working together.”

Speaking at the rally during his trip to the atoll over the weekend, the President said although he was informed of the possibility of facing some opposition from the people, the only sound he had heard was of a very warm welcome from the islanders.

Speaking at the rally in Ihavandhoo, President Waheed expressed his satisfaction with the current state of the country.

“Now the people of the Maldives enjoy freedom and protection of their rights more than ever before in this country,” Dr Waheed said.

“One thing I am really proud of is that nobody will be arrested any more for saying anything about the government or the President,” he added.

A total of 29 people were arrested during the unrest following the President’s visit to Haa Alif atoll. Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed that 15 of the arrested were still under police custody.

Police replaced opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) flags around the harbour area with national flags before the President’s arrival, Haneef noted.

During his tour of Haa Alif Atoll, President Waheed also visited the Dhihdhoo island. Dhihdhoo Councilor Ahmed Jameel told newspaper Haveeru that 100 meters surrounding the island jetty was closed off with police tape prior to the arrival of President.

According to Haveeru, the island’s council said the President was to meet supporters of pro-government political parties inside the cordoned off area and that no island councilors had been allowed inside.

President Waheed’s supporters were also subjected to comprehensive screening before meeting the President, the council claimed.

Sub-Inspector Haneef confirmed to Minivan News that five people including two island councilors were arrested prior to the President’s visit on June 2, for “disrupting peace and breaking accepted social standards in the public.”

During his speech, President Waheed claimed that elements of the MDP had “unusual, undemocratic, and uncivilised” ideas, however “we must not worry about them at all as they are very few in number.”

“We have a perfect democracy in the Maldives now. If members from the only political party that has a different ideology from us calmed down and started working with us, we would have peace and harmony in this country. There wouldn’t be a single person who would create havoc in the country,” he claimed.


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  1. Just for my records, how many of gaumee ithihaad Parliament members are in the Parliament and Whats the count of your Party local members. I think you might have a counting & calculation problem

  2. oh you dictator. You can claim it is over but until justice is served there will be people resisting the coup. If we dont get justice now our children and their children will make sure they get justice. When you and your collaborators raped this nation and you came to power, little did you realize that you have made a lot of the Maldivians who grew up on this land betray their mother nation. We will not give up just for the sake of a coup leader like you. Your a sad pathetic old man hungry for power! You have destroyed this nation and turned it into a monster ready to devour its own people

  3. @Naubey: Waheed came to power as an elected deputy who ran on the same ticket as Nasheed. The fact that his party does not hold majority support did not prevent Nasheed from courting an alliance with him to secure the Presidency.

    @ibrahim mohamed: Was there a coup in the sense that you described? Yes our institutions failed;
    - The Presidency failed to restrain its powers within legal limits resorting to arbitrary arrests and intimidation of political opponents.
    - The Parliament failed to convene at a time of national emergency.
    - Repeated pleas from the judiciary and the Prosecutor-General's Office and the Human Rights Commission failed to have an effect on the Presidency to back down from their position.
    - The security forces took part in protests against what is expected of them in a functioning state.
    - Political parties resorted to attacking the media and private property for a month on end.

    In this climate Nasheed resigned on national television and then resumed a political battle with full freedom to gather his supporters on the street and contact his financiers abroad.

    What kind of a coup was this? We really should ask this question. Was it a democratic failure or an actual engineered attempt at seizing power?

  4. Tis Tis, you should know that for us fis fis kolliyas, chis chis kolliyas nethey vevey kah baagee akah.

  5. Tis Tis ,

    Karah araa fithaaliyas
    Ma furaana nereliyas
    Nethey vevey kah baagee akah.

    Yes , it was a coup.

    And the CNI will endorse that fact.

    Then where will you go, Tis Tis?

  6. @Tsk Tsk: The elected deputy ran on the same ticket as Nasheed after accepting the MDP Manifesto. Three years after plotting in the wings, he describes the power grab as a continuation of the Nasheed government, the same term and manifesto..He had even used this claim for travel plans to London to gatecrash HM Queen's Silver Jubilee on an invitation extended to Nasheed. In that backdrop, how does he explain the immediate firing of Nasheed's all cabinet ministers, state ministers, and nominees that the "same ticket" claimed by coup defenders actually imposed on him to continue working with. He had begun reversing the manifesto he got elected as VP to uphold on day 1 of his illegal power grab. He is a criminal sitting atop the apex of the biggest organized crime ever enacted on the Maldivian people.Tks.

  7. bagee akah nethey veveyka kiyafa lava kiyamun ulhey iru dhivehin maraafa thibi bageen thakeh jalun nerigen party ah sarukaara vadhaigen ulhey baeh thee

  8. “One thing I am really proud that nobody will be arrested any more for saying anything about the government or the President,”
    What about those 31 individuals who were arrested during your visit to Ha. atoll?

  9. "I believe the incident of February 7 is past us now. That incident is over now. The people who were unhappy about it are getting weaker and fewer. It is all fading away now".

    Oh you pathetic little fool; I feel sorry for you! It's not past us and never will be. We will make sure you learn about that. God willing, your time will come, traitor. Enjoy it while you can.

    The one thing that's guaranteed is that those who illegally confiscated power on February 7th will be getting weaker. The truth is that this little traitor will be forgotten so fast from our collective memories when he's thrown to the sharks, by his "friends".

  10. Jumuhuree, Gaumee Party and Adaalth never accepted the MDP manifesto but rather they agreed a common manifesto for which many of the Maldivian had voted. Dictator Anni got only 24% of the vote and rest of the people who have voted to the dictator voted for Ithhihad and for a change .

    Once the dictator got hold of the power , he forgotten everything and was so greedy that he bought having the coalition in place will not help him the rob the country. That is why he started kicking the collation parties out from his government.

    The dictator Anni need to put before the court and need to be punished and rule of law need to prevail.

  11. @mode:
    I think, you deserve to attend some English course at the expense of the coup leaders so that you could stay online to comment here and other independent websites.

  12. Waheed is in deep denial - you can pay PR firms and issue propaganda and try to reinvent reality. It may have worked for 30 years but those days are truly over. Whether he chooses to accept that or not it was Feb 7th in fact that will not recede into the past. Feb 7th stands out as the ugliest day in our history; the day when organised crime took over our country and Waheed (in denial) helped make that happen. The truth is staring us all in the face but only some of us choose to see it. The truth will win, sooner or later. Patience is key.

  13. It may have been easy to rewrite history before, but that is not possible today. The people will never forget what happened that day. Nice try, Waheed.

  14. What an amazing bare face liar traitor Waheed is. Incredible. Mind you, he is such a puppet that he will do and say anything he is told.

    The coup has awoken the nation and common man and strengthened their desire for democracy and their human rights. We will not put up with this!!

  15. how can people who does not know rule of law and justice call for justice. How can you said that an elected leader can be justly ousted by a coup using mutineers from police and MNDF.

  16. Tsk Tsk, must be nice to be able to see the events of Feb 7 as and how you wish eh? Ignore the fact that the uniforms did overthrow the government, as seen in numerous videos. Ignore the fact that what is in place today is a PPM government with Waheed as their puppet, when PPM wasn't even part of the coalition that was elected by the People. Ignore the fact that the Judiciary, the PG and the HRCM had all failed as institutions when they couldn't do anything to hold the most corrupt judge in Maldives, accountable to his actions and when they couldn't do anything to control the spiralling crime rate in the country where us common people could not even walk safely on the streets. Yep, for you ignorance is bliss indeed.

  17. Sitting on the throne of first PhD, you have tainted the good name that it holds.Most importantly you are the first baaghee in this tiny country with a PhD. YOU are a baaghee...nothing but a baaghee!

  18. Mair Yam,

    The judiciary does not regulate itself while nothing in the Prosecutor General and Human Rights Commission's mandate requires or empowers them to carry out investigations against a judge or remove them from office. Please understand democracy if you wish to go ahead with it. Supporting the rule of one man is not democracy and backing his return to power is not a democratic struggle.

    What proof do you have that whoever you have mentioned in your post is "the most corrupt judge in the Maldives?".

    Have you worked in the judiciary? How many judges do you know?

    You just can't take what politicians say at face value, absorb it into your everyday conversation and then pretend as if it is your own knowledge.

    The MDP had the most bargaining chips when they took part in the UN-mediated peace talks between parties on July 26th 2010 which decided the current composition of the Supreme Court. Any problems with the judiciary resulting from that is equally the MDP's fault as much as it is any other political party's.

    The crime rate is not really spiraling towards some linear grand design of ever-increasing depravity. First have you ever read any crime statistics about this country from a primary source if you are interested in such things?

    Do you understand that certain crimes have actually decreased over the past few days? Do you know that basing your perception of the level of crime on sensational media reports is what a common idiot would do as opposed to someone who claims to understand national politics such as you do.

    Also do you know that the criminal justice system first of all includes the courts, PG, police and also society in general? Do you know what a fool you sound claiming that one man, one human being, is responsible for the crime situation in the country?

    No my dear Abdulla Mohamed (if that is who you are referring to) was arrested by the Nasheed-regime for his continued refusal to conduct trials against Nasheed's political rivals.

  19. @Tsk Tsk

    Abdulla Ghazee was arrested because he was a threat to the security of the nation. He was releasing hard core criminals , gangsters, murderers to inlfict fear and violence on the people. The purpose being to accuse the government of deteriorating law and order in the country.

    What you said about Abdulla Ghazzee protecting the people of Gayoom I doubt there is any one in the country who doesnt know that.

  20. @ tsk tsk

    Since you are demanding the highest possible standards of evidence for Abdullah Ghazee's corruption...

    What evidence do you have to prove that what conspired on february 7th was indeed not a coup?

    "Supporting the rule of one man is not democracy and backing his return to power is not a democratic struggle."

    But calling for elections is.

  21. dudeson:

    Just one love.

    The democratic doctrine of innocent until proven guilty. So until and unless some investigative body that the whole population can agree on decides that there was a coup there was none. It's that simple really. Not rocket science.

    However of course you have proven with your comment that you believe in some strange tribal concept where insinuations, allegations and loud accusations amount to guilt.

  22. They all along with them who are fooling Maldivian Citizen should be garroted "on the spot"!
    All thing must and will pass!
    Not judgement! Alhamdhulillah!
    It will come when it is WILLED! Alhamdhulillah!
    Everyone can fool everyone, but not Allah!
    Allah is all knowing!
    Those who tried to fool people will be also be judged!
    No one not you not me will be spared!
    Maashaa Allah!


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