Islamic Minister Dr Bari resigns

Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari has resigned from the position after pressure from the Adhaalath Party.

He confirmed to Minivan News today he that he had submitted the resignation letter to the President’s Office.

”I resigned out of respect for the decision made by the Adhaalath Party to break its coalition agreement with the government,” Dr Bari said. ”I sent the letter today and they have not responded yet.”

Dr Bari said that although he had resigned from the position as well as the Chairmanship of Adhaalath Party’s Religious Council, he would “remain active in politics.”

Recently, Dr Bari and State Islamic Minister Sheikh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed were asked by the Adhaalath Party to resign, however Sheikh Rasheed issued a statement explaining his refusal to do so.

Dr Bari had earlier resigned from the Chairmanship of Adhaalath Party’s Religious Council.

Today he told the media that he had resigned from the council’s chairmanship after the council issued a statement against his view on Imams, reciting Bismi aloud and permanently reciting Qunoot in Fajr prayers.

The President’s Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair confirmed to Minivan News that Dr Bari had submitted his letter of resignation, but said President Nasheed had not had a chance to read it yet as he had been out this afternoon observing the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST).

Zuhair said he was “surprised” by Bari’s decision as he had “worked patiently and in accordance with the government’s policy” prior to his resignation.

“Even with the religious unity regulations, he worked patiently with the government in a non-partisan way, and he had the last word before it was published,” Zuhair said, noting that Bari had chosen the government’s side in 2009 over its previous alliance with the Jumhooree Party (JP).

Zuhair added that the President valued Dr Bari’s contribution and “patient and academic efforts” as Islamic Minister.

It was too early to speculate on a replacement, he said. However speculation today was that Sheikh Rasheed was among the most likely candidates.

Sheikh Rasheed did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


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  1. Minivan news, why didnt you publish a jaundiced (yellowed) picture of holy Qur'an or the Islamic centre mosque along with this story? After all thats what your enimity lies - islam.
    and this is the kind of story that will generate multiple comments from the anti-islam elements. we will see.
    btw my heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Abdul Majeed abdul baree on his brave desicion. Best wishes to him and Adhaalath party.

  2. Dr Bari resigns is an intellectual who does not have enough “B***S” to challenge a bunch of duds who believes in illusions and fairy tales.
    Well there shall be a moderate theologian to fill the vacant portfolio.

  3. We have some potential candidates for the post of islamic minister right here working in minivan news. Yameen Rasheed, Azra Naseem, Aishath Aniya -- to name a few. Aftes all, these people are the only ones who claim to know the "correct version" of islam.

  4. Leaving the current materialistic wealth for the sake of religion. I am proud of you Dr. Majeed.

  5. "Dr. Baree has always come across as being a bit more acedemic and reasonable sounding".
    Yes, of course he is.
    And also this proved that we can be "both pious and cool".

    Congrats to Dr. Bari and good du'as to him.

  6. May Allah SW show us the rightpath, guidence and patience to tackle the mounting social, economic and political issues that creates anti relgious & mindless people!! Insha Allah we will be successful as Allah Sw ordains all the systems in this whole universe and one faulty mechamism is always recycled and replaced with good system!! Lets wait and see..

  7. if your allah why your commenting to this the mad.. you dont need to right here... and if your allah why your fear to right your real name...better you keep quiet ...

  8. ey muslim maldivian,
    "Leaving the current materialistic wealth for the sake of religion"
    being the director of Sunland resorts supply company is not materialistic at all, hypocritical wankers

  9. "me"

    Actually, you just named some people who don't think there's only 'one' version of Islam.

    Since you have generously proposed my name as well, I'd humbly point out that I believe this Ministry is pointless, and shouldn't even exist.

  10. @Allah on Mon, 3rd Oct 2011 11:23 PM

    Dear God,

    What might my fate be?

  11. Coward, Hypocrite, insane... I can't find better words than these to describe MONSTER Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari.

  12. New Change to Islamic Ministry:

    Minister - Sheikh Mohamed Moosa (Islamic Foundation)

    State Minister - Sheikh Mohamed Farooq (MDP)

    Deputy Minister - Sheikh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed (Adaalath)

    Deputy Minister - Ibrahim Fauzee (Islamic Foundation)

  13. @ yaamyn

    "I believe this Ministry is pointless, and shouldn’t even exist."
    You will believe this upto the point Anni offers you the post of Islamic Minister.

  14. I say Yaamyn Rasheed for Islamic Minister. May I also request that the Ministerial carriage that Yaamyn is given be configured so that it can only travel in the Qiblah direction (i.e. from east to west)

  15. Allah wrote :"I am Allah and I approve of this move. He shall be rewarded."
    Thanks Allah, I was wondering which way to go and was about to toss a coin when I read your remark. ................ I don't approve of this move.

  16. So at last Dr.Baari succcumbed to the pressure. In a way its better for senior leader like him to resign. But with no senior leaders to guide the new leaders, lets hope that Adhaalath does not become "lost kid". They should also focus (besides religion & politics) on some social issues destroying our society like "gangs, drugs, child molestation etc.

  17. Time to have someone more sensible in the Ministry who isn't an extremist and can teach Islam as it always was for hundreds of years in Maldives, before the beards tried to hijack everything.

  18. What the F***???

    Now would you publish this as well? Oh is it to be censored?

    Yet you would publish someone claiming as "Allaah" and speaking on behalf of Allaah?

  19. hilath is making a gang of parteys and threatening people who are calling him gay.
    we also need to form such a gang and do the same against this hate website and its people.

  20. @ Naeem,

    MDP's Proposal was:

    Minister - Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed Ahmed (Islamic Foundation)
    State Minister - Sheikh Mohamed Farooq (MDP)
    Deputy Minister - Sheikh Mohamed Moosa (Islamic Foundation)
    Deputy Minister - Ibrahim Fauzee (Islamic Foundation)

    But Islamic Foundation's proposal was:

    Minister - Sheikh Mohamed Moosa (Islamic Foundation)
    State Minister - Sheikh Mohamed Farooq (MDP)
    Deputy Minister - Sheikh Ibrahim Ali (Islamic Foundation)

  21. Yes I second the online motion in this forum to provide Yaamyn Rasheed with the Cabinet portfolio of Islamic Minister.

    He is the only holier-than-thou, self-righteous, pseudo-intellectual, blow-hard for the job.

    I also propose to include the qualifications in paragraph 2 of this comment in the existing selection procedure for the post.

    All hail Yaamyn. The ever-living.

  22. May Peace be with all.

    From the comments on this page, We can grasp the reality of our state of affairs in this Country.

    The outlook is dull,... the administration is on the wrong side of the "change"... being allowed to be on the right side...yet, they are slipping towards the darkness ...

    @ Yameen

    You have been a delusional, like always so as MN, JJ and even some top brass of the Admin.

    It's a good thing we now know the Truth.

    The biggest fairy tale is the arrogant ones believing that "this is it"... but this is just a glimpse ....

    But I have hopes that Yameen, MN, JJ and others would now be rethinking their course.

    We are closely watching your moves and waiting, You can too wait and do all the "mischief" as long as you can.

    Truth will Prevail....
    May Allah reward us all accordingly

  23. being published in an Islamic country, these anti-Islamic comments shouldn't be allowed and its legal responsibility goes to the Editorial Board of Minivan News. A law suit will be filed against Minivan News soon.


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