MNDF denies coast guard operation to return Nasheed to capital

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) have denied media reports that a coast guard vessel had been dispatched to bring former President Mohamed Nasheed back to Male’ ahead of a court hearing rescheduled for Sunday (October 7).

The former president had been due before court on Monday (October 1) to stand trial over the controversial detention of a Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed.

However, Nasheed boycotted the hearing in protest at what he alleges is a lack of independence in the judiciary, opting instead to participate in a Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) campaign in the southern atolls – defying a court order that he remain in the capital.

MNDF Spokesperson Colonel Abdul Raheem told Minivan News that the coast guard was involved in “no such operation” to return Nasheed to Male’ after the Department of Judicial Administration yesterday confirmed police were “to produce” Nasheed to court on Sunday.

Raheem confirmed that a coast guard vessel had been dispatched to Addu Atoll today, but said this was unrelated to Nasheed’s campaigning and the subsequent court order.

Meanwhile, Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef today said authorities would enforce the court order to summon Former President Mohamed Nasheed to the court.

Speaking to Minivan News, Haneef said the Hulhumale’ Court order to summon Nasheed would be implemented, but declined to divulge further information.

Haneef did not say whether Nasheed would be detained before being produced to the court or how police would look to implement the order.

Department of Judicial Administration Director Ahmed Maajid yesterday confirmed that despite the court’s order, the former president was “not to be detained”.

However, newspaper ‘Sun’ reported it had confirmed a team of police officers had departed Male’ to bring Nasheed to court.

Nasheed dismissed the first hearing of the suit filed by the Prosecutor General (PG) on accusation of detaining Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed.

According to MDP, the former President is currently at Gaafu Alifu Atoll campaigning for the next presidential elections expected to be held next year.

The summon order issued by the Hulhumale’ Court orders police to summon Nasheed to the court at 4:00pm on Sunday.

According to social media, supporters of Nasheed are joining him to come Male’ with him to attend the hearing of the case if police is to chase him down from Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

Nasheed has specifically been charged with violating Article 81 of the Penal Code, which states that the detention of a government employee who has not been found guilty of a crime is illegal.

If found guilty, Nasheed will face a jail sentence or banishment for three years or a Rf 3000 (US$193.5) fine, a sentence that would bar him from contesting the elections.

The same charges are pressed against Nasheed’s Defence Minister Tholhath Ibrahim and three Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Generals for being accomplice to Nasheed.

According to newspaper ‘Haveeru’, the hearing into the cases against Tholhath and Colonel Mohamed Ziyadh had been scheduled for today but was later cancelled.  The court said the decision had been made as the judge presiding over the case was on sick leave.


10 thoughts on “MNDF denies coast guard operation to return Nasheed to capital”

  1. He who clams That he is the father of democracy Maumoon Abdull Gayoom the person who brought democracy is playing pucks with it.

    The master plane from Gayoom stay away from justice on his criminal charges against him. what?

    The things that he has done during his time in office"corrupt"

  2. This joke force can very well act professionally to harass the citizen of Maldives to serve their political agenda. If someone really ponders about the increase in crime rate in Male’ there is strong link with the police. There are 2 police for every meter in Male’ and still they can’t stop violence in Male’. These guys have never prevented a signal violent act that was perpetrated and the violence is speeding unchecked. Who do you have to blame? Everything in the banana republic is a joke; no one questions this monkey force for the crimes going on unabated. Do you really need this mafia bandit who takes the huge part of the resources in the country? Have you ever heard of any criminal activity that was stopped by them before it was carried out?

  3. If Maldivians were to vote for a "Father of Mob violence" in Maldives who do you think they would vote for?

    Donald Duck?

  4. "Raheem confirmed that a coast guard vessel had been dispatched to Addu Atoll today, but said this was unrelated to Nasheed’s campaigning and the subsequent court order."
    Grapevine news says that this vessel was cruising near Vilingili last night! Strange!

  5. Minivan, Nasheed will face justice, he will have to accountable for what he did. Like it or not.

  6. Hope the logger-headed approach does not fragment the already tenuous peace and social harmony.

  7. Dear Akram...What is justice......? Bringing a democratically elected government down by cunningness...? ...and playing this calculated... systematic killing of Justice...? ..Thios is mockery of Justice..

  8. Scattered reports in the media say that the police are taking measures to capture Mr Nasheed and present him to the court under an order of the court. Nasheed was delivered a writ only once before a red notice was put on the gate of his house.

    However, in some other cases the court is known to keep trying to deliver the writ for years without any of the threats such as trial in absentia or invoking police that Nasheed has already been given. This is in blatant violation of the Article 20 of the Constitution which must be respected also by the court; more so, when the court wants Nasheed to stand trial in a case of violation of the Constitution.

  9. The arrest of a female activist of MDP could conceal that of a male activist if and only if the suspect is one and of MDP only. If there is a possibility of more suspects with political affiliations across party lines the arrest of one of a certain party membership cannot be thought of as concealing that of other suspects.


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