Indian foreign secretary arrives in Male’ ahead of poll

India’s Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh has arrived in the Maldives today ahead of Saturday’s re-scheduled presidential election.

A press release from the Indian High Commission said that Ms Singh “strongly urged all parties to accept the results of elections to enable a smooth transfer of power and reconciliation post elections.”

Indian media has reported that Singh’s presence in Male’ is intended to stop political parties from derailing the election process.

The Indian Express described the secretary’s trip south as “her first crisis management assignment” after taking the post in August.

Singh met with Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate Mohamed Nasheed at midday today inside the Indian High Commission.

Speaking to the media afterwards, former President Nasheed explained that the Indian Foreign Secretary believed the election would go ahead this weekend, and that there must be a new president in office by November 11.

The High Commission’s press release revealed that Singh had also met with Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, and incumbent President Dr Mohamed Waheed.

“Ms. Sujatha Singh reiterated India’s call for free, fair, inclusive and credible elections in a peaceful environment fulfilling the democratic aspirations of the people of Maldives,” the statment read.

“She expressed the hope and expectation that the electoral process would proceed as scheduled with the first round to be held on October 19, and if required, the second round before November 3 so that a new President is sworn in on November 11 as stipulated by the constitution of Maldives.”

The constitutionally mandated deadline has been a source of concern for many who have argued that the country may enter a constitutional void should a new president not be installed by November 11.

However, the Supreme Court’s judgement stipulated that, even if a new president was unable to be sworn in on conclusion of the current term, the “principle of continuity of legitimate government would override any repercussions faced by failure to adhere to constitutional deadlines.”

Singh’s arrival in Male’ adds to the significant international presence in the capital as the polling date approaches.

Elections Commissioner Fuwad Thowfeek told Minivan News last weekend that he had been in discussions with the UK, the German, and the US ambassadors.

Thowfeek explained that the German and US ambassadors were currently in the country, whilst Indian, EU, and Commonwealth representatives were said to have been on their way.

The Commonwealth delegation is also understood to have arrived in Male’ today.

The Supreme Court’s decision to annul the first round contradicted the positive assessments of more than a thousand local and international election observers.


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  1. So Maldives as a part of 'Greater India' is not just a formality.

    Dr. Shaheed must be humming Bob Dylan now

  2. So an Indian Grandmother is trying to annex us now?
    Let her stay home and worship cows

  3. @Sham on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 7:58 PM

    "Let her stay home and worship cows".

    Let's analyse this, shall we?

    (1) A 100% Muslim country cannot even hold an election due to cheats, liars and other assorted miscreants apparently trying to just cheat the electoral process.

    (2) What does that say about these 100% Muslims who supposedly worship Allah? None of them can trust each other to just cast a simple vote!

    (3) What does it say when a supposedly 100% Muslim country has a perverted scum bag on its Supreme Court bench, who has clearly adulterated with a string of prostitutes? Just because there weren't "four male witnesses" to his foul deeds?

    (3) The cow worshippers have been holding democratic elections for hundreds of years! I don't see morally bankrupt filth on their Supreme Court bench. Guess who is on the moral high ground here!

  4. @ Ahmed, have u seen today's world news, about Global World Slavery 2013 report, the country you call democratic tops the list with 13 million+ slaves.

    Ok, now people may say India has 1 Billion people, but China which has even a bigger population has 3 million slaves.

  5. We need the world to witness how evil and corrupt this unelected coup regime are. They will move the goal posts again to get what they want, just watch!!

    Democracy is dead and the supreme court will prove this on Saturday..

  6. @Ann: What your global report fails to address is that we are all slaves to the golhaaboaa Maumoon gang. And we are revolting against the yoke of imperialism.

    @Addu bin: There are more than 4 male witnesses. I assure you, more than four witnesses have seen the video in HD quality. It just goes on to say that under their so-called shari'a law, the rich and powerful are afforded protection, while the peasants are to suffer under it.

  7. @Ann, I saw that, about slavery! Yes, I couldn't believe it! It really hurts me that the world is still so, evil and sad!

  8. Ahmed Bin Swadeep, well said brother and I am sure we Maldivians are way behind compared to cow worshippers. Dont forget the facy that 35% of our youth also addicted to drugs and set their own mothers on fire when they need a shot. So much for the golden thirty years achievements of Maumoon/Yamin and Nazim(Jangiya). Also it is known thjat 3/4 th of judges are being blackmailed with highly compromising materials like the stuff that is leaked in regard to corrupt undignified Supreme court judge Ali Hameed.

  9. Now time is up for the Chinese foreign secretary to pay a visit to us. We were assured by Maumoon that the Chinese government will stand by us if India dared to meddle in our internal affairs. Activate plan C please. Our 4 friends in Supreme court may loose their might unless India is neutralized. Time up for plan C.

  10. @Ann: "China which has even a bigger population has 3 million slaves." ???

    So you are trying to conclude 3 million slaves is not much of a problem?

    Besides, it is important to analyse how "slavery" is defined in the study. True India is still under medeival law in very few parts. But compensations are done every now and then and there is a moral ground and a base to work up from against such practicees.

    It cant be said about a country which is still building and breaking repeatedly, it foundation.

    Blatant hatred and ignorance and arrogance is all i see in terms used here such as "cow worshippers".

    Since maldives has a total population akin to population in maybe a single village in India, huge numbers are surely out of your league here.

  11. Nadaal, the solution to our problems are simple. If you think China is interested in involving themselves in Maldives and provoke India for a race over Maldives you must get your head examined. We are in SAARC region and everybody in the world expects India to involve when our country is heading towards anarchy and State terrorism with the likes of our Police Commissioner and Defence Minister at the helm. The so called President Waheed is an impotent puppet installed by Gayyoom to get what he wants done ruthlessly and what we need to do instead of involving any powers is just let our people decide who should rule us by our citizens votes instead making it impossible by putting hurdles for the Election Commission and the national heroes in the Commission. Simple solution is for our so called President Waheed to order the relevant parties to facilitate the election and conduct according to guidelines set forth in the constitution. Not by the guide lines set by disgraced, corrupt and disgruntle so called judges in the Supreme Court.

  12. 5. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, or other forms of hate-speech or incitements to violence. We recognise the difference between criticising a particular government, organisation, community or belief and attacking people on the basis of their race, religion or gender.


    The above is point 5 from your guidelines

    Below is a comment which got published. I suggest you take down the guidelines or take down the comment. This isn't the first time such comments have been posted. I suspect that these are posted to put off the expat community from reading or partaking in the comments forum.

    Sham on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 7:58 PM
    So an Indian Grandmother is trying to annex us now
    Let her stay home and worship cows

  13. @Ann I am sorry but I don't follow how blatant disregard of constitutional right of a Maldivian's vote has to do with India vs China in number of slaves. It is like comparing oranges with apples and saying apples are more "red".
    BTW in which category do you put the expatriate workers in Maldives (and all those Arab countries, Malaysia etc)? I bet they won't allow even such census in these countries (what's more I certain even Chinese won't allow it).
    There are a high chance that Indian pressure may work on Gayoom (who is running the play in Maldives right now) and an election may take place.

  14. @Virendra: brother. I dont think India would much like to pressure any political change in the Maldives. True that we seem to be potrayed in competition with China. But regardless, Chinese developments in Srilanka and Pakistani coasts havent budged us.

    So i think the self importance assumed by some maldivian friends are more like unfounded and an exaggeration.

    Maumoon goes to China and comes back to say China would support Maldives. He comes to India and claims he prefers Indians more than Chinese (as reported). So You could guess that the old man plays dirty tricks and fools a million people.

  15. India a great country still among miseries, has the world third largest muslim population in the world.Muslims enjoy all rights and preveleges than any other religions. This shows the cow worshippers respect and love towards muslims. pakistan may hate india. maldives may hate india but you can see many muslims in india live for ever.we dont hate anybody. India was divided into three countries. You know but India never has done any harm to anyone. India has no intention to do harmful things to any neibhour. History will speak volumes. The cow worshippers now spread all over the world irrespective of religion, and work hard for their economic growth. Without India the survival of many countries even the so called dveloped countries, would be question mark. india is the first country in all fields, cause the development. Now it is the time for other countries to enter because now maldives has developed a lot.

  16. beware a posionous snake is in Male..but when a 3rd level Chinese diplomate sneeze this snake will run to the hole

    he he he if these poverty Indians stopped work in foreign countries ...these countries will become poor ...western countrise get poverty Indians because they are the only people ready to do white color job for begger `s salary and ready to worship whites..caste is not a problem when these Indians dirts reach the Europe


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