Former Adhaalath Party leader criticises new leadership

Former President of the Adhaalath Party Sheikh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed has strongly criticised the new leadership of “acting dictatorially” and issuing press releases without consulting either the heads of party organs or Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari.

In a statement published on his official website this week, Sheikh Rasheed wrote that “the biggest change” he brought to the Islamic Ministry’s functions after being appointed State Minister in December was to “change the dictatorial policy of the ministry’s former senior officials” to ensure that important decisions were not made without “direct instruction from the minister.”

“The rule of granting permission to make sermons based on a person’s face was abolished. Work being done that conflicted with government regulations and policy in a way that could facilitate corruption was reformed and brought into line,” he said.

Sheikh Rasheed, a founding member of Adhaalath, condemned a press statement issued by the party on September 5 regarding the controversy surrounding Qunooth (an invocation recited during prayers) and reciting Bismillah out loud as “very irresponsible.”

The press statement argued that the invocation was not compulsory except during periods of adversity.

Rasheed claimed that a letter sent to the Addu City Council regarding Qunooth was based on Dr Bari’s advice: “Therefore I can’t believe that Dr Majeed would talk to Adhaalath members differently about the issue of saying Bismillah [out loud] during prayers,” he said.

“Adhaalath Party’s Scholars Council Chair [Dr Bari] told me that he had informed [the party] not to issue the press release like that,” he continued. “And the deputy chair apparently knows nothing about the press release. The party’s charter states that when dealing with religious issues, a statement could only be issued after a meeting of the religious scholars council and with the consensus of its members.”

Rasheed went on to say that there were “know-it-all scholars” and a culture of attacking anyone who opposes their statements or ideology, adding that the scholars in question believe the country’s policy should be based on their thinking.

Statements made on foreign policy by some Adhaalath senior members reminded Sheikh Rasheed of “thoughts that come and goes quickly to a person suffering from a mental illness.”

“Anyone who disagrees with their religious opinion turns into a criminal [in their minds],” he wrote, referring to the Adhaalath’s public antagonism to NGOs Jamiyyathul Salaf and Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM).

Sheikh Rasheed called on officials in senior leadership positions to adhere to the party’s charter or governing rules.

He also urged Dr Bari to be consistent in statements made in his capacity as Islamic Minister and chair of the religious scholars council.

Rasheed said he was moved to publicly criticise the new leadership because of the extent to which “the dictatorial [tendency] of some Adhaalath party members” has grown.

Islamic Minister Dr Bari told Minivan News he did not wish to comment on the matter.

24 thoughts on “Former Adhaalath Party leader criticises new leadership”

  1. Disputes between Mullahs! Self appointed Islamic scholars are maneuvering in different directions to advocate their own version of Islam or rather their own cult.
    The Mullahs are mixing religion with politics and some of these Mullahs; hart to hart believe that the Maldivian foreign policy should be based on their ways of thinking and belief.
    Majority of our community lives in Islands without good health facility, have no running water in their houses, have no good schools, and the Mullahs are worried on issues like Israel and the Palestinians rather than solving our own problems.
    First we have to look after ourselves and later think of fellow brethrens.

  2. The amazing part is that they're all absolutely 100% right and believe there's only ONE literal interpretation possible.

  3. If the good people keep silent, would only result irreversible damages to the future generations , same thing that we see today as the result of let loose a dictator for 30 years. In a country where the majority of people are semiliterate, probably we can categories them illiterate, as we can say someone who can read only Dhivehi is almost an illiterate, it may sound undemocratic but this Adalth should not be allowed to meddle with politics, it is as dangerous as poisoning people, to let this group go free to radicalize these illiterate people. May be we can allow them once there is freedom of religion in the Maldives for people to judge Adalth with freed mind. Every learned people can see what would happen if the country is taken by a power like Adalath, and there is a possibility of this to happen with the kind of population we have. We can see second Thalibanistan in Maldives.

  4. Would you stop a man adding deadly poison to the water supply if he said your opposition to his actions was 'undemocratic'?.

    Yes, you should.

  5. This is hilarious. Mullah verses Mullah. Who has got the longest beard or who could be more irrational.
    This is what Maldives is becoming now because of these bearded Mullahs.
    We had religious scholars in the past too but they never went overboard like this.
    I guess these Mullahs have to justify all the funding and money they get from Saudi Arabia so they invent things just to keep receiving these funds.

  6. Sheikh Rasheed is correct in this. The party shall be consistent and everyone (Salaf and IFM) shall be united in this. If we (muslims) are disunited and fight amongst ourselves the only ones who will benefit will be Minivan News and the useless kaafir bloggers like Yameen, Ahmed Aliased, these guys. These guys has hollow brains filled only with hatred to muslims and islam in general and nothing else. Wonder how they can function with such poisonous brains!

    Adhaalath shall choose the path of moderation and embrace everyone who calls for islam in different platforms. The kaafirs know that unity amongst muslim parties is not good for them so they work tirelessly to disunite them. That's how they prevent muslims from making government in even majority muslim countries. Even in Arab countries only the secular kaafir parties make it to government because the muslims are disunited and fighting amongst ourselves.

  7. The volume of our bismismillahs - this is the stuff that keeps them up at night folks.

  8. @Naeembe
    You seem to allude that in general Maldivians are simpletons who neither comprehend nor have the ability to handle the complex issues of societal organisation (you refer to them as semi-illiterates or you prefer to describe them as illiterates as they are only literate in Maldivian). As such you seem to say that the average Maldivian is very gullible and prone to be taken into the religious camp. The reason why they would be taken by religious or any other camp is not due their literacy or lack of it, even if your skewed understanding of literacy is accepted. It is due to the inability of politicians and the ruling class to bring about any tangible change for the better to their financial situation and well-being. Therefore, if you would want to avoid religious radicalistion or extremism of any other form focus on critically evaluating government policies which aim towards bringing about such change, and if such policies do not exist, you who seem to to be the one-eyed in the land of the blind, suggest some good policies that might be helpful.

  9. @ hassan ahmed. Even if we don't have running water we still need to be worried about Isreal's terror against Muslim. In this case you are excluded because I believe you are paid by Israel

  10. @ The Mullah
    My comment was the root cause of the issues in Maldivian society that hampers to create a prosperous vibrant society. The Majority of this society can only converse and understand a language that is equal of shrieking animal’s voice, used to communicate each other. This Dhivehi does not have any literature, scientific or any other richness that can translate human imagination, emotions and knowledge in forms of education and literature so that people’s conceptual capacity can be developed. Without such a media, it is very easy to use such mass of population by psychopaths like Mullahs to create cult like society which we already see in Maldivian society. The solutions is already mentioned in my comment that we should stop Adlath like poison to spread and create a liberal, tolerant energetic booming society who are disciplined to work and progress.

  11. @Naseembe, I am with you, definitely Mullahs are poisoning the minds of undeveloped brains in Maldives.
    Your have commented that here in Maldives that we do not have freedom of religion, however, your statement is wrong, certainly we have the freedom to change our religion if we wish. No one can do anything about it. Even the government of Maldives will not arrest you nor prosecute you.
    As regards to religious belief, Maldivians are frail. They don’t bother about religion so there is no need for them to change their inherited faith. For example I do not believe in the ideology that Adhallath and Mullahs are preaching and spreading, for me religions are a way of life there is no wrong or correct path or the true religion.

  12. @Richard, you seem to be a guy million light years away from reality. For your information the Israeli government issues base on religion. They are fighting for a cause, you as a Maldivian have nothing to do with the dispute that the Palestinians are having with Israelis.
    Don’t try to be a guy like Binladin the terrorist.

  13. @Richard, you seem to be a guy million light years away from reality. For your information the Israeli government issues are not base on religion. They are fighting for a cause, you as a Maldivian have nothing to do with the dispute that the Palestinians are having with Israelis.
    Don’t try to be a guy like Binladin the terrorist.

  14. @Naeembe
    Make yourself clear. What do you mean by "My comment was the root cause..."?

    Are you saying that one cannot express ideas, opinions, emotions in Dhivehi? And that Dhivehi, for you, is not a language but empty sounds incapable of being a medium or vehicle for the articulation of thoughts, preservation and delivery of knowledge?

    Well take your case. Does your inability to express yourself clearly in English, as seen in your comment, mean that there is an inherent weakness in English? Does your incoherent ramblings, sweeping generalisations, unsubstantiated assertions render English to be incapable of being a medium of articulating one's thought? Nay, the problem lies not with the language but with the person.

  15. @The Mullah,
    I am not sure why you getting so furious for digesting the reality. The reality is the general population of Maldives is illiterate and gullible, and this is the main reason why they can be tricked by con artists and cult leaders like Mullahs. In regards to Dhivehi, I don’t believe Dhivehi as a language, for me it is simply a way of communication like other animals to achieve simple animal instinct. If I can’t express in English it doesn’t mean it is weakness in English. And it seems, you will rant out of context to be satisfied to degrade someone who has touched your sensitive never end. You can jump, shriek and smash your chest, the fact will not change, and the fact is people of Maldives are illiterate and no one with proper sense will consider Dhivehi as a language of civilized people.

  16. @Naeembe
    I give you benefit of the doubt with regards to your comments, but not to what you say about Dhivehi.

    If it is the language, you mean, I would say that it used to be a total language, and that it could have been made better for today's expression, I agree!

    Due to many reasons, Dhivehi was made second language. And however rich we could have made it, it could not have been usable in international communication, I agree!

    However, as a Maldivian I am prouder than an American to have a language and script and I could never criticize it even if it were unfit for anything!

  17. @Naeembe
    My question to you was to make yourself clear. I mentioned in my previous post what was unclear to me.
    Now you accuse me of taking what you said out of context. It would have been helpful if you had pointed that out to me.
    As for Dhivehi being not a language for you or Maldivians being illiterate I do not intend to argue further; that is your opinion and I accept that as such.

  18. OH NO!!??
    Minivan news have got something to write about one of their favorite topic, due to the stupidity of the so called i AM RIGHT YOU ARE WRONG scholars that think only they are right.
    Sheih Hussain Rasheed You are right they only know how to FAAVEGANAH with the theme of I AM RIGHT.
    I think they a mans with a kid brain. I think they do not know what is the situation hear. I think they do not even know who are their parents. How their parents have had raised them,. What has happened in these so called 30 years. And what is happening now. And i think they do not remember about the parliament polling few years ago. And also they do not know how much we know about Islam. Maybe they are not from Maldives.
    Only they know is they are RIGHT. Others are wrong.
    Allah has given us a golden opportunity. The so called right scholar please use your brain. What have we gain from this FAAVEGANA style.
    Do not think that you are always right. You might be even wrong.

    @ Naeembe
    it seems you illiterately literal. Why do not use your literal intelligence to make Maldivian literal rather than commenting. Is commenting hear make them literal....!!!?????

  19. Working together is IMPORTANT not only among the Muslim scholars but also among the nonpracticing Maldivian Muslims as well so that the country shall go in the right direction

  20. This is NOT news! Shame on you Minivan. Well, am I surprised? Of course not.

  21. Minivan news being a registered newspaper, falling under maldivian jurdistiction has been breaking the existing laws and regulations of maldives. They have been selectively targeting islam in their news covergae. They are continuously publishing islamophobic opinion pieces from people running hate blogs and anti-islam facebook pages. Their comment section is filled with hateful, degrading and threatening contents against islam. We believe that by publishing those, the editorial board of minivan news has broken certain laws of Maldives. We will be making formal complaints to the Maldives Media Council, Maldives Police Service and Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Our lawsuit against minivan news will also be submitted to the criminal court in a short period.


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