Indian hackers take down MACL website as lenders, Malaysian government seek to resolve GMR crisis

Indian hackers have taken over the website of the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), the government company that has ordered the GMR-Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) consortium to hand over the airport by the end of next week.

The hackers, calling themselves the “Indishell Defacers Team”, replaced the MACL homepage with a black background and a pair of eyes Thursday (November 29) evening, demanding that the Maldives “stop defaming Indian Reputed Companies & learn how to run a website and secure it first.”

“If you don’t know how to secure a website, can you run an Airport securely, MACL?” the hackers added, along with a promise to “do anything for India”.

As of Saturday afternoon, the MACL website remained suspended. MACL CEO Mohamed Ibrahim declined to comment, stating only that he was in a meeting and that the company would “issue media statements from time to time”.

Following the government’s announcement last week that its contract with GMR was void and it would therefore be issuing a seven day ultimatum for the investor to leave the country, MACL claimed that local employees who applied for jobs with the state operator would “have their present basic salary, allowances and other benefits, and training and development opportunities maintained under MACL management.”

The same day, the Immigration Department announced that it would cease renewing the work permits of GMR’s 140 foreign employees, while the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sent GMR a letter stating that the operator’s aerodrome certificate – the regulatory authority to operate an airport – would be withdrawn at 11:59pm on December 7.

MACL has also filed a complaint with the Maldives Police Service, alleging that the contract was given to GMR in 2010 “unlawfully”.

GMR has meanwhile stated that it has no intention of leaving without exhausting the legal process and seeking due compensation – the company has stated that it has already invested between US$220-240 million of funds set out for the US$511 million airport development project.

Arbitration proceedings over the contentious airport development charge were already ongoing in Singaporean courts prior to the government’s declaration that the contract was void.

GMR is currently seeking an injunction against its eviction in the Singapore courts, with the next hearing reportedly set for Monday.

Malaysian visit

Meanwhile, Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and MAHB Managing Director Basir Ahmed visited the Maldives on Friday to try and resolve the situation.

Aman told local media at the airport that his discussion with Maldivian Foreign Minister Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla was “fruitful”.

“As we are two friendly nations, there is no reason why this matter cannot be resolved,” Aman was reported as stating by Haveeru.

The reaction from the Indian government and industry groups has been substantially less prosaic.

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), expressed “serious concern over the unilateral decision of the Maldives government” and the “violation” of the country’s concession agreement with GMR.

The chamber of commerce group urged the Indian government “to take immediate steps as may be necessary to protect the interests of GMR, its people working in Male’ as well as the Indian banks against such irrational moves.”

Lenders to GMR, including the lead underwriter Axis Bank, Indian Overseas Bank and the Indian Bank have meanwhile written to the Maldives government demanding that their interests be protected. US$368 of the US$511 million project is a loan component, most of it financed by Indian companies.

The Indian government is meanwhile reported to be reconsidering its bilateral aid assistance to the Maldives.

A succession of Indian loans have been crucial to the Maldives’ ability to pay its operating costs, including civil servant salaries.

Days prior to the government’s decision to void the GMR agreement, India had requested repayment of US$100 million in treasury bonds by February 2013.

A further US$25 million state loan from India was found to have been delayed after the Maldivian government failed to submit the requested paperwork, according to an Indian diplomatic source.

Overall Indian aid to the Maldives has totalled MVR 5 billion (US$324 million) over the last three years, according to official statistics from the Indian High Commission released in May.

In additional to credit facilities, purchase of bonds and provision of equipment and financial assistance, India provided the government substantial aid to hold the SAARC Summit in Addu Atoll last year.

In the last three years, India funded the construction of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, provided US$4.5 million for the development of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), US$25 million for a police academy, US$9 million for police vehicles, US$1.5 million for a coastal management centre, US$1 million for the purchase of pharmaceuticals and sports equipment, US$5.3 million for the Institute of Information Technology, and most recently, the construction of a military hospital for the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

Credit facilities of US$40 million were provided for the construction of 500 housing units, while the State Bank of India (SBI) had spent US$100 million of treasury bonds (with a further US$100 as standby credit). India also provided US$28 million for the development of human resources in the Maldives.

Moreover, a substantial amount of private lending to the resort industry development takes place through Indian banking institutions active in the country, most notably SBI, and a significant quantity of food to the import-dependent Maldives (including basics provisions such as eggs) is supplied through trade concessions with India.

India has also provided extensive military support to the Maldives, including supplying vehicles and a helicopter.

“An impact on ties is inevitable,” Indian newspaper The Hindu reported a senior Indian government source as stating, after last week’s decision by the Maldivian cabinet to evict GMR.

“For the time being, we have to consider how things stand and how to proceed,” an official source told the paper, “when asked whether India would continue assisting the Maldives in combating its financial difficulties, including paying salaries to civil servants and shoring up the surveillance and reconnaissance ability of its security forces.”

“Stability can come only after elections. All of them [political parties] are looking for some cause célèbre. GMR has unwittingly become a major political issue in the Maldives,” an official source told the paper.


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  1. International relation, diplomacy, and power balance, these topics should be taught to nasheed before he appears in podiums.

  2. Nasheed was the only one opening this country up to opportunity. You fools who took him out of power are going back to the dark ages. This country is in a complete mess. Oh, I'm sorry India, I know we screwed you big time on your investment but can you still keep loaning us money ? Pathetic really, lol.

  3. Fools always get lessons from humiliation. The only way to bring these zombies of Maladivan to their sense would be some actions from India. These zombies whose brains are infected with the most deadly virus always think that they are protected by some fake god.

    We the fishermen with little bit of sense do understand that we live in globalised world where we have to respect mutual contracts, agreements, and live as global community to work together for common goal to live peacefully and help each other. But sadly the majority of fishermen is infected with this sense inhibitor virus and is bent to destroy the harmony and tranquility of our typical fishermen life. Our livelihood was dependent on foreign lands and foreigners who visit this country form the time we settled on this infinite nothingness. In the olden days we prayed for shipwrecks so we can grab some food from them and have always had very cordial interaction with foreign people for our survival.

    The evident of Mullahs has destroyed the fabric of our society and we are heading to our doomsday like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  4. Don't cut our BALLs Dr. Waheed. Don't forget we r a 3rd world garbage. Weakest in the world. U PIG ASS....!!

  5. How do YOU know the Hackers are Indians?
    investigated? Eye wittiness? Or Participated? so many Qs with this article. Please do Clear.

  6. Now we have invited to the dark side of Hindhusthaan. Good luck to my fellow Fishermans. Now we must admit Fishermans like us cannot run an international airport. Joke of the century..!

  7. The Adhaalath twitter account was also hacked. It has tweets asking for information about people like Imran and Mauroof, who were labelled terrorists by the hackers. And you know what? They are terrorists. I wouldn't be surprised if they have links to the biggest terror networks in the world!

  8. All that needs to be said on this topic has already been said. Clearly, Waheed is trying to save his job as well as finding enough allies to propel him as a Presidential election candidate for next year. That much is clear.

    From the comments of the Indians at the end of this piece, it's also evident that's what Waheed and his mates are telling the Indian and Malaysian diplomats. Now, we'll wait and see whether the rhetoric lives up to reality and whether they can actually throw out GMR! The real test still remains.

  9. Did someone say "military"? Lmao!! A basic security co can take over that "country". I am sure international courts will decide in favor of GMR. Would love to see the idiots who gave "legal advice" from "Britain and Singapore" to this "attorney general"

  10. The consequences of throwing GMR out will have more damaging effects than the small brains governing Maldives can even imagine.I am sure someone really wants to ruin the Maldivian economy.India is now under huge pressure to take action:its main banks are also shouting!Will the Chinese pay the debts of GOM and salaries of the civil servants if India recalls its loans?What a mess!!!

  11. So THATS why this Indian guy was asking my company about high-stream QLS injectors, polymorphic data sniffers and cache reading techniques.

    ... I'm glad I gave him a bargain price. Here's hoping Indishell continues to demonstrate their superior battlefield skills to the Mordis gangsters.

    Let's see the golhaa force try to attack Mumbai - and get shot to pieces!

  12. Where are the usual sponsored comments that are haters of Nasheed ??? Perhaps even these morons realise the coup Waheed is killing the country for everyone. We are surely back in the dark ages now.

  13. a much better article than the BS you read on here.

  14. MDP and their scare tactics?? The hackers may probably be Maldivians in disguise! oh well, this same old scary story was spread by the same old brainwashed MDpians prior to CoNi report! Nothing earth shattering came about after it's result, did it; other than seyku Nasheeds marbles spilling out from it's cylinder, heheeh!

    And for the people who believe humans came about by accident(so every other thing is accidental, even these atheists thus that makes them accidentally useless or by evolving from Apes(whoooaaahh, i laugh my head off when i hear about this theory;Darwin is probably right to a certain extent, Maybe his descendents like some commenting here could have evolved from apes as they think nuts and bolts),

    Why would people listen to nonsense when they have much better and more useful people like Liam Neeson and Dr Laurence Brown for company!!

  15. BTW, Maldives is not the only country short on cash, the whole world is;

    US debt tops $16 trillion: So who do we owe most of that money to?

    Read more:

    Angela Merkel: eurozone crisis will last at least another five years

  16. And we know who the real terrorists are, don't we??
    [Must Watch] Full The Painful Truth and lies behind 9/11 - A documentary you dont want to miss

    i think i will post this site when ever i comment on minivan, eheeehe

  17. GMR makes millions of dollars in profits already from the airport. I'm sure the bilateral aid from India would now be less than the potential profit from the airport alone.

    It was a corrupt deal and we have to make it right. I salute Dr Waheed for terminating the agreement.

  18. Dont try to play with india. We Indians pay for your daily bread. Dont even think of getting closer with Chinese. we are watching this very closely.

  19. Thanks you for spending 240 Million Dollar on our new airport, bye bye.

  20. We saw real Waheed here along with his Islamist friends. The Islamists can now claim that they’ve successfully thrown out India from the Maldives. In the meantime, the regime is going to tell the Indians and the world completely different story. This is typical of Waheed’s two faced persona. From day one, he has shown a split brain syndrome. To local audiences, he delivers fiery Jihadist rhetoric, whilst in front of international audience; he suddenly appears to be Mr Teflon: “Do I look like somebody who will bring coup?” said Waheed in his first appearance on media after toppling the democratic government. India was blindsided during the well organized coup against democratically elected government. New Delhi was first to recognize the controversial government of Waheed. England and USA followed Indian footstep. Ousted president NASHEED has always given a clear picture of Maldives political reality. I hope India must have realized it now. GMR fiasco is not only political game but it is also a kind of revenge against Indians by hardcore Islamists backed by Pakistani jihadis. India must react in a right direction now to restore democracy and law in order in Maldives. Kicking out of GMR is not a victory of Islam over infidel India as some Pakistani backed salafists are describing, but it is kicking out of democracy as well. I say it again, president Waheed is not innocent and he should not be allowed to play his game. He is dangerous and he has no respect for rule of law.

  21. Baghee waheed is trying to throw all foreigners out so he and Gayoom need not share any of the bounty of tourism with India.

  22. @Shimy:

    "And for the people who believe humans came about by accident"

    This exact sentence proves that you don't know anything about evolution. I find it hilarious how you constantly post conspiracy theories to 'prove a point'. If you have evidence against evolution, write a paper, get it peer reviewed, and go collect your nobel prize.

    Whether you 'believe' in it or not, evolution is true, and doesn't need the approval of millions of uneducated, poverty stricken muslims living in what can be only described as hellholes.

  23. This may not be a nice or good thing. But it is not possible to blame anyone doing something when their rights a stolen in daylight robbery!

    @Mohamad on Sun, 2nd Dec 2012 4:55 AM
    "Thanks you for spending 240 Million Dollar on our new airport, bye bye."

    This is totally insane! Pathetic thinking, my friend!

    If this is your attitude, you truly must be an ardent supporter, or from the inner circle of Waheed who stole our rights and said bye bye to his president, just the same way you say bye bye to the investors to the airport in question!

    " Thank you Nasheed, for taking me in as VP ", Then stabs him and grab presidency!

    But Mohamad, this is the 21st century!

    The world is watching. They must be now aware what this coalition government is, and who Waheed and Gayyoom are!

    India, being India, will not be watching and waiting when their interest is unlawfully being zapped, especially by a traitor and when someone is cunningly aligning themselves to encompass the INDIAN OCEAN to their sting of pearls; my friend!
    Wake up! Kid!

  24. GMR built the International airport at New Delhi, capital of India and International airport at Hyderabad. I have flown by the Delhi airport onwards to Malaysia and let me tell you the Male airport looks primitive comparatively. we are 'kicking' them out for political reasons and not for the betterment of our nation. If only our leaders had bigger working brains....

  25. We thought Dr.Wsheef is a nice person befor but now we know he is a shit idiot.
    Taking the rights of Maldiveans legal.

    Allah will distroy the gang who has taken the power of Maldives.

  26. Still our begging nature has not gone

    @Mohamad on Sun, 2nd Dec 2012 4:55 AM
    “Thanks you for spending 240 Million Dollar on our new airport, bye bye.”

    What do we think is it easoer for a country which is fighting for money to pay to its people salary make such noises.

    We should be grateful to India for helping out in all events whether 1988 or now they have been supporting us everytime.

    And have u seen changes ai Airport.

    If agreement was void from beginning why we accepted USD 78 Mn from GMR and allowed them to do the development .Now we have to pay do we have money

    Will Imran or his puppets pay this or will Maldives lead to another disaster on itw own


  27. Let waheed go with the Chinese, if he wants but dont forget ,you got to get the adhalath fascists to stomach pork and baidou and chinese nationals or they are going to come hard at maldives

  28. @Ahmed on Sun, 2nd Dec 2012 1:07 PM.
    This haa hoo about GMR is not about anything else.
    It is politic based and in the interest of Gayyoom and Waheed.

    The answer to your question, will Imran and puppets pay this damage? Unfortunately NO!

    Because what ever is borrowed ortaken to bulldoze GMR and bail out the airport will undoubtedly be taken under sovereign guarantee.

    These repayments can go into the coffers of Gayyoom and Waheed!

    They would be safe at sea sailing in fine weather while we drown in deep hits!

  29. GMR had not spent that much of money that they claimed ? If they have spent , then it must had given to Anni and his associates .

    Anni is the man who had ruined our country and who had drag the country debts from 390 million to a billion and not anyone else.

    Anni had taken loans from India to pay his friends and associates over 300 millions dollars within two years. Anni is the man who took a loan from Sri Lanka with high commercial interest rates?

    Anni is the man who does not know how to balance things and have a proper economic policies.

  30. mody on Sun, 2nd Dec 2012 6:03 PM

    Anni this, Anni that, Anni blah, blah, blah.

    How i wish you lived in the UK then we could read about you being taken to the courts and sued for libel and slander on a daily basis.

    You never let up on your twisted views of everyday politics of the Maldives.

    The original contract was issued under close scrutiny of the World Bank and IFC and until any wrong doing is proven in a court of Law you are just spouting false rumour and lies.

    Open your eyes and your limited brain and you will see that facts are to be decided in a international court of law and not your backwater corrupt government officials.

  31. To those of you morons out there who think we can afford to clash head on with any other country, much less our neighbours, try to use what's left of your brain and think again!!!!

    India is naturally doing what any country would do to protect the interests of their businesses and nationals, when the GoM so stupidly without showing any evidence of the so called corruption just decides to break an agreement and then continue to harrass GMR while the case is ongoing in court. If you stupid people think we can do without any help or support from India, then you people belong to the elite maumoon crowd who have robbed this country of our wealth and are enjoying your life in the UK!! There is no way a clash on with India will benefit us as we depend on them for trade in so many things, including medicine!!! I guess you fools think that waheed and maumoon are going to be taking care of you eh. Idiots!!!

  32. @Wives and concubines,

    One of a kind, descendents from apes, no wonder thinks like an Ape; probably ate bananas the whole life thus lives in their own banana republic oo oo ahhahh!!!


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