Independent MP Ismail Abdul Hameed found guilty of corruption, banished

The Criminal Court today sentenced Independent MP for Kaashidhoo, Ismail Abdul Hameed, to one year and six months banishment after he was found guilty of corruption.

Banishment is a traditional punishment in the Maldives in which those sentenced are forbidden to leave a designated island.

The Prosecutor General pressed corruption charges against Hameed alleging that he had abused his authority as the former Director of Waste Management at the Male’ municipality to financially benefit a Singaporean company named Island Logistics in a deal to purchase a barge.

According to local media reports, Judge Abdulla Didi noted in the verdict that the agreement stipulated the barge was to be delivered within 90 days of signing the agreement, upon which 50 percent of the value was to be paid to Island Logistics.

Although the barge arrived in the Maldives on October 23, 2008, Hameed had however signed a document claiming that the barge was delivered on schedule on April 28, 2008.

The judge ruled that Hameed’s actions were intentional and in violation of the Anti-Corruption Act.

Under article 73(c)(3) of the constitution, MPs found guilty of a criminal offence “and sentenced to a term of more than twelve months” would be stripped of their seat.

Article 78 of the constitution meanwhile states that “whenever there is a vacancy among the members of The People’s Majlis, an election shall be held within sixty days from the date of the vacancy. A by-election shall not be held within six months prior to a general election.”

Deputy Elections Commissioner Hassan Fayaz told Minivan News that the Elections Commission (EC) will commence work to hold the election of the vacant seat when the parliament officially informs the commission that a seat is vacant.

“If a seat is vacant the commission will hold the election to elect a member, but the parliament haven’t officially informed the commission about a vacant seat,” he said. “I think it will take some time because he has the right appeal the verdict in superior courts.”

However, according to media reports, Hameed has not indicatated that he will appeal the verdict at the High Court or not. The MP for Kaafu Atoll Kaashidhoo was not present for today’s vote on the government’s Goods and Services Tax.

Hameed had voted with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in most votes during the past two years.

Speaking at a press conference today, ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik criticised the judiciary and accused the Criminal Court of imposing double standards on MPs facing court cases.

Moosa claimed that Deputy Speaker Ahmed Nazim of the opposition People’s Alliance (PA) had dodged court summons eight times.

When Nazim finally appeared at court, said Moosa, the court barred journalists from observing the trial.

“If a parliament seat becomes vacant in any constituency of the Maldives, God willing, we at the MDP will do everything we can to win the seat,” he said.


9 thoughts on “Independent MP Ismail Abdul Hameed found guilty of corruption, banished”

  1. WTF reeko moosa thinks when he talks abt. corruption when he is involved heavily loading his company with corrupt deals through government and that too in broad day light!!

  2. Good ridden to bad rubbish.
    Have no sympathy for this sort of gentlemen.

  3. Reeoko is right about the double standards. Mr Hameed does not have the influential backers that Jangiyaa Nazim has. Together with his backers and his influence over the judiciary, Jangiyaa will escape without a scratch. C'mon guys, Jangiyaa has enough material to blackmail half the country.

  4. Imagine an uneducated vakarugey kujja getting some power - Yes its reeko. Believe it or not MDP will be better off and will get more support if Reeko is out. Bugger is crazy

  5. @Subadheeb, let's really not talk about double standards, bro. Everybody is out to get somebody. If we were to talk about Jangiya, then we ought to talk about MP Adil, who's case seems to have disappeared. Or even the revolving door the everyday crooks like drug dealers have the apparent luxury of. It's a dog eat dog eat cat world. Maldivian politics and it's legal system is a joke filled to abundance with wankers and jokers. That said, Hameed was pretty well known in many circles as a heartless and corrupt bastard. And maybe it really is time that the MPs see that they're not immune from the law. Good riddance.

  6. Reeko is Supreme! He is the Leader! He is the chosen one. To Him MDP and everything and everyone associate with it belongs. He is the sole and rightful owner of dhivehiraajje! Hail Reeko!

  7. If any MP fails to defend properly against allegation of wrong doings, he or she should voluntarily resign immediately. I think that's what the public expects from the Mps who in such circumstances loose moral legitimacy to represent his constituency.

    A classical example which reflects the decadent state of Majlis is the fact that its deputy speaker, despite serious accusation continue to stay on his job!
    Absence of conviction doesn't necessarily proves one's innocence!

  8. What exact evidence do ppl have regarding corruption and who has done what? The many damaging accusations I have heard against so many, against Anni, Yameen, Maumoon, Reeko Moosa, and a whole heap of others. If a quarter of the things I have heard were true, every Maldivian poltician would be way worse than any Mafia Don. Many of them would also be savage, womanising, peadophiles, IF the stuff I hear were TRUE.

    Here is the thing. Recently, it came to my attention that Maldivians believed something about me which was so evil, that if I had of done that which I was accused of, I would take myself to jail tonigh! What i had been accused of doing, I would be one hell of an evil MO FO. Anyway, it was such a complete shock to learn that so many believed I could do such at thing, but it certainly explains ALOT!

    For any who know what the hell I am talking about, it is totally and utterly baseless LIE and extremely upsetting!

    Having experienced how damaging false accusations are, I would ask, please, in your anger, stick to the facts!

    Yes, most politicians are greedy and corrupt, all ppl are corrupt to some extent, but in your rage against the injustices done to you, contain it, really, only say what you know to be true. If you hear that a politician is a gangster or a paedophile, and you don't know that for sure, for example, don't say it is a fact that they are, say you heard that they were.

    That goes for me as well, maybe I had felt hurt by Yameen for example, heard some rumours that he controlled gangs etc... and got carried away with it! But I don't know that Yameen is a murderous gangster just because I believe him to be a political realist and had experienced him to be very rude! So, I am actually sorry to Yameen for such.

    Guys, evidence, seek evidence, and control your wild minds! Lies and deceipt are the product of rage.

    Anger takes over the mind so much that it contaminates the minds capacity to reason, to work out fact from fiction, the solution to this widespread problem, is to deal with anger.


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