Islanders protest as President arrives on Filladhoo

Islanders of Filladhoo in Haa Alifu Atoll gathered at the beach yesterday upon President Mohamed Nasheed’s arrival on the island to protest the current government’s religious policy.

President of Filladhoo Council Mohamed Vijaan told Minivan News that the protesters conducted the protest to express their opinion from the time President arrived until he left the island.

“I do not know which party they represented or the amount of protesters,’’ Vijaan said. ‘’They were protesting against placement of ‘idols’ in Addu and demanding to give the money that Filladhoo is waiting to receive from the money foreign countries gave in aid to the country following the 2004 December tsunami.’’

Vijaan said the money was granted to the Maldives during the time of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

‘’Due to a court ruling the money was not given to Filladhoo, and this government said they would appeal the case at the High Court but after that there was no news of it,’’ Vijaan said, adding that 110 houses in Filladhoo were destroyed by the tsunami.

He said President Nasheed arrived to the island at 12:20pm and left at 3:30pm yesterday. The protesters protested until his departure.

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair said that it was not a protest but a group of people expressing their opinion.

‘’There was no unrest,’’ Zuhair said. ‘’It was this government that introduced freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.’’

According to the President’s Office the President met with Island Councils of Filladhoo and exchanged views with the Council members on proposed development projects for the islands.

‘’He also called for the support of the Island Councils in executing government policies,’’ read a statement on the President’s Office website.


7 thoughts on “Islanders protest as President arrives on Filladhoo”

  1. "It was not a revolution", said Zuhair from an undisclosed hideout, "it was merely a change of government. After all it was the MDP that introduced regime change to the Maldives".

    Zuhair scuttled back into the 12 foot hole dug out for his safety before we could ask more questions.

  2. [email protected] Maldivians.

    Time to amplify efforts to get the international community to sanction this place, and gradually divest it of its tourist revenue. Not that their own actions aren't spectacularly contributing to such designs. 🙂

    It is time that these petty islanders are put in their place, and are sunk into absoloute poverty and degradation; until their emaciated men and women are too weak to put the bait on a fishing rod, or produce milk for their infants. They must be made to starve. 🙂

    It's alright. They will be rewarded for their suffering on judgement day. 🙂

  3. and tsk tsk, keeps farting from his mouth.
    lick your wounds and wait for a chance on 2013, no hope in that either.

  4. Leave us in the dark ages. We do not want
    1) new medicines from non Muslim countries. Ruhgalu beys, is what we want.
    2) we do not want to educate girls. All they need to learn is reciting Quran. No need to learn meaning either.
    3) the men need camels to ride between home and mosque.
    4) where can we graze goats?
    5) abolish English language from schools. Take up Arabic instead. Even so, it must kept at a minimum, so that they don't realize the religion is a farce.

  5. Sadlly yes, but the right to express your opiniom, it is a responsibilty of the government to actually listen to people and find solutions

  6. Thee protests sadly shows the ignorance of our societies at large. We have never done enough in the past to educate people. Sadly a whole generation is in despair and are not aware of anything beyond their realm. These are the sad pathetic people who claimed Israelis are Christians promoting Christianity. These are people suffering a mass hysteria with no knowledge of Islam. Please help us educate grassroots.


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